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Block B"s Zico teases the lyrics to "Extraordinary Woman"

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Block B

Zico teased fans with a small snippet of the lyrics to "Extraordinary Woman"!

"Extraordinary Woman" is the first song on Block B"s upcoming mini-album "H.E.R". The song"s composed by Zico and Poptime, with lyrics by Zico and Park Kyung, and arranged by Zico and Poptime.

He posted a corner of the lyric sheet for the song, showing fans just a small snippet of the introductory lyrics. Block B"s scheduled to drop another teaser on the 21st, followed by their last teaser on the 22nd and MV release on the 23rd at 6PM KST.

Gummy Sings and Writes Lyrics for ‘Three Days’ OST

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Gummy Sings and Writes Lyrics for ‘Three Days’ OST

Gummy has released a self-composed song for the SBS drama Three Days.

On March 19, C-JeS Entertainment stated, “Gummy will release the song You’re Calling Me at noon (KST). She personally read the synopsis before writing the lyrics herself and participating in the composition.”

“I’ve been watching Three Days attentively. I wanted to include the strength and thankfulness you feel when someone is on your side, since the character Han Tae Kyung is stuck in a lonely and difficult situation,” said Gummy.

Meanwhile, Three Days, starring JYJ′s Park Yoo Chun, airs every Wednesday and Thursday.

Photo Credit: C-JeS Entertainment.

Kang Seung Yoon to Release Two More Title Songs, G-Dragon Writes Lyrics

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Kang Seung Yoon to Release Two More Title Songs, G-Dragon Writes LyricsYang Hyun Suk (YG) has once again updated YG Entertainments blog,, with updates and newsbites about their newest solo artist, Kang Seung Yoon.

In his post, YG announces that Kang Seung Yoon will be performing Wild and Young on television, starting August 4 on SBS Inkigayo. It is unsure, however, on what other t.v. apppearances Kang Seung Yoon will be able to make since he will be filming for YG Entertainments surivial program, WIN.

Additionally, Kang Seung Yoon will be releasing three title songs from his first album, which includes Wild and Young. After releasing that first title song on July 31, he will be releasing two other title songs, one in August and another in September. All three songs were produced by different composers: Wild and Young was composed by Teddy, and the last title song, yet unnamed, has lyrics written by G-Dragon.

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Lyrics of Norazo’s “Woman Person” were written by an 8 year old boy

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Lyrics of Norazo’s “Woman Person” were written by an 8 year old boy

It was recently discovered that the lyrics of Woman Person, the latest track from the eccentric male duo Norazo, were the work of an eight-year-old elementary school student.

On May 10th, a representative from Norazos agency shared with Star News, The lyrics of Woman Person were in fact written by Lee Jung In, an eight-year-old. He built the lyrics on the basis of a conversation he had with the moon and stars. The lyrics are brilliant with the purity of young children.

Lee Jung In is is the son of Lee Young Jun, the lyricist behind Superman, a track that shot Norazo to fame a few years ago. The little lyricist, who participated in the album at his fathers suggestion, seems set to rise in the ranks of famed songwriters, dont you think?

Meanwhile, Norazo recently performed their digital single on various music shows this week, and have been receiving positive reviews for the tracks beautiful arrangement of string, acoustic drums and guitar.

Norazo's "Woman Person" lyrics inspired by an 8-year old boy

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Norazos Woman Person lyrics inspired by an 8-year old boyIt has been revealed that Norazo's recent single, "Woman Person," was inspired by an 8-year old boy.

Norazo recently made their comeback with the track, "Woman Person," and the lyrics tells the story of a 1st year elementary school boy. It was revealed that the protagonist of the track was Lee Jeongin, the son of the lyricist Lee Youngjun, who is known for writing the lyrics for Norazo's hit track, "Norazo."

According to Winning In Sight, Norazo's company, the birth of the lyrics' foundations came from the story of Lee Jeongin watching the moon and a bee. Through a child's purity, they claimed, was the way that they managed to preserve the charm of "Woman Person."

After hearing this, netizens commented, "Children’s thoughts are pretty clever too," "Norazo has a good idea on child’s thoughts," "I’ve realized the lyrics are really cute," "Like father like son" and "The lyrics are really lovely."

Meanwhile, Norazo's single, "Female Person," is receiving a lot of love from fans and will soon begin their promotions.

Lovelyz Jin is a stylish woman in her teaser image

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Lovelyz have began teasing for their comeback previous this week and particular person teaser photographs of the contributors are being unveiled one at a time for our viewing pleasure!

SEE ALSO: Lovelyz liberate a welcome teaser symbol forecasting their comeback!

This time around, we have gotthe beautiful Jin, who is taking a look like a trendygirl in her red beret, a comfortable off-white cardigan, and a gentle pink pleated skirt.

While you ogle at Jin and how fairly she looks, try andbet what the thought that for their comeback would possibly be!

Dok2 says feminine rappers don't write their own lyrics?

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Dok2 says feminine rappers don't write their own lyrics?

Korean rappers Garion, Dok2, The Quiett and DJ Son these days took phase in a "Korean Hip Hop" concert and communicate at USC (University of Southern California).

They had a Q&A consultation where target market contributors asked the rappers more than a few questions, yet Dok2"s reaction to what he thinks about female rappers is rather controversial. And frankly, now not utterly true!

