Original member of Korean folk band C`est Si Bon makes a comeback in 48 years

Original member of Korean folk band C`est Si Bon makes a comeback in 48 years

Its an generation where other people can are living for one hundred years. Numerous days are forward of me. I made up our minds to accomplish back at the degree for the dream that I had to sacrifice to give a spice up to my family, acknowledged Lee Ik-gyun, 68, some of the long-established individuals of Koreas mythical folk track band C`est Si Bon Trio. When Lee seemed in a native communicate display program, he used to be complimented for his low-register voice. His voice over the telephone sounded low yet cheerful.

Lee, Jo Young-nam, Yoon Hyung-ju and Kim Se-hwan will carry out 2015 C`est Si Bon and Buddies Concert Season 2 at the Sejong middle of Appearing Arts on Sep. 26 and 27. As the concert enters the season 2 after four years because the C`est Si Bon concert began in 2011, Lee made a decision to signal up for on the stage after a 48-year-long break. In the film C`est Si Bon, which opened in local theaters previous this year, the foremost persona Oh Geun-tae (played through Korean actor Jeong Woo) is in keeping with Lees genuine story.

Different from the motion picture story, I'm truly not the user that betrays chums for love, Lee said. He joined the folk band when he studied civil engineering at Yonsei University. Lee took a damage from faculty to grow to be a singer but he had to sign up for the military in 1968 after receiving a realize of enlistment. Afterwards, he gave up on his dream and were running for a structure corporate for 40 years. i determined to live the 2d one existence thank you to C`est Si Bon band members, said Lee, who currently got here back to Korea after completing a bridge construction assignment in Nepal.

During the 2-hour-long concert, C`est Si Bon and company will provide old pop songs adding When the Saint pass Marching In, which become played in the movie. Audiences will also experience their own songs reminiscent of We could Go on a Trip, Hwagae Market, Closed Clam Shells, and Thorn Tree Bird. Trot singer Jo Jeong-min, the concerts guest, will sing Bumble Bee, unhappy Movies, and A Long Hair woman with C`est Si Bon members. Jo Young-nam said, Thanks to Lee Ik-gyun with low-register voice and feminine singer Jo Jeong-min, vocal sounds of the concert have turned into enriched, more than ever.

At a local radio prove in 2009, Jo Young-nam, Lee Jang-hee, Song Chang-sik, Yoon Hyung-ju and Kim Se-hwan, who were the C`est Si Bon members, accrued all in combination for the primary time in 40 years. Kim said, whilst were practicing for the concert, we have got an excellent teamwork as though we separated just yesterday. As now Lee, the original member of the band, joined the concert, I wish six of us all may just function on the stage at some point in the future.

Im no longer a certified singer like other members. However, on each occasion C`est Si Bon members want me, I can remain with them as we did at that time, said Lee. The concert can be staged at 3 PM and seven PM on Sep. 26 and at 2 PM and six PM on Sep. 27. The price tag costs variety from 88,000 to 165,000 (approx. USD 141.9). For more information, touch 1544-1555.


K-Pop Lovers  In finding Korean Superstar Look-Alikes For Every Member Of BTS

K-Pop Lovers In finding Korean Superstar Look-Alikes For Every Member Of BTS

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterOn an internetnetwork board, a fan collected several footage of whom BTS individuals share some capabilities with. Taking a lookviaall of the photos, do you disagree with any?

While some imagesspotlightequivalent accessories and haircuts as well, there also aresamefacial expression that each and every idols will share with one another. They do notappear to belimited to just comparing BTS members with other boy teamsyetlady groups as well. And in one case, with a well-liked entertainer.

1 Image: BTS Suga (left) / SEVENTEENs Woozi (right)

4 Image: TWICEs Nayeon (top) / BTS Rap Monster (bottom)

2 Image: BTS Jin (left) / Black Crimson Kim Jisoo (right)

4-1 Image: BTS Jimin (left) / Don Spike (right)

4-2 Image: BTS V (left) / EXOs Baekhyun (right)

6 Image: BTS Jongkook (left) / Yoo Jae Suk (right)

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Netizens Have Nicknamed This Mysterious NCT Boy-Band Member “1 Minute 2 Seconds”

Netizens Have Nicknamed This Mysterious NCT Boy-Band Member “1 Minute 2 Seconds”

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSM Entertainment has debuted their Seoul-based unit NCT 127 these days alongside their tune video Hearth Truck, and one member in specific is gaining attention from new fans.

Gaining the nickname of one Minute 2 Seconds, fanatics take flocked the music video with questions of Whos the individual at 1 minute 2 seconds?

