Police statement,

Police statement, "The lady who sued Lee Jin-wook could be innocent"

The police are having a look into the probabilities of actor Lee Jin-wook's accuser being innocent.

Seoul Soo-seo police printed that they wondered this girltwo times on July 22nd and 23rd.

Police say chances of the accuser being blameless on false accusation are moderately high.

This woman's attorney announced that he would now not exist representing her criminal event anymore on July 23rd.

The discovery of new information, otherperspectives on how the case must be handled and destroy to the courting of agree with between the attorney and the buyer has resulted in this conclusion.

Meanwhile, in the undies that the accuser submitted to the police as evidence, Lee Jin-wook's DNA used to be found, yetit is notample to turn out that force becomeinterested by the sexual intercourse.

The accuser claimed that she met Lee Jin-wook viaa chumat the 12th of July but later he followed her house and raped her. She pressed fees on July 14th.

Lee Jin-wook countersued her for false accusations on July 16th.

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“Innocent sisters” Park Shin Hye, Yuri and Sooyoung obtain special awards at commencement ceremony

“Innocent sisters” Park Shin Hye, Yuri and Sooyoung obtain special awards at commencement ceremony

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Before their commencementrite at Joong Ang Unversity, Park Shin Hye and Girls’ Generation’s Yuri and Sooyoung united for an adorable selca. 

On February 15th, Park Shin Hye, Yuri and Sooyoung captured much hobby for their celebratory photo taken from their graduation ceremony.  Referred to as the “innocent sisters,” the 3 celebrities shared their pictures posing with their certifications and graduation photos thru their non-public Instagram accounts.

Aside from receiving their degrees, Park Shin Hye, Sooyoung and Yuri also gained honorary awards for their carrier for the University as famous person ambassadors.

Check out the remainder of the photos below!

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Netizens refute STELLAR’s claim that their contemporary comeback is “innocent sexy”

Netizens refute STELLAR’s claim that their contemporary comeback is “innocent sexy”

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Whilstwoman group STELLAR has claims that their contemporary comeback Sting is the use of an blamelesshorny concept, netizens believe their claim is ridiculous.

STELLAR became heads when they announced that they would be coming circular again amongst an harmless teaser. However, the crowdgot herebeneathfireplace when netizens accused them of employing a Lolita thoughtinstead of an innocent one. Yet after seeing the track video for Sting, fanatics are now arguing that the crew has just reverted to their usual sexy concept. As smartly as denying claims that theyre riding an innocent sexy idea this time, fans have also expressed pity for the group, urging them to pay attention on their music instead of their bodies.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this newsletter below!

Koreaboo has accrued reactions from Netizens who commented at the original article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

866, 27 I believe pitiful for thosewomen when I see them..people dont be mindful of them without sexy and now their symbolwas but sexy.

604, 24 Their teaser picture isnt actually innocent and sexyarent they the ones that had their teasers shot in only panties..I feel sorry for themTheir call is already widely recognized and soI'm hopingthey is alsoready to comeback with a picture thats innocent and womanly befitting in their age.

333, -20 Here's goodI felt sorry for the girls because they are so lovely but they would get dressed outrageously and do over the head dances.even their songs are wonderful one hope they do well this time.

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'Remember' Yoo Seung Ho Gets Evidence That Jun Kwang Ryul Is Innocent

'Remember' Yoo Seung Ho Gets Evidence That Jun Kwang Ryul Is Innocent

Remember Yoo Seung Ho Gets Evidence That Jun Kwang Ryul Is InnocentIn "Remember - War of the Son" Yoo Seung Ho gained evidence that couldlend a handto find his father inncocent.

On the 9th episode of SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama "Remember - War of the Son" (script Yoon Hyun Ho, director Lee Chang Min, production Trademarks Film) of Jan. 13th, Suh Jin Woo (played via Yoo Seung Ho) got evidence that would supply his father's innocence.

