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'2015 MAMA' expose which Western artist f(x) could be taking part with for a distinct performance

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'2015 MAMA' expose which Western artist f(x) could be taking part with for a distinct performance

Director Kim Ki Woong gave out numerous exciting data in regards to the "2015 MAMA" all through the click convention on November 18!

Regarding the performances at the tune award ceremony, Kim Ki Woong said, "J.Y. Park is making ready a large-scale performance. He"s getting ready for it. We idea about which out of the country artist best possible matched our slogan this year, "Tech Art." the result's that Pet Shop Boys will perform. There was once a sizable reaction when they got here to Korea. They had hit songs that were given their call known, so we ended up running with them. The ones that would be performing with them will be f(x). they are going to wear a degree that hasn't ever sooner than been observed in an international scale."

Get excited to peer f(x)"s collaboration with the mythical electronic pop duo from the United Kingdom! the development will take position on December 2 in Hong Kong.

Block B's Zico, Primary, Crush, Verbal Jint and more to take part in Dynamic Duo's 8th album

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Block B's Zico, Primary, Crush, Verbal Jint and more to take part in Dynamic Duo's 8th album

Dynamic Duo"s upcoming album will feature more than a few R&B and hip hop artists and producers.

Through their professional Facebook, Amoeba Culture finds a photo of black banners with numerous names equivalent to Block B"s Zico, Primary, Crush, Verbal Jint, Gray, Lydia Paek, neatly as the album call "Grand Carnival".

The album may be released on November 17th at noon. READ MORE

IU’s ‘Chat-shire’ Controversy, Part 1: The Co-opting of Zeze

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20151110_seoulbeats_iu_zeze_teaser IUs Chat-shire Controversy, Part 1: The Co-opting of Zeze Written by Gaya On November 9, 2015 This past week has seen IU embroiled in a lot of controversy. Chelsea covered all the issues plaguing the singer in our latest Week in Review, but the one that has captured the publics attention the most has been the issue involving the song Zeze off IUs new mini album Chat-shire. The issue has consumed attention for days and has even made its way into Western media publication The Guardian.

Those who have read Brazilian writer José Mauro de Vasconceloss book My Sweet Orange Tree (translated into English from the original Portuguese O Meu Pé de Laranja Lima) would already be familiar with the references to the story that appear in Zeze. The book is an autobiographical tale, in which the author conveys his own childhood experiences through the character of five year-old Zeze.

Coming from a poor family, Zeze grows up in stressful environment that deprives him of the level of affection and attention he craves. Zeze is also described as a prankster, which also leads to him receiving physically and verbally abusive treatment from his family, particularly his father. However, moving to a new house enables Zeze to find solace in the titular orange tree in his backyard (which he names Minguinho), before making a new friend. The owner of a very active imagination, Zeze believes the tree can talk to him. It is this aspect of the book IU used when she penned the lyrics for Zeze.

Youre innocent, but so clever

So naive like a child, but so dirty

These two lines capture her interpretation of Zeze, which she also expressed during her V App chat on the 24th of October, following Chat-shires release (at 42:32; you can also watch on YouTube here). IU said that she saw a duality in how other characters perceive Zezesome characters call Zeze bad, while others call him kind  and wished to portray that, from the point of view of the tree itself. IU thought of Minguinho as a girl, who adores Zeze but feels jealous when he spends time with his new friend instead of her.

IU gave a similar answer regarding Zeze during the showcase for her album. But she used the word sexy in her answer, which created an uproar. The understanding became that IU was referring to Zeze as sexy; and referring to a child as sexy is a condemnable action. Many criticised IUs choice of words, as well as her depiction of Zezes relationship with the orange tree. The lolita-inspired concept of Chat-shire was also connected to Zeze, via the lyrics and the depiction of Zeze on the album cover in a pin up pose and fishnets. Before you knew it, IU was being called a pedophile.

Using the word pedophile when the only proof is song lyrics and a photoshoot is not only a tone-deaf way of expressing disapproval over applying adult themes to children, but also could lead to legal repercussions. IU is already taking action against internet users who edited images of her to appear naked, and I would not be surprised if she could, and does, do the same here. It is also a distraction, as it takes attention away from the issue at hand.

