KBS "Innocent Man (Nice Guy)" Episode 20 Live Recap Screenshot

Innocent Man (The Nice Guy Never Seen Before) Episode 20 cast :

Song joong ji as Gang ma ru

Moon chae won as Seo eun gi

Park shi yeon as Han jae hee

Lee gwang soo as Park jae gil

Innocent Man (The Nice Guy Never Seen Before) Episode 20 Video Preview


KBS "Innocent Man (Nice Guy)" Episode 20 Live Recap by minyk2002

MR: i send the record to the police office, it will arrive the tommorow's morning.

JH: i don't give myself to the police station. I have many materials related the president Seo evil deed.

JH do you want die with me, mr?

MR i won't. I can live without love. I will never die. I 've never done wrong things. If you change your mind call me anytime. I will follow you when you go to the police office.

MR"Hey eg..let's run away with me.. to the place where no one can find.." but she refused because there are something she has to do.

so MR is relieved that she can divide right act and wrong act.

When JG is back home, he finds that MR fell down on the floor.

CC" You already know that he is sick right? Why didn't you tell me...I am the one who is a younger sister..of him.."

JG"MR doesn't want you notice that. .. with same mind to me..."

CC"How could I didn't know that....how could..he always noticed me when I was sick....but how could I...."

JG"Because you're a younger...and MR is older..."

In front of the door.

CC changes her mind...she can't open the door.

Doctor"We have a surgery at tommorrow morning. The chance to live is just a half. Do not delay anymore!"

MR"Huh thank you... can i go outside today?"

Doctor"The one thing that I regret most as a doctor is that treat EG's memory...I know when she recalls her memory, the one who she will stab at first is you....cheer up.".

In JH's home. JS comes to her.

JS" Do you remember the accident related hot-dog? When one of my friend bullied me as the prostitute's son, I beat him to death then I went to Youth detention center. After I came out, I went to meet you at that time I really hungry ..but when you saw me... you dropped your hot-dog to the floor...From that time... you have treated me like this."

I decided to kill MR....but...his younger brother CC always makes the deal for me.... so I hestiate to do it....anyway..he will die soon.

JH"What? Pardon? what did you say?"

JH notices his condition...

The reason CC didn't see him....is that if MR sees her..maybe he will be relieved like 'all clear...I'm almost done..', so after the surgery I will see him......

JH calls JG

She recalls his saying..." The real hell is dying.... why living is the hell....Have I ever got things that I want? ..."

When EG comes to JH's house. JH tells everything to EG...

JH"EG...MR...is really serious these days.... really sick..."

Actually this disease is related to the car accident that she knocked down. She rushes to go to the hospital...

She feels guilty...she said "To kill yours.. to destroy yours..I can do everything. There is nothing I can't do !. You have something to say? There must be a good story to explain that !"

Both of them cry...JH and EG....

Ann calls to JH.

ANN"That I really want to have is not you, is that Taeson...so I killed the president Seo and his daughter SEO EUN GI. keep it in mind.. when you go to the police office, report like this."

JH"Hey.. what did you say? please stop!"

She immediately calls EG. but she never answers!

JG let him know that EG came to your hospital.

He is surprised right after hearing that he rashes to meet her.

On the crosswalk, EG and MR both stare themselves..

When the traffic sign turns green, they walk to see each other..

What happens...........Who stabs him...oh ann......What Ann??????? ㅜnㅜ what happens...................what the hell.....

JH "Is there a police office? I'm han jea hee...I will give myself to the police office."

MR"Now..I'm so tired EG... i have something to tell you...but if you have something to tell me... what about tomorrow? maybe tomorrow is better..."


MR"yes tomorrow.."

(Hey what are you doing !!!!!! go to the hospital first !!!!!! hurry up!!!1!!!! MR is bleeding)

EG"Can I ask one question?"

MR"What is it?

EG"When I knock down the car to you, why didn't you avoid?"

MR"i will tell you tomorrow.."

JH"it is all my fault.. I directed the laywer Ann that removed the president Ann, and Junha...it is all my fault I tempted him... Also I have one thing to tell you...6 years ago.. I put the guilt on MR...."

The reason that I didn't avoid her car...the real reason....is that yes I remembered it clearly...because I wished finish my life ...and then If I born again.. I hope I want to meet EG again and love each other as common couples..

'MY father's name is JG and MY mother's name is CC,"

CC"No NG! My name is jeao ji hyun"

Her daughter Huh? you're lying

CC"No you're father give me that name !"

Her daughter"Then my name is Miranda coo"

They look so happy :)

JS manages the chicken shop. hehehe

He wrote the love letter to Hyen secretary.

The secretary"There are so many misspellings here ! "

JS"Sorry I didn't graduate from even elementary school...then just give it to me I never do it"

The secretary.."No it's mine !"

Ann comes out of prison.. but when he saw JH, he turned and left.

MR becomes a doctor.. he finished the doctor courses in the U.S. but when he had a surgery, he also lost his memories.

EG manages the coffee shop in the countryside. same as MR. he is taking care of children in the countryside.

MR always go to her coffee shop.

EG is taking the pictures secretly.

MR"Are you a paparazzi ?"

EG"yes kind of?"

MR"Do you have interest with me?"

EG"yes my ideal person is handsome guy"

He talks to himself..

I always dream the common date.. like when I miss her, then tell her that i miss you, or worried that how to gain favor with her parents..like common couple..

I pray for god... thank you for staying me happy...

He hands the ring to EG..... THE COUPLE RING....

The end.............

Really the end....


KBS "Innocent Man (Nice Guy)" Episode 20 live stream video off

Innocent Man (The Nice Guy Never Seen Before) Episode 20

Innocent Man (The Nice Guy Never Seen Before) Episode 20

Innocent Man (The Nice Guy Never Seen Before) Episode 20

Innocent Man (The Nice Guy Never Seen Before) Episode 20

Innocent Man (The Nice Guy Never Seen Before) Episode 20 Innocent Man (The Nice Guy Never Seen Before) Episode 20

Watch “Nice Guy” Episode 20 Recap Preview, online new korean drama in korean Series, Nice Guy Episode 20 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews “Nice Guy” Episode 20 Recap Preview TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama



KBS "Innocent Man (Nice Guy)" Episode 19 Live Recap Screenshot

Innocent Man (The Nice Guy Never Seen Before) Episode 19 cast :

Song joong ji as Gang ma ru

Moon chae won as Seo eun gi

Park shi yeon as Han jae hee

Lee gwang soo as Park jae gil

Innocent Man (The Nice Guy Never Seen Before) Episode 19 Video Preview


KBS "Innocent Man (Nice Guy)" Episode 19 Live Recap

Next ep is a final ep ㅜnㅜ

The preview for ep 19 is that

EG: MRssi You go your way. From now on, I will catch JH upon my life.

EG:To not be caught by me, protect her well.

JH: Are you okay if something happens to EG?

Do you wanna die with me MR?

MR:If you want to die, just do it alone. Why do I have to die?

I did nothing. What did I do wrong?

MR:Let's run away with me...to te place where no one can find....let's run awa together..seo eun gi......

Actually I can't find the preview ep19 in You tube so I just write in this recap. Sorry for being late :"

Anyway let's see what happens today :)

EG is walking. She tells to herself.

EG Yes, anyway...our relationship is a hopeless love...but...if I crazy again for him....then how do we do...if I say to him I can't give up you....could I do that? just believeing the people who are keeping us from loving each other...

EG gets angry about JUNHA who keep the secret related to the president Seo.

JUNHA worries whether the secret reveals or not...before he tell EG, he first let him know about it.

MR "Why do you give it to me?"

JUNHA"Before asking that question, you have to ask me that why you revealed it at now"

Actually JUNHA worried about her....hurting by herself.. not his father who helps the accident of EG's mother , not hating me....

JUNHA hands in his resignation to Ann.

Junha" I noticed a few days ago..because of MR..the real love is not having her...sending her is also the real love...Ann, give yourself to the police..

He persuades him..but he doesn't care about it.

MR recalls the memories 6 years ago.

JH"If this incident reveals to the public... my life as a reporter... will be finished !"

On JH's office.

The secretary tell JH, MR was dismissed.

