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Music Industry Goes Into Major Check-Up Of New Songs In Light Of Ferry Incident

The music industry went into major check-up and editing of new songs coming out in May in light of the sunken ferry incident that happened on April 16. (Photo : osen)

The music industry went into major check-up and editing of new songs coming out in May in light of the sunken ferry incident that happened on April 16.

The staff of the music industry have been checking album jacket photos, teaser photos, and every scene of music videos, making sure that nothing has any potential of reminding anyone of the ferry incident.

Singers who were planning to make their comeback in the beginning of May changed up their comeback schedules, looking through their comeback aterial. As they were made before the incident, releasing them as they are would be no problem but they revealed that some scenes are better cut out

All Of The Music Industry Is At A Halt – What Are They Up To Right Now?

While broadcasting companies are airing dramas normally as planned and movies are being released according to schedule, the entire music industry has seemingly come to a halt. It"s expected that at least for the next 2 weeks all activities will not be resumed. Singers are spending their days doing different things.

Usually April and May are chock full of events, but the music world has stopped releasing new songs, and all concerts, events, and even fan signing events have completely come to a halt. The music industry is sharing in the sad sentiment caused by the disaster of the Sewol ferry accident.

Since comeback periods have a very big impact on a singer"s activities, adjusting schedules that have already been delayed is the biggest problem right now. That"s why during this "break," music industry officials will have to think hard about their next steps

Why Musicians Can’t Escape May Comeback

As the first period of the 2014 K-Pop scene has passed, the second lineup was ready to comeback in April and May prior to the Brazil World Cup. However, the Sewol ferry sunk, and all plans were thrown up in the air.

April comebacks were planned for many artists starting off with EXO; INFINITE, BEAST, 2PM, G.NA, T-ARA, Fly to the Sky, Wheesung, Park Hyo Shin, Secret, and VIXX started off their promotions one by one.

EXO held their comeback showcase. INFINITE signaled their comeback through a reality program, while Park Hyo Shin revealed a track from his soon-to-be-released album. BEAST and Block B got ready for their comeback through their own reality show. G.NA and T-ARA"s Jiyeon released teaser images, while Fly to the Sky and Secret"s Jun Hyo Sung took their album cover pictures

‘Big Man’ releases additional action-packed teasers of its ‘David and Goliath’ story

"Big Man" released two additional teasers of its "David and Goliath" story!

The newly released third and fourth teasers show Kang Ji Hwan (Kim Ji Hyuk/Kang Ji Hyuk) facing off against the family of Choi Daniel (Kang Dong Suk). Both men fall in love with Lee Da Hee"s character (So Mi Ra), making an intense triangle.

"Big Man" portrays the story of an orphan who goes through a fight reminiscent of "David and Goliath" as he tries to protect himself and his loved ones. It premieres on April 28 at 10 PM KST!

Park Hae-il and Sin Min-ah’s “Gyeongju”

Park Hae-il and Sin Min-ah's movie "Gyeongju" released previews.

The teaser poster shows Park Hae-il and Sin Min-ah standing under the sunlight and feeling spring. Park Hae-il is looking into the far sky and the writing on the poster says, "Can I hold your hand?"

Sin Min-ah's elegant poster says, "Can I touch your ear?" which sounds random and odd in a way.

The teaser starts off with Park Hae-il ripping the wallpaper of a café and Sin Min-ah, the owner staring at him dumbfounded.

Hong Yoon-hee (Sin Min-ah) invited Choi Hyeon (Park Hae-il) to a night out and later invited him to her home and said, "I really thought you were a pervert during the day". When he asked if she still thought so, a strange wave went through them

Amber and So Ryong Hang Out with GOT7 on “WGM TV” Episode Five

Amber of girl group f(x) and So Ryong of male duo Tasty, who also happen to be the hosts of “Global We Got Married Season 2,” have been spending time with rookie group GOT7.

A teaser clip of the upcoming episode of “WGM TV,” an online show giving you access to backstage clips and exclusive material of the program, shows Amber and So Ryong hanging out with the boys of GOT7. In a casual and friendly manner, they reveal their thoughts on dating and marriage at a recording studio, and while we hear bits and pieces of their discussion, there is a lot of be revealed in the full episode!

Check out the teaser below, and make sure to watch episode four featuring GOT7 as well!

Drama ‘A New Leaf’ releases third teaser featuring Kim Myung Min and Park Min Young

MBC uploaded the latest teaser for upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama "A New Leaf" on April 22!

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Yozoh Reveals Calming Acoustic Teaser for “Day Dream”

Female singer Yozoh will be making her comeback soon, and she has just given a taste of what is to come.

On April 21, a teaser of her upcoming song “Day Dream” was released through YouTube. The song belongs to her new album titled “Small Story Part. 1,” which will hit the music stores on April 24.

The teaser video follows a man drawing and writing on a roll of paper. His colorful illustrations reveal details about Yozoh’s album, and you can see him draw an acoustic guitar and a girl daydreaming, hinting at the concept of “Day Dream.” The calming guitar sound in the background seems to be a part of the acoustic version of Yozoh’s title track, as she teases us by singing one sweet line at the end of the teaser.

Stay tuned for the album release on April 24!

Yozoh doodles in MV teaser for ‘Daydream’

1theK uploaded a very cute and simple MV teaser for Yozoh"s "Daydream," which perfectly captures the essence of spring with an easygoing instrumental melody.

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Lee Jong Suk bares his abs in the intense shower scene for ‘Doctor Stranger’

In the third teaser clip for the upcoming SBS medical drama 'Doctor Stranger', actor Lee JOng Suk shows a mischievous and intense character.

He shows off a carefree and clumsy character first but got serious later. An intense and fierce scene shows the actor in a shower naked while screaming leaving a strong impact like the other characters.

Aside from Lee Jong Suk, Park hae Jin, Kang Sora, and Jin Se Yeon are also part of the main cast of 'Doctor Stranger' which premieres on May 5. Meanwhile, watch the teaser below: