Tasty Announces Plans to Halt Activities in Korea; Agency Woolim Responds

Tasty Announces Plans to Halt Activities in Korea; Agency Woolim Responds

Firm Woolim Responds" alt="Tasty Announces Plans to Halt Activities in Korea;

Firm Woolim Responds" src="http://img.ohkpop.com/2015/07/15/zbgsht.jpg" width="800" height="450"/> The Korean-Chinese duo Tasty, who de

Yeted in the K-pop scene in 2012 Beneath Woolim Entertainment, have announced That Five HundredThey Will Five HundredNo Longer be active in Korea.

Tasty is composed of twins Daeryong and Soryong, who Five HundredMaximum Currently dropped their


Unmarried enFive HundredNamed Addiction in August 2014.

On July 15, the duo posted a Five HundredObservation on their Respectable Weibo. Hello, Here Is Daeryong and Soryong, they say. Were Declaring That When eight years, our time in Korea is coming to an Five HundredFive HundredEnd. There were Five HundredMany Stuff that Lets not negotiate with our Five HundredCorporate, and after much Five HundredAttention Five HundredWe've Got come to this


They Five HundredUpload, Although our time in Korea is Five HundredFive HundredEnding, we wont Forestall making Tune.

On July 16, a representative from Woolim Entertainment Answered. We Had Been Operating Challenging Five HundredTo

Upgrade Tastys Reasonably A Five HundredVariety Of activities and

Satisfy our joint Objectives, they say. We

Completed recording a new song with the Objective of Tasty staging a simultaneous Korean and Chinese comeback in June,

Yet then we Five HundredShowed that Daeryong and Soryong had Suddenly left for China without Five HundredRealize. After that, they Five HundredBring To A Halt all communications with the agency.

Five HundredWe've Observed their social media posting, the representative continues. But we still dont think that Here Is the worst-case

Condition. Were currently waiting to

Listen from Daeryong and Soryong.

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Court Makes Resolution In Tasty Vs. Woollim Entertainment Lawsuit

Court Makes Resolution In Tasty Vs. Woollim Entertainment Lawsuit

Court Makes Resolution In Tasty Vs. Woollim Entertainment Lawsuitnotclaira June 22, 2016 0 Court Makes Decision In Tasty Vs. Woollim Entertainment Lawsuit The Seoul Seocho-gu District Court has given the verdict in Tasty’s lawsuit opposed to SM CC, who owns Woollim Entertainment.

In March, Tasty and SM CC’s representatives met for a court date. As the plaintiff, Tasty argued that their exclusive contract was once invalid and asked for the agreement to be terminated.

The court mentioned on June 23, “We are disregarding the plaintiff’s claim. The plaintiff might bechargeable forall of thepayment of the lawsuit.”

Tasty is a duo composed of Daeryong and Soryong, dual brothers from China who determined to leave their careers in Korea ultimate July after being not able to negotiate with their agency.

As the lawsuit has been dismissed, the contract between Tasty and SM CC probably still stands.

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Korean film

Korean film "Tasty Movie"

Added the Korean film "Tasty Movie"'s page to HanCinema database"Tasty Movie" (2015)Directed via Park Beom-soo-IIWith Ricks, Da Na,...SynopsisThere is a set of dreamers who make amateur movies. They want toturn intothe maximum productiveworkforce of movie makers and incessantlylook forward tothe danger to quench their thirst of creation. One day, the team leader Ricks presentations up with a script for an erotic film. Sun-mi, a wannabe actress and Hae-il who does the chores, concern about the erotic movieyetcome to a decisionto headin conjunction with Ricks' decision. They forged Cha-rin and Tae-san as the lead for their film and start making. However, as they are inexperienced, they make a huge number of mistakes along the way. Will they make it? The trailthey're going down is a difficult one...Release date in Korea : 2016/05/26


8 Dangerously Tasty Korean Snacks Which are To Die For

8 Dangerously Tasty Korean Snacks Which are To Die For

21kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Theres anything magical about the aisles of Korean supermarkets, just because you lot know they have got the most delicious, almost definitely corn flavored snacks. Which may be your favorites?

If you havent attempted them yet, you gotta flavorthose incredibly scrumptious snacks that experience the country in a crazy! Take a glance at these: 8 Dangerously Tasty Korean Snacks To Die For!

