The Boyz reveal stories behind their names + group profile film!

The Boyz reveal stories behind their names + group profile film!

Rookie boy group The Boyz just held their first ‘V Live’ broadcast, where they shared the meaning behind their names as well as their love for sports! 

The twelve member group communicated with fans for the first time by answering fans’ questions. Hwall stated, “My name means to burn and burn, and I am the final weapon of the group.”

The members then shaired their affinity for sports. Joo Hak Nyeon said, “In the neighborhood there was a badminton court, and so I joined and frequently played badminton with my uncle. There was also a time when I played officially for my school.” In response, Sangyeon replied, “For me, I can do any sport that uses your hand such as table tennis and badminton. I think the group can have a badminton match.” Sunwoo revealed he played soccer in school. 

And there’s more! The Boyz have compiled their individual profile film series in partnership with ‘Dazed’ magazine in a full, group profile film! It begins with the members all getting together for the first time, showing off their charms for the camera and goofing around at a sports stadium. Can’t wait for more of The Boyz? You can stay tuned for more info on their upcoming reality show, ‘Flower Boy Snack Shop’!

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