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Professor Oh Discusses Her Work As A Korean Educator With 'Sweet And Tasty TV' [INTERVIEW]

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Professor Oh shares her knowledge of Korean language and culture through (Photo : Professor Oh) Professor Oh educates Hallyu enthusiasts in the myriad of vernacular and slang that is omnipresent in the Korean language. Through her "Sweet and Tasty TV" program on YouTube, she reaches millions of viewers who tune in to watch the adventures of her on-screen personalities like Billy Jin, a K-pop enthusiast, and Granny Kim, a fun-loving senior. KpopStarz interviewed Professor Oh about her educational work with "Sweet and Tasty TV."

Professor Oh as Billy Jin. (Photo : Professor Oh ) KpopStarz: Why were you inspired to create educational videos, particularly those who target fans of Korean culture?

Professor Oh: Initially, there were no intentions of creating YouTube content, on a regular basis. I uploaded my first Korean lesson back in 2008 when there were less than five Korean language videos on YouTube. Unexpectedly, quite a number of views accumulated on my first Korean lesson video. A surprising 2 million views.

Due to my audiences demand for more content and my interest in filmmaking, I began uploading videos every week. Much of my audience is made up of K-pop and K-Drama fans. I wanted to share with them a deeper cultural insight on Korea aside from its entertainment aspect.

KpopStarz: Do you watch Korean dramas? If so, what is your favorite series? Which dramas do you think have made the strongest impact on people who would like to learn about Korean culture?

Professor Oh:The latest Korean drama I watched to completion was Misaeng. My favorite Korean drama of all time? I want to say Winter Sonata, however I imagine Id have a different opinion of it watching it today than when it was first released 13 years ago. Boys Over Flowers was cheesier than any pizza Ive ever eaten but was still funny to watch.

Dramas based on historical events and characters seem to have a stronger impact for those interested in learning about Korean culture. K-Dramas like Jewel in the Palace show you the traditions of old Korea. Be mindful that film productions are not percent accurate depictions of the past. These moving pictures are based on references and documented facts. After all, none of us were alive centuries ago.

Professor Oh as Granny Kim. (Photo : Professor Oh ) KpopStarz: I love your parody videos and on-screen personalities because they help to make difficult subjects easier to understand. Do you find that audiences absorb the lessons you are teaching with more ease than when they are taught by instructors who do not use comedy?

Professor Oh: Humor can go a long way. Entertainment is engaging. It may appear that my various characters were created to increase attention spans, however, they were born from necessity. The Korean language uses honorifics, meaning the way you speak to elders differ from when you speak to your friends. There are common titles such as oppa and unni that I needed to demonstrate to viewers.

My Korean grandmother was thousands of miles away and I didnt know a place to adopt one nearby, so I decided to be my own granny. My native Korean buddies were too shy to act. Thus, I became my own "oppa," "unnie," "hyung," "ahjumma," "ahjussi," and more. At the time, I used to collect wigs for no particular reason. I finally put them to good use and experimented with various looks. Thats how K-pop loving Billy Jin, foodie Taekwon Do, party animal Granny Kim, and the studious Professor Oh were born.

Professor Oh as Taekwon Do (Photo : Professor Oh ) KpopStarz: What was your first video personality? How do you create new personalities and who serves as your inspiration?

Professor Oh: My first character was Professor Oh. I didnt give too much thought to this character, for the first Korean lesson; I just used my last name and was myself. For a large portion of my YouTube videos, I developed the personality to be more studious and to focus more on topics relating to sightseeing, culture, and history. Lately, in the Korean Culture Corner, Professor Oh is a closer representation of who I am off-camera.

Every character focuses on a particular subject. Each personality is developed based on their main interests. Billy Jin typically does episodes on fashion, K-pop, cafes, trends, and everything girly. Her boyfriend Taekwon Do loves to eat. Anything with food, its handled by this oppa. He has very relaxed eyes partially because hes super laid back, but also because of food coma. Granny Kim? She parties until dawn and loves adding a shot of soju into bowls of bingsoo wherever she goes.

People in my life are my inspiration. Granny Kims best friend Bongja is modeled after my fancy grandmother, who never leaves the house without putting her red lipstick on. She likes to have her hair big and voluminous. Taekwon Do is how I see the typical man: meat-loving, attempting to be a good boyfriend by taking his girl to karaoke, and holding her many shopping bags. Billy Jins mother is inspired by my own mother from ten years ago when she wore mismatching patterns and had permed hair. My mother is much more fashionable now and appears as herself on my videos.