Speaking of distractions, there was also a chain of criticism that took place among notable names in the arts. The Korean publisher of My Sweet Orange Tree, Dongnyok, criticised IUs perception of Zeze; this was followed by critic Heo Ji-woong admonishing Dongnyok, who was in turn criticisedalong with IUby the screenwriter for Hope, a dramatisation of the events of the Nayoung rape case. This chain of criticism was followed because the people mentioned were of note.

However, it is important to remember that none of these parties, though they stand by their convictions, have any authority in this matter. The only person who would get a final say is the author himself; however, José Mauro de Vasconcelos passed away in 1984. And while some may consider Dongnyok to be speaking on behalf of the author, the fact remains that they are just the publishers. They did not write the book, and so their opinion is no more authoritative than that of any of the critics, or screenwriters, or IU herself. Furthermore, those criticising or supporting IU should not look to these opinions to authenticate their standpoint. They may be used as support, but they wont work to make one side look more legitimate than the other.

But let us leave the reactions and take a closer look at the content that has elicited such a strong response. The lyrics for Zeze (at least their English translation) can read as being sexual; but those who have read the book have been able to offer an alternative, less sexual interpretation as well; these include less salacious explanations of the hook climb up me and the references to plucking leaves and flowers.

What stands out most to me is how IU talked about seeing Zezes relationship with the tree, Minguinho, as akin to one between a boy and a girl. And considering our tendency to automatically consider everything as heteronormative, I think it is safe to say that IU likely romanticised this relationship in her mindand thus, that the lyrics for Zeze do contain sexual innuendo. Whether doing that is inherently wrong, I cannot sayafter all, we all have our own headcanonsbut I can appreciate that it is not the majority view and that many readers of the book will disagree with this view.

And there is nothing wrong with that. Everyone finds something different to hold onto when it comes to art, entertainment and literature. Different things make different impressions on different people. The reaction IU had to Zeze and Minguinhos bond may not have been what José Mauro de Vasconcelos had intended; but no one can take away ones personal reaction to an aspect of a creative workeven for one that is strongly based on real life.

But as much as I respect IUs personal view of My Sweet Orange Tree, I cannot accept the way she used Zezes story and his relationship with Minguinho as a vehicle for her own agenda. The concept of Chat-shire is of IU confronting the way she has been portrayed in the past; she addresses the lolita-esque concepts of her past releases in an aggressive manner, and is using her music to redress how she wasand continues to beperceived.

But she has completely missed the mark by projecting her personal issues onto a character who does not share her experience. Zezes story has basically been co-opted by IU, and not in a way that achieves her goal, either. There is no subverting of tropes or any intelligent commentary madeit is just straight up internalisation and projection of romanticisation and sexualisation of minors by IU.

She not only had a different experience to Zeze in My Sweet Orange Tree, but IU also uses Zezes confidant against him, which is all the more off-putting. She actually takes the insults hurled at Zeze by his family and puts them in Minguinhos mouth. Perhaps IU is trying to recreate her own dilemma over her self-perceptionsomething she succeeds at in Twenty-Threebut, again, Zeze is not the best character to use in conveying this sentiment.

This sort of co-opting is similar to what singer Ali did with her song Nayoungee, which referenced the case of Nayoung, a pseudonym given to a young girl who was brutally raped. The case drew national attention due to its horrific nature. So when Ali sang about the Nayoung of her song selling [her] body, selling [her] soul, the backlash was fierce. Ali later apologised and revealed that she too was a survivor of sexual abuse. However, the fact remained that, despite going through similar experiences, it was not Alis right to use the experience of another survivor in the way that she did.

Also off-putting is the Zeze pose on the album cover. IUs original drawing had a stick figure Zeze sitting in a tree, which is vastly different to the finished product she received from the designer. In addition to the pin up pose, the positioning of Zezes lap with the tree appears phallic as well. There is also debate on whether the boy in the image is wearing fishnets and/or bottoms, as the colouring can make it seem like the boy is naked from the waist down. Looking more closely at the image, though, shows that the boy is indeed wearing shorts over the fishnets.

However, I cant help but feel that the ambiguity was intentional, as you have to look really closely to figure out that clothing is present. it feels like an inside joke, where the designer (and by extension the rest of the team) is delighting in making people do some work in sating their curiosity. And considering this alongside other factors like the pin up pose and the tree placement, there is a sleaziness present that I cannot brush off.