Image: Captures of netizens asking who the man at 1 minute 2 seconds is in an NCT 127 music video (Fire Truck) Image: Captures of netizens asking who the consumer at 1 minute 2 seconds is in an NCT 127 music video (Fire Truck)

Image: The NCT member at 1 minute 2 seconds who have many netizens wondering about

The NCT member has been recognized equally member WinWin via fans, who whilst did now not debut as a phase ofthe major unit of measurement NCT U, was oncenoticedcollaborating with member Kun right through a are livingfunctionality at a Chinese display awards previous this year.

Fire Truck is described as a beat-heavy track that fuses hip-hop and trap while the lyrics unearths their hopes in relieving other people from their rigiditythru their music.

Meanwhile, an EXO member and labelmate recently spoke of his own equivalent nickname 3 minute 1 2d after revealing he also brought attention with their debut music video. Read more about it here.

Watch NCT 127s Fire Truck debut music video!

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Korean film

Korean film "Tasty Movie"

Added the Korean film "Tasty Movie"'s page to HanCinema database"Tasty Movie" (2015)Directed via Park Beom-soo-IIWith Ricks, Da Na,...SynopsisThere is a set of dreamers who make amateur movies. They want toturn intothe maximum productiveworkforce of movie makers and incessantlylook forward tothe danger to quench their thirst of creation. One day, the team leader Ricks presentations up with a script for an erotic film. Sun-mi, a wannabe actress and Hae-il who does the chores, concern about the erotic movieyetcome to a decisionto headin conjunction with Ricks' decision. They forged Cha-rin and Tae-san as the lead for their film and start making. However, as they are inexperienced, they make a huge number of mistakes along the way. Will they make it? The trailthey're going down is a difficult one...Release date in Korea : 2016/05/26


Korean Photographer Being Criticized For The usage of  Two times Member’s Shoulder As Tripod

Korean Photographer Being Criticized For The usage of Two times Member’s Shoulder As Tripod

3kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Photographer is being criticized as a photo presentations him forget about one of TWICEs contributorsso as to take pictures

TWICE has been one of the freshest rookie teamsthese daysby capability of dominating the charts with their songs Ooh Ahh and Cheer Up. Even if their status has larger every bit a group, members comparable to Tzuyu and Dahyun has turn out to be more known to the public eyes than other members. Because ofthe recognitionhole between members, are photographers even ignoring some members in order to take photos of the preferred members?

Tell us what you watched of the photo under amongst a photographer and Two times member Chaeyoung.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 7.25.11 PM Photographer the usage of TWICE Chaeyoungs shoulder to stable his camera

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EXO member Do Kyeong-soo lands a role in Korean blockbuster 'With God - Phase 1'

EXO member Do Kyeong-soo lands a role in Korean blockbuster 'With God - Phase 1'

EXO member Do Kyeong-soo has showed his solid for film With God - Section 1'.

An go in combination with SM Entertainment told OSEN on April 18th, "It is correct that Do Kyeong-soo will seem in "With God - Element 1" for his role as Non-public Won. So a long way as we know, the motion picture will start filming in the first part of this year".

This may be Do Kyeong-soo's some otherproblem for his silver screen role after "Cart" and "Unforgettable - 2016". As he'slooked to be one of the vital idols who proved robust acting skills, moviegoers are being attentive equally to how he'll pull off his role in the movie "With God - Part 1" this time.

The Korean blockbuster "With God - Part 1" by way ofauthor Joo Ho-min is an adaptation of manhwa of the similar title. The tale depicts the rigors for 49 days the protagonist is goingvia afterward death. Director Kim Yong-hwa of "Mr. Go" and '200 Pounds Beauty' is in control of the film. Cha Tae-hyeon, Ha Jeong-woo, and Joo Ji-hoon big name in the movie.


8 Dangerously Tasty Korean Snacks Which are To Die For

8 Dangerously Tasty Korean Snacks Which are To Die For

21kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Theres anything magical about the aisles of Korean supermarkets, just because you lot know they have got the most delicious, almost definitely corn flavored snacks. Which may be your favorites?

If you havent attempted them yet, you gotta flavorthose incredibly scrumptious snacks that experience the country in a crazy! Take a glance at these: 8 Dangerously Tasty Korean Snacks To Die For!

8 Dangerously Tasty Korean Snacks To Die ForThrough Koreaboo

Theres something magical about the aisles of Korean supermarkets, justsince you know they've got the most delicious, potentially corn flavored snacks. Which are your favorites?

