The future is here: Koreans can now make a purchase with a swipe of a hand

The future is here: Koreans can now make a purchase with a swipe of a hand

The future is now. With vast technological advancements, Koreans can purchase goods with just a swipe of his/her very hand as depicted in numerous sci-fi films.

A ‘Seven Eleven’ convenience store on the 31st floor in Lotte World Toweris receiving much attention for its latest invention. There are no cashiers at the cash register and customers do not need any paper currency, wallets, cards, or electronic devices to pay for their goods. However, there’s one thing they will need. Their very own hand.

That’s right, with the new biometric system on the rise many businesses seem to be pushing a rather cashless society, going digital overall. Paying with your hands or scanning your iris sounds like something from ‘Minority Report’, but it has now become a reality.

What sets this particular ‘Seven Eleven’ apart is the new ‘HandPay’ system. This new digital system carefully scans an individual’s exact fingerprints, hand patterns as well as the thickness of the blood vessel to uniquely identify the person.

Payments are made through the customer’s associated Lotte Card upon registering. Though this may seem like only the beginning, professionals have predicted manual labor work such as cashiers will gradually diminish with time. A representative claimed, “With the introduction of self-service shops such as this one, it will help facilitate working speeds as well as allowing employees to focus on other jobs like logistics and storing up supplies.”

The rules are quite simple. In order to make a purchase, a person has to place their items on a conveyor belt as the robotic scanner will then scan the items. With the assistance of the software, the transactions will be made via the Lotte Card with just a hand swipe. In addition, to safely regulate tobacco sales, a ‘smart tobacco vending machine’ has also been placed to avoid underage consumption.

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Welcome to the future everyone!What are your thoughts on this new technology?

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