Dont get me wrong: I do have sympathy for IU. When we talk about sexualising minors, IU is someone who has experienced it first hand, on a bigger scale than being checked out by older men while walking down the street. Just think back to her debut MV Lost Child, and how a 15 year-old IUs interactions with the male extras is staged.

This wouldnt be the only instance for IU, and she is not the only underage idol to experience being sexualised: remember Chocolat member Tias photoshoot with Ji Hyun-wooBTS Jungkook flashing his abs, Krystals own bra flashing, the 14 year-old in Super Juniors Devil MV The list goes on. But, in an attempt to redress the treatment she received, IU only perpetuates it by giving the same treatment to a 5 year-old character.

A few days after these issues first surfaced, IU issued an apology, expressing regret that her work had been interpreted in such a negative way, since she had not intended to sexualise Zeze at all. She apologised to the readers she had hurt with her interpretation; she also apologised for another controversy, involving the unauthorised use of a Britney Spears song in her OST from The Producers, also called 23. However, there was no mention of the Zeze illustration, and there was talk that an apology could have come sooner. Regardless of her apology, whether IU fully understands the full consequences of her actions is still up for debate.

As mentioned earlier, there has also been criticism of IUs lolita styling for Chat-shire, which I will cover in Part 2. For now, though, there is the question of how this controversy (along with others) will affect IU and her current round of promotions. She did win an award at this weekends Melon Music Awards (for Infinity Challenges Leon with Park Myung-soo), and she also took out first place on Inkigayo. But there has also been talk of concert tickets being refunded, and fans even blaming IUs boyfriend Jang Kiha of all things. Then, there is the planned showing of a documentary about the Chat-shire creative process, slated for release on the 14th. How that will be affected remains to be seen.

Readers, what are your thoughts on IUs depiction of My Sweet Orange Trees Zeze and the reaction to it?

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Ji Jin Hee and Lee Ji Ah showed for two-part fable romance series

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Ji Jin Hee and Lee Ji Ah showed for two-part fable romance series

Ji Jin Hee and Lee Ji Ah were confirmed to superstar in a two-part fantasy series "Seolryunhwa"! 

The drama, that may air this coming 11th, is a fantasy melodrama that tells the tale between a guy and a girl who continue their romance from 1000 years ago in a dream. Ji Jin Hee could be gambling Lee Soo Hyun, the CEO of a gaming company, who creates an internet game called "Lucid Dream" in accordance with his dreams. Lee Ji Ah will be playing contrary Ji Jin Hee as Han Yeon Hee, who occurs to read the state of affairs for Lee Soo Hyun"s game and becomes disturbed via how much it coincides with her dream. 

This two-part drama series will air this coming November 11 at 11pm (KST), so ensure you music in to this unique, fantasy romance story! 

Star Wars and EXO could also be taking part in Mysterious New Project

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Star Wars and EXO Could be Taking part in Mysterious New Project On November 3, the Star Wars Korea Facebook page uploaded an image with nine silhouettes below the approaching movie logo “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” The caption reads, “A ‘Star Wars’ and K-pop track video collaboration! Awakening the force with the largest K-pop stars! The video and the idols will be printed on November 5.”

Many have guessed the stars in query to be idol workforce EXO, because the silhouettes fit their promotional image for “Love Me Right” (pictured below). Lovers will must wait till November five to look what precisely the collaboration music video has in store.

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is scheduled to be released in December, whilst EXO is these days in the midst of their Japanese tour.

Talk Politics to Me Part 2: Jonghyun, Textbooks and Hell Joseon

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20150714_seoulbeats_jonghyun_shinee Talk Politics to Me Part 2: Jonghyun, Textbooks and Hell Joseon Written by Chelsea On October 30, 2015 In recent years, Shinees Jonghyun has stepped forward as one of the few politically vocal idols; from his support of sexual minorities to his recent Twitter conversation about feminism. This past week, Jonghyun once again took Twitter to express his discontent with the Park Geun-hye administrations recent proposed school reforms.

So they say theyre going to reduce the school system in the beginning, middle, and end for induced birth so they say theyre going to produce a government textbook After having a baby in such a policy, I would not have the confidence to raise [that child] into a human with a healthy mentality and body. Im not saying I do not want a child, rather I am scared to have a child.

In 140 characters or less, Jonghyun managed to reference a complex series of current social issues plaguing South Korea; the governments recent decision to mandate state-implemented history texts, the proposed lowering of the school entry age, and ultimately the growing sentiment of hopelessness among many young Koreans. Theres a lot going on here, and Jonghyuns comments provide an opportune moment to attempt to unpack it all, so bear with me while I try.

State Mandated Textbooks In the past weeks, the history textbook debate has come to a head with the Park administrations recent decision to issue state mandated history textbooks known as the Correct History Textbook in middle and high schools by spring of 2017. The issue itself is rooted in a confrontation between national history and nationalismand the most accurate way to unite the two.

This isnt the first attempt the Park administration has made to correct history either. In 2013 the Ministry of Education demanded hundreds of revisions to South Korean school history textbooks, including eliminating mention of the Geochang Massacre. Following the revisions, came the Park administrations dedication to switching over to a single state-mandated textbook.

According to the National Institute of Korean History, the current South Korean history textbooksprovided by a variety independent publishers, but approved by the governmentare too liberal. Concerns have been raised about the ideological representations of the Northparticularly the philosophy of juche or self-reliancehistorical relations with Japan, the origins of the Korean War, the Park Chung-hee presidency (dictatorship), and more broadly South Koreas complex road to democracy in the twentieth century. Liberal groups fear that a state-issued text book would glorify the wrong elements of South Korean history, while Conservative groups argue the current text books already do.

Then theres also the matter of Park Geun-hyes perceived personal investment in the correct representation of history. Her father, Park Chung-hee, ruled South Korea for eighteen years under under authoritarian rule, and current texts are criticized for their reference of his time in office as a military dictatorship. At the same time, current textbooks refer to North Korea as a dictatorship very few times and instead teach the principals of the North Korean government.

Liberal groups fear that if the Park administration gets their hands on state mandated textbooks by the end of her presidency in 2017, South Korean historythe good and the badwill be sanitized. The complexities of South Koreas turbulent road to industrialization and democratization cannot possibly be conveyed accurately in a single text, and the elimination of variety would mean that children would be fed only one version of history in school.

There is a fine but significant line between the history of a nation and nationalist histories. The former is more likely to be objective, the latter anything but. Narratives dictated by states fall on the side of nationalist histories. Indeed, Benedict Anderson, commenting on the “truth” of national histories, remarked: “Histories written by the state are almost always false.” Ernest Renan wrote, “Getting its history wrong is part of being a nation.” Such is the nature of state- and nation-building efforts: controlling narratives and information for the sake of maintaining legitimacy. [The] textbook battle in South Korea shows this process in action.

Knowing South Koreas strong sense of nationalism, its guaranteed that either history textbook option will glorify the country in some way. The real battle remains which elements will be highlighted and what will be swept under the rugbut isnt it better that there at least be some chance for critical thought in South Korean schools?

If South Korea follows through with the textbook reform plan by 2017, South Korea will return to the state-mandated teaching of history that was introduced by Parks father. South Korea will also become one of few remaining countries to use state-mandated history texts. Unsurprisingly, North Korea is another country on that list. (Lets not even get into all the protests South Korea has raised against Japanese history textbooks.)

Lowering the Schooling Age and the Critically Low Birthrate In addition to state-mandated textbooks, Jonghyun also hit on an another proposed initiative for South Koreans schools: this past week, the Park administration announced that its considering lowering the elementary school entrance age by one year. Why? If children start school earlier, they can enter the work force sooner.

For young adults like Jonghyun, the idea of pushing kids into South Koreas notoriously brutal schooling system even earlier sounds cruel and illogical. Especially when lowering the school age in no way guarantees that there will be jobs for the young adults down the road.

But its not just that the Park administration wants the Korean youth to enter a comfortable life quicker. No, they want babies. The Park administration is obsessed with babiesrightfully so, given the countries critically low birthrate. So the logic actually is, the sooner Koreans can graduate from school, the sooner they can settle down, get married and start producing heaps of babies.

The government blames the low employment rate for the lack of new marriages and babies, so instead of addressing the fact that youth employment rates are at an all time low, working hours are higher than ever, and life satisfaction is remarkably low, they have decided that throwing children into South Korean schools a little earlier will solve the problem.

Cue the heads shaking in disbelief.

