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Teen Star Kim Yoo Jung Discusses Her Current Favorite Movies With Marie Claire

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Teen Star Kim Yoo Jung Discusses Her Current Favorite Movies With Marie Claire

Seventeen-year-old actress Kim Yoo Jung roamed lush gardens for the October issue of Marie Claire.

For her photos, Kim pretended to put on a flower crown, posed next to trees and posed indoors with natural outdoor lighting. The beauty"s wardrobe was refined yet modern, and included a Coming Step knit pullover, Vignette ethereal white gown, Repetto suede boots, and STONEHENgE jewelry.

Among the star"s standout looks there was an oversized a-line dress by Lucky Chouette. The black piece has a Gothic inspired look, but gives the wearer a softer and more feminine vibe because of the sheer ruffles decorating the sleeves. The dress can be yours HERE and can be seen below in greater detail.

According to the magazine, "Despite her young age, Kim Yoo Jung has a great surge of emotion and great thoughts and experiences. Her beautiful dark eyes are rich with expression."

During the accompanying interview, the star talked about her current favorite movies. She revealed, "I like dark dramas like Laurence Anyways and The Lovely Bones. The American film Reign Over Me was great too. Whenever I read a book or watch a movie I imagine myself in the [character"s] situation. I"m dragged into their world."

Kim Yoo Jung is currently an MC of the SBS music program Inkigayo.

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TEEN TOP"s BTS individual video for "10+Star"

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Aside from the BTS group video of "10+Star" featuring Teen Top, the magazine released another BTS video that features a closer look to the group"s members.

Teen Top"s photos will be available in July.

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TEEN TOP"s BTS group video for "10+Star"

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Magazine "10+Star"released the behind-the-scene video of TEEN TOP"s photo shoot.

On the BTS video, the members of TEEN TOP were seemed having so much fun while they were doing the shoot for the magazine. The bond of the group is seen inevitably as the atmosphere is just fresh and seemed that they are not working.

TEEN TOP"s photos will be released on the July issue of "10+Star."

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TEEN TOP have fun with spraying water in behind-the-scenes videos for their "10+Star" photoshoot

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TEEN TOP have fun with spraying water in behind-the-scenes videos for their

The TEEN TOP members look even better than their scenery in their latest photoshoot with "10+Star" magazine!

Two magazine making-of videos were recently released: one is the behind-the-scenes video for TEEN TOP"s group shots, and the other features the members posing for their individual shots. It"s funny to see how the members look so much happier when posing together and become more serious and professional when they pose alone!

You can see their full photoshoot and interview when the July issue comes out. For now, enjoy the group video above and individual video below!

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Top Niel - the star of Teen Top is going to sing his new song written by himself on “4 Things Show”

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Top Niel - the star of Teen Top is going to sing his new song written by himself on “4 Things Show”

The star of Teen Top   Niel is going to peform his new song wirtten by himself on the new episode of “4 Things Show.”It is also said that this will be the first time he ever performed this new song in public.

His new song  “Apocato” is scheduled to go on air  on the January 27 in the live boardcast of the whole new upcoming  episode called “4 Things Show.” The song will be a part of Niel’s first solo album that will be released in February.

On the upcoming episode of “4 Things Show,” his mentor Andy of Shi;lnhwa, Teen Top’s L.Joe, and Niel’s close friend Park Kyung of Block B will guest to talk about Niel. The episode will also detail Niel’s preparation for his upcoming solo debut.

Niel’s episode of “4 Things Show” Season Two will be airing on Mnet at 6pm KST.

Watch a teaser video for the episode below.

THE STAR releases making story of Teen Top"s photoshoot

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THE STAR releases making story of Teen Top

Teen Top have first shown their grown up appearance during the pictorial for "THE STAR" September issue.

Ahead of their comeback in 15th, the boys expressed their will to show the concept of charming men through their upgraded appeals.

Let"s take a look behind their photoshoot of Teen Top. Meanwhile, Teen Top are coming back with a mini album "EXITO" on September 15.

Grown men of Teen Top meet fans through "The Star" pictorial ahead of comeback

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Grown men of Teen Top meet fans through

Six grown men of Teen Top revealed their matured side through "The Star" pictorial and interview ahead of their nearing comeback.

The boys have grown into charismatic men in this pictorial wearing autumn themed-outfits. Their gazes are captivating and their appearances display masculinity.

In their interview, Teen Top said, "We thank fans around the world who have waited to meet us. It"s been a while since we met our domestic fans and we will show you a more grown Teen Top.

Check out more of their photos below:

Arden Cho of "Teen Wolf" Wants To Star In A K-Drama

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Arden Cho of "Teen Wolf" Wants To Star In A K-Drama

Korean-American actress Arden Cho is best known for her role as Kira Yukimura on the American TV series "Teen Wolf," but she"s also a big fan of k-dramas and k-movies.

And she hopes one day to appear in a Korean production.

The singer, vlogger, model and actress has had parts on the American television shows "CSI: NY," "Pretty Little Liars" and "Rizzoli and Isles." But she said that she would love to appear in a Korean movie. One of her favorite films is "A Moment To remember," starring Son Ye Jin and Jung Woo Sung.

