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T-ARA uses voices of Boram, Qri and Hyomin for TARA-HOLIC"s alarm feature

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T-ARA uses voices of Boram, Qri and Hyomin for TARA-HOLIC

T-ARA is managing their official application called TARA-HOLIC which features T-ARAs personal story, photos, location, and the recent is an alarm feature.

On October 30th, T-ARA announced on their official Facebook that they released the voices of Boram, Qri and Hyomin that can be heard before their fans go to sleep and to wake them up.

The post says, "Have you been waiting long, QUEEN"S! Finally the voices of Boram, Qri, and Hyomin are added~ Enjoy your morning with their voices. Also listen to their voice before going to sleep. Where can you listen? Available at Tara-Holic"s alarm feature !"

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T-ara’s Hyomin rides a bike with red hair #tara

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T-aras Hyomin rides a bike with red hair #tara T-aras Hyomin recently released a few pictures of herself shooting a music video.

On June 16, Hyomin uploaded a few pictures of herself on her Twitter account with the comment, Im shooting a music video of Day By Day now. I have to ride a bike today.

In the pictures, Hyomin is sitting on a bike. With red hair, shes in an outfit that reminds people of an actress in a SF movie.

People responded: The hairstyle fits Hyomin perfectly, Hyomin looks like an actress, Hyomins so pretty.

T-ara will soon come back to the music scene with Day By Day. The music video, directed by Cha Eun Taek, is about the future city in 2330 that reminds people of the movie Mad Max. Its running time is about twenty minutes. 

T-ara’s Hyomin and Dani transform into warriors #tara

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T-ara’s Hyomin and Dani transform into warriors #tara

Girl group T-ara recently released a picture, which was taken on the set for shooting their music video.

T-ara, who will release their new album Day By Day on July 3, released a picture of them shooting a music video.

In the picture, Hyomin and the 9th member, Dani, look like they have transformed into warriors for their SF music video.

Hyomin is wearing red hair and showing off her powerful image. The newest member Dani is also transformed into a powerful girl.

The music video for their song Day By Day is directed by Cha Eun Taek. It is about a future city in 2330. The 20 minutes video reminds people of the Korean version of the movie Mad Max.

Ah Reum, the 8th member of T-ara, will join the group to perform the song but the 9th member, Dani, will only appear in the music video.

T-ara’s Hyomin has the most beautiful legs #tara

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T-ara’s Hyomin has the most beautiful legs #tara

T-aras Hyomin looks beautiful in everyday life.

An online community posted pictures of Hyomin enjoying her everyday life in innocent and simple look. In the pictures, which look like her pictorial, Hyomin is showing off her beautiful slim legs and her perfectly portioned figure drew a lot of attention.

Hyomin is well known as a fashionista who has many followers. In the pictures, even though she is wearing simple short jeans, they make her unique charms stand out. When she flew to Thailand to hold a concert, she also showed off her fashion sense in shorts and attracted a lot of attention.

People responded: The shorts make her legs even more beautiful. She looks innocent but sexy. She is like a goddess. She is an alive mannequin.

Hyomin previously tweeted about Memorial Day saying that it’s a day to commemorate the warriors who died during Korean War.

T-ara’s Hyomin and Secret’s Seon Hwa appear on ‘Invincible Youth 2′ #kara #secret #snsd #tara #dreamhigh #sistar #missa

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T-ara’s Hyomin and Secret’s Seon Hwa appear on ‘Invincible Youth 2′ #kara #secret #snsd #tara #dreamhigh #sistar #missa

T-aras Hyomin and Secrets Han Seon Hwa show off their close friendship by appearing on KBSs entertainment show Invincible Youth 2.

On June 8, a spokesperson for the show said that the two girls visited the set and made rice cakes with G6 members (SNSDs Sunny and Hyoyeon, miss As Suzy, KARAs Kang Jiyoung, SISTARs Bora, Jewelrys Ye Won).

The two stars appeared on the show when comedian Kim Shin Young called their names and forestalled the G6 members.

Since Sunny was late for the show due to her music video shooting schedule, Hyomin, who shot the season 1 in great harmony with Sunny, asked where Sunny is.

The spokesperson said, As soon as Sunny arrived, Hyomin was so excited like a fish in water. They made the entire crew feel happy by showing off their close friendship.

The show will air on June 9 in the afternoon.

T-ara’s Hyomin says, “Let’s have some time for commemorating” #tara

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T-ara’s Hyomin says, “Let’s have some time for commemorating” #tara

A prudent remark T-ara Hyomin’s is in the limelight.

On the Memorial Day, June 6, Hyomin tweeted “Today is Memorial Day. It’s not just a national holiday we can have a day off. It’s a day for commemorating worriers who died while in military service, during the Korean War and other significant wars or battles.

The T-ara beauty suggested, “Let’s have some time to pay tribute for them. They gave up their lives in ooursuite of ensuring our country’s existence.

On the Memorial Day, T-ara did something memorable—the group released the first Japanese studio album, titled Jewelry Box. The dazzling seven girls will be back to the domestic showbiz world in July.

T-ara’s Hyomin to come With a Solo Album This Winter

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T-ara’s Hyomin to come again With a Solo Album This Winter It turns out that T-ara‘s Hyomin is making ready yet every other solo comeback. On November 7, Hyomin posted on her Instagram account a relatively mysterious photo, appearing a snap of a screen with “solo album vol. 2″ written on it. She added the caption “last summer, this winter” to the photo. The singer has already released a solo album titled “Nice Body” remaining summer, and appears to be hinting that her next solo liberate will come this winter.

The news was already discussed by capability of Hyomin on Naver V App’s “T-ara vs. DIA Nighttime Cooking Competition.” at the October 28 episode, Eunjung had asked Hyomin whether it used to be true that Hyomin is getting ready for an album. Hyomin responded, “I didn’t think that i might be breaking the news here, yet i'm indeed preparing for a solo album. It turned into meant to be a secret!”

It was not published when she would be making a return throughout the displaying of “T-ara vs. DIA”, but it seems like it's going to be very soon!

Are you excited for her comeback?

Watch: T-ara’s Hyomin Throws First Pitch At Pittsburg Pirates Baseball Game

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Watch: T-ara’s Hyomin Throws First Pitch At Pittsburg Pirates Baseball Game On September 14, T-ara‘s Hyomin stepped up to the plate for the Pittsburg Pirates baseball game and threw the primary pitch.

Baseball player Kang Jung Ho was once the catcher whilst Hyomin become the pitcher. She exemplified a actually perfect role for pitching and threw the ball precisely into Kang Jung Ho’s glove.

Watch her first-pitch video below:

After the game, Kang Jung Ho complimented Hyomin, saying, “I heard she practiced so much in Korea. She threw it well. i used to be surprised. i admire it when folks throw first pitches at games like this. The lovers love it and it offers me strength, too.”

What do you bring to mind her first pitch?

Hyomin makes best 1st pitch at contemporary Pittsburgh Pirates game

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Hyomin makes best 1st pitch at contemporary Pittsburgh Pirates game

T-ara"s Hyomin threw out the primary pitch for the Pittsburgh Pirates game previous today!

She"s pals with Kang Jung Ho, one of the vital team"s infielders. He asked her to come throw the 1st pitch at their game on September 13th with the Milwaukee Brewers at the % Park.

As you'll see in the clip above, after greeting enthusiasts and taking photos, Hyomin went to the mound and pitch perfectly around the plate. The ball was once expertly stuck by way of shortstop Kang Jung Ho. Joyful that each one her train paid off, you can find Hyomin performing some glad dance after the pitch.

That pitch would possibly were a just right success charm as Kang Jung Ho had an excellent game. He and his teammates won the sport in overtime.

Congratulations to Hyomin on a wonderful pitch!

Hyomin throws the first pitch to Jung Ho. pic.twitter.com/QQFg0S7Am7

— Pittsburgh Pirates (@Pirates) September 13, 2015

Korean pop big name Hyomin visits PNC these days to throw out a first pitch. pic.twitter.com/5e0PQXG9n7

— Pittsburgh Pirates (@Pirates) September 13, 2015

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Hyomin practices baseball skills!

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Hyomin practices baseball skills!

T-ara"s Hyomin is this sort of hardworker!

She"s invited to serve the primary pitch of a baseball pitch, to make herself carry out well, she"s practicing challenging on her own.

Fans are completely inspired with her pose and can"t wait to look her skills, are you one of them too? READ MORE