KpopStarz: What is one of your favorite K-pop parodies?

I have a thing for guys dressing up as girls and shaking their booty. You can never go wrong with parodies where male comedians dress in scandalous clothes and perform Brown Eyed Girls Abracadabra and Girls Generation Gee. PSY"s covers of Beyonces Single Ladies is gold. That man can dance.

KpopStarz: Who is your favorite K-pop act?

Professor Oh: As much as I enjoy a wide range of K-pop singers, I am particularly in love with YG Family. Big Bang and 2NE1 for life. I fantasize about becoming an art director so I can be part of their epic music video production. Or at least go behind-the-scenes and contribute to their creative process. Dream on.

KpopStarz: Do you think foreigners have more difficulty with understanding the Korean language than culture? If so, why?

Professor Oh: Everything is relative. If youve grown up in an Asian household, it may be easier to understand Korean culture than learning the language. If you have a knack for learning languages but was raised in a culture far from Asia, perhaps understanding the Korean language is easier. In any case, the best way to learn any language and culture is to go to the source: its native country.

KpopStarz: What are some of your future plans? Where would you like to see "Sweet and Tasty TV" go, in the future?

Professor Oh: I have an idea jar overflowing with where Id like to take "Sweet And Tasty TV." For one, I am in the very early stages of writing a book using my characters. The basic plot is down, but somehow Ill have to find the time to develop it into a full-fledging book. My focus is currently more towards producing content for my YouTube channel and website. Viewers often ask me to continue Snack Tub Korea, so perhaps I shall. Stay tuned.

B1A4's Gongchan showed for internet drama 'Tasty Love'

News via allkpop.com
B1A4's Gongchan showed for internet drama 'Tasty Love'

You"re going to look the good-looking Gongchan of B1A4 in a new drama in accordance with a web-based novel!

WM Entertainment"s rep said on September 24, "Gongchan can be acting in web drama, "Tasty Love."" He will be gambling the male lead who falls for the feminine lead, who eats the complete lot deliciously, in the beginning sight! Then enthusiasts will most probably get to see him attempt to woo her with all his charms. How cute.

Don"t you want you were the woman in this drama?

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TASTY printed to have filed lawsuit requesting contract termination + Woollim to countersue

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TASTY printed to have filed lawsuit requesting contract termination + Woollim to countersue

The duo TASTY and Woollim Entertainment went via some intense drama this beyond summer in regards to the halting in their promotions, and now it turns out the duo have filed a lawsuit to terminate their contract.

TASTY filed the lawsuit against SM C&C, as it's miles the mum corporate of Woollim Entertainment, at the Seoul District Court.

Woollim answered to inform the media, "We have learned that TASTY have filed a lawsuit at the court to nullify their contract. We are flustered that this suit has been filed in a scenario where we can"t even get in contact with the members. We are getting ready a countersuit with our lawyers."

No explicit main points had been revealed so far, so remain tuned for updates. 

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Tasty Officially Files Lawsuit to finish Contract With Woollim

News via soompi.com

Tasty Officially Files Lawsuit to End Contract With Woollim Chinese duo Tasty (twins Daeryong and Soryong) has officially filed a lawsuit against Woollim Entertainment’s parent company SM C&C to verify the invalidity in their exclusive contract, in line with felony assets on September 14. it's been decades coming because the duo first announced this July that they would now not be selling in Korea.

Tasty could be represented by way of Shinwon Law company in the approaching legal battles. in regards to the lawsuit from Tasty, Woollim mentioned to Celebrity News that they're making ready a countersuit with their lawyers. the primary court date has yet to be set.

Previously, following Tasty’s resolution to leave Korea, the duo and Woollim went from aspect to side with contradictory statements, the tension between the 2 already apparent, and when Tasty announced their Chinese unmarried release, Woollim spoke back with a promise of legal action.

Photo Of TASTY Twins With Z.Tao Incites Outrage Among Korean Fans

News via kpopstarz.com
Photo Of TASTY Twins With Z.Tao Incites Outrage Among Korean Fans

Online K-pop forums are abuzz as former EXO member Tao (Huang Zitao, now known by the stage name Z.Tao) and the twins of TASTY (Jung Soryong and Jung Daeryong) snap a photo together after the former"s recent solo performance.

On August 24, Chinese-Korean duo TASTY shared a set of photos on their official Weibo account celebrating the completion of Z.Tao"s show in China. "The solo concert has finished! It was a great performance," the twins wrote on their Chinese social media account. The photos attached to the post showed Tao performing on stage, some food he received in honor of his solo tour, and most notably a selfie of the three polarizing K-pop stars.

