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Nam Bora says, I once made some chocolate for a person I loved

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Nam Bora says, I once made some chocolate for a person I loved Actress Nam Bora recently said, I once made some chocolate for a person I loved.

On October 15, a press conference for the production of the new thriller film Dont Cry Mommy was held at the Lotte Cinema.

In the film, Nam plays the role of Eun Ah, who makes an extreme decision after she gets sexually assaulted by her classmate. Nam said, Eun Ah likes Jo Han (played by U-Kisss Dongho) in the film. She asks her mom (played by Yoo Sun) to make some chocolate and tries to confess her love to him with it, but something terrible happens there. The chocolate, which symbolized happiness for Eun Ah at first, becomes a sign of misfortune.

Nam also said, I once made some chocolate for a person I loved. It was my father. I usually make chocolate to eat, not to give to someone.

Dont Cry Mommy is based on a real story about a mom who takes revenge on the people who drove her daughter (played by Nam Bora) to death after getting sexually assaulted. It stars Nam, Yoo Sun, U-Kisss Dongho, Yoo Oh Sung, Kwon Hyun Sang, and Choi Dae Chul, and its Kim Yong Hans directorial debut. It will release in November.

Huh Gak Releases MV for "The Person That Loved Me"

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Huh Gak's music video for "The Person That Loved Me" from his new mini album "Lacrimoso" has been released. "Lacrimoso" was  first released online on April 3 and in stores beginning on April 5.

The music video features A Pink's Naeun and actor Ahn Yong Joon star as the main characters. In this sad ballad song, Naeun plays the role of a girl that lost her memory.

Watch a subtitled version of the music video here.

Huh Gak releases “The Person Who Once Loved Me” MV

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Huh Gak releases “The Person Who Once Loved Me” MV

Huh Gak has just dropped his album, LACRIMOSO, earlier today, and to follow up, has just unveiled the music video for the track, The Person Who Once Loved Me.

The teaser video stars actor Ahn Yong Joon, whose strong acting skills are already apparent through the music video, as well as A Pinks Naeun.

Check out the music video below!

Lyn and Shin Yong Jae wonder about 'That More or less Person' in duet OST for 'Oh My Venus'

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Lyn and Shin Yong Jae wonder about 'That More or less Person' in duet OST for 'Oh My Venus'

The new OST out for popular drama 'Oh My Venus' is Lyn and 4men Shin Yong Jae's beautiful, duet ballad "That More or less Person".

The new MV functions scenes of the leads Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub in the drama, and this duet is the key couple's theme song.

Lyn starts off in the primarypartmaking a song about whether there's a guy available in the market who will love just one woman. And then Shin Yong Jae starts his phase as he wonders if there is a girlaccessible who will love simplest one man.

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Take a concentrate to the pretty song above!

TaeTiSeo are shocking in new particular person pictures tune list revealed!

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TaeTiSeo are shocking in new particular person  pictures   tune list revealed!

TaeTiSeo is teasing more for their Christmas album 'Dear Santa' with some beautiful new particular person teaser photographs and their completetune list!

As you already know, their album will have a general of 6 songs adding their name track "Dear Santa", that may takeeither a Korean and English version. We can not wait to pay attention it also becauseSeohyun helped compose the song.

1. Pricey Santa - Korean edition

2. Dear Santa - English version

Earnings from their new album may be donated to UNICEF's 'SMile for U' campaign, for youngsters in Asia.

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'Dear Santa' will drop on December 4. Revel in the individual photography below!

Lee Hi’s older sister passes the primary circular of “K-Pop Famous person 5”

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Lee Hi’s older sister passes the primary  circular of “K-Pop Famous person 5”

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter The 2d one episode of K-Pop Famous person 5 aired on November 29th where the whole audition for Lee His older sister used to beafter all unveiled.

To the surprise of YG Entertainments representative Yang Hyun Suk as smartly as the remainder of the judging panel, Lee His older sister Lee Hyurim (24) auditioned for the very display that helped Lee Hi upward push to fame.

Singing Yoon Mi Raes Good-bye Sadness, Hi Happiness, Lee Hyurim stuck the audiences attention with her talent to paintingthe sentimentsin the back of the lyrics.

Yoo Hee Yeol gave her a favorable evaluation, giving her a pass to the following round, unfortunately J.Y. Park did no longer feel the similar and did no longer kick the bucket her, feeling that she lacked anythingthat could make her special amongall and sundry else. Yang Hyun Suk, who manages Lee Hi below his label, gave Lee Hyurim a pass, noting, Your top notes are more stable than your more youthful sibling. Yet you appear to lack a self-color. But theres something inside. You wantto drag it out.

Lee Hyurim passes directly to Round 2.

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'Showtime' unearths person posters of Limitless individuals forward of its premiere!

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'Showtime' unearths  person posters of Limitless  individuals  forward of its premiere!

Inspirits, here'sthe instantyou've all been waiting for. It used to be announced previous this month that Endlesswill be the side by sidestaff on MBC Everyone's 'Showtime,' and the gangchanged intoshowed to sing their own praises their humor, wit, and more beginning in December!

