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Kang Dong Won Was once a Highly Sought-After Type Ahead of Acting in Movies

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Kang Dong Won Changed into a Highly Sought-After version Before Acting in Movies It has been published that actor Kang Dong Won was a brand ago before he have become the star actor he's today.

On the November 22 broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV,” the newshounds had a communication about the pinnacle actor with now not most effective stellar acting talents yet an unbelievably good-looking face, Kang Dong Won.

It was revealed that Kang Dong Won had risen prime in prestige as a mannequin as well. He was the foremost model for a world- famend fashion display and was a most sensible model that all of the sumptuous brands wanted.

However, once Kang Dong Won stepped into the arena of movies and acting, he was in a position to obtain the similar reputation thru his acting expertise and wonderful films.

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Hyun Bin and Kang Dong Won Reportedly Making an allowance for Signing on With Chinese Agency

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Hyun Bin and Kang Dong Won Reportedly Serious about Signing on With Chinese Agency It turns out that Hyun Bin might most likely be pondering signing directly to a Chinese entertainment agency.

On November 21, a representative from Hyun Bin’s existing label, O& Entertainment, stated, “There’s a rumor going around that Hyun Bin used to be introduced a wide amount of cash to signal on with a undeniable agency in China. There has been no touch or discussion of any type with this agency.”

The representative continued, “Hyun Bin’s present contract expires next month, yet he’s lately in talks to resume it.”

Hyun Bin isn’t the best real one, either; actor Kang Dong Won‘s contract with O& may be set to run out at the finish of next month. One industry insider said, “It’s been discussed that one Chinese entertainment corporate bought Kang Dong Won upwards of 10 billion won to recruit him. It’s been explained as the so-called ‘blank cheque contract,’ intended to bring those stars to the Chinese market.”

What do you bring to mind the situation?

Actor Lee Dong Hwi has amusing chilling with leave out A's Suzy and his 'Reply 1988' forged mates

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Actor Lee Dong Hwi has amusing chilling with leave out A's Suzy and his 'Reply 1988' forged mates

Actor Lee Dong Hwi (the funny guy in "Reply 1988") has been in the highlight those days, much like the remainder of his cast in the lately airing drama. yet he"s been spreading the affection for either "Reply 1988" in addition Suzy and her upcoming movie "Dorihwaga"!

On his private Instagram account, he"s posted a number of footage with his fellow cast associates in "Reply 1988" as smartly as photographs of him with Suzy and Ryu Seung Ryong from "Dorihwaga".

He looks as if he"s close with everyone! And he also turns out to actually like Suzy. He even uploaded a screenshot where his photo and Suzy"s photo were aspect by way of side. Plus, we"re loving the bromance between the "Reply 1988" guys.

He"s selling both his drama and "Dorihwaga", so you will have to make certain you take a glance at both out! "Dorihwaga" premieres on November 25 and "Reply 1988" is currently airing.

Lee Dong Gook Talks About His emerging Status thru “The go back of Superman”

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Lee Dong Gook Talks About His growing Popularity via “The Return of Superman” Professional football player and father of five adorable youngsters Lee Dong Gook currently mentioned how performing on “The Return of Superman” has affected his life.

On November 18, the big name did an interview where he said, “I don’t call to mind ‘The Return of Superman’ as a wide range show. It’s just me fiddling with the children on my days off. not anything is scripted and we don’t plan anything else out, so it’s for my part now not tricky at all.”

He discussed that he played with the teenagers so much on a day-to-day foundation even earlier than appearing at the show. He explained, “I spent numerous time with the children before the show. My wife was once with me that time, so I'd be an assistant. yet now, as I exchange the kids’ diapers myself and do other chores, I discovered that housekeeping is the toughest project there is. You can’t even tell on occasion that I did space chores. Taking care of children made me apologetic against my wife even more.”

When asked if he can feel Daebak‘s rising popularity, he said, “Before the show, I didn’t realize it would upward thrust this much. Now each time I have a fan sign, many of my fanatics would deal with me as ‘Daebak’s dad’ instead of ‘soccer player Lee Dong Gook.’ I’m a little bummed that it took me 25 years to ascertain myself as a soccer player and only one year to be referred to as Daebak’s dad. I’m happy I have a physical checklist of my kids, though, in order that I will display them in the future.”

Lee Dong Hwi puts a damper on 'Reply 1988' co-star Move Kyung Pyo's party

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Lee Dong Hwi puts a damper on 'Reply 1988' co-star Move Kyung Pyo's party

Lee Dong Hwi"s hilarious, "preachy" remark on "Reply 1988" co-star Go Kyung Pyo"s fresh pictorial is drawing much laughter!

Go Kyung Pyo shared an image from his recent "CeCi" photo shoot on Instagram, appearing him puffing on a cigarette with an air of elegance and arrogance. whilst many fanatics raved about how good-looking and cool Go Kyung Pyo looked in the photo, Lee Dong Hwi put a damper at the celebration with his long caution on the unfavorable fitness effects of smoking.