MR comes here "Hey nuna, I have something to tell you.. let's date today at the park in front the company! "

MR"Nuna,Even now, you become a president of Taeson, you have still cold hands. The thing that I was really hate was your cold hand...It cannot solve ....stil''

MR"Sometimes...I think about the incident 6 years ago. If I make you give yourself to the police..then whether will you be happy ? Maybe you will be happy than even now....I am sorry I make you like this... as a car without break....It is my fault...I make you like a monster..at that time, I thought covering your fault means love...but it it my fault....I will go with you.....

...if you don't want me get love..I can't promise to give love to you..but I will be with you always..."

CC"i know today is your birthday so I prepare the miyeakguk including the A++ beef. not A+

JHB"Huh...Where is MR? ...HURRY UP. buy me the cake ! go with JG"

JG"Why do you prepare him?"

CC"He is so poor..he never gets the meal from the family."

JHB"You look sick...What happens to you? you know that someone asked me that kill you..if I do that, he will get a building to me. Why do you believe me...?"

MR"If you want to kill me, then just stab me without a notice..."

JHB goes away ..but faces into JG ..JG heard all the things.

JG tells him that he will die soon...I know you are a son of the bitch..but if you have a conscience, you can't do that!"

The phone is calling

JUNHA got the car accident, he falls into a critical condition.

Before he got accident, he tells MR. If something happens to you, please you go public.

In front of the hospital.

EG gets angry because MR tells that just stay quiet if you don't have the evidence. If you are digging, exploring..more an more, you can be a scapegoat from them...

EG"MRssi, you go your way. From now on, I will catch JH on my life."

JH comforts ES.

"My son ES, If there is a toy that can give you wealth, strength, ..if you have it, no onw will ignore you....then do you want it? is it better EG, right?"

ES"i want EG...Mommy, only children are just playing with it. I'm not proper.."

JH decides something...when she is looking the ring the old days.

In Ann's office.

MR comes to him. "JUNHA wants to give you the chance ..because you were a normal person before...but do you know that there is no secret in the world.."

Ann"Do you have the evidence?"

MR"Yes I have it. this is the record of that day. I will go public after 24 hours. Now I will go JH and try to persuade her and then I will carry her..I will assume the responsibility."

In front of the door, JH heard the saying between MR and Ann.

JH is afraid....

EG"There is no witness..and CCTV but I find some evidence that JEO secretary who is Ann's side is chasing him."

At that time, Ann inquires after his health.

EG"How did you come here? JH I will check your stuff"

JH"How did you do that? You can't believe me? Okay yes...check it now....would you want me take off more clothes?"

EG"If you do that, thank you"

When she is trying to take off, MR stops it.

EG"Why did you come here, MR?"

MR" If I am a criminal who killed your father, I will get rid of you who run amuck like a horse."

EG"Then kill me, you are JH's side."

MR"Okay I will kill you so you stay with me. Just when I want to kill you, I will kill you so until then stay with me,, even you go to the bathroom."

maybe this intend is that MR wants to protect her from ANN.

In the room.

Ann tells that "I will go to the police office..just alone,, not you."

JH"if you do that, do you think I am impressed for you? huh

You are the same with gang ma ru. I did that by just my decision, my will!!!!! how dare you assume responsibility?"

MR follows her even she is walking...she is brushing her teeth....(Oh the ost is really sweet)

In front of MR's previous house, actually this house is a possession of her.

MR"OH, this house..."

JH"Yes I bought it.."


JH"To return...actually I returned to this house but you are not here..."

JH hands to him the material of the president SEO's crime like involving a lot of women, stock-in-trade manipulation things like that. JH wants to deal with him.

JH"Bring all the records related to the president seo's death. This materials are evidence that EG goes away..I will never give myself to the police. If you want me that, just come to me with your mind, not shell...then I will go to the police office..

MR 'Eungi....let's run away...with me...to the place..where no one can find.. where no one on earth can find....run away together..'

KBS "Innocent Man (Nice Guy)" Episode 19 live stream video off

Watch “Nice Guy” Episode 19 Recap Preview, online new korean drama in korean Series, Nice Guy Episode 19 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews “Nice Guy” Episode 19 Recap Preview TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama



KBS "Innocent Man (Nice Guy)" Episode 18 Live Recap Screenshot

Innocent Man (The Nice Guy Never Seen Before) Episode 18 cast :

Song joong ji as Gang ma ru

Moon chae won as Seo eun gi

Park shi yeon as Han jae hee

Lee gwang soo as Park jae gil

Innocent Man (The Nice Guy Never Seen Before) Episode 18 Video Preview


Innocent Man (The Nice Guy Never Seen Before) Episode 18 Recap updating...

EG Where have you been?

Actually it is she who reported the scadals.

MR I already know you've remembered all.

EG When did you know it..and why didn't you tell me?

MR i was supposed to be suffered ...the way you want.

EG gets really angry. To destroy yours, i can do everything even it is harmful to me.

She commits herself to avenging what they had done to her.

EG"if you are afraid me, then go away. huh because you make me eat, sleep..we become attached before I got all my memories so I will give you one more chance, run away from me, huh?" Her face changed really cold.

EG"Would you please call to JUNHA? Tell him that pick me up."

He can't say anything.

In the past.

MR asked her that if I am a really bad boy, then how do you do?

EG I will never forgive you because you are the one who I choose even I abandoned my father.

MR You have to determine to do it. Never let you off the hook.

But EG is also hurt... I don't know what I will do....please today stay with me....

EG leaves MR's house so the secretary comes there to clean the EG's stuff.

The piece of the scene.

EG 'When I crazy for you, my father passed away so to destroy yours I can do everything ! to killl yours there is anything I can't do!'

Ann the reporters and achors leaves now.

MR waits her

JH "Today's happening ..are you sure you did that?"

MR"Yes I did to get your love. I said that I will bring you back beside me."

JH doesn't know what is true.

But Ann stops his saying "Don't trust him JH. He loves EG"

MR"i want to talk wth JH deeply. would you please leave us alone?"

In EG's house

JUNHA knocks her door.

JUNHA"Are you still taking the shower? Hey EG. Open the door."

He notices something happen.

The engineer opens the door.

JUNHA steps in. In the bath, EG stares into empty space.

EG"i can't hate him.....even I tried to hate him......He doesn't love me at all.. to gain JH's love he uses me. He just play with me....I brainwash myself.. but it doesn't work......I did that happening because people in the world would prevent us from loveing each other if the word go out....but.....now...how could I do... i really miss him...really......miss him so much..."

EG cries.

Only two people in the room.

JH "You did really dangerous thing..maybe he can kill you."

MR "What about talking about our selves..? Cold Gang ma ru comes you and then wants you..Already scandals broke , just why don't we go far?"

JH notices that MR lies because she knows him more than him.

JH"You did this because of EG right? You mean you sell yourself to me"

MR"Yes, if we return all the thing back to EG, and then leave at the place that EG isn't exist. willingly I will be sold."

EG comes to her original house which JH is in.

JH you packed your things and then come back to home. welcome. actually the happening is done by MR.

EG is little shocked because she did it.

ES cries..because he is teased by his friend because of the rumor between JH and MR.

In JH's office.

JH"Why are you coming here?"

Ann"The emergency conference will open. the item is your rumor. and then what did you do last night with MR?"

JH ignores it

But Ann get really angry

Ann"You're my lady. Never send you to him. If you want to go, die and then go. I abandon all the things to make you that place. Marry me ! Han jae hee." He threat her and kiss high handed...

JUNHA meets MR

MR doesn't inqire after her..because he can be hurt if the anwer is that she is really well without you. the opposite answer is also same.

EG calls him...and say nothing.

But MR notices soon it is she.

They say nothing..but they say at heart.

MR "Are you well these days?"

EG" Actually I 'm in depressed and have hard time...what about you.."

MR i miss you EG.

They talk at heart ...they say nothing...

JHB"Is it made in Korea or imported?"

CC"it IS made in korea."

JHB"What is the rank?"

CC"What do you mean?"

JHB"A+. A things like that !!! I don't eat the meat under A"

CC doesn't care about it.

JH recalls the memories with MR and ANN.

The deal with MR and the threat by ANN.

JH comes to MR.

JH "How about a drink with me?"

MR"It is not allowed to drink in the company"

JH"Don't care about it especially Ann. you know that people are really foolish. When they young, people really hard to get wealth and honor but after they get old and sick.. they do effort to return their health despite they lose all the weath and honor."

