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"The King"s Face," Kim Hee-jeong-I Paid Seo In Guk An Enormous Compliment For His Kindness and Warm Heart

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Recently, actress Kim Hee-jeong- I sat down for a short interview, where she has mentioned about the kindness and heartedness of Seo In-guk for her during they were filming together.

She starred in the drama "Tough Guy"s Love" in 2000. She then starred in a couple more movies, but she was remembered as Kim Hee-jeong-I from "Tough Guy"s Love". Recently, it"s becoming more noticeable that Kim Hee-jeong-I has grown up. There"s no more the 9-year-old Kim Hee-jeong-I but the 22-year-old one. She"s also earned the nickname, "sexy weapon".

Kim Hee-jeong-I has come back with a historical drama. She stars in the KBS 2TV drama "The King"s Face" as Gwang Hae"s (Seo In-guk) Queen Sejabin Yoo. She appeared briefly on the first episode on the 19th of November and officially once again starting on the 3rd of December. She"s going to continue appearing until the very end as Gwang Hae"s wife.

Kim Hee-jeong-I was interviewed on the 1st and she was so energetic it was hard to believe she"d spent the whole night filming the drama.

She said, "We filmed the fifth episode last night. The filming ended at 3:30 this morning. I didn"t feel tired or sleepy. In-guk gave me coffee so I drank it and did some push-ups to stay awake. I can"t have my eyes all worn out when it"s the first time Jeong Hwa (Queen Yoo) meets Gwang Hae for the first time.

Queen Yoo is like Hillary. The one who made President Clinton.

"The writer told me Jeong Hwa was like Hillary. Gwang Hae upsets Jeong Hwa by having a crush on Ga-hee (Jo Yoon-hee) even after he marries Jeong Hwa, but she does everything as a Queen. If it wasn"t for Hillary, Clinton wouldn"t have existed and the same goes for Gwang Hae if Queen Yoo wasn"t there".

"She"s a chameleon. She tells Gwang Hae that he can change the world and she"s very charismatic".

Kim Hee-jeong-I stopped acting in her teenage years to finish school. She has taken a break from university for the drama. This is her first historical as a grown up.

"It"s fun. I feel excited standing in front of the camera and just being here. I didn"t think much about character when I was young, but now I know how to analyze my character and be greedy for acting".

Seo In-guk is much older than Kim Hee-jeong-I. They are 5 years apart from each other. However, in the drama, she"s 20 and he"s 18.

"In-guk is really nice to me. I met him first on the 30th of November for the first time. It"s fun to think that I am actually older than him in the drama. He said my acting was beautiful".

Kim Hee-jeong-I has been acting for 14 years; however, she hasn"t been fully active so the public knows her only as Kim Hee-jeong-I from "Tough Guy"s Love".

"There are two things people remember about me and that"s being Won Bin"s niece from "Tough Guy"s Love" and "Magic Kid". They ask me the same things: Do you still keep in contact with Won Bin? I don"t remember because I was really young then. Apparently he was really nice. Online, some people think I am his real niece. I"ve read something about them saying "good looks run in the genes". I wish I had an uncle like that. But he"s not. I wonder what he thinks about me. I wish to meet him again in a movie".

Another nickname that follows her is "sexy". It"s a common thing to see that word in front of her name whenever she appears in public.

"I am just grateful for the attention. However, I wish to be acknowledged for my acting. So for that, I need to work harder".

'Superstar K4's Honey-G croon 'Fluttering Heart' for 'High School King' OST

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'Superstar K4's Honey-G croon 'Fluttering Heart' for 'High School King' OST

"Superstar K4"s Honey-G are singing "Fluttering Heart" for fellow "Superstar K" alumni Seo In Guk"s tvN drama "High School King" OST!

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"Fluttering Heart" is by producer Kim Ji Soo and expresses Min Suk (Seo In Guk)"s heart towards Soo Young (Lee Ha Na). With this, Honey-G croon another love song with their soft and tender voices, and like the song"s title, they left listeners feeling the butterflies in their stomachs from the nervous excitement of romance expressed in the song.

Feel the love in the air through the song!

Hotel King Episode 18 Review: Wang Ji Hye is Mad at Lee Da Hae for Breaking Lee Dong Wook’s Heart

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Hotel King Episode 18 Review: Wang Ji Hye is Mad at Lee Da Hae for Breaking Lee Dong Wook’s Heart

In Hotel King, episode 18, Song Chae Kyung(played by Wang Ji Hye) got mad at Ah Mo Ne(played by Lee Da Hae) for breaking Cha Jae Wan(played by Lee Dong Wook)’s heart.

Previously, Mo Ne fired and broke up with Jae Wan. As Chae Kyung saw Jae Wan having a hard time, she went to Mo Ne and told her he was in pain. Mo Ne coldly said, “Then he should go to the hospital, why come to me? I’m not a doctor.” Chae Kyung replied, “He’s in pain because he’s heartbroken after you broke up with him. It would rather be better if he was physically sick.”

Mo Ne said, “So I fired him, didn’t I? He no longer has anything to do with me nor Hotel Ciel.” Chae Kyung told Mo Ne that she let go of Jae Wan because he looked happy with her. Mo Ne made it clear that she was done with Jae Wan, and Chae Kyung lastly said, “Then don’t you ever dare to reach your hand out to him again.”

Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min’s “The King’s Wrath” Releases Heart-Pounding Trailer and Posters

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Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min’s “The King’s Wrath” Releases Heart-Pounding Trailer and Posters

Prior to the premiere in May, “The King’s Wrath” has officially released its posters and trailer video.