He commented, "Smoking is the largest reason of lung cancer and the culprit of ruining your health," gravely(?) warning his co-star on the entire negative aspect effects of nicotine and the risks of breathing in second-hand smoke.

Netizens, who stumbled on Lee Dong Hwi"s hilariously morbid comment, couldn"t grasp in their laughter at the 2 actors who poke a laugh at each and every other even off the set. I believe I smell a bromance in the works here.

Lee Dong Gook Celebrates Daebak’s First Birthday

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Lee Dong Gook Celebrates Daebak’s First Birthday Daebak has in spite of everything reached his first birthday, and Lee Dong Gook, being the proud father he is, made sure to proportion the scoop with his fans.

On November 15, Lee Dong Gook posted the above image on his Instagram together with the caption, “After Daebak’s first birthday.”

In the printed picture, Lee Dong Gook is cuddling Daebak with a wide smile on his face. His affectionate touch displays his love for his youngest son. Daebak, as usual, does no longer display a trace of fussing on his face as he frivolously looks into the camera.

Meanwhile, Daebak has been rising in popularity among viewers, in addition to his 4 other sisters, since joining “The go back of Superman.” He is particularly enjoyed for his candy and timid nature, being the non violent middle of a chaotic family of five children.

Dong Ho′s Lovey Dovey Wedding pictures with Bride-to-be Released

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Dong Ho′s Lovey Dovey Wedding pictures with Bride-to-be Released

--> Singer and actor Dong Ho is decided to get married at the finish of the month, yet his wedding footage are already attracting attention.

iFamily SC, the corporate answerable for Dong Ho′s wedding, mentioned on November 13, "The two folks knew each and every other earlier than they began dating and was a couple. in spite of their young age, they seem like a gorgeous couple that has dreamt of a satisfied and solid lifestyles together."

Dong Ho said, "Getting married at a tender age, I′m certain that there are going to be spaces in which I lack experience, but after locating each one other, anyone we will lean on, we made up our minds to get married. My bride-to-be, whom I love, and i can be ready to lean on one another and are living happily."

Dong Ho and his bride-to-be will be tying the knot at a personal rite at Patio nine in Seoul′s Nonhyeon-dong on November 28. Pastor Chung Jae Ryun of Onnuri Church will be officiating the wedding, whilst comic Byun Gisu will be presiding and tremendous Junior′s Kyuhyun and McKay will be making a song the congratulatory song.

Kang Dong-won sought after to take a break, yet why?

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Kang Dong-won sought after to take a break, yet why?

Kang Dong-won sought after to "take a break" yet he got here out with a new movie.

Despite being busy with the hot film "The Priests", Kang Dong-won lately is filming some other motion picture called, "Hidden Time". If things pass consistent with plan, Kang Dong-won may be engaged with the movie till early overdue this year or early next year. Like this, Kang Dong-won has been popping out with five videos immediately ranging from "KUNDO : Age of the Rampant" closing year, "My bright Life", "A Violent Prosecutor", and the fresh "The Priests". He has been the maximum active since his debut. He needed a smash because of the exhaustion but there used to be a reason he chose to move on with "Hidden Time".

"Hidden Time" is manufacturer Eom Tae-hwa"s debuting movie. His abilities had been stated with "Ingtoogi" sooner than and for this present one, he considered Kang Dong-won first. However, Kang Dong-won become so busy that he asked for the time limit to be driven back. However, the solution was negative.

Being a rookie manner no longer having sufficient verification as a producer and the casts were all rookies. In those "weak conditions" the production wanted Kang Dong-won"s assist desperately. In keeping with his decision, the direction of the movie may smartly be deterred. Kang Dong-won said, "I felt drive in the reality that the movie may now not do well if I didn"t agree to do it".

Another reason is that Kang Dong-won idea he could display the boy in him thru this movie. The movie is ready 4 kids who disappear in the mountains but reappear as grown men. Kang Dong-won is one of them. He chooses a boyish trait as one of his representing images. He plans to bring it all out in "Hidden Time".

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Jang Dong Min and ZE:A's Kwanghee meet for the primary time after 'Sixth Man' competition

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Jang Dong Min and ZE:A's Kwanghee meet for the primary time after 'Sixth Man' competition

Jang Dong Min and ZE:A"s Kwanghee met up for the first time following the "Sixth Man" pageant of "Infinity Challenge".

On the November 11th premiere of "Avatar Chef", the 2 finalists of "Sixth Man" met face to face. Regardless that Jang Dong Min was once the front-runner to fill in the empty spot on "Infinity Challenge", it turned into Kwanghee who took it following the comedian"s controversies.

Host Lee Hwi Jae mentioned, "Aren"t you two awkward around each and every other?" Kwanghee responded, "No topic what we say, there may be headlines. Let"s forestall now," while Jang Dong Min said, "I"m the one that threw away the spot, so what is there to say?"