In the fancam above, you'll be ready to listen Dok2 respond to a question, "Female rappers? I don"t know. I"m not certain that they write their own lyrics. If they write their own lyrics, then I admire them. If not, I would possibly need to take into accounts it. All right, next one."

Do you compromise or disagree on what Dok2 had to mention about female rappers?

Mnet Getting ready for a wide Scale woman Crew Survival Program

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Mnet getting ready for a sizable Scale Woman Neighborhood Survival Program Mnet is preparing for a never-seen-before survival program to discover without equal K-Pop girl group. In keeping with the insiders, Mnet is making plans to spend about 4 billion Korean Won (approximately $3.4 million USD) in generating a display tentatively titled “Produce 101.” here's on par with “Superstar K,” which is one of Mnet’s flagship programs.

While SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment might no longer be participating, maximum other entertainment agencies will take part, every firm sending up to ten promising trainees.

An insider said, “In terms of budget, it's far 2nd handiest to ‘Superstar K,’ this way that that Mnet thinks that it'll be hugely successful. As in the case of ‘Unpretty Rapstar,’ staring at conflicts among women is entertaining. There may be controversies, yet it would be fun.”

The filming is already underway. Many participants had been interviewed, and the filming of the most important episodes will get started very soon, as it's scheduled to air at the finish of this year.

Mnet hopes to let the girls from the similar agency compete as a unit, then make a choice about ten girls to shape a team belonging to Mnet for some quantity of time. This suggests that trainees from other agencies could belong to an identical team in the end.

Even the girls who do no longer win will take anything away, as they are going to all get an opportunity to marketplace themselves and get their names out there, offering motivation for masses of entertainment agencies to participate.

Woman protests opposed to Enes Kaya's pending comeback

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Woman protests opposed to Enes Kaya's pending comeback

Enes Kaya idea he may just make a comeback easily, eh?  Doesn"t seem like the case as his new firm is already facing a wide headache relating to their newly signed entertainer.

It seems that reports have these days pop out pointing out he were cleared of pretending to be a bachelor, yet this was once no longer the true case.  A woman, hereby called "A", clarified that he had been cleared of anything entirely different, but he has indeed pretended to be a bachelor to get just about women.

On November 18, she relayed her preference to transparent up the reports that acknowledged he become cleared of pretending to be a bachelor to means the ladies with whom he had affairs.  She said, "It isn't true that Enes Kaya has been cleared of pretending to be a bachelor; this is incorrect.  I had no longer sued Enes Kaya for pretending to be a bachelor.  There are not any crook regulations to punish against pretending to be a bachelor; if such legislation had existed, I'd have already got sued Enes Kaya for pretending to be a bachelor with the alternative feminine victims.  

"What I did sue him about was the obscene messages he sent to me via KakaoTalk. At the time, i used to be not conscious about this truth, but I discovered this fact in April this year and straight away sued Enes Kaya for spreading obscenities via correspondence.  The offense of spreading obscenities through correspondence that I sued Enes Kaya for this April (special law covering crimes of sexual violence, article 12): words, sounds, writing, drawings, videos, or even pieces that bring up emotions of aversion or sexual disgrace and are sent through gifts of correspondence corresponding to the phone, mail, computer, etc. to be ready to arouse or satisfy sexual cravings for yourself or any other person. I sued him for this and forwarded my intentions for a lawsuit to the prosecutors at the police station.  The prosecutors discovered there has been a loss of evidence concerning him from about two years ago, so they cleared him and I sent a written allure the day long gone by to the Seoul Central District Prosecutor"s Place of job to object to that."

However, this failed to mean he was excused from claiming to be a bachelor.  "A" continued, "Last Friday, Enes Kaya"s agency released a piece of writing stating that he has been cleared of pretending to be a bachelor . . . and this falsity is being allotted in tons in which it looked like he didn't fake to be a bachelor, and the articles got here out as though Enes Kaya had been entangled in wrongdoings against women, so these women had unfairly written false charges; in reality being distorted like the other female sufferers and i've lied.  It is self-evident that Enes Kaya has lied about being a bachelor; not handiest I but also a huge number of other female victims have, at the time, done interviews with many media shops and published evidence."

She went onto say that she was totally at awe and had thought how brazen he was when she found out he was coming circular again with the speculation he no longer had any reason why to hide.  "Enes Kaya did not recognize his toying with tens of Korean women, did not apologize, and has not self-reflected; and therefore, the victims nor the public has forgiven him - how much will have to Enes Kaya glance down on Korean other people to have a look at to jump over all of those steps and go back to Korean TV," she concluded.

Oh My woman end promotions for 'Closer'

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Oh My woman end promotions for 'Closer'

Oh My Girl have now wrapped up promotions for their 2d mini-album "Closer".

The team done their ultimate functionality of "Closer" on last week"s "Show! Track Core", and the contributors coated up in a row dressed in their adorable yellow degree outfits to mention good-bye to their fans. Earlier than their stage however, Oh My Girl made special arrangements for their fans.

To thank fanatics for supporting their six weeks of promotions, Oh My Girl wrote handwritten notes, hot packs, rice crackers, and chocolate to hand out.

Stay tuned for updates on Oh My Girl!