JH cannot put down the obsession of MR.

In the JH's house.

MR backs her up.. and then EG watches it.

JH"Hey MR, How about drink one more?"

EG feels sad .....still misses him

JH"i regret..MR....I regret bitterly...."

someone knocks EG's door and then he comes.

MR" Are you well these days?"


MR"Are you here?"


MR"Do you have a meal?"


MR"Do you feel any pain anywhere?"


MR"You can say only yes?"

.......then I will leave now...

EG is about to open the door but she hesitates...

MR is also ...hesitates..

He calls to EG.

MR"Is there only this house you can live? you look really get dry..Doesn't JH give any food?....I will leave really..."

EG talks herself..."I feel satisfied when I saw you...bye...MR."

JG protests MR to have a surgery but MR just goes out because at that moment CC comes in.

JH"Yesterday..Did he run into EG?"

Maid "Yes.."

JH"How long?"

Maid "I don't know exactly but after he comes out..he still watches her door for long time."

EG heard that her father already knew the relationship between Ann and JH. She asks him that tell me all the things if you know.

JUNHA agonizes whether he tells the truth or not.

Because if he reveals it, he has to reveal that his father was related to EG's mother's car accident.

So he decides to meet MR.

EG talks herself...

My memories are believable? What was that I've seen that day....

Finish :)


Entah apa yang terjadi dalam episode 17 (baru akan ditayangkan malam ini), yang pasti pernikahan dibatalkan dan hubungan masa lalu Maru dan Jae Hee memenuhi surat kabar.


Entah siapa yang membocorkannya ke surat kabar dan juga entah siapa yang membatalkan pernikahan ini. Maru mengindikasikan ia yang membocorkan cerita hubungan masa lalunya ke media (untuk menyeret Jae Hee turun). Ia juga menyatakan kalau ia tidak pernah mencintai Eun Gi dan hanya membantunya karena rasa kasihan, rasa bersalah, dan tanggung jawab. Ia berkata cinta adalah yang ia rasakan pada Jae Hee. Jika ia mencintai Eun Gi, untuk apa ia merusak pernikahannya sendiri? Untuk apa ia mengakhiri hubungannya dengan Eun Gi?


Eun Gi kembali tinggal di rumah keluarga Seo. Jae Hee menyambut kembalinya Eun Gi dan menyatakan kelegaannya karena Eun Gi dan Maru telah putus. Ia memberitahu Eun Gi kalau Maru yang telah memberitahu media. Eun Gi terlihat bingung dengan informasi itu. Jae Hee juga berkata ia telah mencoba memperingatkan Eun Gi sebelum kecelakaan itu. Bahwa Maru adalah sampah dan Eun Gi harus melupakannya.


Walau Maru berusaha mengingkari dengan kata-kata yang diucapkannya pada Jae Hee, akhirnya perasaannya yang sebenarnya diungkapkan dengan jelas pada akhir episode.



KBS "Innocent Man (Nice Guy)" Episode 18 live stream video updating...

Watch “Nice Guy” Episode 18 Recap Preview, online new korean drama in korean Series, Nice Guy Episode 18 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews “Nice Guy” Episode 18 Recap Preview TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama



KBS "Innocent Man (Nice Guy)" Episode 17 recap Screenshot

Innocent Man (The Nice Guy Never Seen Before) Episode 17 cast :

Song joong ji as Gang ma ru

Moon chae won as Seo eun gi

Park shi yeon as Han jae hee

Lee gwang soo as Park jae gil

Innocent Man (The Nice Guy Never Seen Before) Episode 17 Video Previe


Innocent Man (The Nice Guy Never Seen Before) Episode 17 Recap by So Yoon (minyk2002) updating...

Let's start.

EG I lost my memories because of car accident. so I have to start again at that point. I have tried effort as much as possible. If you think I am not proper to the position of the director, I will give up all of that and then go back to my place.

The secretary get disappointed about her saying.

EG Is there anything my father leaves a fortune.

The secretary why?

EG If I have it..then I will give it all to MR.

The secretary Really? You are fool you couldn't distinguish the real people !

EG But you too...you are liar..you lied me that the victim of the car accident is MR. but you hide it.

EG reveals that you got all memories.

but keep a secret to MR and Park laywer.

MR is choosing their couple ring.

He gives many presents for her.

MR 'and then the forth present is this'

(kiss) >////

On the note.

MR is the most kind person in the world.

She is about to crump the paper at that moment CC says 'Hey sister cheese ~'

In the kitchen

MR is preparing the meal for EG.

EG pretends not to recall her memories yet.

EG'i had a nightmare. People around me lie to me like I am your friend I am your lover...but MR you are the only person have no saying...If you say that EG, I am your side.., then I will depend on you perfectly... "

MR"EG..Shall we leave here and then go somewhere that everyone doesn't know ...even there is the north pole or the south pole....shall we?"


JH faces into the neighbor.

The neighbor"Are you waiting for MR? Maybe he deosn't come easily"

JH"i will make him come"

JH ignores Ann.

JH"How dare you monitor me? I am a director of you'

Ann"It is eariler to be relieved.. EG can get her memories and then anyone around you stick a knife in your back anytimes ..JH.. and no one knows who will do it.

JH seems to be afraid..

MR found the crumpled paper that is written that MR is a nice guy.

And then he notices that EG, She is back.

Junha hands to the wedding invitation between MR and EG.

JH and her side don't canceal the request of incompetency.

So junha has a plan to do a fake wedding.

EG'Our wedding investigation comes out ! MR ssi. I am really happy. See you then~"

But MR knows that it is a lie and it is her rage.

EG goes to JH.

EG"JH please help me mom. help me to prepare the wedding"

MR talks to himself.

"I don't know the way she wants to go..and how to go...if I ask her..maybe she never answers"

But the only thing that I know..is that the way she wants to go..maybe I can't be with her....

JH get angry that how could I choose your wedding dress, pajamas..is it so cruel?

Your object is to arouse my jealousy? When she comes in, I will tell her everything.

MR If someone know about our relationship. Who will be hurt?

CC get angry that JH is in this place.

EG"Do you know JH?"

They are embarassed. just make up the story..I saw her by chance.

EG"But JH you know that CC talks in her sleep and JG has a claustrophobia. How do you know that?"

EG knows all the truth ..

MR talks to himself.

EG got all her memories but she is different to her past..

What does she recall or what does she abandon..anyway..I will wait her as long as I can....

JG meet to her father..her father's grave.

"Father I will come here often if you make MR live long..If he dies now...it is unfair..please father"

CC sing a song.

CC"Which is the best wedding song you want? how is it? Even though I don't have enough money but I will sing a wedding song. Stay well with my brother "

EG"CC is preparing for our wedding song. Are you happy now?"


EG"After we got married, please stay well and respect our happiness."

MR....talks to himself...liar....

MR"Sure..after we got married, please stay well and respect our happiness."

EG talks to herself...liar..

MR EG Is back but I am still waiting her not to be impatient..slowly..

JH "Today we have a conference so prepare it."

and then she apolozied to him...about the accident 6 years ago.

JH"If that accident didn't happen..maybe you become a genius doctor..i will compensate it I am sorry "

MR 'Before your compensation, I will make you be kicked off before EG gets a memory."

His presentation is good.

JH Your presentation is really good"

MR"Actually I copied it. the original person who make it is EG." His saying makes her blush.

JH If you become free from guilt then marry her..Stop going away far from me...just go on relationship like this.

EG is eavesdropping outside the door.

EG have a meal with him

EG"Do you know well about MR?"

JUNHA"Before you lost your memories, you choose him. I trust your choice."

EG"if I am wrong, then what do you do?"

JUNHA"Then it's your destiny"

EG"Is there anything you conceal?"

JUNHA"i don't have.."

She reveals that she got all memories like "You love EG right? then why do you prepare our wedding?"

Long time ago, you said that if I recall my memories, you have someting to tell me. right? say to me what it is/

At that time, Ann runs into EG.

Ann"You know well about MR? You know MR is a murder?"

EG"Yes I know..But do I have to know it? I put down the position of the director already...so stop now."

EG"Oh you know that ? When my father passed away, you and JH are the first people who detect my father right?"

Ann is shocked..and yes but already he died when we find him.

