Big Bang's Taeyang Covers 'Baby Baby' Forward Of WINNER's New Album Release

Big Bang's Taeyang Covers 'Baby Baby' Forward Of WINNER's New Album Release

Big Bangs G-Dragon and Taeyang Attends BoonTheShops Openin Event The YG Members of the familyseem enthusiastic for the impending WINNER comeback album.

After Lee Hi's initial pre-release cover, Taeyang has also pop out with his own robustedition of WINNER's unreleased song "Baby Baby" forward of the boy group's Feb. 1 liberatein their new Exit album.

YG Entertainment uploaded Taeyang's "Baby Baby" pre-release quilt on Jan. 22 at thereliable WINNER page and it showcased the large Bang member's powerful vocals in addition the song's romantic vibes of a yearning lover calling out to his partner.

"Baby Baby" was once written and composed by way of WINNER member Nam Taehyun.

Fans no longermost effective praised Taeyang's making a songtalent in the fast clip, yet besides expressed their excitement for WINNER's comeback because ofthe original promotion process of having the boy group's fellow firm artists drop canopy versions even sooner than the song's official release.

"Taeyang! Vocals on point as usual," "YG in reality knows how to hype a comeback. I cannotlook ahead to this. Taeyang sounding like a god as usual. YG artists are bestelegance man," and "Thank you Taehyun for growingthe kind of masterpiece of a song! Can not wait for WINNER's album! And excellent job to the alternative artists doing justice to the song!" acknowledged the top-rated YouTube comments.

With still 10 days to head before WINNER's comeback release date, fans are wondering who is next a selection of the YG circle of relativesto present a pre-release hide for the boy group.

Who do you wantto seem adjacent in WINNER's pre-release cover series? Would you want to have to pay attentionsome other song from their still-unreleased album, or would you rather have a 3rd "Baby Baby" cover? Sound off in the comments phase below!

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MAMA 2014: EXO Wins Album Of The Year & Taeyang Receives Song Of The Year In Top Award Categories

MAMA 2014: EXO Wins Album Of The Year & Taeyang Receives Song Of The Year In Top Award Categories

EXO dominated the 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards. (Photo : Mnet America ) EXO dominated the 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards. The two of the biggest winners at MAMA 2014 were EXO and Big Bangs Taeyang. EXO had a triumphant comeback after a year of several setbacks by racking up a total of four awards at the 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

EXO concluded the ceremony by winning the top award of Album of the Year for their release Overdose. The remaining ten members of EXO were thrilled by their success but they were the most enthusiastic when they received the Album of the Year award.

Big Bangs Taeyang won the UnionPay Song of the Year award for his hit Eyes, Nose, Lips. Eyes, Nose, Lips was a sensation throughout 2014, leading to numerous covers by key artists.

INFINITE picked up the Best Dance Performance Male Group award while Girls Day won the Best Dance Performance Female Group award.

The K-Pop Fan Choice Award for Female artists went to Girls Generation sub unit TaeTiSeo. Tiffany accepted the award, while providing to fans who have remained loyal to the group, following the departure of Jessica.

Epik High were the recipients of the Best Rap Performance award for Happen Ending.

2PM received the Youku Tudou Best Music Video award for their dance-pop hit Go Crazy.

Female vocalist IU was also a huge winner of the night by receiving the Most Popular Vocalist award.

In case you missed the last hour and a half of MAMA 2014, here is a recap.

The final hour and a half of the 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) was marked by the epic comeback stage of K-Pop veteran Seo Taiji. Seo Taiji performed Sogyeokdong with female vocalist IU, as well as

Newcomers to K-Pop were shocked by his stellar stage of the Seo Taiji and Boys hit Come Back Home which featured Vasco along with Block Bs Zico. He performed Come Back Home with its original combination of rock and hip-hop.

Seo Taiji and Boys are not only responsible for establishing the career of YG Entertainments founding father Yang Hyun Suk but was also instrumental in changing the landscape of Korean music.

The K-Pop Fan Choice Award was then presented to Girls Generation subgroup TaeTiSeo. Tiffany accepted the award for the group. She hinted at the recent scandals faced by Girls Generation by thanking the groups fans in English while saying that she promises better days. She also asked fans to stay strong.