8 Dangerously Tasty Korean Snacks To Die ForThrough Koreaboo

Theres something magical about the aisles of Korean supermarkets, justsince you know they've got the most delicious, potentially corn flavored snacks. Which are your favorites?

KkokkalcornBy Koreaboo

The correct fashion to consume these cone shaped, corn snacks is to put them at thepointers of your fingers, and eat them one by one. Or by the handful, either way.

Onion Ring ChipsBy Koreaboo

Onion Ring chips are presumablythe simplest real snack food that tastes higher than the food its looking to imitate. And theyre even more straightforward to eat.

Possibly the only snack in the world with its own holiday, Pepero is insanely popular in Korea. These chocolate covered sticks hit the spot each and every time.

If youve ever had a chum whos served in the Korean military, you know precisely how enjoyed Chocopie is. A marshmallow sandwiched by chocolate-covered cakes—what more might you ask for?

Shrimp ChipsBy Koreaboo

Shrimp chips will also bediscoveredfar and wide in Korea, which is fine, since these lightly flavored snacks are fully delicious. Make certain youpurchase the jumbo sized bags; youll be apologetic about it if you dont.

Dried SquidBy Koreaboo

Dried Squid is beautiful much Koreas resolution to red meat jerky. Just a littledifficult to eat, yetvaluethe hassleeach time.

Spicy CheetosBy Koreaboo

Theyre still Cheetos brand, but the Korean editionis much better. It doesnt totally coat your palms in cheese powder, and has a sweeter, cornier taste.

Honey Butter ChipsBy Koreaboo

These illusive snacks have been sold out national since their unlock in August! Other folks are so loopy or so them they buy them by the box, and celebrities obtain exclusive bags to take selfies with!

BONUS: Hyomin with her Honey Butter ChipsBy Koreaboo

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Tasty and SM C&C Speak about Contract Termination Lawsuit at Court

Tasty and SM C&C Speak about Contract Termination Lawsuit at Court

Tasty and SM CC Talk about Contract Termination Lawsuit at Courtkokoberry March 17, 2016 0 LINE it!Tasty and SM CC Discuss Contract Termination Lawsuit at Court Chinese duo Tastys prisonfight amongst Woolim Entertainment and parent corporate SM CC continues.

Previously, Tasty announced plans to halt activities in Korea in July of 2015. Woolim Entertainment spoke back that the duo unilaterally made this resolution without informing the agency. Then Tasty refuted their claims and officially filed a lawsuit to finish their exclusive contract with Woolim Entertainment.

On March 17, lawyers representing each side met for a pleading date at the Seoul Central District Court.

The plaintiff (Tasty)s attorney stated, The plaintiff argues that the exclusive contract itself is invalid. The defendant, SM CC, failed to balance accounts and treated them unfairly. The plaintiff asks for their exclusive contract to be terminated because of unfair remedy and discrimination in comparison to other groups.

Then the defendant (SM CC) said, We established and balanced accounts consistent withthe guidelines for same old exclusive contracts. We can notsettle for how they unilaterally mentioned their contract is invalid.

SM CCs aspect continued, As for no longer balancing accounts, its no longer that they were not paid yet rather that their benefitused to be smaller than the volume invested in comparison. If an firm singer doesn't make a profit, this may also be a loss for the company, so there's noreason whyto regard them unfairly. The plaintiffs claim is unfair. There's no reason to terminate the exclusive contract.

What are your mind on their statements?

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Girls Day’s Yura Stocks Her Method to  Weight loss plan on “Tasty Road”

Girls Day’s Yura Stocks Her Method to Weight loss plan on “Tasty Road”

Girl’s Days Yura Stocks Her Solution toEating regimen on Tasty Avenue ilmare42 February 27, 2016 0 LINE it!Girl’s Days Yura Shares Her Method of Dieting on Tasty Road On February 27’s episode of “2016 Tasty Road,” host Yura of Girl’s Day talks about what she does when she thinks she should lose a couple of pounds.

When guest Jang Hyuk asks her what her dieting secret is, Yura replies, “I consume like usual, and then get in a position when I want tocross on a diet. Two weeks ahead of our comebacks, I don’t eat and just center of attention on wasting weight.”