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With the premiere of the display just round the corner, 'Showtime' shared posters of the particular person INFINITE members, having a look adorable and good-looking at the similar time! Whilst Sungjong, Hoya, and Lare posing chicly with serious expressions on their faces, the remainder of the contributors are wearing wide grins. The men are extremely joyful and in a position to bring their enthusiastsplenty of laughs and excellent times via 'Showtime,' so prepares yourselves!

The first episode will air on December 10 at 6pm (KST), so do notomit it!

Which famous person took the worst hit to their symbol in 2015?

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Which famous person took the worst hit to their symbol in 2015?

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAs the year 2015 comes to a close, it kind of feelssuitableto seem back at the variousoccasions and controversies that sprung up in the beyond months.

Netizens have hence taken the freedom to rank, at the online forum Instiz, more than a few celebrities whose symbol took reasonably the hit in 2015.

The two were stuck in a verbal brawl in which it gave the impression equallyeven though Lee Tae Im cursed violently at Yewon after the latter was once defendant of talking in an off-the-cuff manner. Whilst the respective agencies responded, as did either artists to every other, netizens felt the locationbecame rather messy and led toconsiderableinjury to the recognition of both parties. This will also beobserved in demands Yewon to leave We Were given Married following the incident.

The swimmer was eager about a drug trying out scandal in which he shockingly failed the doping test. As a result of this verify result, the swimmer has been wear an 18-month ban and as of March 2015 he released no commentaryin regards to the Rio 2016 Olympics instead of his unhappiness in himself and disgrace that he has disappointed his enthusiasts and the South Korean people.

The sort star stepped down from Infinite Challenges 6thGuyseek subsequently making an offensive, misogenistic remarkby the use of podcast. The comic expressed his apologies on a printed of his radio display afterwards.

The Television personality and legal professional was accused of being in an adulterous courting amongst a married online blogger. The husband then sued him and demanded compensation. In response, the fame besideswon over 30,000 abusive comments online regarding his denial of the alleged affair. In August, he dropped off his TV displays and claimed he would transparent his call in court as a lawyer, filing lawsuits in 2 hundred alleged cyberbullies.

The former national football player filed a divorce with his 2d wife Park Ip Seon in October, finishing nine years of marriage. He have become a superstar after his appearances on Dad Where Are We Going? with daugher Song Ji Ah. The divorce gave the affect to go out no difficult feelings, mentioning personality differences as the reason of the separation.

The soloists contemporary comeback has been quite the subject as she has been faced with both plagiarism claims and pointed armsrelating to her alleged lolita concept. Upon debut, or eventill recently, she was hailed as the international locations little sister with her adorable rangepersonality and candy songs. However, with the hot accusations and criticisms, netizens have relentlessly compiled data opposed to her.

While the year has no longer yet come to a close, netizens have placed their bets on those celebrities as the ones whose pictures accept taken the maximum important attain in 2015. Yet with one complete month left in the calendar year, no person knows for positive what else may just happen.

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Lee Hi's sister unearths why she made up our minds to take her shot at reputation on 'K-Pop Famous person 5'

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Lee Hi's sister unearths why she made up our minds to take her shot at reputation on 'K-Pop Famous person 5'

The November 29 airing of SBS's 'K-Pop Famous person 5' drew the primary preliminaries, and an unforeseen contestant stepped at the stage. 

The contestant used to be none rather than YG artist and 'K-Pop Star 1' runner-up Lee Hi's older sister Lee Hyu Rim

Lee Hyu Rim told the judges, "Lee Hi became2dposition on season 1 and have become a star. Truthfully, I used to be envious. I could notlend a handyet feel that way," and taken up Lee Hi's beyond interview all the manner through which she admitted that she begantrackthank you to her older sister's influence. Then again much Lee Hi had meat that as a compliment, for Lee Hyu Rim, that distinctiveremark was a burden. She said, "I felt the force that I must do in realityneatly on the program. But if I do notacquire the courage now, I believeit's going to continue to nag at my mind. So in the end, I won the courage to take a glance at out," relaying her reason why for deciding to look on the 5th season of 'K-Pop Star' regardless of the pressure. 

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Lee Hyu Rim went on to accomplish Yoo Mi Rae's "Goodbye Sadness, Hi Happiness," and controlledto transport onto the followingcircular after earning the passing marks from Yang Hyun Suk and Yoo Hee Yeol

Female Hip-Hop Famous person Surprises on “King of Mask Singer”

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Female Hip-Hop Famous person Surprises on King of Mask Singerorionight November 29, 2015 0 LINE it!Female Hip-Hop Star Surprises on King of Mask Singer At the November 29 episode of King of Mask Singer, the contestants I'm young lady Korea and comfort Countess combat IT out by way ofmaking a song Park Mi Kyungs Eves Caution equally a duet.

The two bring a crowd-pleasing performance, yet alas, just one can win, and it's far Luxury Countess who prevails and moves directly tothe 2nd one round.

The genuine shocker of the evening comes when I Am Miss Koreas identity is published to be none as antagonistic to rapper Jessi! All the style through her expose segment, Jessi sings a portion of the solo song she had prepared, Fly to the Skys Sea of Love. Even in only the small portion of the song, Jessi demonstrates that shes no longerjust a talented rapper, but that she has one robust set of pipes on her in terms of singing, as well.

Were you stunned by I Am Miss Koreas identity? Watch the clip of the display below!

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