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Teen Top Members Would Not Introduce Their Sisters to Each Other

Being in the USA for its High Kick world tour, Teen Top stopped by the set of Mnet America’s DFLA.

The DFLA Teen Top Exclusive was released on April 16 with Danny Im and Dumbfounded leading the hilarious conversation with Teen Top.

Teen Top talked about how it was to meet with all of its fans in America, who have supported them despite the long-distance relationship. They also swore that if they had younger sisters, they would not introduce any of the members to her.

The members then answered some questions from the fans and ended up drawing caricatures of each other.

Check out the episode below!

Photo Credit: Mnet America

Teen Top bring their US tour ‘Go! TeenTop’ to you!

Thanks to Mnet America for giving Teen Top fans their coverage of the group's US tour 'GO! Teen Top'.

The full episode shares some behind the scene footages straight from their concert tour in New York, CA, and San Jose. In addition to that, fans could also get to see the boys during their interviews and photophoot during their stay there.

Most importantly, the video will give you the lively and exciting performances of Teen Top. So watch and enjoy!

Teen Top Performs in Hungary, Attracts Fans From All Over Eastern Europe

Through their world tour, group Teen Top has broadened the reach of K-Pop.

Following their performance in Russia on April 10, Teen Top went to Budapest, Hungary for a performance on April 12, the first Korean artist to hold a solo concert in Budapest. People from all over Eastern Europe flocked to Budapest in order to see the group perform, from Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, and Austria. Starting the day before the show, the performance area was like a festival, fans having come in advance to wait in line, singing songs by Teen Top and just having a great time.

Even after the end of two encore performances and all the staff had gone home, the fans remained where they were, chanting the group’s name. Eventually, Teen Top came back on stage for an unplanned encore performance of “Rocking,” after which they reluctantly said their goodbyes

TEEN TOP Becomes Leaders Of Spreading K-Pop And Successfully Holds A Concert In Hungary

Group TEEN TOP has been spreading the word of K-Pop through their world tour.

On April 10, TEEN TOP held their "TEEN TOP 2014 World Tour High Kick In Europe" tour in Moscow and in Hungary on April 12. 

This was the first time a Korean artist performed in Hungary, making it even more memorable.

In order to see TEEN TOP, fans from all over including Poland, Slovenia, Croatia and more acme to see them perform.

Many fans were also seen in front of the concert stage a day before, singing TEEN TOP"s song and showing their true fanship.

Even after their concert and the encore performances, many fans continued to stay and show their support for the group.

TEEN TOP then went back on stage and performed one last song for their fans

Teen Top Successfully Completes First K-Pop Concert in Hungary

Following a successful concert in Russia, Teen Top finished off a concert in Hungary, for the first time for a K-Pop singer.

On April 12, Teen Top continued the Teen Top 2014 World Tour – High Kick in Europe, holding an exclusive concert in Budapest for the first time ever for a Korean singer.

Fans from Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Austria, and more gathered in Budapest to see Teen Top for the first time in Hungary. Fans lined up the day before the concert, singing Teen Top songs to get through the long waiting periods.

Despite the finish of the concert after two encore performance, fans didn’t leave the stadium, urging Teen Top to rise to the stage again to perform one more song, which was unscheduled.

In an interview with Hungary MTV, Teen Top stated that Teen Top is the first Korean group to perform in Hungary and hopes that K-Pop will continue to have success in Europe, making it recognized as another music genre

TEEN TOP enjoy Korean food before leaving for Russia for world tour ‘High Kick’

TEEN TOP made sure to get their fix of Korean food before heading off to Russia for their world tour.

On April 9, the group tweeted the photo of the boys chowing down above as well as the message, “TEEN TOP eating up Korean food before leaving for Russia.”

The TEEN TOP members were so into the delicious food that they don”t seem to even be aware of the camera snapping photos of them.

TEEN TOP have already stopped by Japan and the United States for their “2014 World Tour – High Kick” and will head to Russia, Hungary, France, Taiwan, China, and South America next.

SNSD, SUJU and More Celebrity SNS Photos

preview nextview 1/11 preview nextview From starstruck celebs to adorable pups, the SNS world was a sight to see this week.

Flip through to see some of our favorite star SNS photos from the week!

SNSD′s Yuri knows how to kill us with the cute.

Secret′s Hyosung continued the celebrity pet parade with this. And, of course, we died.

It′s getting hot out. Stay cool, Kim Heechul.

But no one knows how to stay cool like ice princess Jessica.

Hey The Walking Dead. 2NE1 called, they want you to Come Back Home.

That time Eric Nam made every man in the world jealous by taking selfies with Miranda Kerr.

How many Super Junior members can you spot in the audience at Bruno Mars′ Seoul concert?

Teen Top showing us major mukbang action

Eye candy, anyone?

Sharing is caring, boys

Teen Top uploads photos from Moscow

Teen Top uploaded photos from Moscow.

Teen Top is currently having their '2014 World Tour HIGH KICK in Europe.' On April 10th, they were in Moscow, Russia. Today, they are in going to have concert in Budapest, Hungary at Petofi Csarnok and in Paris, France at Le Bataclan on April 13th.

written by: [email protected] SOURCE: @TEEN_TOP

Teen Top Turns Up the Heat in Russia for “2014 HIGH KICK World Tour”

The members of Teen Top made sure they had their fill of Korean food before heading off to Russia for the European leg of their “2014 HIGH KICK World Tour.”

On April 10, Teen Top performed for many dedicated fans in Moscow, Russia. Despite the sub zero weather, fans patiently waited before they were let in the concert venue. Bystanders and pedestrians were able to witness the passion of many young fans as they sing Teen Top’s songs in Korean by memory while waving the South Korean flag during their wait outside the building. Industry insiders were surprised by the fans display of passion and affection since, despite the growing awareness of K-Pop in various countries, Russia didn’t have many K-Pop artists come to perform.

Teen Top members got to show different sides through different genres including dance, hip hop and ballad

KCON Live Chat reveals details of the upcoming convention

K-drama fans will be well represented at KCON events this year. And although the convention does not have a definite date yet, some of the fun starts today with a live chat on all things Hallyu.

For two years now, the LA-based convention dedicated to “All Things Hallyu” has offered fans a chance to connect with each other and artists in the k-pop and k-drama industry. And this year promises to be better than ever.

The fun starts this week with a live chat that will discuss details of the upcoming convention and offer some appealing prizes to listeners.

The weekly live chats are also a way for fans to offer feedback on what they would like to see happen at the convention. Special guests are expected to make an appearance at upcoming live chats. And there will be a weekly pop quiz segment that fans can participate in to win some pretty impressive prizes