Lowering the school entrance age further demonstrates the governments continued misguided (and misunderstood) attempts to combat the birth rate. Prior to the focus on employment as the root cause of the declining birth rate, the government focusedas is still focusingon increasing the marriage rate: namely, they the trend of delaying marriage until later in life. While there is some logic to that, given that the social stigma of single parenthood in Korea and the rising number of people who believe marriage isnt necessarythe fact also remains that even married couples are deciding against having children.

Instead of combating the everyday socio-economic structures that limit South Koreas youthlike the availability of employmentthe government continues to implement policies that fail to get to the root of the problem. The socio-economic problems facing South Koreas youth are already great, and children are the last thing on many young adults minds. The lack of socio economic footing, combined with growing distrust in the government plays into the recent sentiment of Hell Joseonwhich essentially is the sense of hopelessness the young generation feels without the potential for mobility.

When one adds on to that the known stresses of the Korean education system and the growing authoritarian government presence in schoolsis it any wonder that celebrities like Jonghyun are reconsidering their desire to bring children into this world?

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Park In-bee to take part in local festival to stay her word

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Park In-bee to take part in local festival to stay her word

With the LPGA attaining the homestretch of the season, the golfing Queen Park In-bee (27KB monetary Group) is facing a fierce difficulty from Lydia Ko (18). Park has been supplanted through Lydia as the 2d one in the money ranking, and she is now tied with Lydia Ko in the issues for the Player of the Year competition. whilst Park has remained at the head of global rating for 19 consecutive weeks, the margin with Lydia is handiest 0.27 points.

In spite of such sharp tension, Park is going to cross into KB Finance famous person Championship, a big pageant below the KLPGA tour, that will take position in the town of Gwangju in Gyeonggi Province on Friday, as an alternative of the LPGA Taiwan Championship. Having won the championship in Taiwan closing year, Park might neatly have selected to take part again. yet she has given up at the opportunity with out a hesitation because KB Finance Championship used to be hosted by her sponsor, and going for Taiwan would have intended failing to stay the promise she made to her local lovers in Korea.

It has been reported that Park become presented to visit Taiwan by a high-ranking authentic from her sponsor KB economic Group, but she declined the offer. private records are important, but I dont think converting the verdict that I already made would glance very good, stated Park. Indeed, Park In-bee is understood to price loyalty and friendship. She has been running with her caddies, trainers, and manager for a long time, treating them like families.

Having won no titles in local competitions so far, Park ranked at the moment place in the KB Finance Star Championship for 2 years running. This time, she is expected to compete for the championship with several gamers adding Jeon In-ji (Hite Jinro), Park Seong-hyeon (Nefs), and Jo Yun-ji (Hiwon Resort). Kim Se-yeong (Mirae Asset) and Kim Hyo-ju (Lotte), who are jockeying for the rookie of the year identify in LPGA Tour, will take part in the Taiwanese competition.

Shin Seung Hoon confirms his comeback date for two-part album!

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Shin Seung Hoon confirms his comeback date for two-part album!

Ballad singer Shin Seung Hoon has showed his comeback date!

After a long nine year wait, lovers gets to experience a candy full-length album from him to celebrate his 25th anniversary since his debut! He'll get started shedding his 11th studio album, "I am / & I am," this month.

This album is meaningful no longer most effective as it marks any such fantastic anniversary and looks back on his song career. It also marks some degree for him to make a decision at the direction he needs to absorb the future; hence, he might be freeing the album in two parts.

The first section will be "I am" on October 29 and it's going to duvet the entirety the fans enjoyed about him in the past. On the opposite hand, the 2d one part, "& I am," will be dropped in the midst of November and exhibit the recent direction he wants to move into.

Afterwards, he will dangle his concert, "The Shin Seung Hoon display - I Am Shin Seung Hoon" from December four to 6!

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4Minute's HyunA to take part in Jay Park's new song video

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4Minute's HyunA to take part in Jay Park's new song video

We gets to look either HyunA and Jay Park in one track video!

According to the agencies from both sides, HyunA will seem in Jay Park"s upcoming music video and they currently achieved the filming in Gangnam, Seoul.

A rep said,"HyunA and Jay Park had been just right buddies since either one of them were trainees at JYP Entertainment. Jay Park sent love call to HyunA which is led to this collaboration".

Even regardless that the date has no longer been set yet, yet Jay Park is most probably to drop his 3rd studio album in mid October.

Are you excited for Jay Park"s comeback?