On this day, Suh Jin Woo were given rid of the false accusation that he had murdered the lady that had supplied a false testimony to Suh Jae Hyuk (played by Jun Kwang Ryul)'s first trial.

On this day, the mummy of the kidcame to visit to Suh Jin Woo and said, "Mmo told me that if the rest happens, I mustunlock this video in the mobile phone to the world. I believeyou'll need to give it to you, attorney."

At this, he said, "I know it isoverdueyet I wish that it can existjust right if your father used to be let pass innocently. I'm going toask for forgivenessAs an alternative of my mother. I amin point of fact sorry" he added.

Meanwhile, 'Remember - War of the Son' is a human melodrama that revolves around an attorney (played by Yoo Seung Ho) who tries to combat to end up his father's innocence in an advancedhomicide trial.


The Not-So-Innocent Aspect of the Innocent K-Pop woman team Look

The Not-So-Innocent Aspect of the Innocent K-Pop woman team Look

The Not-So-Innocent Side of the “Innocent” K-Pop Girl Neighborhood Look Talking about sexuality and Korean girl teams is dangerous. IU isn’t even in a woman organization and her contemporary K-pop controversy has long past nuclear at the very mention of sexuality.


Just writing about this topic is like walking barefoot thru a minefield stuffed with eggshells.

But combined metaphors aside, there are some beautiful serious problems that don't get addressed incessantly by way of feminine sexuality, especially by enthusiasts of female K-pop groups.

The greatest hassle most of the people have when addressing the problem is perspective.

Let’s face it, every time any person comes at this issue, they are nearly never totally neutral. Fans of groups that use so-called “sexy concepts” have a tendency to be defensive.

Those who think their favourite groups are by some means above the use of horny ideas love to sling dust at groups they suspect are in the gutter in this regard.

Boyband fans think they are exempt from such discussions, but some (including myself) would beg to differ.


We in point of fact would.


And folks who haven't any time for K-pop at all simply disregard mainstream Korean track as prefabricated junk.

The point is, no one actually has a true impartial standpoint in this factor — everyone has an time table of a few sort.

Just for the record, i can be ready to lay my cards at the table. i'm a heterosexual male with a undeniable fondness for lady groups that have a tendency to head with sexier concepts. I most often have little time for the “innocent” look in K-pop.

Not all of that comes from my basest instincts (though I’d be a liar to assert my judgement isn't sometimes clouded by those darned elementary instincts). Groups with sexier concepts generally tend to sing faster-tempo, electronica-infused dance tracks, whilst the tinkly cutesy sound of acts that move with the “innocent” look hardly ever does it for me.

Speaking as an audiophile, I’d rather pay attention to this…

…than this…

Say what you're going to here about the satan having all of the very best tunes.

But even supposing sexy-concept girl groups are probably riddled with flaws that it should take an entire other article to cope with effectively (female objectification, lurid sexism, and frame fetishism for starters), for one I am bored with reading comments online about how so-and-so group’s “innocent” look one way or the other eschews sexuality.

Because it just doesn’t. And it’s about time someone stated anything about it.

Let’s get started at the head with this thorny issue. There are not any K-pop girl groups that don't use sex as a thought to sell their product. There, I’ve said it.

In the case of the glaringly obtrusive examples, groups like Stellar, Girl’s Day, and Dal Shabet, not anything actually must be said. The evidence speaks for itself:

Sexy Concept Girl Groups

In the case of groups that tend against neither sexy nor “innocent” as a concept, but as a substitute steer a more central line, sex is not at all times so prevalent. yet it's far still constantly there.

If you're taking the line that, say, Girls’ Generation do not sexualize their product whatsoever regardless of the reality that the crowd these days promoted this:

…and this:

…forget it, you are attempting to protect the indefensible.

However, the “innocent” look is a complete other kettle of fish.

