Teen Top And Fans Celebrate 7 Years Since Their Debut

Teen Top And Fans Celebrate 7 Years Since Their Debut

Teen Top is now officially seven years old!

The group is celebrating their seventh anniversary on July 10, after having made their debut on this date back in 2010 with the release of their first single album Come Into the World. Teen Top recently made a comeback this April with their track Love Is.

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Teen Tops official Twitter shared a photo of the guys smiling brightly to celebrate the big day!

행복하고 즐거운 일만 가득하게 해줄게요.#틴탑꽃길 #사랑해요_엔젤#7EEN7OP #틴탑_엔젤_끝까지_함께해 pic.twitter.com/Vm06c1GJpd

* TEEN TOP * 틴탑 * (@TEEN_TOP) July 9, 2017

Member Ricky shared a handwritten letter to fans on his Instagram in the early morning KST on July 10. The letter reads:

Our Angels. Teen Top is now seven years old. I’m so grateful to you for bringing us to this spot. Although there have been a lot of hard times as wekk, we’ll make you smile in the future. We’ll stay by Angels’ side as cool singers.

Let’s walk on only the flowery path.

Let’s keep seeing each other for a long, long time.

A post shared by 창현 유 (@ricky_teentop_) on Jul 9, 2017 at 11:16am PDT

Fans have been taking to Twitter to celebrate Teen Tops anniversary with plenty of love and memories from their seven years together!

#7EEN7OP these boys have gone through a lot these past 7 years but nonetheless they stuck together bc they love angels so much pic.twitter.com/VKp6ZI4n8e

Ash ♡ #7EEN7OP (@BunnyChangjo) July 9, 2017

Not 5, not 1 but will always stay 6 in my heart no matter what ❤ @TEEN_TOP #7EEN7OP pic.twitter.com/h9ATtvQcR2

ღ틴탑의엔젤ღ (@chanheebyungari) July 9, 2017

I hope youll continue doing what u do best. Youre not just TEEN TOP but the is world to some. I love you boys until the end. #7EEN7OP pic.twitter.com/RB0eZqG5Uk

#7EEN7OP (@fangirl_carms) July 9, 2017

7 years with you and its the most beautiful thing for me? youre 5 for my eyes but my heart see 6 of you. Love u my Angels #7EEN7OP pic.twitter.com/FWqR6vbokg

Call Me Lucifer ? (@Insoolusion) July 9, 2017

TOP Media recently announced that the group will be celebrating their seventh anniversary with fans at a concert on July 29, which is part of a series of shows by the agency’s artists.

Happy anniversary, Teen Top!