Newsen reported that the brother duo had gone to cheer on Z.Tao. Both TASTY and the EXO member are currently seeking to have their exclusive contracts in South Korea terminated in order to freely pursue activities in China.

In response to the pictures, online commenters in South Korea have weighed in with their opinions, with many expressing feelings of outrage and betrayal.

"This is why I hate groups with foreign members. It"s hard to like them and you can always count on them to go back to their countries once they"ve made enough money and popularity. Fans who gave them their everything during their promos are left with nothing but memories," one user expressed, as translated by Netizenbuzz.

"At least Tao has being an ex-EXO member to his name, what does Tasty have going for them other than being nugus [lesser known groups]?" another posted.

Many more also called the singers traitors while one user in particular addressed the differences between Korean and international fan reactions to these lawsuits, stating: "What"s funny is that they"re the ones who betrayed us but if you go on YouTube, all of the foreigners are saying that Tao was treated like a slave and call him "our poor Tao" and promise to support him forever."

TASTY departed from Korea early in July, saying that they would be continuing their careers in China. Woollim Entertainment, TASTY"s management company, expressed their confusion over the duo"s departure and last week announced that they will pursue legal action against the brothers for violating their contract.

Tao left EXO back in April without much explanation beyond a letter from his father asking for Tao to leave the group. Then, on July 23, he released his solo album TAO. SM Entertainment replied by removing access to Tao"s music video on YouTube and continued to insist that both parties were in talks.

However, on August 24 Tao officially filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to officially terminate his contract.

Tasty & Tao reunite in China; staff photo released

News via dkpopnews.net
Tasty & Tao reunite in China; staff photo released

Tasty, who have these days gotten into an factor opposed to their firm Woollim Entertainment for allegedly breaching their contract uploaded a set photo along side Tao on their weibo account.

The duo captioned, "Tao"s concert has ended!" and uploaded a selfie fascinated by Tao at the venue. It seems like the twins got here to enhance their friend at his solo mini concert held yesterday.

Fans and netizens have combined reactions against their meeting. Some are touched and remark "Wow their friendship is still strong." "I"m satisfied that they retain in touch." "The twins are just right pals of Tao in Korea." at the alternative hand, netizens paradoxically mean that Tasty are supporting Tao and getting ready to sue Woollim in addition they haven"t resolved their factor with their firm yet.

Meanwhile, it's been showed these days that Tao has officially left EXO and filed a lawsuit opposed to SM Entertainment to terminate his contract with the similar legal professional as Kris" and Luhan"s. READ MORE

Woollim’s Relationship with Tasty, Turned Sour

News via seoulbeats.com

20150727_seoulbeats_tasty Woollims Relationship with Tasty, Turned Sour Written by Amy L On July 28, 2015 Admittedly, last year’s slew of idol-agency disputes as well as the ongoing exodus have left us all a little jaded as it seems no company nor idol group could be spared from their share of conflict. While the majority of fan and media attention is on disputes featuring the biggest names and labels (the harder they fall, after all), disagreements between humbler agencies and less popular artists often slip by unnoticed. Or, they can steal away to China, as Woollim is claiming Tasty duo Daeryong and Soryong have done after business negotiations broke down.

And while the Chinese-Korean brothers’ departure from Woollim isn’t exactly new or even that surprising, it’s notable to see how quickly and decisively Tasty has proceeded following their break from the company. On July 15th, Tasty updated their Weibo page with a post announcing that the duo would be ending their eight-year stay in Korea after failing to see eye to ye with Woollim. “Although our time in Korea is ending, we won’t stop making music,” they reassured fans.

Woollim responded with a statement the next day, expressing confusion and concern. The company revealed that they had been working on a Korean and Chinese comeback for Tasty in June, and could not understand why the duo had abruptly left without any notice and cut off all communication when they had already completed recording the new song. Still, Woollim was quick to add that they were not jumping to conclusions, and were waiting to hear from the twins.

As it turns out, Woollim didn’t have to wait long. Tasty took to Weibo again, this time to directly address Woollim’s statement of supposed ignorance:

?? One-sided disappearance? What about the time we talked with the directors and the CEO? We told you thoroughly about the things we couldn’t understand and you told us that the company understands. To say now that we suddenly disappeared and it is unilateral…we don’t understand.

In regards to the recorded comeback song, Tasty insisted it was Woollim Entertainment who had been acting one-sidedly, accusing the company of ignoring the members’ opinions and threatening a comeback delay if the duo did not cooperate.