As 2015 has noticed a wave of “innocent” concepts that has now eclipsed 2014’s sexy idea invasion, it's prime time one of the most more nerve-racking facets of this look got here below some serious scrutiny.

what's the “innocent” look selling? Simply put, the “innocent” look fetishizes chastity and virginity. But what does that mean? And how does it work?

To solution that question, we wish to delve for a moment into the arena of psychoanalysis.

According to the founder of the movement, Sigmund Freud, positive men are afflicted with a condition he dubbed the “Madonna-whore complex,” a intellectual gadget wherein ladies are taken care of into two exclusive and contradictory categories. Either they are morality-starved, debased prostitutes or sexless saints.

In a 1925 essay, Freud wrote that during bound cases, “where … men love, they've no desire. Where they desire, they can't love.”

Sigmund Freud

Smoking is bad, Doc.

Later psychologists have gone directly to extend on this notion. Some think that Freud’s commentary posits that some individuals intrinsically reject the charm of a lady who inspires desire. Only the virginal, the chaste can cause them to feel love.

For many, the perceived brazenness of artists like HyunA, who seems to include near to any sexual fetish you care to mention, is a turn-off instead of a turn-on.


However, there is an intrinsic risk in this. Because a guy placing a lady up on a pedestal, idolizing her as a sexless being is in reality another, potentially bad type of objectification.

As perfect as you would possibly imagine any K-pop girl group member to be, it is important to needless to say she is human.

Every member of each group is a lady with sexual mind and needs of her own. Most likely she has a secret boyfriend (or a girlfriend) that she is afraid to inform the area about on account of what it will mean for her career. A “chaste goddess” — there is not any such thing. Under no circumstances in K-pop, at any rate.

The Virginity Fetish KARA’s Gyuri summed it up top when, on a television communicate display once, she said that she always wears high heels, although it hurts. Her reason? “Because I don’t wish to ruin my fans’ fantasies.”

Gyuri Arena Homme

“People think I am so much taller than i truly am,” she said in December remaining year. She added, “Celebrities shouldn’t sprint their fans’ expectations.”

For one, i used to be fascinated with Gyuri’s collection of words here — note that she doesn't say “I don’t need to disappoint my fans.” Instead, she speaks of taking care with their “fantasies.”

Kara Gyuri

In doing so, she really hits the nail on the head. Girl groups have sparsely built images. the ones images, in almost each case you care to mention, purpose to satisfy male sexual fantasies.

Even when you think you favor a girl group for non-sexual reasons, maximum K-pop girl groups are created with the main aim of pleasant a certain demographic of Korean men — chiefly those of and around army provider age.

In March this year, actor Yoo Seung Ho spoke out on this matter, pronouncing while he was once serving in the military, he discovered that conscripts “begin their mornings with girl groups and end the day with girl groups at night.” He added that observing girl group videos gave squaddies “a feeling of healing.”

Yoo Seung Ho

Male sexual ideals are paramount in packaging a girl group.

And if you aren't say 2NE1, miss A, or Red Velvet

Big 3 firm Groups

…an act with the monetary clout of one of the “big three” ability agencies at the back of you, just right good fortune creating a call for yourself in K-pop without overtly pandering to a couple type of male sexual myth with every unmarried release.

The Virginity Fetish Who recollects Puretty?


This now-defunct DSP Media group’s name turned into an amalgamation of the adjectives “pretty” and “pure,” something DSP was even willing to make known.

It was a relatively barefaced admission of the reality that “purity” was intended as a USP for this group.

The recent spate of 2015-debuting girl groups play with concepts of virginity yet further. the colour white is most commonly related with ethical purity — scientists even argue that there could also be deep-set reasons for this embedded in the human brain.

Light blue also is a colour long associated with purity, chiefly for non secular reasons.

So it isn't surprising that “innocent-look” girl groups are almost invariably decked out in white and pale blue outfits, from old-school first-generation girl groups correct up to the prevailing day.

