The New President of Korea Was A Visual Back In The Day

The New President of Korea Was A Visual Back In The Day

Dont be fooled because when the South Korean president Moon Jae In was young, he was incredibly handsome.

The newly elected South Korean president has been recently gaining quite a lot of attention after photos of him when he was younger surfaced on social media. While the 69-year-old president has a very mature appearance, when he was younger, he was attractive enough to be a model.

The photos were definitely a blast from the past and showed a different side of the president- however, its certainly a good side.

Check out photos of a younger and very sexy Moon Jae In below:

Its a blast from the past.

He was very adorable as a kid, and very cute as a young adult.

He was a special forces solider.

He looks incredibly handsome.

His body was seriously impressive.

Moon Jae In even had abs! His body was no joke.

He looked really good as a soldier.

Moon Jae In is on the right, and he definitely stands out.

Aging didnt stop him from being handsome.

Despite getting older, he still remained as handsome as ever.

His appearance was very charming.

Moon Jae In was incredibly handsome! He could have even modeled.