Woollim did not offer any further comment on the issue until a week or so later, when Tasty suddenly announced a Chinese single, set to release on July 26th along with teaser photos of the twins. Woollim’s statement to the media was brief. “We are shocked and dumbfounded,” the agency said.

The next day, Tasty uploaded a series of screencaps of their KakaoTalk chat with Woollim CEO Lee Jung-yeop on Twitter (which were later deleted) to discredit Woollim’s claims that the twins had severed contact and acted slyly to advance their career. Through the screencaps and Tasty’s own explanation, the duo returned to China on June 3rd and was shown to have called Lee Jung-yeob a few days later on June 6th. Then, Tasty called the company again on July 21st, the day they announced their Chinese single.

In response, Woollim issued the classic “say nothing while still saying something” PR line, “We are looking into it.”

To be fair, Woollim later released a response to clarify the KakaoTalk screencaps. It was true that Tasty had contacted the CEO after returning to China, but the duo had not called with any other intention but to demand the cancellation of their contract with Woollim. The company did not acknowledge the second call placed on July 21st, claiming that Woollim had found out about Tasty’s upcoming Chinese activities through social media networks. At this point, Woollim concluded:

But today, they [Tasty] once again only used SNS to say things that make them look like they continuously tried to contact us.

Woollim’s latest statement lies in direct conflict with the company’s original report, in which Woollim presented themselves as completely blindsided by Tasty’s leave to China, as well as the duo’s Chinese activities. While the content of the calls between Tasty and Woollim were not revealed, the fact that Woollim confirmed at least the first phone call between the two parties shows that the agency was well aware of the twins’ departure an entire month before the news officially broke. With this knowledge, Woollim’s earlier statements about being caught off-guard seem far too naïve to be believed – rather, the company comes across as rather manipulative, feigning surprise in order to paint a picture of a trusting agency and two traitors.

This certainly isn’t the first scandal Woollim has dealt with by any means, but perhaps the first conflict in which the company has been embroiled in publicly with its own artists. Past issues have shown that Woollim, as a small company, deals with scandals solely with the goal of self-preservation. Sacrifices have to be made by small companies to ensure survival, whether such sacrifices translate to CEO Lee Jung-yeop selling his home in order to fund the company, or Woollim neglecting to defend (and subsequently losing) Tablo during the TaJinYo controversy in order to protect the company’s budding boy group.

In the case of Tasty, it was clear from the start that the duo were a far more experimental venture than say, Nell or Infinite, and the uneven proportions of investment between the Woollim artists showed in Tasty’s sparse discography. Despite debuting in 2012, Tasty have only produced two single albums. Their most recent promotion was the digital single “ADDICTION,” which was released nearly a year ago. During the same time, Woollim debuted their first girl group Lovelyz – maybe Tasty had predicted they would be placed into storage for the remainder of their contract now that Woolim had a safer, potentially more popular project in their hands.

Woollim does have legitimate cause for complaint, however. On July 26th, the Tasty twins released not one, but two Chinese singles, “S.E.X.Y” and “AAAA” through their Weibo. Currently promoting under the name DXLX (a stylized combination of their Chinese names, Da-Long and Xiao-Long), Daeryong and Soryong are making clear, and rather bold, violations of their signed contract with Woollim Entertainment. In many ways, Woollim’s PR tactics regarding Tasty is reminiscent of SM’s handling of Kris and Luhan’s departures from EXO in favor of China, and perhaps this has something to do with the merger between Woollim and SM CC. Or, maybe not, and Woollim is naturally attempting to maintain control as the company continues to grow. As Tasty makes attempts to advance in the Chinese music market, it’ll be interesting to watch how Woollim attempts to resolve the situation, though judging by previous cases, the conflict between Tasty and Woollim isn’t getting resolved anytime soon.

(Xsportsnews, Star, Naver, TV Daily, Newsen, Weibo, Images via Woollim Entertainment, Weibo, and Twitter )

TASTY And Woollim Entertainment Continue To Clash Over Duo's Upcoming Release In China

News via kpopstarz.com
TASTY And Woollim Entertainment Continue To Clash Over Duo's Upcoming Release In China

The battle between Chinese-Korean pop duo TASTY and Woollim Entertainment continues.

On July 22, TASTY"s Jung Daeryong and Jung Soryong uploaded screen captures of a KakaoTalk conversation to their official Twitter as evidence that they tried to contact their record label, Woollim Entertainment to no avail.