JG"After the marriage, make MR have a surgery. cannot be patient anymore. Hey MR,,Huh? where is he?"

JUNHA and Ann recalls her saying.

On the broadcasting. some pictures that related with JH and MR's past arrived. (we don't know who send it.)

JG and CC are searching for MR but he doesn't answer.

On the news, the scandals about JH and MR covers all the articles. Many anchors and reporters crowd the wedding.

EG is still waiting.. the wedding anniversity is cancealed.

EG"What about now? Still he doesn't answer?"

The secretary"Until MR comes, she will never move an inch"

At then time MR comes "Let's talk about now"

EG"Where have you been?"

MR"Your purpose is this? I already know you got all the memories with me."

Actually the an anonymous informant is EG....


Eun Gi conceals the truth about her getting her memories back and shapes up in order to get Tae San back. Meanwhile, Ma Roo prepares the rings as he plans on expressing his feelings (propose) to Eun Gi.

On the other hand, Min Kyung is worried with Jae Hee's obsession towards Ma Roo and at the same time is suspicious of Eun Gi's amnesia and closely watches her on when she'll go public about it.

With their wedding day fast approaching, Eun Gi and Ma Roo are left to deal with their contrasting ideas...

So Yoon (minyk2002)

KBS "Innocent Man (Nice Guy)" Episode 17 live stream video updating...

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Watch “Nice Guy” Episode 17 recap Preview, online new korean drama in korean Series, Nice Guy Episode 17 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews “Nice Guy” Episode 17 recap Preview TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama



KBS "Innocent Man (Nice Guy)" Episode 16 recap Screenshot

Innocent Man (The Nice Guy Never Seen Before) Episode 16 cast :

Song joong ji as Gang ma ru

Moon chae won as Seo eun gi

Park shi yeon as Han jae hee

Lee gwang soo as Park jae gil

Innocent Man (The Nice Guy Never Seen Before) Episode 16 Video Previe


Innocent Man (The Nice Guy Never Seen Before) Episode 16 Recap by So Yoon (minyk2002)

On the way of home, they hold their hands tightly.

EG"You said me that try to remember me right? I did. Before I lost my memories, You are the one that I really want and desire" (But maybe she can't remember the memories related to the accident)

EG"Did you remember? Here, I said to you. You don't remember?"

In the past

EG "Because of MR, it is happy to wake up, and breath..everything at first..so The only thing that I want is that face to each other everyday, and say 'I love you' everyday and have a children and get older together, is it possible? "

MR"i remember"

EG"is it possible? Tell me"

EG"Would you marry me? I want a bride for you.I want to be a member of your family..warm and reassure. Wouldyou marry me?"

MR"Okay..Let's marry" .

They are looking for the dress.

They imagine their marriage like how many children would we have?, Officiator is JG and CC sings at a wedding. hehehehe

In the bar.

Someman bothers JH.

JH gets angry "How could you say that? Pour drink? huh?

I'm a person who you cannot see."

She misses MR. That store was regular store before she went to Taeson.

MR"EG, maybe we have to delay our marriage.. When you recall your memories perfectly, then we get married."

EG"Why? Even I recall all my marriage, I won't change"

MR"But this is not due time..Even though you get all your memories and then you allow our marriage then get married.

If you pick me, then I never lose you"

JH confuesed how she acted like that.

JH"I abandon MR to get Taeson, but EG abandoned Taeson to get MR. Isn't she strange?"

Ann"You mean,, then you want to go back MR? I deleted the president SEO who had trusted the most. we chose this road.

On the way of our goal, the victim of road kill is enough only the president SEO. There is nothing I can do except including MR." His jealousy goes up....He cannot control his jealousy.

ANN"Oh the victim of the road kill, the president seo is not only one, maybe someone who was killed 6 yesrs ago."

He pressures JH.

Doctor, "Think more why you drove wrong way on a street"

EG is searching for the accident.

On the article, the victim of the accident is K ssi.

(He is MR)

JG"Are you kidding? I met the doctor, your senior in the university..I didn't know how serious your condition....I will tell everyone."

MR"Just give me one chance."

MR"i'm not that serious"

JG"In the tomorrow morning, I drag you to the hospital"

JG"I wil tell CC and EG, who believe you and make you like that"

MR"You think this diesease because of EG and CC?. I did enough to them. You think they are more previous than my life?"

JG"Stop your joking"

MR"JG..Nowadays I really happy... My sister become healthy and EG who I wait for long live together and when I turn my head, she is always there. I ..am really happy..so just wait a bit longer.. I want to enjoy this time a few more. please JG. after that I will have surgery"

EG"Just wait a second.before I get all my memories"

CC"She make chueotant that loach in hot bean paste soup because MR wants to eat that"

JG"oh really ? it is so romantic"

CC"What ? If you want, I can make the cobra stew !!"

MR hears all the sounds they say.

He is satisfied this situation.

JHB"I didn't have a meal yet"

JH"Clean the table right now"

JHB"You were surprised at that time I betrayed you. It was reflection of you did"

JH"Take off the hand"

JHB"Do you want disappear MR? Someone request me that. Do you agree to dissapear MR? I do a survey."

In the MR's house

JHB gives a hint about disappearing MR.

They don't understand but JG might notice something.

They both play the media.

JH"s side is that request of interdiction

MR"s side is that the marriage between MR and EG

JH comes to protest it.

MR"EG lives in the present, not past"

JH"Think one more, is it your best way? Think carefully.."

MR"I need EG.. Without EG, I can't stand one day..NUNA..It is my answer"

EG and JH look at each other

JH"You said that you gave up the Taeson."

EG"Yes, but the people around me want to take away Taeson from you.. so I will help them."

JH"i heard your marriage .Do you know much about MR? Follow something up. more and more. He is like onion. peel more and more"

In the conference

EG wonders about the victim of the accident.

JUNHA makes up the story.. She is a woman and she go abroad with her family.

EG orders her secretary about the accident.

She recalls a piece of memories..in that memory the victim is a man. She is sure about that.

CC has an audition but she is so nervous.

When she just gives up, JG appears suddenly.

He asks for the panel

"Could I play the accoumpaniment?"

JG tells by himself

"Hey cc.. MR suffers hard time.. now it's our turn to wake him up.."

MR"Good job."

EG"Other people scold me but you are the only one to praise me."

MR"i got paid today. Do you want anything to get?"

EG"Umm.. flower..bag..and samgyeopsal? "hehehe

EG"and ...kiss"

MR prepares the present for EG.

In front of her father's mertuary.

EG"i'm sorry father for being late.."

The president SEO "i will give it your all..you have to live the brave worker, not a just woman..Even though your mother betrayed me but you can't.."

EG"i'm sorry father..Unless I went to MR who is bad guy that day., you may live until now..i'm sorry"

At the place they were supposed to meet

MR"Here you come now, Did you meet all the people you have to meet?"


MR"These all are for you..Do you like it? and the fourth president is here"

and they kiss...

I'm worried that if EG abandon MR..ㅜNㅜ ...her face changes..

Anyway finish.

So Yoon (minyk2002)

KBS "Innocent Man (Nice Guy)" Episode 16 live stream video

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Watch “Nice Guy” Episode 16 recap Preview, online new korean drama in korean Series, Nice Guy Episode 16 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews “Nice Guy” Episode 16 recap Preview TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama



KBS "Innocent Man (Nice Guy)" Episode 15 recap Screenshot

Innocent Man (The Nice Guy Never Seen Before) episode 15 cast :

Song joong ji as Gang ma ru

Moon chae won as Seo eun gi

Park shi yeon as Han jae hee

Lee gwang soo as Park jae gil

Innocent Man (The Nice Guy Never Seen Before) episode 15 Video Previe


Innocent Man (The Nice Guy Never Seen Before) episode 15 Recap by So Yoon (minyk2002)

JH"i have a suggestion to return her place, EG the managing director, Would you please accept my suggestion?"

JH"How is your feeling? you got all the things you want, How is it?

MR"It is not my final goal. There are far from here right?"

JH"How could you involve my brother in that matter?"

MR"i said that to put EG back, I can do everything"

JH"But these things only can do by JH, You are not the one do things like that"

MR laughs at JH. All people can become a JH or MR.

JH"if i abandon all the things, would you please come back to me?"

