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Big Bang, EXO Take Home Top Honors At 2015 MelOn Music Awards + Full List Of Winners

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Big Bang, EXO Take Home Top Honors At 2015 MelOn Music Awards + Full List Of Winners

(Photo : Twitter and SM Entertainment ) The K-pop stars were out in full force for the 2015 MelOn Music Awards, but one act in particular outshined the others.

Held at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul, many major K-pop stars attended the event on Saturday, Nov. 7 as nominees and as performers.

The big winners of the night were YG Entertainment powerhouses Big Bang, who managed to win in four categories including Artist of the Year and Song of the Year for "Bang Bang Bang."

The other major award, Album of the Year went to EXO for their Exodus album.

In the rookie categories, Big Bang label mates iKON nabber Best New Male Artist while the six-member Source Music group G-Friend took home the trophy in the female category.

The MelOn Music Awardsis one of the four major music industry awards ceremonies in South Korea and is organized by LOEN Entertainment. Winners are determined by the public voters.

Check out the full list of winners below.

Winners From The 2015 MelOn Music Awards

- Best New Male Artist: iKON

- Best New Female Artist: G-FRIEND

- Top 10 Award: Girls" Generation, A Pink, SISTAR, San E, SHINee, Big Bang, Zion.T, EXO, TOY, Hyukoh

- Best Trot Artist: Hong Jin Young

- Best RapHipHop Artist: Mad Clown; Single: "Fire"

- Best Rock Artist: Kim Sung Kyu; Single: "The Answer"

- Best Ballad Artist: Baek Ah Yeon; Single: "Shouldn"t Have"

- MBC Music Star Award: EXID

- 1TheK Performance Award: MONSTA X

- Netizen Popularity Award: Big Bang

- Best Male Dance Group: BTS

- Best Female Dance Group: Red Velvet

- Hot Trend Award: 2015 Infinity Challenge Music Festival

- Album of the Year: EXO; EXODUS

- Song of the Year: Big Bang; Single: "Bang Bang Bang"

- Artist of the Year: Big Bang

GIVEAWAY Win a couple of tickets to Block B's first full-length concert excursion in the US!

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GIVEAWAY Win a couple of tickets to Block B's first full-length concert excursion in the US!

As you all more than likely know already, Block B is coming to the united states for their first full-length concert tour in the States! They"re gonna be in San Francisco on November 11th, Chicago on November 13th, and Los Angeles on November 15th. Tickets are lately on sale for San Francisco here, for Chicago here, and for Los Angeles here. Lovers who can"t make it to the concerts can still get their hands on some exclusive US tour products here. (Non-US citizens can order here.)

Block B is widely known for their amazing stages, so the tour is certain to be out of the world! And allkpop will be running with SubKulture Entertainment to give a fortunate fan in every of the cities a chance to cross to the show. We"ll be making a present of a pair of $165 2nd Block tickets to three lucky fans (one in step with city), so each one of the three winners can go with a friend.

The regulations are simple:

- Apply allkpop"s Twitter, Instagram, and prefer our Facebook.

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- Once you"ve done the above, remark underneath with your usernames for the social media, and let us know which town you need to move to!

The giveaway will finish at 3PM EST on Friday, November 6th. Winners could be messaged by the use of 6Theory account, so have amusing and stay your hands crossed!

f(x) to comeback with 4th full-length album '4 Walls' on October 27th

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f(x) to comeback with 4th full-length album '4 Walls' on October 27th

f(x) will make their grand comeback with a new full-length album!

The album is titled "4 Walls", and can be released via more than a few online track sites at the hours of darkness on October 27th.

It has been 1 year and 3 months sincce the liberate in their 3rd full-length album "Red Light" such so much of lovers are very expecting it. It also the group"s first comeback with four participants because the departure of Sulli.

In addition, an exhibition to commemorate the group"s comeback will be held at Itaewon, Seoul from October 21st - 26th at 8 - 12PM KST. READ MORE

HanCinema's Drama Review 'Full House'

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HanCinema's Drama Review 'Full House'

Note : because of licensing, videos would most likely not be to be had to your country

Roh Ji-hoon Showcases a Full Range of Emotion in ‘Feeling’

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20150930_seoulbeats_rohjihoon Roh Ji-hoon Showcases a Full Range of Emotion in Feeling Written by Sarah On October 1, 2015 Roh Ji-hoon, soloist with Cube Entertainment, has come back with his second mini album titled Feeling. This time around, Roh wrote many of the lyrics and compositions for the albumfour of the five tracks, in facthimself, and there is a clear difference between these more RB influenced songs and his first album of pop-electro songs.

