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Kyuhyun releases MV teaser for "Until I Reach Your Star" OST for "Hogu"s Love"

Kyuhyun releases MV teaser for

Super Junior Kyuhyun is lending his sweet and emotional vocals to the ballad OST “Until I Reach Your Star” for tVN drama “Hogu”s Love”.

The MV teaser shows Kyuhyun recording in a studio along with the producers and getting immersed to the song.. ... Read more

INFINITE get fans excited in "7 in 1" teaser

INFINITE get fans excited in

After announcing their May comeback, INFINITE has released a teaser video to get fans even more excited!
The video features photos of the 7 boys looking as charismatic as ever and ends with a reiteration of their comeback being in May, as well as a brand-new INFINITE logo with wings as a sort of a hint to their comeback concept. . ... Read more

XIA sports long hair in new teaser images for "Flower"

XIA sports long hair in new teaser images for

XIA makes sure to always surprise you with every teaser release before his album”s release.

This time, new photos showing Junsu in a straight, long, and platinum hair excite fans. Junsu looks flawlessly fine.. ... Read more

OCN’s "Missing Noir M" teaser video


OCN“s upcoming crime drama “Missing Noir M” released its teaser video.

On the video, actors Kim Kang Woo and Park Hee Soon were featured as the leading roles. ... Read more

Shinhwa Releases Striking MV Teaser for Their Upcoming Single “Sniper”

Shinhwa Releases Striking MV Teaser for Their Upcoming Single “Sniper”

Legendary idol group Shinhwa has released a striking MV teaser for their upcoming single, “Sniper.”

The group will be celebrating 17 years since their debut this year and releasing their 12th album, “We,” on February 26. A single off the album was recently pre-released, called “Memory.”. ... Read more

K-MUCH"s MV teaser for "Fish in a Bowl"


On February 27th, K-MUCH revealed a teaser video of their upcoming song “Fish in a Bowl.”

The MV for “Fish in a Bowl” will be released on March 6th.

Watch below:. ... Read more

Shannon"s MV teaser for "Why Why"


Shannon released a teaser video for her 1st mini album “Why Why.”

Shannon”s upcoming mini album consists of 7 tracks. The title track is described as a hip-hop dance with rhythmic melodies that are catchy enough to easily follow along. The lyrics is also described to be a cute confession of a girl that will be interpreted in a cute choreography as well.. ... Read more

BIGBANG"s video teaser for "JAPAN DOME TOUR 2014 ~ 2015 ‘X"" DVD


On February 25th, BIGBANG uploaded a video teaser for their upcoming DVD of their BIGBANG’s JAPAN DOME TOUR 2014 ~ 2015 ‘X’.

The DVD will be available in four various versions. One bundle will have three DVDs, two live CDs, a special box, and a photo book. The other bundle will include two blu-ray disks, two live CDs, a special box, and a photo book. But fans can still purchase the two disk DVD set or the two blu-ray disk set without the live CD, special box, and photo book. . ... Read more

MC Mong releases colorful MV teaser for "Love Mash"

MC Mong releases colorful MV teaser for

MC Mong”s first comeback following a long hiatus might have been dark and edgy, but his next comeback is much happier and brighter!

The MV teaser for “Love Mash” is super uplifting and fun with a fast tempo, colorful instruments, and soothing vocals. The video itself uses a splash of vivid colors, has lots of cuteness, and exudes a friendly atmosphere that will have fans easily approaching MC Mong”s music. . ... Read more

HEYNE turns on the romance in "My Heart" MV teaser 2!

HEYNE turns on the romance in

HEYNE has come out with a very romantic second music video teaser for her fourth digital single album, “My Heart“!

The latest MV teaser released shows HEYNE in different locations, holding up signs for a message to a special someone. As previously mentioned, the singer will be taking on a ballad track with a soft, piano melody. Not many details are available now, but you can expect “My Heart” next month on March 3!. ... Read more