Yura then adds, “So occasionally one fail.”

In response, Jang Hyuk says, “I workoutvia doing such things as boxing.” He says to her, In the future, I counsel that you eat a huge number ofscrumptious things, and then lose weight by exercising. That’s the simplest real way you'll be able tobe at liberty and also have plenty of energy.”

Watch Yura and Jang Hyuk on February 27’s episode of “Tasty Road” on Olive TV!

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Upcoming Korean film

Upcoming Korean film "Tasty Encounter"

Added the approaching Korean film "Tasty Encounter"'s page to HanCinema database"Tasty Encounter" (2016)Directed via Lee JunWith Baek In-kwon, Cha Joo-hyeon, Lee Chae-dam, Jang Chang-myung,...SynopsisA secret recommendation made by a guywho is never been loved. This instinctively outrageous encounter starts now. Hyeon-joo takes some drowsing pills because of her boyfriend's unexpectedsmash up. She wakes up to any individual touching her and realizes she's dead when she sees Do-jin the Death Angel in front of her. She is scared and regrets what she's done so she begs Do-jin the Angel of Death to let her go. Do-jin is shocked at how hot she is and gives her a secret deal...Release date in Korea : 2016/02/29


Girl's Day's Yura finds her vitamin secret on 'Tasty Road'

Girl's Day's Yura finds her vitamin secret on 'Tasty Road'

'Tasty Road' MC Girls' Day'sYurarevealed her nutrition hole-and-cornerat the February 27th episode.

SEE ALSO: Yura stated she starved for a week to wear her get dressed

Jang Hyuk, who used to be featured as a guest on the show, asked Yura about her diet secret, and Yura answered, "I just consumein maximum cases then get in a position when it is time for me to head on a diet. Two weeks ahead of comeback is when I do not eat and be mindful of loosing weight. That is why there are times when I fail."

To this Jang Hyuk responded, "I workoutthrough boxing. I advocate you loose weight by dining all you need to have and then exercising. You are going to feel just right and also be more energized."

It sounds like Jang Hyuk supplied some sensiblesuggestion for Yura and all and sundry else.


Girl's Day's Yura attempts to devour fish eyes on 'Tasty Road'

Girl's Day's Yura attempts to devour fish eyes on 'Tasty Road'

On the February 20 airing of 'Tasty Road', Girl's Day's Yura, Kim Min Jung, and Yang Se Hyung visited a Maeuntang (fish stew) place. 

SEE ALSO: Yura acknowledged she starved for a week to wear her get dressed

When Yura was once exposed to fish eyes, she changed intoincredibly hesitant. Then again she overcame her worry and attempted dining fish eyes for the primary time as she said, "I wish to have healthy eating habits, and take a glance at out foods I could notconsumeprior to equally 1movie Tasty Road."

To this Kim Min Jung responded, "Why would you take a glance at that?", and Yura answered, "Wouldn't I be a large girl if I eat this," which made everybody laugh.

'Tasty Road' is a program that includesfeminine celebrities traveling around South Korea to noticenoted eateries, and buying groceries locations. This season with Kim Min Jung and Yura marks its 7th season on the air. 


Yura admits that she could not  prevent  dining  all through filming of 'Tasty Road'

Yura admits that she could not prevent dining all through filming of 'Tasty Road'

Girl's Day's Yura live-chatted with loversby way of Naver's 'V' app all through Gaon Chart's 5th 'K-Pop Awards' which came about on February 17. 

It used to be during this chat that the idol talked more about being decided on as the MC for 'Tasty Road.' The idol said, "During one consultation of filming, I pass to a minimum of3 to 4 eateries. I have to move on a in reality empty stomach." 

SEE ALSO: Drama Review 'Murim School' - Episode 10

Yura then asked fans, "It will air on February 20 so please do notoverlookto observe it," and added, "I think it should exista laugh for you to watch. Because I trulydevour a lot. I used to be and thenstunned because regardless of how much I ate, I did notgrow to be full. I learned that I eat truly well." That is whatoccurswhilst you get to eat just right food for free!

If you need to catch Yura dining some scrumptious foods, then you greatersong in to 'Tasty Road'!