As hes the one composing this new music, the album shows a clear desire to move away from the basic K-pop tracks he was given as a debut artist. Of course, with such a shift toward RB and soul influenced music, Roh needed to be able to show emotion through his songs and lyrics, so its only appropriate that this new album with music of a new style is titled Feeling.

The album starts off with a slow song titled I Dont Remember, which feels like a sad love song off an OST. Roh sings of remembering the good relationship he had, focusing on the good and waiting for his love to come again. The feeling is very soul, with a jazzy background track. I love how this song slowly builds, with a smooth up and down wave between each verse and the choruses, and despite its bittersweet nature it is still upbeat.

The second song, If You Were Me, has even more pep, kicking up the album into groove status. Its a cute, yet mature, song about falling in love, that I cant help but bob my head to.

Im a fan of any love song that states, Do you know that the most special person to me is you? This is the theme of the music video that accompanies this song as well. Boy meets girl, but girl happens to be blind, yet boy doesnt care one bit and loves her wholeheartedly for her adorableness and her love of dogs. Filled with happiness and excitement for a new relationship, its such a refreshing love song. Roh sings this song in a register that feels very comfortable, not the high range of cutesy, exciting songs, but not too strong and manly either. The key hes chosen, combined with the flow of each verse, climbing up to exciting trills and then settling comfortably back to the groovy melody, create a song that feels both ordinary and special, one-of-a-kind and realistic. By far my favorite song on the album.

Next is Sweet Girl, bringing the groove back to classic RB. Its something of a proposal songsinging about his love for my lady, my love, my sweet girl. Its a simple, quiet, positive song professing how strong his loves heart is, how shes the only one, and how their love will never fade. Im not a huge fan of sappy songs like this one, but its well crafted in its simplicity and the lyrics are positive and sweet.This shifts the mood slightly from an exciting new love to the strength and satisfaction of a love that will last.

Unfortunately, sometimes there is tragedy in love, and the next song, September 7, displays such a tragic love. Its been speculated that this incredibly moving and tear-filled song is a tribute to his close friend RiSe of Ladies Code, who passed away on September 7, 2014, after the groups tragic car accident last year. Roh and RiSe were contestants on Birth of a Great Star together in 2011 and were reportedly very close. Roh was even a pallbearer during RiSes funeral.

You, whom I can no longer see or touch again, I bring back up.

Although I pledge to erase you and erase you,

I am unable to easily cast you aside, thats how we are,

But you, whom I can no longer see or touch again, I send away.

Those memories, that desire, I need to send you away now through those fading memories

Bye, my love, the person I love,

Now I need to send you back to that place, that happy place.

Bye, my love, the person I love,

Now come back to me so that we could be happy.

These are the emotional words Roh has written for his friend, and this is the other side of love that is sometimes unavoidable. When we love so hard, sometimes we get hurt, through break-ups or through uncontrollable tragedies. As he says at the end of this song, I dont want you to lose your pretty smile, dont want you to get hurt twice, dont want you to shed tears again. Sometimes I find it difficult to feel the emotion the lyrics are supposed to convey in K-pop songs, especially when I cant understand the language, but Roh had no problem conveying his true sadness through his singing this song. It moved me to tears, and I can only imagine how much it meant for him to write and record it for RiSe.

Roh wraps up his album with a song about letting go and trying to move on. A Song For You, featuring Shorry J, is a bittersweet, mildly sarcastic, pop-y break up song that he originally released as a single on February 4 of last year. It brings the mood up a bit from the previous emotional track and feels most similar to the first track, giving us a nicely satisfying circular album.

That Roh manages to write songs that convey so many different feelings while all tying together the theme of different aspects of love is truly a testament to Rohs song-writing skills, and throughout the album his strong voice sustains both the emotion and the smoothness of the album. These are the emotions that make up a humans capacity to lovehence the album title of Feelingand it is something unavoidable, yet not something to shy away from.

