[Video] Added third teaser video for the Korean drama

[Video] Added third teaser video for the Korean drama "The Great Wives"

Added third teaser video for the upcoming Korean drama "The Great Wives"

"The Great Wives" (2015)Directed by Kim Heung-dong, Kim Seong-wook-IWritten by Hwang Soon-yeongNetwork : MBCWith Ahn Jae-mo, Kang Seong-yeon, Lee Jong-won, Kim Ji-young, Hwang Dong-joo, Hwang Woo-seul-hye,...120 episodes - Mon~Fri 19:15SynopsisA drama about a murder involving friends from the same school and their risky and secretive marriage, divorce and relationships.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2015/06/15


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Korean Drama "Doctor Frost" Episode 10 Full Video

By: Dramafever

Fans of the webtoon may also have noticed a recurring plot thread that"s more-or-less identical to the one of the webtoon stories, the main difference being that there"s only a few minutes of exposicion per episode, and very little psychological chat, so it"s difficult to get engaged in the case. For those of you who haven"t read the webtoon and find the lovelorn subplot interesting if underdeveloped, please read the webtoon. It"s a very good story.

As for the drama...again, it"s mainly just perfunctory. It"s the bare minimum of plot cohesion necessary to prevent us from thinking "Doctor Frost" has been a complete waste of time, since there are a few important plot points here. Unfortunately the design of this episode serves more to remind the viewer of the drama"s flaws rather than the strengths. The actual ending may or may not be able to deliver on the set-up. In any case I doubt I"ll be very sorry to see the drama go.

Review by William Schwartz

"Doctor Frost" is directed by Seong Yong-il, written by Heo Ji-yeong adn features Song Chang-ee, Jeong Eun-chae and Lee Yoon-ji.

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Upcoming Korean Drama "Doctor Frost" Trailer

Added trailer for the upcoming Korean drama "Doctor Frost"

"Doctor Frost" (2013)Directed by Seong Yong-ilWritten by Heo Ji-yeongWith Song Chang-ee, Jeong Eun-chae, Lee Yoon-ji, Seong Ji-roo, Choi Jeong-woo, Lee Hee-jin,...10 episodes - Sun 23:00SynopsisA mystery drama based on the web toon "Doctor Frost".Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/11/23