White and Blue Colors

It is going deeper. those guys also have flurries of pretend snow falling on their set — “as natural as the driven snow” indeed.


And not to pick out out on any one group, but the music video for the most recent Oh My Girl unencumber is so riddled with virginity symbolism it might almost certainly take a team of psychologists to damage it down completely.

This section in specific goes heavy on the symbolism.

Oh My Girl_MV_1

It seems like a scene from some atypical pagan virginity cult ritual.

Oh My Girl_MV_2

Agencies, as discussed in this text about boyband sexuality, are not always that distinctive when it comes to building fetish-based concepts.

More likely in the case of “innocent”-look groups, many agencies are just scattergunning virgin fetish imagery into cyberspace in the desperate hope that someone in the market latches onto it.

There are about 200-plus Korean girl groups out there; this is a genuine sink-or-swim industry. If a rival agency’s act looks more virginal than yours, you're presumably going to lose out.

Which is why agencies are now falling over one another so to have their artists ooze sexual purity from every pore.


Ageplay — The Darkest Fetish of All While there will not be any denying that boyband marketers also take pride in some quite flagrant age fetishization — almost every male act you care to mention has gone with a minimum of one “school uniform” concept — things begin to get even more troubling when it comes to girl groups at school uniforms.

Remember that the number one target for the majority Korean girl groups is armed forces service-aged men. Ergo men in their twenties. If you visit a K-pop concert in Korea, you'll likely witness a collection of very younger ladies dressed as schoolchildren dancing in front of a baying male audience. It is really quite horrifying to think what ideas are being cultivated within these men’s heads in a moment like that.

School-related concepts do not finish with uniforms, though. you've girls dancing round the library…


…posing in the classroom…

Yr7 Magnificence 1

…and acts dancing around in what is manifestly intended to seem like a college gymnasium…

GFriend gifI may go on and on. Imagine that in many cases, some of the “innocent look” girl group artists are definitely still schoolgirls. A lot of the members of the acts above took their university front checks this week.

Fully grown adults indulging in ageplay is one thing. Having underage girls in fake college uniforms carry out on degree in front of testosterone-filled crowds of (mostly) older men is another.

Almost every girl group available has done the schoolgirl study some point.

School uniforms Kpop girl groupsBut in recent months, we seem to have gone into schoolgirl overdrive.

2015 Girl Group School Uniforms

I hate to make price judgments when it comes to music, and especially not on these pages. You're eager on what you prefer — who am I or anybody else to mention otherwise? But the theory of sexualizing schoolgirls just seems, well, wrong to me.

For one, I wish college uniforms would just disappear from K-pop altogether.

the base line Sexuality and the Korean girl group are absolutely inseparable, but this is not often a crime in and of itself. Almost all pop music any place is sexualized — you want only have a look at Western charts or other Asian charts for evidence of that.

And there is surely that the so-called “sexy” concepts that ruled K-pop in 2014 are degrading and objectify girl group members.

2014 Sexy Girl Groups

But is “innocent” really any larger as a concept? Almost indeed not.

2015 blameless glance Girl Groups

timmydee is a music geek with a penchant for pop, an enthusiasm for electronica and a hankering for hip-hop.

*The perspectives expressed the following article only reflect those of the writer and don't constitute Soompi as a whole.



Ha Ji Won Delivers Innocent Style In The Latest Crocodile Ladies Pictorial

Ha Ji Won Delivers Innocent Style In The Latest Crocodile Ladies Pictorial

Ha Ji Won exudes an innocent image for Crocodile Lady. (Photo : Crocodile Lady ) Ha Ji Won exudes a wholesome image in the latest pictorial for Crocodile Ladies. In the commercial and photos, the actress is styled in a mix of layered business casual pieces and long-sleeved pique polos.