Popular K-Drama stars Yoo In Na and Lee Dong Wook presented the Best Dance Performance Male Group award to INFINITE. Girls Day received the Best Dance Performance Female Group award for their hit Something.

EXO took the stage, to the resounding cheers of the fans. The group delivered a medley of hits including Overdose in a performance that was aptly called The New Age of EXO.

Taeyang then delivered a stirring rendition of hit 2014 solo hit Eyes, Nose, Lips. The highly anticipated stage was highlighted by Taeyangs glittering coat and star-shaped lights which were suspended above him. Fans of Big Bang (V.I.P), G-Dragon, and Taeyang represented a large part of the crowd at MAMA 2014.

G-Dragon then entered wearing hip-hop fashion including a hat to represent the upcoming Olympics in Seoul. He performed a freestyle prior to delivering the collaborative with Taeyang of the stellar hit Good Boy. By the launch of Good Boy, Taeyang had stripped off his shirt, helping to set a party-like atmosphere. The duo of GD x Taeyang then closed with the Big Bang fan favorite Fantastic Baby.

The Most Popular Vocalist award was given to singer/songwriter IU.

Taeyang would then return to the stage to receive the UnionPay Song of the Year award.

Popular star Andy Lau then presented the UnionPay Album of the Year award to EXO. The members of EXO enthusiastically accepted this highly coveted award.


Will Big Bang Make A Comeback In 2014 Taeyang Says That A New Album Is Coming

Will Big Bang Make A Comeback In 2014 Taeyang Says That A New Album Is Coming

Big Bang (Photo : YG Life) On October 12, Big Bang member Taeyang stirred fans into a frenzy when he announced that Big Bang was in the process of creating their comeback album.

Taeyang performed a series of solo concerts entitled 2014 Taeyang Concert RISE from October 10 through October 12. The solo concerts, which were his first in four years, featured music from his commercially successful and critically acclaimed release RISE.

Taeyang addressed the concerns of fans regarding a Big Bang comeback album. As reported in English by the news outlet Soompi, Taeyang stated Every day we are working on new music at the studio. Although, it is difficult to say when, I want to release a good album with good music as soon as possible.

Taeyang did not provide confirmation of a release date during this statement but also hinted at the some of the recent events that have surrounded Big Bang. Since September, Big Bang has dealt with the health of Seungri, following his serious car accident. G-Dragon has been involved in two scandals, one surrounding an Instagram post and another involving photos taken by the tabloid outlet Dispatch.

As acknowledgment of these recent events, Taeyang stated There have been various incidents taking place, but we will pay you back by showing a good image. He followed with a promise that Big Bang would work hard on their comeback release, while recognizing the love of their fans.

Taeyang"s announcement follows conflicting statements regarding a Big Bang comeback in 2014.

In September 2014, Big Bang member T.O.P expressed his desire for a new Big Bang release during an interview with the Korean media outlet Newsen. T.O.P cited the hectic schedules of the members for the delay of the upcoming release, with Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri [during the time of the interview] dedicating a large part of their free time to promotional activities in Japan.

T.O.P released his latest film Tazza: The Hidden Card which was also referred to as Tazza 2 in September. At the time of the interview, G-Dragon was not in the midst of promotional activities but he had completed his August appearance at KCON 2014 which was followed by a music video shoot with American electronic dance music artist and producer Skrillex, as well as 2NE1"s CL for the track Dirty Vibe.

Big Bang"s 2014 comeback was initially announced by Yang Hyun Suk in January 2014 via the in-house online publication YG Life. Yang Hyun Suk gathered select members of the press for a luncheon meeting in Seoul back in January to announce the plans for Big Bang in 2014.

As reported by YG Life, he stated, Im thinking about Big Bangs comeback with a regular album in this summer. I think it will be in July or August. During this time, Yang Hyun Suk also explained that G-Dragon would be able to dedicate his time to the creation of the upcoming album.

Since January, G-Dragon has had periods of breaks followed by promotional activities for numerous endorsements interspersed with appearances at various fashion related events including S/S 2015 Paris Fashion Week.

