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Taeyeon has wowed people when launching her strangely amazing Watermelon-Colored Hair on Instagram

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Taeyeon Reveals Her Alluring Watermelon-Colored Hair on Instagram Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon is the master of transformation, and this time she manages to rock a pinkish watermelon-colored do.

On June 17, Taeyeon posted a picture of herself on Instagram with only a watermelon emoji as the caption.

In the uploaded pic stitch, she winks enchantingly at the camera. Her tousled pink hair, pale skin, and half-revealed face immediately draw in the viewer. Her puckered lips, on the other hand, add a touch of adorableness and aegyo.

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation is currently in preparation for a new album that is slated for release during the second half of this year, and the members have one by one slowly been revealing their dramatic hair transformations for presumably their comeback.

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Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Reveals Her New Pink Hair

Girls’ Generation Shows Off New Hairdos for Summer Comeback

Heechul & Taeyeon"s hair playing moment!

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Heechul & Taeyeon

Heechul and Taeyeon display close friendship in recent photos.

As for your information, Heechul has many close friends in SMTOWN due to his down to earth and easygoing personality.

He uploads some new photos showing off her friendship with Girls" Generation"s main vocalist Taeyeon. Heechul is seen posing playing with Taeyeon"s ponytails while she shows various expressions in the photos.

In return, Taeyeon approaches him when he"s having his hair styled, it"s great to see their close friendship, are you jealous of their friendship?

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon reveals her ‘apple hair’

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Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon reveals her ‘apple hair’

Taeyeon released new selcas in a 4-set Instagram collage photo.

As usual, she showed off her cute quirks and pretty looks, this time with a different hair style as her hair is tied back into what”s called “apple hair.” She also tried out different facial expressions so she looked cutely angry in some and surprised in another.

Netizens said, “Her angry face expression is cute,” “I wonder if Taeyeon is dating,” and more. Which expression is your favorite from the ones above?

Girls' Generation Taeyeon, 4-Cut Picture 'Funky Hair'

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Girls' Generation Taeyeon, 4-Cut Picture 'Funky Hair' Girl group Girls" Generation"s member Taeyeon revealed a self-camera photo. (Photo : insta) Girl group Girls" Generation"s member Taeyeon revealed a self-camera photo.

Today, Taeyeon posted a picture on her Instagram.

In the picture, Taeyeon is showing off her pale skin. She made a frown, a confused face, and other different expressions with her hair worn up in the front, showing off her cuteness.

Internet users who saw this commented, "So cute", "She"s getting prettier", "How lovely", and "She"s so lovable".

Photo Credit: Taeyeon Instagram

Taeyeon reveals new hairstyle 'Jesus hair'

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Taeyeon reveals new hairstyle 'Jesus hair'

SNSD Taeyeon shows her new hairstyle through her instagram account on August 10. She called it 'Jesus hair'. Check below:

Does she look like Jesus or more likely Merida from Disney's Brave?

Do you like her new hairstyle?

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon Experiments With Orange Hair

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Girls Generation, Taeyeon

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon Experiments With Orange Hair Girls’ Generation Taeyeon exotic orange hairGirls' Generation Teayeon released an exotic photo of herself.

Yesterday on Twitter, Taeyeon posted a photo along with a quick caption, "old pic."

In the photo is Taeyeon in color contact lenses and an orange-haired wig. It appears that this photo was taken earlier this year when Girls' Generation filmed their music video for 'I Got a Boy."

Upon seeing a makeover photo of Taeyeon, Internet users have responded, "different but pretty" "that is a sexy look" "she keeps changing her hair, though not in real time."

Meanwhile, Girls' Generation will continue their tour schedules in Japan through April 21 for the '2013 Girls' Generation Arena Tour.'

[SNS PIC] Taeyeon Looks Adorable with Short Hair

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[SNS PIC] Taeyeon Looks Adorable with Short Hair Recently,Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon revealed a new hairstyle.

On her Instagram on April 8, Taeyeon uploaded a photo of herself along with a message, “The shortest hairstyle of my life.”

In the picture is Taeyeon wearing a white blouse and taking a selca with her cellphone, which is encased in a chocolate-shaped case. With a new short hairstyle, which reaches just below her ears, Taeyeon looks adorable and girly in this photo.

Netizens that saw this selca admired, “Taeyeon look so cute,” “It doesn’t matter what her hairstyle is. She looks great with both long and short hair,” “That cellphone looks yummy.”

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation recently released the MV for its Japanese track “Beep Beep,” which was produced by Dsign Music.

Taeyeon shares a photo of the shortest hair she’s ever had

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Taeyeon shares a photo of the shortest hair she’s ever had

Taeyeon shared a picture sporting her new short bob.

On April 8, she posted the above photo onto her Instagram and wrote, This is the shortest my hair has ever been in my lifekkk.

She didnt specify if it was an old photo of if shed just cut her hair and dyed it black from the light brown shed kept for a long time. In any case, the short hair made her look even younger and her cute smile brightened up the low light photo.