In the three uploaded screen caps, the pop star twin brothers show their attempts at calling the CEO of Woollim through the messaging app"s voice talk feature.They also show a conversation between the duo and an unnamed company official.

In a report by XSports News, TASTY explained that after they returned to China on June 3, they attempted contact with the CEO of Woollim on June 6. Then, on July 21 they had also tried to contact Woollim before announcing the upcoming release of their Chinese single. The tweets have since been deleted from TASTY"s account.

Woollim Entertainment released an official statement in response. According to TVDaily, Woollim shared that TASTY still left for China without notice and then contacted the CEO to tell him that they wanted to cancel their contract. "It was a one-sided agreement," Woollim"s statement reads. "After a month without contact, TASTY declared the start of their Chinese activities also through SNS. Today, once again, they only use SNS to make statements that look like they tried to contact us."

The record company"s statement ends with a firm reminder that TASTY are still under contract and that releasing and promoting a Chinese album acts in violation of that contract.

Woollim has also asked for the group to talk to them directly and not just through phone and SNS services. TASTY have yet to reply to their request.

TASTY Announce Chinese Single Release This Month, Woollim Entertainment Remains In The Dark

News via kpopstarz.com
TASTY Announce Chinese Single Release This Month, Woollim Entertainment Remains In The Dark

The twins of TASTY continue to make waves with the announcement of their Chinese single.

On July 21, the Chinese K-pop duo announced the release date of their upcoming single in China through their Weiboaccount. The two brothers posted three teaser photos to the Chinese social media site along with the confirmed release date of July 26.

In response to the teasers, Woollim Entertainment (TASTY"s management company in Korea) expressed "We"re shocked and dumbfounded," according to Newsen.

Earlier this month, the TASTY"s Daeryong and Soryong announced via social mediathat they were not be continuing their Korean activities. Immediately after, Woollim Entertainment claimed that TASTY"s decision was one-sided and that they were currently in the process of preparing another comeback for them. TASTY quickly refuted this claim as well.

TASTY debuted under Woollim Entertainment in 2012 and have released three songs since then. Their last comeback, "Addiction," was released in August 2014 in both Korean and Chinese.

Despite the confusion and sadness to see both boys leave Korea so suddenly, fans are excited to see what TASTY has to offer for their Chinese single.

TASTY is comprised of twin brothers Jung So-ryong (Chinese name Zheng Xiao-Long) and Jung Dae-ryong (Chinese name Zheng Da-Long) who were born and raised in Jilin, China before moving to train as pop stars in both South Korea and the United States. Before signing with Woollim, the pair were trainees with JYP Entertainment and served as back up dancers for the company"s CEO Park JinYoung.

Tasty supplies Evidence They tried to touch Woollim, firm States role at the “Evidence”

News via soompi.com

Tasty supplies Evidence They attempted to contact Woollim, firm States function at the “Evidence” earlier lately, Tasty uploaded screen captures as evidence they'd tried to contact Woollim Entertainment backst this to the claims the agency made pronouncing Tasty just left Korea and cut ties without any no longerice.

In the screen captures supplied, you'll see Tasty calling the CEO of Woollim thru Kakao voice communicate, in addition evidence of conversations between Tasty and any individual at the corporate no longer particularly named. Tasty explained, along side the pictures, they'd returned (to China) on June 3, contacted the CEO on June 6, and that on July 21 (which is the day they announced their Chinese unmarried liberate), they had also contacted Woollim first. *The tweets have since been deleted.

based on this, Woollim Entertainment first mentioned that they were taking a glance into it, and now they've liberated an respectable commentary.

Woollim explained that Tasty left for China without any no longerice on June 3 and simplest two days later contacted the CEO to inform him unilaterally that they sought after to cancel their contract. And after one month without any contact, they announced at their social media network (SNS) account that they were going to start out activities in China and liberate a unmarried.

Woollim voiced their anger, proceeding, “but lately, they once back simplest used SNS to mention things that cause them to appear to be they incessantly tried to contact us.”

Woollim concluded with the corporation commentary that what Tasty is doing- appearing in China and liberating an album- is backst their contract as they are still beneath an exclusive contract with the agency.”

Woollim asked for Tasty to speak to them at once, no longer just thru telephone networks and SNS.

Tasty Announces Plans to Halt Activities in Korea; firm Woollim Responds

Tasty Refutes Woollim Ent.’s Claim that the Duo’s decision to Halt Activities in Korea was once Unilateral

Tasty Announces Single Release in China, Woollim “shocked”