Seven posters featuring the important characters of the film were revealed. Each of the posters also read, “Year 1 of Jeongjo, after the son of Crown Prince Sado rose to the throne, plots of treason are not stopping.

In particular, Hyun Bin’s poster reads “The charismatic and young King Jeongjo.Jung Jae Young‘s character reads, “The King’s shadow, Sang Chek.Jo Jung Suk plays “Joseon’s best assassin,” Eul Soo.

Han Ji Min plays, “The most ambitious in the palace, Dowager Queen Jeongsun.” Kim Sung Ryung plays, “Jeongjo’s mother, Lady Hyegyeong,” while Jo Jae Hyun plays “Assassin supplier, Gwang Baek” and Park Sung Woong plays “Defense general, Hong Gook Young.

Watch the trailer below!

‘The Great King’s Dream’ brings out ‘love version’ MV for Jessica’s “Heart Road”

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‘The Great King’s Dream’ brings out ‘love version’ MV for Jessica’s “Heart Road”

It was previously reported that Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica recorded for the main theme of the upcoming KBS1 historical drama, ‘The Great King’s Dream‘. Last week, after releasing the official music video, they disclosed the ‘love version’ music video for the track.

Taeyeon‘s hit OST track “If“ was produced by procuders Kim Jun Bum and Lee Chang Hee. They worked together to produce her new song “Heart Road”. In addition, they have  produced again another impressive song with the help of Jessica’s voice.

Catch the ‘love version’ MV for the song featuring additional scenes from the drama

Girls' Generation (SNSD) Jessica "The Great King's Dream" OST, "Heart Road" MV Revealed

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Girls Generation (SNSD) Jessica The Great Kings Dream OST, Heart Road MV RevealedKBSdrama, "The Great King's Dream" OST Part 1, "Heart Road" music video has been released.

Yesterday, on various sites, the "Heart Road" music video was released. The scenes of the music video and Jessica's voice went along together very well.

Internet users commented, "It was almost like watching a short film" and "The music video makes me more curious about what will happen next in the drama."

The music video is currently gaining many views from many different online sites.

‘The Great King’s Dream’: MV for Jessica’s OST “Heart Road” to be released!

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‘The Great King’s Dream’: MV for Jessica’s OST “Heart Road” to be released!

Following its official release last September 7th, the music video for Girls Generation member Jessicas song titled Heart Road, which is the main OST song of the drama The Great Kings Dream, has now been revealed!

Kim Jun Bum and Lee Chang Hee, the producers behind Taeyeon‘s hit OST track “If“, teamed up once again to produce this song “Heart Road”.

With the help of Jessica’s sweet and lovely voice, they have successfully created another impressive song.

Check out the MV for Heart Road featuring some scenes from the drama below!

Super Junior Leeteuk to be Removed from "Star King" and "Strong Heart" as Soon as Army Date is Confirmed

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Super Junior, Leeteuk, Star King, Strong Heart

Super Junior Leeteuk to be Removed from Star King and Strong Heart as Soon as Army Date is ConfirmedSuper Juniormember Leeteuk will be coming down from his spot on "Star King" and "Strong Heart" as soon as his army enlistment date is confirmed.

The "Star King" producer commented, "Leeteuk's enlistment date is set for sometime around the end of October. September 17 is supposed to be his last episode on the show but it might not be since nothing is confirmed yet."

The producer continued, "Leeteuk's last episode will depend on when his enlistment date will be."

"Strong Heart" producer commented, "We are also unconfirmed for when his last episode will be as well. Since his enlistment date is unconfirmed, we still have not found a replacement for his spot either."

Leeteuk has been known for his roles in these two shows as well as on "We Got Married" which aired it's last episode of Leeteuk on September 8.

Super Junior's Leeteuk to Leave "Star King" and "Strong Heart"

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Super Juniors Leeteuk to Leave Star King and Strong HeartSuper Juniors Leeteuk is preparing for his impending mandatory military enlistment. As expected, he will be leaving popular SBS variety shows Star King and Strong Heart. The singer has already left MBCs We Got Married, which he starred as Kang Soras virtual husband. 

A source within SBS stated, Leeteuk will be withdrawing from his following shows sometime this October.  The exact date of his departure will depend on the date of his enlistment, which has yet to be announced. According to the production team of Star King, they have already filmed enough footage to air until early October. Following Kang Ho Dongs departure from the show, Leeteuk, along with Boom and Park Mi Sun, took over as hosts for Star King. Additionally, Leeteuk has been part of the fixed panel on Strong Heart since the shows inception in 2009.

During a press conference earlier this year, Leeteuk revealed that he will be joining the military sometime before the end of this year.  

Mighty Mouth releases "My Heart is Broken" single ft. Im yoontaek of Ulala Session & Soul King

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Mighty Mouth releases My Heart is Broken single ft. Im yoontaek of Ulala SessionSoul KingOn September 10th, Mighty Mouth released their latest single titled "My Heart is Broken," which features Ulala Session's Im Yoontaek and Soul King.

After releasing many past hit tracks such as "Tik Tok," "Energy," "I Love You" and "Bad Boy," the hip-hop duo Mighty Mouth has released a lot of love from fans. Ahead of releasing their upcoming mini-album "Navigation," Mighty Mouth has released the single with Ulala Session and Soul King.

"My Heart is Broken" is a rock based and electronic genre track that features the heavy playing synth bass and the electric guitar.

You can purchase Mighty Mouth's new single at Bugs, Olleh Music and Melon.