Daesung has continued promotional activities in Japan along with Taeyang. Daesung recently released the Japanese music video for his ode to trot Look At Me, Gwisun.

Meanwhile, the health status of Big Bang"s youngest member, Seungri, remains unknown. Seungri was readmitted to the hospital on September 29 with a high fever and complications following a September 12 automobile accident.

Fans of Big Bang remain hopeful that the group will release a comeback album in 2014. Brandon Jerry Villa, a devoted YG Entertainment fan, expressed his concern for the comeback delay with his statement I wish YG Entertainment"s established artists had consistent comeback dates. As the agency grows, this concern has been repeatedly expressed by fans.

Are you ready for Big Bang"s comeback?

The last Big Bang album, aside from live and special edition releases, was the 2012 extended play Alive. Are you ready for a new Big Bang album? Do you think there has been too much of an emphasis placed on solo activities within Big Bang in the past two years?


Taeyang teases fans about Big Bang

Taeyang teases fans about Big Bang"s comeback,"Current working on the new album"

Taeyang keeps fans excited towards Big Bang"s comeback by saying they are currently working on the new album.

On October 12th, Taeyang spent the last day of his solo concert "RISE" with the fans at Olympic Hall in Seoul. To commemorate his last performance, he mentioned about Big Bang"s comeback plan to the fans,"You must be curious about Big Bang"s album and the other members. Nowadays we are working hard on the music at the studio. I can"t tell you when but we want to release a good album and good music as soon as possible".

He continued,"Please be patient until then. We are sorry for causing you worried over the several things that happened but we will repay you by showing a good image. We are thankful for all the love that you have given us and will continue to work hard on our music"


Taeyang teases a Big Bang album coming soon

Taeyang teases a Big Bang album coming soon

Taeyang teases a Big Bang album coming soon

Taeyang teased an imminent return together with all five Big Bang members!

He stood on the stage at his solo concert, "2014 TAEYANG CONCERT RISE", in front of 12,000 cheering fans. "I"m sure that you"re curious about Big Bang"s new album and the other members," he said on stage. "We are continuing to work hard, day after day, in the studio. I can"t tell you when, but we want to release a new album and good music as fast as we can."

"Please be patient until then," he said. "We"ve caused you worries over a couple of things, and we will repay you with a good image. We will continue to work thankful to the love that you"ve given us."

It"s been a while since a Big Bang comeback - are you excited?


Taeyang’s solo album reaches #2 on Oricon Weekly chart

Taeyang’s solo album reaches #2 on Oricon Weekly chart

Oricon has updated their weekly chart revealing Taeyangs latest solo album has hit #2 this week!

Originally released on August 13 in Japan, Taeyangs solo debut album RISE + SOLARHOT grabbed the Oricon Album Daily ranking in 2nd place and topped the iTunes Pop Album charts in 1st place. This week, he ranked #2 on the Oricon Album Weekly chart after the popular Japanese girl group, NMB48.

"RISE + SOLARHOT" featured 29 tracks including Taeyangs Korean hits "Eyes, Nose Lips," "1AM" and "Ringa Linga."

Meanwhile, Taeyang will be going on a solo concert tour in Japan and is scheduled to perform 13 performances in six cities, and is estimated to meet over 70,000 fans.

Source: Star News


Taeyang Makes Hot Entrance in No. 2 Spot of Japan’s Oricon Chart with Debut Album, “RISE + SOLAR & HOT”

Taeyang Makes Hot Entrance in No. 2 Spot of Japan’s Oricon Chart with Debut Album, “RISE + SOLAR & HOT”

BIGBANGs Taeyang has made a grand entrance in Japan for his debut solo album RISE + SOLARHOT which made its way to the no. 2 spot in the countrys top album sales chart, Oricon Chart.

According to Oricon Chart on August 14, Taeyangs RISE + SOLARHOT has sold a total of 41,090 copies on its first day of release on August 13, making its debut at the second place in the Oricon Daily Album Chart.