MR"if you want that eagerly, there is no reason that I cannot go"

Ann scolds her "Hold yourself"

EG cannot believe this situation.

'Why did she do that? What happened?"

MR explains you make this result. you persuaded the Nam president.

But MR worries about EG, to recall your memories, it depends on your will.

MR"Try to remember me as much as possible. recall the memories with me. If you recall the memories with me, all the things return to you..."

On the way of MR's home.

EG"This way, it is the road to meet you.. this stairs to see you..."

Someone "Who are you? JH?"

JH"oH Nice to meet you..long time no see JH"

Someone"Does he know that you buy this house?"

JH"Maybe no.."

EG"MR's home,,the home to meet you.. the home I wait for you... When I put the bell, you come out... I can't remember..."

MR"let's go..Someone may live here.."

EG"Okay" (Maybe JH is there.)

Ann captures JH's brother.

Ann"Huh how much do you need to catch Gang Ma ru..What's the deal with him?"

EG"What did we in here?"


EG"Why? Why did we broke up?"

MR"Because you noticed who I am"

EG"What's that meaning?"

MR"Just find yourself.."

EG"MR ssi, Why didn't you kiss me? You seem to be ready for escaping..Did we kiss in the days before I lost my memories"

MR"We haven't kissed yet... yet.." (He lies ! )

EG"No way.."

EG wakes him up.

EG"Let's go to the company.. teach me what I will do..How do I just wait for recalling memories? please teach me what I have to know..let's go..please go to the company "

She acts charming

But she dozes off hehehe.(really cute)

He explains what did she in the last deal like she persuades all the people in countryside when she stayed for a month in the countryside.

MR"embezzlement? Did EG embezzle the company's money?"

JUNHA"Actually JH has some sort of dirty sheme."

MR"Okay at first, we try to resolve it"

Someone comes up in the JH's conference room.

Actually he is ex-boyfriend of EG.

His name is kim jeong hoon.

He wants to see EG.

He divorced the last year.

ex boyfriend "What's up?"

JH tells to him that she lost her memories at all. She carried with someone who looks strange and less torlerant.Please help us, If you help us, we can give up the take over the building"

Ex-boyfriend "Who is your boyfriend ? How did you meet him?"

EG"He is nce and kind?"

Exb"Then what about you?"

JHB"CC how are you? you have a boyfriend CC?"

CC"yes I have, my boyfriend is JG"

JG"What ? Why am I your boyfriend ?"

JHB"How far are you with JG?"

CC"We kissed !"

JG"What ? when did we do that? no way ! Kiss means he and she both have to remeber it"

CC"i don't care. If I remeber it, that's enough!"

At that time JHB pushes JG HEHEHEHEHEHEHE

EG calls to MR. Today mr will be late to work.

EG tells that I met someone..I ..no.. Next morning I will tell you"

MR meets Kim representative

MR "You know the truth, right? to reveal the truth I will go to the bank tomorrow. Who involves this embezzlement?"

Suddenly the police car is coming.

Maybe this is related to Ann's trick.

JG"Hey, the policeman is coming to home. they are searching for you!"

Outside the door "Open the restroom door please"

JG"Yes just a wait a minute, I have a serious Constipation. please wait"

MR"This is not my crime. At first set them at ease. I didn't do any crime."

(Oh you see the bullies behind the Kim representative.)

That bullies attack Kim representative so he is in coma.

But someone puts the guilty on MR.(maybe suspect is ANN)

JH sees MR.

JH"Why are you here? There are plice covering every direction to catch you. At first you deliever yourself into the police"

MR"No thanks. Before that you have to resolve the EG's embezzlement and then go to EG to apoloze. This is you have to do first"

Ann calls to JH"Is there MR in your room?"

JH"NO, He is not in here"

But when she comes out, policemen find men.

EG"Does JH report to the police?"(But she didn't do that)

JH"you did things that I didn't order?"

Ann"Yes, sometimes you can leace the orbit. but I cannot be patient anymore. You forget the goal you have to get."

At that time EG appears.

EG"You want what? Taeson? Then have it. have things you want. take the Taeson, then set MR free"

JH"What? You mean you deal the Taeson with MR? You mean you give up because of just a man?"

EG"Yes, MR is much more precious thing than Taeson, so I choose him."

EX boyfrined "I heard that she is in embezzlement charges. I want to help her. What should I do?'

exb"Do you want some coffee?"

In the interrogation room Junha explains the situation that EG forgives Taeson because of you"

ex-boyfriend "You are the frist of all the things..first hug.. first kiss.."

But she recalls a piece of memories that she confessed her love. "This was my first kiss we did in the JAPAN. That was my first time to confess my love"

EXB"If we start the love again, we can get everything"

EG'S MEMORY"I've lived like that.. 29year old EG lives even I have all the asset.. I lived like that foolish"

EG"Take off you hands. This bitch !"

MR"If I insist that the contract that I did is nullity, how do you do?"

JUNHA"You said that If these things finished, you will leave EG"

MR"But If I changes my mind, then what do you do?"

JUNHA"i will do all the things as a lawyer to prevent it"

JH"Then MR will release today, right?"

The secretary "Yes, I gave amount of moeny to them. The real crimers put themselves into the police."

Ann gets angry about that !

Oh EG recalls her memories

EG"You are a lier. what? You said that we've not kissed yet? Huh i said many times that that was my first kiss"

MR"EG, remember clearly. This is my first kiss"

and they kissed //// dfjaofj ojfa oahfaj oh ofj

I envy EG soooooooooooo much

so romantic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So Yoon (minyk2002)

KBS "Innocent Man (Nice Guy)" episode 15 Screenshot:






Watch “Nice Guy” episode 15 recap Preview, online new korean drama in korean Series, Nice Guy episode 15 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews “Nice Guy” episode 15 recap Preview TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama



KBS "Innocent Man (Nice Guy)" Episode 14 recap Screenshot

Innocent Man (The Nice Guy Never Seen Before) episode 14 cast :

Song joong ji as Gang ma ru

Moon chae won as Seo eun gi

Park shi yeon as Han jae hee

Lee gwang soo as Park jae gil

Innocent Man (The Nice Guy Never Seen Before) episode 14 Recap by So Yoon (minyk2002)

In the hospital

MR cures EG, BUT when he wakes up, no one is there.

To find her, he is hanging around the hospital.

On the banch outside the hospital, he finds EG.

MR"Eun gi. hey wake up. Why did you come out like this without saying. I am worried so much"

EG"Who are you? I don't know you who you are!"

MR"What's wrong with you?"

EG"Please clear the way'

Doctor"Maybe this is because like defense mechanism, she is running away from her memories. After suffering this, her memories will be come back like a fountation."

In the crosswalk

EG"Do you know me?"

EG"You are lying .all of this are lying ! This is a lie !!"

MR"What's wrong with you..clam down.."

CC"What should I do..What's wrong with her..I'm afraid of EG"

JG"umm..I hope everything works out fine"

JH recalls the Ann's saying that the charging of incompetency

and MR's saying that get out of here just get away

JG"hey MR, JH comes here..."

JH"Wow you've grown up so much"

CC"Betrayal ! you throw away my brother and then you become happy right? huh"

JH"Yeah,,,I thought I become happy... but now maybe not that happy..maybe because your brother is not beside me"

MR gets angry about her.. what did you say to EG, why did she fall down after your saying

"Touch EG one more time, if you want to see how far MR can go . I said get out of here"

JH "without you,,,my world is not exciting.. I realize how previous your love. actually when you appear as a EG's fiance I am so glad to see you again..See you later"

ANN"I found the paper related EG's diease. I will prepare the incompetency charging"

JH talks to herself..

"I will protect you until you die.. why did i hate you... actually you are the biggest victim of this happening because of MR and ME. I'm sorry really sorry."

MR brings tomato juice again to her even after she throws away...again again...

EG"i won't eat ! you don't understand my saying?"

CC"Waaa.you've gone way too far."

JG"let's watch a movie together" and then he carries with her.

MR"let's go to limit.. There is another tomato boxs and milks in regreiretor...Also I have time and energy...so let's go to limit..Actually I'm really happy to be angry with me...you always suppress your anger by yourself."

MR"Stop punishing yourself. if.you sacred of your memories with me..don't do that...just stab me like this not you. It is only when you can stand on your feet that I can disappear with easy from your sight.."