Ha Ji Won exudes an innocent image for Crocodile Lady. (Photo : Crocodile Lady ) Founded in Singapore in 1947, Crocodile Ladies merges classic pieces with updated designs. The star of "The Time We Were Not In Love" puts forth a professional image in a look where patterned slacks are mixed with a fitted plaid shirt, topped with a blue light-weight sweater.

She embraces classic casualwear in photos which depict the star in a yellow pique polo shirt. While the campaign emphasizes styles that are appropriate for work and off-the-clock activities, the most daring look incorporates a jacket with leather inlay.

Ha Ji Won exudes an innocent image for Crocodile Lady. (Photo : Crocodile Lady ) The 37-year-old star debuted in the 1996 teen drama, "New Generation Report: Adults Don"t Understand Us," before experiencing her breakout role in the 1999 series, "School 2."

Ha Ji Won exudes an innocent image for Crocodile Lady. (Photo : Crocodile Lady ) She appeared in several roles before taking on the comedy-of-age film, "Sex Is Zero." International audiences recognize her for her portrayal of iconic Hallyu characters like Gil Ra Im in "Secret Garden," Kim Hang Ah in "The King 2 Hearts" and the title role of "Empress Ki."

Ha Ji Won exudes an innocent image for Crocodile Lady. (Photo : Crocodile Lady )

HaJi Won recently completed her role as Oh Ha Na in the SBS romantic weekend drama, "The Time We Were Not in Love."


About the writer: Adrienne Stanley is a contributing editor for KDramaStars. She is also a contributing writer for KpopStarz, MTV Iggy, Viki and CJ Entertainment"s KCON blog. Her passions include a love of K-pop and Asian drama. When she is not writing, she is hanging out on Twitter (@retrogirladdy).


'Scholar Who Walks the Night' Kim So-eun and Jang Hee-jin sing their own praises other appeals, 'Innocent vs cute'

'Scholar Who Walks the Night' Kim So-eun and Jang Hee-jin sing their own praises other appeals, 'Innocent vs cute'

"Scholar Who Walks the Night" Kim So-eun and Jang Hee-jin showed off appeals on contrary sides.

On August 11th, "Scholar Who Walks the Night" has unveiled Kim So-eun and Jang Hee-jin"s still pictures featuring the actress" appeals.

In the printed photos, either Kim So-eun and Jang Hee-jin take hold of your attention with their bright smiles. While the 2 actresses display impassive face more continuously than bright smiles in the drama, the location changed into once other all the way through their wreck time at the set.

Kim So-eun smiled elegantly appearing her white teeth. Kim So-eun"s classic good looks and her own authentic cheerful symbol can been noticed at the similar time.

Jang Hee-jin printed her lovable aspect unlike her haughty and attractive symbol in the drama. Jang Hee-jin winked in opposition to camera while smiling brightly.

The production team of "Scholar Who Walks the Night" stated "Our actors" concentration point is high. Once the camera is on, the actors completely immerse themselves into every one"s own personality and get back to their herbal selves when filming is complete".

"Scholar Who Walks the Night" is a romantic love tale where the girl e book supplier disguised as a man, Yang-seon"s lifestyles is at stake as the vampire scholar with reserved human nature, Seong-yeal is making an attempt to discover a magazine through crown prince Jeonghyeon.


In 'My Beautiful Bride' No One Is Innocent

In 'My Beautiful Bride' No One Is Innocent

My Beautiful Bride

In the police thriller "My Beautiful Bride," no one is innocent. The drama, which is currently speeding its way toward its conclusion, is the story of a man who loves a woman without caring about her past or the danger he faces in his present.

Go Sung Hee plays Joo Young, a woman who poverty forced into being the mistress of a dangerous loan shark. It"s a similar role to the one she recently played in the drama "Spy" when her character was an undercover North Korean spy. Joo Young is a woman with secrets, desperate to change her life and live on the right side of the law.

Kim Moo Yul plays Kim Do Hyeong, a banker, often referred to as "the bank guy." He is so in love with Joo Young that he is willing to ignore her past and his mother"s disdain for her. He"s also a man with a past. While he was serving his military duty, he learned how to disable enemies with lightning speed.