Do you like Taeyeons new short bob?

[Twitter Roundup] SNSD’s Taeyeon Chops Off Her Hair, SUJU’s Choi Siwon Celebrates B-Day and More

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[Twitter Roundup] SNSD’s Taeyeon Chops Off Her Hair, SUJU’s Choi Siwon Celebrates B-Day and More

From birthdays to the end of another successful season of K-Pop Star, there was much to be celebrated across the Twitterverse this past weekend.

We have all that and more in today’sTwitter Roundup!

YG Entertainment wished artist Gummy a happy birthday on April 8 via its official Twitter, with an image and the message, “[Happy Birthday, GUMMY].”

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon, who celebrated his birthday the day before, tweeted, “I’m unwrapping the gifts. Thank you for the undeserved love. The T-shirt is so sensible ^^.”

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk tweeted a selca with the message, “Finished filming~~~~!!!!! And happy birthday MaSi. Since you’re a year older now, become a more mature person, like a hyung inma. And shave your mustache.”

SNSD’s Taeyeon posted a photo of her new ‘do on her Instagram on April 8 with the caption, “This is the shortest my hair has ever been in my life...kkk.”

Is it just us or is Taeyeon looking more and more like Edna Mode by the day?

The day before, Taeyeon posted a hilarious photo on her Instagram, writing “Yeyyya nice bra honey...lol. that′s my eyemask!!!! Goodnight s♡ne.”

Well, that’s one way to put your eye mask to good use.

2NE1’s Park Bom also tweeted a photo with Lee Hi from the live broadcast of K-Pop Star 2, writing “The girl who is all the rage these days!!! With Hi!!! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ After the end of ‘K-Pop Star’~While eating gogi ~~*^^*.”

Park Bom left fans with a final photo before calling it a night with the caption “Good Night.”

K-Pop Star 2 judge BoA also tweeted a photo, writing “Thank you to everyone who tuned in to ‘K-Pop Star 2’ and to the staff, who worked hard with us, I love you and thank you ^^ It’s over~~~~~!!!!!! Kkiao~~~~^^.”

Epik High’s Tablo snapped a photo with K-Pop Star 2 winner and runner-up Akdong Musician and Bang Ye Dam, writing “To everyone who poured sweat with their dreams in tow, a big round of applause!!!”

B.A.P’s Himchan tweeted a photo of a crowd of BABYs on April 7, writing “It was so cold today. Our BABYs must’ve been so cold because we were outside, right? You went through so much trouble! I’ve always wanted to do this, and I did it today keke. I’m going to do this often, so be on edge keke. I love you and love you.”

ZE:A’s Hyung Sik tweeted a photo of a mouthwatering feast on April 7, writing “The common dinner of three idols.”

Big Bang’s G-Dragon posted a photo on his Instagram with the caption “New logo,” showing of a jacket with the new design and lettering “Boss.”

2PM’s Taecyeon posted a selca with the message “I think the last time I wanted to hurry up and show an album while preparing for it was for ‘Heartbeat’ and ‘Hands Up’~ But this album is rea~~~lly good ㅋㅋㅋ I think it’d be good to have high expectations??”

K.Will tweeted a photo with the star of his latest music video and Infinite member, L, on April 5, writing “Myung Soo and Hyung Soo are L and K.Will ㅎㅎ Thanks!! I ask for your love for ‘Love Blossom,’ which is in bloom this spring^^ And congrats Infinite on the number one!!”

YG’s Sean posted a photo on his Instagram on April 7 before taking off for Haiti, writing “I’m leaving for Haiti. I’m headed for Haiti for the first time in three years with hope and love. Three years ago, I went as the father of six Haitian children through Compassion, and this time I’m going as the father of 106 Haitian children. My wish is to convey love to the children by holding their hands.”

Photo credit: Above mentioned stars′ respective SNS

Taeyeon Takes 11th Track display Win for “I” on “Inkigayo”

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Taeyeon Takes 11th Music prove Win for “I” on “Inkigayo” Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon‘s solo debut track “I” is appearing its staying energy by way of grabbing first position on SBS‘ “Inkigayo” this week!

The November 22 broadcast of “Inkigayo” used to be canceled because of the passing of South Korea’s former president Kim Young Sam. Instead, the channel aired exclusive news reports in its scheduled time slot, and this week’s planned “Inkigayo” recording might be broadcast on November 29.

The contest for 2nd and 3rd place changed into tight this week, with songstress IU coming in moment with her song “Twenty-Three,” and VIXX best 71 issues at the back of in 0.33 place with “Chained Up.” VIXX had impressive ends up in either album rankings and viewers’ pre-recording votes this week, yet Taeyeon’s sky-high SNS ranking put her at the top.

Taeyeon made her solo debut with “I” featuring Verbal Jint back on October 8, and here is her 11th music show win with the track. She in the past won first place on “Inkigayo” on October 18 and 25.

Catch up with “Inkigayo” below!