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Kim Jaejoong and Im Siwan Get Familiar with Casinos for “Triangle”

JYJ‘s Kim Jaejoong and ZE:A‘s Im Siwan are immersing themselves in the world of gambling, as can be seen on a teaser clip of MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Triangle“.

The video shows Kim Jaejoong and Im Siwan receiving lessons on working at a casino from a professional. With piles of cards and chips in front of them, they are taught ways to deal cards and other industry tips.

Kim Jaejoong, who plays the role of Heo Young Dal, commented, “I have played hwatu [Japanese card game] a lot, but not cards. This kind of topics appear on comic books a lot, so I have bought chips and cards in the past to play with them, but it is my first time to learn like this. I am learning about professional casino rules for the first time, but it is fun

miss A’s Min preparing for a debut?

For those of you who have been waiting for news on miss A, allkpop has the inside scoop!

Although the group won"t be making an official comeback anytime soon, an insider from the music industry has revealed exclusively to allkpop that one member will have some surprises for you. As you can see by the pictures disclosed to allkpop, that member is none other than miss A"s feisty and tough Min, who is known to be a dancing star and full of unique charisma.

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The shots are still-cuts from the MV teaser, which will be available at a later time, so check back in to catch the first glimpse of Min"s activities through allkpop.

‘Triangle’ release teaser of Lee Bum Soo, Jaejoong, and Siwan

Upcoming MBC melodrama "Triangle" has released a dramatic teaser video featuring the three main actors, Lee Bum Soo, Jaejoong, and Siwan.

ere on May 5.

‘Triangle’ releases first teaser featuring Lee Bum Soo, Jaejoong, and Siwan

Upcoming MBC drama 'Triangle' releases its first teaser featuring the three main cast Lee Bum Soo, JYJ's Kim Jaejoong, and ZE:A's Im Siwan.

The three are going to be brothers in the drama who got separated for 20 years. Each have their own characters. They will be joined by other cast such as Oh Yeon Su and Baek Jin Hee.

The drama 'Triangle' centers the story of three brothers who got separated for 20 years. Lee Bum Soo will play the role of the oldest brother, "Jang Dong Soo", who is an investigator. On the other hand, Kim Jaejoong will play the second brother "Heo Young Dal", who's real name was Jang Dong Chul but has changed after getting separated with his brothers. He is going to have a tough and fearless character. Lastly, Im Si Wan will play the role of the youngest "Jang Dong Joon" who got adopted by a rich family and has a cold character

Hwang Shin Hye, Hong Ji Min, Lady Jane, & Mir To Join ‘Let Me In’

Hwang Shin Hye, Hong Ji Min, Lady Jane, and MBLAQ"s Mir have come together for "Let Me In 4".

They will join "Let Me In 4" as the MCs to help people who need makeovers. The show will begin airing mid-May.

"Let Me In" aired its first episode in December of 2011, and since then, Hwang Shin Hye has continued to appear on the show. Every season the panels would change for this makeover show that determines participants through audition each season. This makeover show foregoes regular cosmetic surgery and instead brings in surgery specialists that the general public usually cannot see. From the first season, the show was criticized for promoting plastic surgery. But as the seasons went on, it became more obvious that the show gives hope to desperate people, and has been noted as a program that helps bring transformations to people"s lives

EXO Members Were Busy Scrambling Around While Filming “Overdose” MV

EXO revealed a small behind the scenes secret of their “Overdose” music video after their new mini album comeback show on April 15.

The music video of “Overdose,” the title track of the new mini album of the same name, was filmed in using the one-take technique that the group previously used for their “Growl” music video. Because of this the “EXO-K members had to run around trying to hide while the EXO-M members were being filmed so we don’t get caught by the camera; it was fun,” revealed EXO-K member Chanyeol.

EXO has only officially revealed a teaser clip for “Overdose” for the general public, while showing the whole music video for the audience of their comeback show on April 15. EXO’s album release, which was originally scheduled for April 21, has been postponed due to Sewol Ferry tragedy that took place in Korea on April 16

Movie ‘The Fatal Encounter’ to be shown in North America!

The to-be-released movie of Hyun Bin entitled 'The Fatal Encounter' will be shown in North America also.

Locally, 'The Fatal Encounter' (aka The King's Wrath) is scheduled to premiere on April 30th. Fortunately, the story of assassination attempt on the 22nd ruler in the Joseon Dynasty, King Jeong Jo (actor Hyun Bin), will be showcased in the continent of North America beginning on May 23rd.
The movie is Hyun Bin's first project after his release from military. He is with Jung Jae Young, Jo Jung Suk, Han Ji Min, et al.
Watch the teaser below:

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2NE1 ALL OR NOTHING WORLD TOUR soon in the Philippines + teaser video!

MANILA, the Philippines. 2NE1 will be coming back in the Pearl of the Orient to entertain their Filipino Blackjacks with their 'ALL OR NOTHING 2014 2NE1 World Tour.'
2NE1 will definitely make theirs fans go gaga with their return concert on May 17th at 8:00PM at the Mall of Asia Arena. This concert will also mark the 5th anniversary celebration of 2NE1 since their debut in May 2009 with their chart­hitting single 'Fire.'
The ticket prices are the following and can be bought at any SM Ticket outlets:
VIP Standing P6,500
Lower Box A P5,500
Lower Box B P4,500
Upper VIP P2,500
Upper Regular P1,500

Watch the video teaser brought to you by Pulp Live World:


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EXO, SM and Weddings Top the Week′s Headlines

preview nextview 1/6 preview nextview If you’ve missed out on all the hottest news of the week, but you’re too busy to catch up on everything that’s been going on - no worries, we’ve got you covered. We’ll be recapping the Top 5 articles of the past week, based on reader views!

1.EXO to Unveil ‘Overdose’ MV Teaser Today (4/11)

Even when EXO is just TEASING a teaser, the group hits no.1 on the most read news of the week. Now that′s star power.

2.SM Officially Files for Criminal Charges for EXO ‘Overdose’ Leakage

Of course, when someone leaked EXO′s Overdose, the internet went crazy - but SM went even further and shut it down. And by that, we mean SM actually stood by its hard stance and filed criminal charges against the person behind the leak

International EXO Fans React To The ‘Overdose’ MV Being Delayed Due To National Tragedy

(Photo : SM)

Some EXO fans are having a furious debate over the delay of "Overdose"s promotions and music video release.

The tragic Korean ferry accident that left over 200 people missing led to the Korean entertainment industry shutting down in respect, with many television programs and even movie premiers cancelled. Numerous idols took to SNS and shared their prayers, cancelling performances and comebacks.

But some international fans don"t really understand why their favorite idols aren"t making a comeback. EXO"s fans in particular, known for their fervor, have been having a heated debate about the delayed release of EXO"s new "Overdose" music video.

Both SMTown"s official Facebook page and the Korean teaser of "Overdose" have become the forums for harsh arguments between fans