In his attempts to save Joo Young, the law stops making sense. He will fight the police, steal cars, and kidnap anyone who will help him find Joo Young. Fulfilling his mission is all that"s important.

In this drama, the police are not what they appear to be either. Park Hae Joon"s character has made some bad deals with criminals in the past and it not only interferes with his ability to pursue justice but threatens to turn him into a murderer.

Lee Si Young"s police chief character Cha Yoon Mi came from a family that also had run-ins with loan sharks but she wanted to change her life and became a police officer. To crack a major crime ring, she used Joo Young"s testimony. She endangered her to achieve a greater good, but that act led to the dangerous developments in "My Beautiful Bride." Is it right to endanger a witness to corner a criminal? Cha thought so but now she is not so sure. Cha Yoon Mi feels so guilty about what she has done that she helps Kim Do Hyeong after he is already a fugitive from the law.

While there are supporting characters that are simply portrayed as good or evil, the four leading characters spend enough time on alternate sides of the law to keep things interesting. Besides the fast chases, thrilling falls and great acting, it"s what makes this drama compelling. The drama is almost ready to marathon. If you haven"t started watching yet, get ready for a bumpy ride.


Clara innocent, Lee Gyu-tae prosecuted for intimidation

Clara innocent, Lee Gyu-tae prosecuted for intimidation

Actress Clara is free of the claim that she threatened chairman Lee Gyu-tae from Ilgwang Group.

According to the news, the Seoul Central Court pressed charges on the chairman for intimidating Clara and HR manager Kim as if he was going to physically inflict harm on them.

According to investigators, Clara and the chairman had conflicts and they met along with Clara"s father to talk during August last year.

The chairman had said, "I"m angry at you, but if you side with Kim then all the anger will be all on you. It"s scary, but I might slit your throats and disable you. Didn"t you know that?"

The conflict between the two started with Clara"s conflict. Clara belonged to company "G" for another month when she signed another contract with M for 10~20 million won a month.

Clara cleared things with G due to internal matters with M but she still had time left on the contract with G. In return for paying off her penalties, she signed a contract with Polaris in June last year.

However, they had problems with the contract. Clara claimed it was just a contract with the agency but Polaris claimed it was exclusive.

The chairman also wasn"t happy with how Clara got along with the manager who she"d been with since the previous agency.

When he would talk to Clara about the contract, he would say to her, "I studied the law and I was at the Central Intelligence Agency. You can"t try to fight me. I can end you".

Clara presented recorded files of her conversation with the chairman during the process as evidence.

Clara asked for a cancellation of contract since she was going through some complications but the chairman refused. She even claimed she would go to the police if he didn"t cancel her contract.

Clara also revealed that the chairman had sexually harassed her in the process. The chairman claimed that she brought that up so that wouldn"t have to pay off her penalties and countersued Clara and her father.

However, based on the mobile texts or recordings of their conversation, it proves that Clara"s claim of harassment is exaggerated in every way.

The chairman had sent her text messages while drinking wine saying, "I thought about you" and had even said, "I have the right to know your menstrual cycle as well".



Nam Gyoo-ri looks sexy or innocent in behind-the-scenes photos

Nam Gyoo-ri looks sexy or innocent in behind-the-scenes photos

Actress Nam Gyoo-ri"s behind-the-scenes photos from her fresh pictorial have been unveiled.

Nam Gyoo-ri"s agency SidusHQ posted the photos on their Twitter account along with the caption "We"re unveiling some behind-the-scenes still images from her beautiful pictorial and making film full of freshness enough to beat the summer heat! Have a perfect Friday and leave for a vacation this weekend".

In the revealed photos, Nam Gyoo-ri shows off her fresh and clean appeals under the summer sun. She demands attention with her relaxing and sophisticated poses on the set of a swimming pool.