The album RISE + SOLARHOT not only includes Taeyangs latest album released in Korea, RISE, but also his previously released albums SOLAR and HOT, making it a real good value for the fans money. Taeyang also made some extra effort and recorded his songs Eyes, Nose, Lips, 1 A.M., and Ringa Linga in Japanese.

Meanwhile, Taeyang is currently making his round of the country and performing in front of thousands of fans in his SOL JAPAN TOUR 2014 which kick started last August 12 and 13 in Japans Grand Cube Osaka. He will hold a total of 13 shows in six cities in Japan.

Congratulations, Taeyang! Now lets ringa linga! *dances*


Big Bang Taeyang's Solo Album, 'RISE' Is First K-Pop Album To Have All Songs Reviewed By U.S. Billboard

Big Bang Taeyang's Solo Album, 'RISE' Is First K-Pop Album To Have All Songs Reviewed By U.S. Billboard

Group Big Bang member Taeyang"s solo album, RISE, is the first K-Pop album to have all songs reviewed by U.S. Billboard.

On July 9, Billboard stated, "Taeyang"s second solo album is the first K-Pop album to have all tracks reviewed. Through this album, Taeyang"s talent has become recognized by many."

Taeyang also set the record for the highest ranking on the "Billboard 200" for a K-Pop artist at number 112.

He is also seen on the Billboard World Albums chart at number 9 as well.

On the other hand, his new title song, "Eyes,Nose, Lip" has been receiving much attention on music charts, music programs and various music sites.

On the other hand, Taeyang will be making an appearance on KBS "Yoo Hee Yeol"s Sketchbook" on July 11.


Taeyang performs 'Eyes, Nose, Lips' with Tablo + talks about a repackaged album

Taeyang performs 'Eyes, Nose, Lips' with Tablo + talks about a repackaged album

On July 8, Taeyang appeared as a guest on MBC radio program "Tablo"s Dreaming Radio" and performed his hit ballad "Eyes, Nose, Lips" with DJ Tablo himself! The rapper had previously released a cover version, which they played on here with Tablo performing his rap in English and Taeyang adding touches of his sweet voice by singing in the background for a nice collaboration.

During the discussion, Tablo said, "The listeners are asking Yang Hyun Suk to let Taeyang promote a follow up song and release a repackaged album." Taeyang said, "To tell the truth, the fans are discussing a great deal about my promotions after "Eyes, Nose, Lips." I let it slip recently that a repackaged album would be coming out, and they are greatly anticipating it. I am working on it right now, but as you well know, my studio album took four years."

SEE ALSO: Taeyang takes to the stage to perform "1AM", "Body", & "Love You To Death" for 1theK"s "Wonder Live"

He continued, "There"s considerable anticipation for it. I would like for it to be released quickly, but I learned how to be patient for four years. I think I could become a monk," causing laughter.

Tablo wondered aloud, "I wonder if CEO Yang is listening to this," to which Taeyang responded, "I can"t be sure if the chief is listening." Regardless, Tablo addressed Yang Hyun Suk through his radio, "Chief. It"s Tablo. Let"s release a repackaged album. Let"s work on it as quickly as possible so it comes out after four days rather than four years." To everyone"s amusement, he added, "Since I"m asking the favor, it will probably take a lot of time."


U.S. Billboard Praises Big Bang Taeyang's Artistic Work For Solo Album, 'RISE'

U.S. Billboard Praises Big Bang Taeyang's Artistic Work For Solo Album, 'RISE'

U.S. Billboard spotlighted Big Bang member Taeyang"s solo album and praised him for his work.

On July 3, Billboard stated, "Big Bang"s lead vocal Taeyang has released his second solo album last month and has captured the hearts of fans everywhere."

They continued, "This album received much praise and has topped the Korean music charts. He has also entered the Billboard 200 chart and has hit the best record for a Korean male singer at number 112."

They also revealed that his new album had a total of 9 songs and that the music had upgraded since his last solo album in 2010.

Taeyang stated during the interview, "I was not happy with some parts of the album, but was so thankful that everyone enjoyed my music."

He also stated that him as a solo artist and him as a member of Big Bang are in fact not that different. The only difference was that when he performed solo, there was that much more pressure.

Taeyang has been topping various music charts as well as on music shows with his new album as well.