The Definitive List Of K-Drama Actors With Wonderfully Broad Shoulders

The Definitive List Of K-Drama Actors With Wonderfully Broad Shoulders

Due to popular demand (and after everyone got shookt from our list of male idols with broad shoulders), we decided to wrote another article but this time about actors who make you want to break into the TV screen and run into their arms. If theres one thing thats overflowing in K-dramas, its actors who will not only charm you with their heart-wrenching acting, but also with their well-toned, strong physiques.

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A pretty face with a beast-like body

Its the best combination since peanut butter and jelly, and ramyun and kimchi.

Well, who can say no to Song Joong Ki? Even though hes basically off the market and rightfully captured by one of Koreas biggest K-drama actresses, he is still practically the nations ideal type. Watching him in his role as army Captain Yoo Shi Jin in the popular hit drama, Descendants of the Sun, his wide shoulders and incredibly cool stance will make you want to give him a salute!

Re-live the reel-to-real love story of the Song-Song couple and watch all the swoon-worthy moments here:

You cant include a list of K-dramalands most beautiful without Kim Soo Hyun. His charm comes with a double-edged sword: a baby face and a killer body. His sincere acting and genuine personality are more than enough to make girls faint — and hopefully land on his solid shoulders.

Can you believe these two photos are of the same person?

Catch Kim Soo Hyun in the first episode of My Love From the Star below:

At first glance, Nam Joo Hyuk seems like your typical pretty boy next door. But behind his youthful looks, tall height, and slender figure, he is hiding broad shoulders that made him the perfect guy to play the role of a swimmer in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. Its no wonder hes also literally a god in Bride of the Water God.

His arms are made for catching girls who have fallen head over heels.

Watch him flex his godlike powers in the first episode of Bride of the Water God below:

Ji Chang Wook is all about subtlety. His acting is not over the top, and his slightest smile can disarm even the most indifferent lady. Even with just a hint of his shoulders you can tell hes like the men in this category who have the best of both worlds: a handsome face with a great bod.

Watch him flex his brain and brawns as a smart aleck lawyer in the first episode of Suspicious Partner below:

Lee Jong Suks versatility in acting enables him to play a variety of roles alongside young or older characters. Having acted with the likes of Han Hyo Joo and Lee Bo Young and given us all the feels definitely makes him more of a noona killer.

Men who look good all covered up

Theres something about a guy who is sexy even without taking his clothes off. These actors prove that they can be all covered up, but they still cant hide their M line (a term used to describe wide shoulders and a slender waist for men).

If theres a reason why Goblin became a national craze, its Gong Yoo. Who knew turtlenecks and heavy knits could be so attractive? Even with layers upon layers of fabrics, he still brought the heat last winter!

The same goes for Gong Yoos partner in crime, Lee Dong Wook. As the grim reaper, his wardrobe is as dark as his soul. But you can tell hes got them big shoulders.

Watch Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wooks unforgettable love-hate relationship in the first episode of Goblin below:

Yoo Ah In pretty much wore every kind of high-waisted pant in Chicago Typewriter, but he pulled it off. Armed with his confidence, cool nonchalance, and his killer shoulders, he would still look great even if he wore a sack.

Check out his impeccable sense of style in the first episode of Chicago Typewriter below:

These actors are literally heavy lifters. They have chests and shoulders that are broad, but their hips and waists are narrow.

With his role being a Taekwondo-athlete-turned-MMA fighter, Park Seo Joon made sure he looked the part in Fight My Way.

This is the stuff our day dreams are made of.

Jump on the heart-racing train and watch the first episode of Fight My Way, if you havent already:

As a model-turned-actor, Kim Woo Bin has pretty much always been buff. But beyond his physique, he can pull off a sexy character and a brooding, romantic type with his intense acting. Lets hope and pray that he recovers fast from his illness so that we can see him again onscreen!

Catch Kim Woo Bin in the first episode of Uncontrollably Fond below:

Similar to Park Seo Joon whose role befits his bod, nobody can play a famous fitness trainer like the one and only So Ji Sub. In Oh My Venus, he showed what a veteran actor can do as he not only flexed his muscles (which he did quite a lot in the drama), but also showcased his irreplaceable eye-smile (the one that makes women go weak in the knees).

Catch So Ji Sub in the first episode of Oh My Venus below:

Sung Hoon is still pretty new as an actor, but hes proving to be quite a contender as a strong male lead. He perfectly played an arrogant chaebol with a pure heart in My Secret Romance and we cant wait to see what he will do next!

Another scene straight from our K-drama daydreams

Watch the trailer for My Secret Romance below:

The guy with the killer smile. He was all suited up in Lookout, but Kim Young Kwang is always known for his adorable little dimples and hard-rock shoulders.

If Kim Young Kwang ever cornered us like this, we would probably have the same reaction as Soo Ae

Catch him in the first episode of The Man Living in Our House below:

From boys to men: pretty much everyone in Scarlet Heart: Goryeo

Whether theyre all covered up in traditional wear or showing off their bare shoulders, you cant choose just one, can you?

Catch the trailer of Scarlet Heart: Goryeo below:

Hey Soompiers, who is your favorite actor with beautiful, broad shoulders? Let us know in the comments below!

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