EG is crying...MR is also sick...ㅜnㅜ (please save him please scripwriter...)

The ost of this drama is wailful...

EG"Did you sleep well?"

MR"What about you?"

EG"Thanks to you.. I really slept fully but in my dream...MR is different from the present... like the betrayal and decitor.."

MR"What did you do.. if you recall your memory, the person like me is really that person in your dream, then what did you do?"

EG"Never forgive..you are a person who I choose even throwing away my father.."

MR"You have to do it after recalling you memories"

EG tells a piece of memory to JUNHA.

In my memory you said "Someone is related to MR...and because of that person MR approaches me with purpose.. who is she? and who is real mr?"

JH"i'm sorry the accident related to industrial spy"

MR denies it.

JH talks that I can go down my knees.. Do I?

MR disgusting ....

JUNHA can't answer the true...

He says "maybe this is dream...I never said that...anything else?"

EG"i will try my best to recall my memories..I will do everything whatever anything to recall my memory"

JH "Let's separate between two..I will do that and then take MR..I want him..I want all of him actually we want his talent"

At that moment EG appears.

My service to you she reports for duty.

JH orders that you have to meet the representative another company. Min representative who was really close to her.

Everyone who is EG's side stops her doing this.. but she wants to try.

EG"I will try...i don't like to say I can't."

She memories all about the representative,,

Actually it is JH's trick

He is not min representative...actually he is Nam representative.....

Nam representative gets really angry...

She prasies his son who is wedding a year ago.. but actually the Nam representative's only son passed away because of car accident.

JH gets angry to her..you enter here because you want to ruine me? (Actually it is her performance.. just her show)

MR cuts the phone.

we fall prey to her plot.

EG accuses herself...

EG"How foolish I am...the girl like me..can't do anything without other's help..."

MR"Don't be punishing yourself..you can do better next time cheer up"

EG"i want to recall my memory early. I want to find the memory with you. How you love me so much.Let's stop this.. stop here"

MR"Wake up.. let's go to resolve this problem."

EG"i don't want to...I forgive Taeson.."

MR"You can do the evidence is me"

JUNHA also cotton on to their plot.. he knows they took the CT and MRI about her illness and claiming a incompetency

MR"Then what shold we do?"

JH"i'm so happy today ~ tell me what you want whatever you want. tell me ~"

ES"Umm eungi nuna"

JH"What? what else ?"

ES"Umm..then ice cream and Eun gi nuna"

JH scolds him so much so ES is crying...

(ES is really cute !!!!way to go ES)

EG is waiting for Nam CEO until now.

She says truely...actually I suffered from a loss of memory. i'm really sorry... I pretend to know you because of myself, to get Taeson..I want to resolve your angry..and disappointment.

NAM" What do you do if I start a rumor? I never change my decision"

Before the board we will go public this paper, the loss of investigation.

The phone is ringing..

Nam forgive all EG's fault and he wants to negotiate with EG.

i like her mind. The president SEO raise her daughter very well.

She has a plan to reveal all the things related EG

but some papers is handed to her.

JH changes her face suddenly.

In front of the door.

JH"s brother and MR are in there.

JHB "MR said that if I enter the conference room, and then reveal what you did to EG. he said that he will protect me forever.. he is different from you totally."

At the conference room.

JH comes back

JH's suggestion is that EG becomes a co representative of TAESON with me.

JH"Would you accept this suggestion?"


So Yoon (minyk2002)

Innocent Man (The Nice Guy Never Seen Before) episode 14 Video Preview


KBS Innocent Man (Nice Guy) episode 14 Screenshot:

Watch “Nice Guy” episode 14 recap Preview, online new korean drama in korean Series, “Nice Guy” episode 14 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews “Nice Guy” episode 14 recap Preview TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama



KBS "Innocent Man (Nice Guy)" Episode 13 recap Screenshot

Innocent Man (The Nice Guy Never Seen Before) episode 13 cast :

Song joong ji as Gang ma ru

Moon chae won as Seo eun gi

Park shi yeon as Han jae hee

Lee gwang soo as Park jae gil

Innocent Man (The Nice Guy Never Seen Before) episode 13 Video Preview


Innocent Man (The Nice Guy Never Seen Before) episode 13 Recap by So Yoon (minyk2002)

Actually today, I have a bad cold ㅜnㅜ

i feel little dizzy but I will do my best...

If today's recap has some many mistake..particularly...

I'm sorry sorry sorry ~ please excuse me

Today's story starts with MR"s shower scene >///

Whole place's in disarray, Eun-Gi (in a cute apron that says "Sweet Home") is cooking up a storm and what looks like breakfast. She's humming to herself. Maybe she is preparing food for MR? HEHEHE

She recalls the word of her doctor 'Stop running away. Keep your eyes open and bring those memories back." She takes a deep breath and tries to remember that night, and recalls up to the part when she switches lanes and starts accelerating. But it's too much for Eun-Gi just yet and she starts to breathe very rapidly.

MR: You know how to cook something like this?

EG: Yeah...

MR: All grown up now... Where's Choco?

EG: She went to get some water. With Jae-Gil.

EG: Maru-shi... I'm scared.

MR: What?

EG: When you grow tired of me... when you grow weary of me and I become a burden... you'll run away from me

MR: That's not going to happen.

EG: Feelings change..

MR: I never run away from you..

The police man Are you gang ma ru?

MR"Yes here it is"

The company of Taeson accuses MR of stealing secret paper.

MR Okay I will go but.. first I have to eat breakfast this lady makes the breakfast from the dawn, she wakes up.

After the meal

MR goes to the police man and said

You don't habe a arrest warrant right? If you want to catch me then bring the arrest warrant .

And then he goes to JH.

MR"What's your show?"

JH"What happens? why are you so angry.?"

The phone conversation "accusation? who dd?"

JH"You pass a secret paper to compeitior?"

MR explains all the situation and find the spot that she made this show. her lying.

JH"i'm sure that this time, it is hard to escape this trap.

If you leave right now I will forgive all this happening.

If you go to the prision again, then how do EG and CC live?

Use your talent another place, Your brain like this maybe you can live in a grand style

She's looking at the pictures of people at Taesan on the wall. Mutters to herself "Han Jae-Hee... Ahn Min-Young... Han Jae-Hee... Ahn Min-Young..."

JUNHA comes to ANN.

He gets angry about their works.

Sounds like Min-Young framed MR for something, and it succeeded because Ahn says "Game's over, he's already said he's going to leave the company." Joon-Ha retorts it's not over, not when he has another card in his sleeve: "Do you want to go that far?" (Clearly referring to Chairman Seo's murder)

MY: Isn't this what you wanted? To force Kang Maru to leave Seo Eun-Gi? Isn't it all better for you? You're not a good guy, you're either a fool or a hypocrite. Get a grip, Park Joon-Ha. Kang Maru's not someone you must help, he's someone you must strike down. If you really want to have Seo Eun-Gi.

JH: Must I have her?

MY: What?

JH: If I love her, must I have her? (does loving someone mean possessing that person?) I don't think so.

It is not different situation.

You enter to JH's road and then I enter the EG's load.

So we can't meet each other .

If times go past so far,, and then we realize this is nothing to our life, then could we meet at the same road ?

Taeson drops charges against MR.

But he comes to police office by himself.

The prosecutor says 'Why you come here? the company taeson drops charges"

He told all his criminal records like the company spy...disclosing a secret.

He did that things because he didn't want to live anymore like these bagger life.. sick younger sister...

But now I want to live.

EG comes to her house to help the recall of her memories.

She faces into her younger brother ES.

He nags her play together.

EG"Our sopa..my house"

ES"Our sopa ..my house"

He follows her saying.

EG's missing so CC and MR try to find her.

At her old house

JH"When did you come here?"

JH seems to be shocked.

MR is considering where she is.

JG"You here? I was studying in the library to get a job"

JG"You find EG? She went to JH's house. you didn' hear that? Visiting the familiar places is good to recall the memory the doctor says"

MR"Why did you say it now?"

JG"You don't ask me, huh if she goes that house twice, maybe you kill me huh"

At the dinner table.

JH feels different, maybe EG changes

To check, JH orders the sikhye( sweet rice drink) that she hates too much even smelling.

The housekeeper "They have a dinner together"

MR"i'm here to bring her"

JH"let's eat together I wonder that why you report yourself to the police?"

