The cast of ‘Youn’s Kitchen’ discuss possible menu options for season 2!

The cast of ‘Youn’s Kitchen’ discuss possible menu options for season 2!

On the final episode of tvN’s ‘Youn’s Kitchen’ aired on May 19, the cast members got together in Seoul one more time after returning from Bali.

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The four – Lee Seo Jin, Jung Yoo Mi, Yoon Yeo Jung, and Shin Goo – reminisced about their time in Bali, and Lee Seo Jin expressed his disappointment, saying, “If we’d stayed a little longer, we would have invented more menus.” To this, Yoon Yeo Jung talked about how they began serving leek pancakes, while Jung Yoo Mi chimed in about rice balls.

Lee Seo Jin then said, “I honestly wanted to make LA galbi.” Chef Yoon Yeo Jung remarked, “LA galbi is a piece of cake. All you need is a fire. We can’t stay in Korea. Seo Jin, let’s head out,” discussing the possibility of a season 2!

When they began asking seriously, “Do you all plan on doing it again next time?”, Shin Goo brought about laughter, saying, “It’s election season. 3-4 times is no big deal. If there’s a good reason. And the people of the nation want it!” Lee Seo Jin also added, “It’s no problem to do it again. But we have to take off after making people beg for it.”

‘Youn’s Kitchen’ raked in immense popularity for a cable broadcasting station variety show, reaching 14.141% in its highest viewership ratings. Do you want a season 2?

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