(Cube Entertainment, Kpop Lyrics, South Korea Addict, Kpop My Stars, Kpop My Stars, KapanLagi)

Ailee unearths why it took see you later to free up her first full-length album

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Ailee unearths why it took see you later to free up her first full-length album

Ailee, who released her first LP, "VIVID," since her debut just about 4 years ago, gave the motive of why it took so long for her to release a full-length album. 

She explained all the manner through the show off for "VIVID," "I took fantastic care to turn my highest self so it took longer than expected. I sought after to drop a full-length album this is more than satisfactory. There is numerous song that I wish to explicit in this album. similar to the identify "VIVID," the album includes colorful sounds which are robust and distinct. I wish to give my album a 10 out of ten." 

When she won the query of the "fierce," "strong unnie" theme of her songs such as "Don"t Touch Me," and her fresh unmarried "Mind Your Own Business," Ailee replied that it"s no longer done intentionally. 

She confessed, "I at all times say on interviews and television presentations that I would like to sing a more lovely, mellow song. yet I continually get passed songs with a robust vibe. perhaps it"s because most effective I will sing the ones forms of songs," and joked, "The songwriters almost definitely all image me when they compose those songs."

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CNBLUE to Unlock 4th Full-Length Jap Album As of late (9/30)

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CNBLUE to Unlock 4th Full-Length Jap Album As of late (9/30)

--> CNBLUE is liberating its fourth full-length album in Japan.

CNBLUE will kick off promotions in Japan with the free up of fourth full-length album Colors on September 30.

The album comprises 11 tracks, and the lead unmarried Supernova was once written and composed through Jung Yong Hwa. all the songs in the album were written and composed by the members, and every song turned into produced with the theme ′color′ in mind. The album could be to be had in 3 versions, adding limited edition A and B versions in addition a Boice version, which comprises a DVD.

In addition to the lead single, Jung Yong Hwa wrote and composed Holiday, Realize, Hold Me and My World, whilst Lee Jong Hyun contributed Lucid Dream and Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Jung Shin wrote and composed Daisy.

Following the release of Colors, CNBLUE will kick off the 2015 Arena excursion Be a Supernova in Nagoya on November 3, prior to making stops in Tokyo from November 5-6, Aichi from November 12-13, Fukui on November 15, Osaka from November 25-26 and wrapping up at the Tokyo Budokan on December 13.

Photo credit: FNC Entertainment

Ailee to free up 1st Full-Length Album

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Ailee to free up 1st Full-Length Album

Singer Ailee will unencumber her first full-length album next week. Ailee unveiled a teaser symbol of the album on her Twitter account on Monday."A lot of effort has been put into it for decades as it's miles my first album. i am hoping fanatics will love it", Ailee said.The 10-track album can be released next Wednesday.Ailee debuted in 2012 with a unmarried called "Heaven".

Ailee to free up her first full-length album 'VIVID'!

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Ailee to free up her first full-length album 'VIVID'!

After a long wait, or even maintaining and curative thru an injury, Ailee is able to make her comeback!

Her corporate YMC Entertainment published Ailee"s first beautiful teaser photo along side the statement, "Ailee will disclose and join in in promotions for her first full-length album "VIVID" which comes out on September 30."

The singer said by way of her agency, "First off, I ask for forgiveness for being worried every person with the within track of my injury. And thank you to the many of us who encouraged me. Since here's my first full-length album, I worked tough and ready for a long time. I ask for numerous passion and love!"

Ailee made her debut over 3 and a part years ago in 2012, so it"s been many years coming for her first full-length album. yet higher past due than never! remain tuned for more main points to come!

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Ailee Announces Comeback Date, to Unencumber First Full-Length Album Since Debut

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Ailee Announces Comeback Date, to Release First Full-Length Album Since Debut Singer Ailee has showed her much-awaited comeback date.

Ailee announced by method of her reputable Twitter that she may be liberating her first full-length album “VIVID” on September 30. She also published a bright teaser image, in which she sports colourful orange makeup.

This would be the singer’s first full-length studio album since she debuted in February of 2012.

Ailee’s firm announced, “‘VIVID’ will consist of 10 songs that show off Ailee’s distinct taste and the musical direction in which she needs to pursue.”

Ailee also announced thru her agency that she used to be sorry for causing considerations previous because of her injury, and that she is thankful for all of the support.

“VIVID” will be released on September 30.