MR'I want to clear oneself of a false charge. If the prosecutor fnd the real criminal, then he says he is sure that punish their crime even the higher up."

ES have an upset stomach.

After curing him, no one is there.

So she gets angry.

The note says"Once I play with ES, then you doubt me huh?

The happening of sikhy is little funny. the mother of ES."

EG"i'm scared of recalling the memories..who am I ..I am a particular person even a dish of food.. "

MR"Then just stay there, Stop finding your memories"

EG'No, but the only thing I want to recall is the memory with yours.How did we meet.. where did we go"

JH'Welcome to the company."

MR"Don't be lie, liar. nowadays my process of the police investigation is going well. A few days, i will scatter it to the press."

The hospital.

EG tells a piece of memories like I changed my lane and speeded up...

Ann thinks there's something fishy with Eun-Gi's medical records at the 1st hospital she was sent right after the accident. so he orders to find this evidence.

MR"What are you doing ? I finish my work early. why don't we date today?"

EG"Umm... Yes mr but ...in front of the house, JH comes.."

MR"Don't open the door until I arrive."

But they meet each other.

JH"is there anyone there? what about JG and CC?"

EG"You know cc an jg, who?"

JH"yes she is younger sister of MR and the best friend of MR.Let's go home now... it is not general... before the marriage..living together it is not common.."

JH"i know you hate me,, also I don't like you but I don't hate you also.. Among all the guy, why you choose MR?"

She overlaps the memories..the saying of JH.

EG"Why do you disagree with our relation, why even I love him so much?"

JH"You don't know the reason. you know the purpose of him..

In the memory Junha says mr approaches you with the certain purpose.

At that momnet MR comes here.

MR says to JH"Get out of here"

At the hospital.

The secretary of EG gets angry to JG and CC.

"Who did check her?"

The secretary "Hey JG i heard you are a backsoo(Person who don't have a job) then stay home always! why are you so busy?"

JG"you know that... BACKSOO is more busy than others like findng a job... preparing the interview..."

The secretary speaks in diarect. They look scared of her...

CC"I think she suffers from mutiple persoonality"

MR cures here preciously...

Ann'Don't drink achole in the company.. you look poor"

JH"You care so many things."

Ann says EG suffers from serious dieases like damaging the memory and learning ability.

Ann"If my guess is right, I will make her be declared incompetent and then all the asset can be gained in our pocket"

On the banch outside the hospital.

MR"Do you know how much I worried so much? If you do like this one more..!! no...let's go back together I'm worried if you have a cold."

EG"Who are you?"


EG"Who are you?"


KBS "Innocent Man (Nice Guy)" Episode 13 live stream video

KBS Innocent Man (Nice Guy) episode 13 Screenshot:

Watch “Nice Guy” episode 13 recap Preview, online new korean drama in korean Series, “Nice Guy” episode 13 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews “Nice Guy” episode 13 recap Preview TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama



KBS "Innocent Man (Nice Guy)" Episode 12 recap Screenshot

Innocent Man (The Nice Guy Never Seen Before) episode 12 cast :

Song joong ji as Gang ma ru

Moon chae won as Seo eun gi

Park shi yeon as Han jae hee

Lee gwang soo as Park jae gil

Innocent Man (The Nice Guy Never Seen Before) episode 12 Video Preview


Innocent Man (The Nice Guy Never Seen Before) episode 12 Recap by So Yoon (minyk2002)

MR makes her practice her annoucement at inaugral ceremony of JH.

MR"let's go, the director of EG."

When JH delivers a speech, EG comes up there.

ES"Oh ! sister EG"

EG"I'm sorry for being late. how are you mother?"

JH"EG... Where have you been...? I'm waiting for you so much..."

EG"I'm sorry.. I'm sorry"

JH"I'm fine that now you are here"

EG"I'm sorry everyone..but nowadays I am suffering from face blindness so I need someone's help..now I will introduce someone to you.. Gang maru my fiance and my helper."

At JH's room

JH"What happened a few minutes ago? Who is she who I met before.and the guy beside her.. who is he...GANG MARU right? ,..is it real?"

She can hardly believe that EG comes to Taeson.

Ann explains this situation claimingly.

Ann"What is more shocked EG's coming back or MR's appearing as her fiance."

EG"Do I have to fight against my stepmother? why?"

MR"Because she wants to get things that not hers."

EG"Could I win her?"

MR"Yes I fight with her you just stay with me"

JUNHA asks a help that if she gets a final goal and then you leave silently with much rewards.

JUNHA"Even at first you don't love her, right?"

MR"What do you do if I love her now?"

JUNHA"i will block that situation. Do you want a deal?"

MR"Huh, then the half of Taeson, If she gets a final goal, then give me the half of taeson, If not, I don't make a deal"

JUNHA"Okay, we will give you a half of Taeson, if she gets memories."

MR"Call' (it means Okay)

JH"It's time to go back the home with me."

MR"NO, EG will stay with me."

So they make a promise to have just a dinner together,

In front of her house.

EG"Is it my house? you said that my father passed away..I want to see him..how was my father.."

JH"EG, Welcome to you.. really."

EG"Where is my father's room?"

JH thinks it is little strange because she thinks EG knows the president room naturally.

So, MR excuse she wants to check whether you delate the president Seo's trace.

JH"Why are you here? you've done, right?"

MR"I can't remember what I did.. who is JH and what did I do for her..the only thing I focus on is that EG. i will protect my lady EG, before having a dinner I will check all food from the monster who wants to attack her. Therefore even now, you have to drop all the things that you have, To be frank it is not yours. right?"

JH"Huh it is mine, even a pork and the chair in here ! all the things are mine!

EG" A few minutes ago, my stepmother said that because you are crazy about man so you can't keep deathwatch...is that man is MR.. RIGHT?"

MR"Yes I am sorry...."

EG" You don't have to be sorry....that means I love you to that extent.."

Ann vistied the secretary's home(Actually EG stayed there FOR long time.)

In there he finds some trace like her writings practicing Hangul"

Ann calls to someone and he wants to know JUNHA's style of handwriting.

CC"is there something in the sky?"

EG"Yes my father."

CC"My father, too, Hey father please cure her early !"

Ann is starting to become aware of EG's condition.

EG is writing letters to her father.

"Father I am sorry.. I can't keep your deathwatch becasue of a man.. father father.."

MR studies hard..but actually his pain is little serious..(ㅜNㅜ)

JUNHA"You will participate as a EG's deputy in today's conference room"

He also give a information for today's conference. actually JH's weakness.

They meet in front of the conference room.

The atmosphere is brutal..

Ann"Are you going somewhere?"

The secretary relies instead of her.

Ann"I want to talk with EG only.. please clear the seat the seretary."

He shows the note that she wrote.

EG"Yes, it is mine. A few days after the accident I just want to check my condtion so I wrote it. that's it"

Ann persuades her be frank. If only you say frankly that's I can help you.

EG writes on the note that "You are a bad person"

And she leaves her seat.

At that time,, she recalls some scenes in the past..related to Ann.

In there any question?

The person who is EG's side protests about her management.

JUNHA texts a message "If he protests well, you just keep stay"

At that time MR takes JH's side.

People around him are shocked because they think MR is EG's side.

After that, MR attacks her more cruelly and deeply.

MR"Nowadays, chaebol have to take responsibility, are you really pure and clear?"

JUNHA gets praised him and wonders why did JH throw away him..

At the hospital

The doctor checks her condition.

Her condition is much better.

EG says "Sometimes, I recalls some memories...just few pictures."

The doctor"Then don't be avioded, Pick up the most desperate memory that you've suffered. feeling like wanted to die.. To find your memory, it will be started there. Don't run away from your sadness"

CC says to her about CC's love story with JG (kiss three times like that hehehehe)

She wonders the love story with EG and MR. BUT she can't remember anything.

CC"Why don't you go traveling with MR?"

EG shakes her hands from side to side


EG" How embarassing...a shame.."

JH"You stay there..exact that distance..If you come more closely.. maybe you will be dangerous.."

Ann" I will do my job by myself.. You just stay there..Don't go far away.."

Then Ann prepares to attack MR.

MR recalls her saying like a shame..

He makes JG wake up and then ask a question to JG.

