Tao loses lawsuit against SM Entertainment

Tao loses lawsuit against SM Entertainment

EXOs past member, Tao, lost his lawsuit against SM Entertainment in an attempt to nullify his exclusive contract.

On April 28, the Seoul Central District Court ruled to reject Taos lawsuit against SM Entertainment where he wished to nullify the contract.

Taos lawyer has argued that the contract with SM Entertainment was unfair, but SM Entertainment refuted those claims by saying,

The original proposed contract should pose no problem whatsoever because it was on pair with the regulations proposed by the Fair Trade Commission.

The judge made a recommendation for reconciliation in September 2016 but both sides could not reach a compromise. The two sides continued to face each other with different claims regarding the duration of the exclusive contract, distribution of profits, and even claims of discrimination.

Tao separated from SM Entertainment with his withdrawal from EXO in April 2015 and began his activities in China. In August of the same year, he filed a lawsuit against SM.