KkokkalcornBy Koreaboo

The correct fashion to consume these cone shaped, corn snacks is to put them at thepointers of your fingers, and eat them one by one. Or by the handful, either way.

Onion Ring ChipsBy Koreaboo

Onion Ring chips are presumablythe simplest real snack food that tastes higher than the food its looking to imitate. And theyre even more straightforward to eat.

Possibly the only snack in the world with its own holiday, Pepero is insanely popular in Korea. These chocolate covered sticks hit the spot each and every time.

If youve ever had a chum whos served in the Korean military, you know precisely how enjoyed Chocopie is. A marshmallow sandwiched by chocolate-covered cakes—what more might you ask for?

Shrimp ChipsBy Koreaboo

Shrimp chips will also bediscoveredfar and wide in Korea, which is fine, since these lightly flavored snacks are fully delicious. Make certain youpurchase the jumbo sized bags; youll be apologetic about it if you dont.

Dried SquidBy Koreaboo

Dried Squid is beautiful much Koreas resolution to red meat jerky. Just a littledifficult to eat, yetvaluethe hassleeach time.

Spicy CheetosBy Koreaboo

Theyre still Cheetos brand, but the Korean editionis much better. It doesnt totally coat your palms in cheese powder, and has a sweeter, cornier taste.

Honey Butter ChipsBy Koreaboo

These illusive snacks have been sold out national since their unlock in August! Other folks are so loopy or so them they buy them by the box, and celebrities obtain exclusive bags to take selfies with!

BONUS: Hyomin with her Honey Butter ChipsBy Koreaboo

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This Image Of An EXO Member Has Korean K-Pop Enthusiasts  Totally Confused

This Image Of An EXO Member Has Korean K-Pop Enthusiasts Totally Confused

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Fanatics love the entirecontributors of SM Entertainment male crew EXO for their distinct looks and personalities. 

And even supposing netizens appearto graspthe entire thing about popular idols, a up to date photo taken all the manner through one of EXOs performances have baffled netizens as to which member used to be in the photo. After seeing the picture, netizens were at a loss for wordsas to if the member was Sehun or Baekhyun. A post on Instiz was even created to decide who it is. After extra inspection, however, fans concluded that the photo become of Baekhyun.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this text below!

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented at theusual article from our Korean source. The underneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

As a non-EXO fan I presumed IT was Sehun needless to sayIts manifestly BaekhyunWoahhow is this imaginable I used to be 100% certain it was SehunFor EXO-ls this is straightforwardyet for non fans this should existloopytough Source: Instiz

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Upcoming Korean film

Upcoming Korean film "Tasty Encounter"

Added the approaching Korean film "Tasty Encounter"'s page to HanCinema database"Tasty Encounter" (2016)Directed via Lee JunWith Baek In-kwon, Cha Joo-hyeon, Lee Chae-dam, Jang Chang-myung,...SynopsisA secret recommendation made by a guywho is never been loved. This instinctively outrageous encounter starts now. Hyeon-joo takes some drowsing pills because of her boyfriend's unexpectedsmash up. She wakes up to any individual touching her and realizes she's dead when she sees Do-jin the Death Angel in front of her. She is scared and regrets what she's done so she begs Do-jin the Angel of Death to let her go. Do-jin is shocked at how hot she is and gives her a secret deal...Release date in Korea : 2016/02/29


Day6 Member Junhyeok Officially Leaves The Band

Day6 Member Junhyeok Officially Leaves The Band

Day6 Member Junhyeok Officially Leaves The Band Feb 28, 2016 00:05DAY6_horz.jpg

JYP Entertainment's rookie yet talented boy band Day6 announces lately that their keyboardist and vocalist Junhyeok has officially left the group.

In an authenticobservation posted on their fancafe, JYP Entertainment states,

"Hello, here is JYP Entertainment. Junhyeok who have been doing activities with DAY6 individuals has withdrawn from the team and cancelled the contract with the corporatebecause ofprivate circumstances. Please give strengthen to Junhyeok who is going to a new trail and DAY6 members who are liberating an album one dayand are recentlygetting readydifficultto satisfy the fans. Thank you."

Meanwhile, back in past due January, Junhyeok used to be reported to be dating a fan which brought about ruckus a few of the fandom resulting to his fansites shutting down. Neither Junhyeok or JYPE replied since then.

DAY6 made their debut in early September closing year and feature already stuck attention with their songin addition the members' vocals and instrumental skills. With Junhyeok's withdrawal, the band will continue in the long term alongside five membersJae, Sungjin, Young K, Wonpil and Dowoon. Similar VideosDAY6,News,Junhyeok,JYP Entertainment Facebook Twitter Google