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T-ara's Boram Is a Living Doll in Teaser Image for "What Should I Do?"

After releasing Jiyeon, Eunjung, and Hyomin’s teaser photos, T-ara has released Boram‘s teaser photo for their upcoming track, “What Should I Do?

In the teaser photos Boram looks doll-like with her porcelain skin, big bright eyes, and sharp nose. In one photo she looks at her pretty reflection in the mirror. In another set of photos, she wears a rank handkerchief on her head while playing with an apple.

Just yesterday, the group released their first teaser video and announced that they would be holding a special screening of their music video on the big screen.

“What Should I Do?” is the main track from T-ara’s mini album, “Again 1977.”  The music video will be released on December 2

TASTY Takes on the Streets of Hong Kong in "Day N' Night" MV

The wait is finally over, Twings! After previously releasing two teasers and concept photos, TASTY has finally unveiled the music video for their new song, “Day N’ Night.”

The song reminds us of a 90’s K-pop track that is catchy and fun. Viewers are treated to a cinematic experience and sceneries as the boys roam the streets of Hong Kong. They fight over one girl in the story but it’s not your typical story as there’s quite a twist at the end of the video!

“Day n’ Night” drops today in online music stores. TASTY will make their comeback on the various music programs this week.

Check out the music video here and follow us on Soompi for more updates! 

“Heartstrings” Teases with Music Battle between Jung Yong Hwa & Park Shin Hye

JS Pictures released teaser stills of its lead actors – CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa, Park Shin Hye, So Yi Hyun, and Song Chang Ui – from tonight’s episode of “Heartstrings.” In the upcoming episode, the two music students, Lee Shin (Jung Yong Hwa) and Lee Gyu Won (Park Shin Hye) will challenge each other to a music battle.

In the first episode, Shin and Gyu Won established themselves as polar opposites – each claiming their music is better. He’s the lead vocalist/guitarist of rock band “The Stupid,” while she’s a music student studying the gayageum, a traditional Korean instrument. Gyu Won is also from a family with deep roots in Korean classical music. The two will have a music faceoff in front of their school’s students and professors

T-ara Releases First Video Teaser for "What Should I Do?"

Girl group T-ara released the first video teaser for their upcoming track, “What Should I Do?” through their agency’s official YouTube channel.

The video starts off with a dramatic piano piece and the words “And then 36 years passed away” written over a vintage film reel. The video then shows the member Hyomin recording her fellow members with a vintage camera in China. The video ends with the words “#T-araChinaStories Coming Soon.” Since this is titled “Teaser 1,” we can expect more video teasers soon.

Previously, Core Contents Media released several group teaser photos and announced that there would be a special big screen showing of the music video on December 2. A few lucky fans will be able to see the special screening and meet the girls of T-ara

Nine Muses is Coming Back with "Glue," Suitable for Audiences 25 and Over?

Girl group Nine Muses is about to make their fourth comeback this year, as they have just revealed a teaser for “Glue.”

Their upcoming digital single titled “Glue” will be released on December 4, but to give the fans a taste of their concept, a teaser picture was shared on the group’s official Facebook page on November 27. It is certainly one hot teaser with a bold red background and sharp white letters, but the attention is immediately drawn to the small cropped photo of lips, which seem to be leaning in for a kiss. The number 25 placed strategically right between the lips represents the recommended audience for the girls’ comeback that, according to the representatives, is 25 and over! 

For the time being, we only wonder how much sexier the girls can even get anymore

T-ara to Hold Special Screening of "What Should I Do?" Music Video

Girl group T-ara wants their fans to experience the music video for their upcoming track “What Should I Do?” on the big screen.

On November 27, a representative of Core Contents Media said, “The music video for ‘What Should I Do’ will be like a musical and will need a big screen and high quality audio for it to come alive, so we hold a special showing for the music video.

The special screening will take place the Megabox Theaters in Coex Mall on December 2 at 3PM. The screening will include the nine minute music video and a ten minute behind the scenes making of video. 60 lucky fans chosen from T-ara’s fan cafe will also get a chance to meet the girls themselves at the screening.

For the fans who cannot make it to the screening, the show will stream live exclusive on the music store and smart phone application, Genie

M.I.B Postpones Comeback Single Release, to Start Promoting on Music Shows This Week

Boys of M.I.B built up the excitement for their comeback by recently unveiling a teaser for their new song “Why Don’t You Start,” but instead of releasing the song and music video today, the release date has unfortunately been postponed to December 2.

On November 26, it was announced through the group’s official Twitter that the digital single will be released on December 2 instead of the original date November 27. Along with this information, a formal apology to the fans was uploaded on M.I.B’s fan cafe. But to thank the fans for waiting, the group will appear on music shows this week and start promoting ”Why Don’t You Start” as planned.

Moreover, the identity of the female whose attractive voice we could hear in the teaser has been revealed, and the featuring singer is no other than A Pink‘s adorable Yoon Bo Mi

Sweet Sorrow to Meet Fans with New Winter Single

Vocal group Sweet Sorrow will be meeting fans through a new single album!

On November 26, Sweet Sorrow’s agency Music&New announced the news of Sweet Sorrow’s new single album and released a teaser image as well. The agency’s official Twitter and Facebook posted the news of the groups upcoming single “Several Times” (working title).

“Several Times” will be released on December 4 and will feature solo artist Park Ji Yoon. The teaser image shows the four members of Sweet Sorrow looking quite dapper in sharp suits.

Music&New commented, “Sweet Sorrow, who has met fans with music that is fitting for the seasons, will release a romantic love song that is perfect for the winter. Please give a lot of love to Sweet Sorrow’s ‘Several Times,’ which will be released on December 4

The Boss Shows a Glimpse of "Why Goodbye" Choreography in Second Teaser Clip

After exciting fans with a first teaser clip for “Why Goodbye,” The Boss has released a second teaser clip, furthering increasing the anticipation for their comeback!

This new clip is similar to the first one in that the five members are seen in a black-and-white setting on an all-white set, giving them a cool and modern look.

The clip starts off by showing some of the intense choreography moves in slow motion with the strong beat of the song thudding in the background.

The Boss is definitely looking trendier and more mature as they prepare to meet their Korean fans for the first time in two years through this comeback.

Check out the teaser clip for “Why Goodbye” below and tell us what you think!

Feast Your Eyes and Ears on 2AM with their "Nocturne" Album Jacket and MV Sketch

What does 2AM bring you every time with their music releases? A feast for your eyes and ears. 

Check out the video sketch for the album jacket shoot for 2AM’s new mini album “Nocturne.” In it, you can watch the members playing games, joking around with each other, and generally looking good on the set of the photo shoot. Though the song (“Regret”) in the background is somber and the members are photographed with moody expressions, viewers won’t be able to contain their smiles, especially when at the 1:08 mark, Jinwoon smiles brightly like a child after the photographer compliments him on his good looks.

Now watch the music video sketch for the title track “Regret.” Did you view the teaser yesterday? Because while the boys look very composed and sophisticated in the video, behind the scenes, as the sketch reveals, they were freezing their pants off