"A Moment to Remember" will always be one of my favorite movies," Cho told The Korea Times in a recent interview. "I"m a big fan of Son Ye Jin in this film and love her character. I would love to do a beautiful film like this or an action film like "Swiri."

"Swiri" was a 1999 k-movie that starred Yun Jin Kim of "Lost" and "Mistresses."

Cho, who served as a host at the 2014 DramaFever awards in New York City, also likes k-dramas. One of her favorites stars Lee Min Ho.

"I really enjoyed the drama "City Hunter" and would love to do something like that as well," said Cho.

She"s also ready to take on the challenge of acting in a saeguk.

"I also hope one day I could do a Korean period piece," she said. "I think it would be challenging to do a historical film or drama but I"m sure it would be quite the experience."

For now filming "Teen Wolf" is keeping her busy.

"I haven"t had much time for music these days because it"s been a busy year with the drama," she said. "We"ve been filming since the start of the year. I feel really fortunate to be a series regular on a hit show and I"m also signed on for season five and six, so I am very thankful for this opportunity."

On "Teen Wolf" she plays a kitsune, a mythical fox-like creature not unlike a gumiho. Her character is involved in a love triangle with a boy who is a werewolf.

Her character was originally meant to be half Japanese but the producers of the show thought she was so right for the part that they rewrote the character to also be half Korean and even cast a Korean father for her.

Cho is happy to have fans from around the world and hopes her show will be received well in Korea.

INFINITE's Woohyun and Sungyeol, and 4minute's Jihyun to star in upcoming teen drama

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INFINITE's Woohyun and Sungyeol, and 4minute's Jihyun to star in upcoming teen drama

4minute"s Jihyun, and INFINITE"s Woohyun and Sungyeol have been cast in the upcoming KBS 2TV teen drama "High School" (working title)!

Multiple broadcast representatives told Sports Donga on the 29th, "4minute"s Jihyun has been cast as in the KBS 2TV drama "High School" (working title)... The male lead will be INFINITE"s Woohyun... They have already held a meeting and are awaiting the filming... Not only them, but singer Baek Seung Heon will also star in the drama."

INFINITE"s agency Woollim Entertainment rep stated, "They are currently adjusting their schedules. They plan to star [in the drama] if all goes well."

A KBS rep told TV Report, "Two members of INFINITE, Woohyun and Sungyeol, have been cast in the upcoming KBS 2TV teen drama "High School" (working title)... [Nam Ji Hyun] will star as one of the supporting characters", leaving the female lead up in the air.

"High School" is a 16-episode teen drama about love and friendship, but the premiere date and other details haven"t been decided on at the time.

Farrah Abraham Fired From Teen Mom! Amber Portwood, Catelynn Lowell And Maci Bookout Won't Film MTV Show If Porn Star Rejoins The Cast

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Farrah Abraham Fired From Teen Mom!  Amber Portwood, Catelynn Lowell And Maci Bookout Won't Film MTV Show If Porn Star Rejoins The Cast

Farrah Abraham Gets Fired From Teen Mom! Farrah Abraham is already in a heated legal war with porn production company, Vivid Entertainment, because Farrah is threatening to spill their secrets and strategies in her new book, "Celebrity Sex Tape." Abraham now acquires some more haters. Farrah has her Teen Mom co-stars revolting against her possible return and nobody can blame these Teen Moms for wanting to keep Farrah as far away from them as possible. The Teen Moms want Farrah gone from their beloved show believing that Farrah Abraham makes a mockery of the teen pregnancy and young motherhood MTV documentary. They was Farrah out of their lives after making multiple porn movies, having extensive plastic surgery, and neglecting her own daughter which makes Teen Mom look horrible. They want nothing to do with Abraham and feel she is a bad role model for their viewers and their own children. "They don"t want their kids on a show where someone"s talking about sex toys," a source told Us Magazine about Farrah Abraham"s unwanted involvement on Teen Mom. Farrah has more haters than just her Teen Mom co stars. Vivid Entertainment is also ready to sure Farrah for breaching her confidentiality agreement when they bought the right to her porn movie! 

that nobody can stomach. Farrah is a terrible influence and an even worse mom. Getting wrapped up in trash like her is not good for any of the Teen Mom starlets. I"m proud of the other Teen Mom stars for holding their ground. If MTV refuses to get rid of Farrah, then they should not be in a show with such a classless trashy mom. To her Teen Mom haters Abraham replied, "Personally, I"m BLOWIN" them away." I guess that"s a pun about her new music video, which you can watch above. But warning: you can not get back that 3 minutes and 32 seconds back from your life from your life and Farrah will somehow make you lose quite a few brain cells.

"I was happy my daughter wanted to be in the last scene of the day," she said. "I make my music so Sophia has fun with upbeat music that has meaning."

As for her new single, "Blowin," Farrah claims she didn"t need much help in making the tune. "No auto tuning for me," Abraham added (and lied about). "Personally, I sing how I sing and keep it that way because one day I might have to perform this live, so it"s about keeping it authentic." HA!

Do you thik the other Teen Moms are right in trying to get Farrah fired?