"Which place is good for traveling...? For women, what shoud I do for good?"

JG recommands that just reminds the memory with JH when you falled in love with JH.

MR"i can't remember.. really..."

MR talks himself..

"Father.. one woman came to me and then I pushed her with most cruel words and offended her mind. hurt deeply. but she come to me again... I regret that i make her enter in my life...in my whold life.. I regret first..."


KBS Innocent Man (Nice Guy) episode 12 Screenshot:

Watch “Nice Guy” episode 12 recap Preview, online new korean drama in korean Series, “Nice Guy” episode 12 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews “Nice Guy” episode 12 recap Preview TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama



KBS "Innocent Man (Nice Guy)" Episode 11 recap Screenshot

Innocent Man (The Nice Guy Never Seen Before) episode 11 cast :

Song joong ji as Gang ma ru

Moon chae won as Seo eun gi

Park shi yeon as Han jae hee

Lee gwang soo as Park jae gil

Innocent Man (The Nice Guy Never Seen Before) episode 11 Video Preview


Innocent Man (The Nice Guy Never Seen Before) episode 11 Recap by So Yoon (minyk2002)

Last week story is that JHB kidnaps her and MR tries to catch him.. finally he finds JH's brother and EG.

By the location tracing in her cellphone, MR chases JHB's car.

Fantastic running fight !! MR Way to go !

After taking off his car, MR is enraged at JHB.

EG misunderstands that he is enraged at JHB because he doesn't want to see her. So she gets hurt.

Actually she thinks that JHB is a big brother of MR.

MR actually worries about her...his sincerety is that he wants to protect her.

EG" I know,,I don't know how to write even my name... even if I lost my memory.. I know the shame. Let's stop here.."

JHB texts a message that I know the place of EG. let's meet.

JHB tells that you know removing someone is my specity.

A few days ago, your assident denies the deal with me.

The officetel in Gwang hwa moon,

But that building is not her things. but other things like ground, money... is okay.

At EG's room, her secretary supports her learning ability.

She volumes up the music. and that time.. she remembers the scene with MR.

MR recalls the memory with her.

She feel sorry for him because he is engaged to his brother( actually he is JHB) because of her... and gets hurt.

At gambling place.

JHB waits for JH's reward but in JH's office.

She talks with the Police office, she reports him to the police.

JH" You don't believe me?"

JHB"Who are you? huh How do I believe you, you are not common person."

JH"yeah me too, I don't believe you either. How do you do to EG? If I try every possible means, you will be in prison for 10 years you know? you are a kidnapper, and black mailer.. huh?Just stay there for 10 years."

JHB"But that things, you ordered!!"

JH"Do you have any evidence?"

In front of MR's house.

JHB talks that he was allured to do this by JH."

EG's secretary" If they know the place of EG, EG will be in danger. I think the death of the president SEO, i'm sure it is closely related to JH."

JHB"i really sorry, but she makes me do that please"

MR"Where is EG, Tell me where she is"

Ann gives a command to someone.

JUNHA visits to meet him.

JUNHA" Are you anxious? Why do you kick off her maybe that means your place is nervous right?"

Ann" Even though she is intact, why didn't she come up to Taeson? I wonder that"

MR"What is your final goal? destroy JH and gain Taeson company ? that is final goal?"

The secretary finds someone that is JH's side.

MR"let's go, we have to avoid here."

But EG gets angry to him. because she gets hurt by MR's word that he talked last time. She closes her mind.

MR"We have to be hurry. hurry up open th door"

EG"Off with you! I don't follow someone who I don't know"

MR"We met at the air plane.. actually at that time you were faint, so I saved you at that time, the student who dropped out of medical school. And second time, we met at the mountain when you were riding bicycle.. I also saved you also at that time. but you get angry more you thought I approached you with a purpose such as money. You were really rude "

EG"Who? me? .."

She opens the door and MR says we have to be hurry i will talk about it after taking the car.. so would you please go with me?"

After taking the car,

MR" And the third time, you visited my home, at that time I realized that your saying skill is really particular.. You says 'thank you and miss you' in angry.

EG" i don't believe that ! I don't care"

MR" Okay today, let's stop here.. you maybe hard for this."

Ann "Why they do hide EG..What happened to her I wonder"

JH tells to executives and staff members

JH" To normalize Taeson, you have to bring us to ourselves."

One of the member in Taeson, he protests about JH's saying.

"Your purpose is only that? right? someone says that you want to sale EG's stake"

JH shows the video that she lives intactly.

And then she says "You know, in the past before she got accident, she had a man's problem that the president seo

was disappointed. If she wants to live as a woman, I will respect her decision as her mother"

So the item that the dismissal of EG's place passed.

The executives and staff members agreed about that because of JH's saying.

JG is shocked about EG.

JG"OH Long time no see EG"

EG"Do you know me?? we were closed each other?"

JUNHA texts a message to MR to meet him.

JUNHA"i know you well. you approaches EG with the purpose that the revenge of JH. What do you do if I say all the things about you to her?"

MR"Then do you, her final goal is not Teason but the lawyer Park junha's woman, then do that"

CC"You don't remember me? really?"

JG"She didn't remember MR even!"

CC"It is because of my brother? ㅜnㅜ"

JG"umm.. but we persist that it is because of both parties being mutually at fault."

JUNHA asks for help to MR if they know the eg's whereabouts, maybe she will be in danger.

I and the secretary are exposed to them, So help us until she achieves the goal"

JH hangs around her neighborhood in the past.

She thinks about her past.. and she feels sad.

MR"Is that all?"

In the inaugural ceremony of JH.

JH address a meeting,"You know, last year, I had a really difficult time, but TAESON overcomes all the things well .."

At that time, EG appears to the ceremory

"I am so late.. how are you mother?"

JH"Where have you been ? Why are you coming here so late? ."

EG speak to a large audience

"I prepare to come Taeson, you know I got big accident 6 years ago, but nowadays I have a difficulty to ackowledge people.. so I need someone's help, introduce him to your guys. Gang ma ru..

He is my fianc and he will be a excutive as my helper "

JH"How did you do EG?"

MR"Who makes you do this? tell me who it is?"

JHB"who makes me do this?"

JH"When did I? Do you have any evidence?"

Ann"You know where she is, right? Even though she keeps alive, what is the reason that she doesn't come up?"

MR"The deal?"

JUNHA"Please help us, until she can achieve the goal that she wants safely. Actually from the begining, you didn't love her, right?"

MR"If now it is love, then what will you do?"

KBS Innocent Man (Nice Guy) episode 11 Screenshot:

KBS Innocent Man (Nice Guy) episode 11 Synopsis Preview

KBS Innocent Man (Nice Guy) episode 11 Synopsis Preview

KBS Innocent Man (Nice Guy) episode 11 Synopsis Preview

KBS Innocent Man (Nice Guy) episode 11 Synopsis Preview

KBS Innocent Man (Nice Guy) episode 11 Synopsis Preview

KBS Innocent Man (Nice Guy) episode 11 Synopsis Preview

KBS Innocent Man (Nice Guy) episode 11 Synopsis Preview

KBS Innocent Man (Nice Guy) episode 11 Synopsis Preview

KBS Innocent Man (Nice Guy) episode 11 Synopsis Preview

KBS Innocent Man (Nice Guy) episode 11 Synopsis Preview

KBS Innocent Man (Nice Guy) episode 11 Synopsis Preview

KBS Innocent Man (Nice Guy) episode 11 Synopsis Preview

KBS Innocent Man (Nice Guy) episode 11 Synopsis Preview

KBS Innocent Man (Nice Guy) episode 11 Synopsis Preview

KBS Innocent Man (Nice Guy) episode 11 Synopsis Preview

KBS Innocent Man (Nice Guy) episode 11 Synopsis Preview

KBS Innocent Man (Nice Guy) episode 11 Synopsis Preview

KBS Innocent Man (Nice Guy) episode 11 Synopsis Preview

KBS Innocent Man (Nice Guy) episode 11 Synopsis Preview

KBS Innocent Man (Nice Guy) episode 11 Synopsis Preview

KBS Innocent Man (Nice Guy) episode 11 Synopsis Preview

Watch “Nice Guy” episode 11 recap Preview, online new korean drama in korean Series, “Nice Guy” episode 11 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews “Nice Guy” episode 11 recap Preview TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama