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2PM's Jun.K Needs To move On A Go back and forth With Chansung And Taecyeon For No Reason?

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jun.k(Photo : JYP Entertainment)2PM's Jun.K chose Chansung and Taecyeon as contributors he needs to go back and forth with.

On Nov. 25, Jun.K held an interview with the japanese media corporate Oricon Style.

The reporter asked, "If you were to travel with two members, who would you cross alongside and where would you go?" and he answered, "I wish tovisit Switzerland with Chansung. There isn't anyexplicitexplanation why for it."

Jun.K lately released his new Japanese solo song "EVEREST" that has the lyrics "Let's go on a vacation together." He said, "Chansung is just right at cooking meat. I wish toopt for about a week and go sky diving."

As for Taecyeon, Jun.K discussed a ride between him and the rapping member are in the talks.

"We're making plansto head on a long time out in the following couple of years," he said.

Jun.K ranked first position on Oricon weekly chart on this provide day with his 2nd solo EP Love Letter, promoting 23,415 albums.

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Taecyeon will pay Marvel Discuss with to Lee Hye Jung on “My Little Television”

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Taecyeon can pay Surprise stopover at to Lee Hye Jung on “My Little Television” On the impending November 21 episode of “My Little Television,” 2PM‘s good enough Taecyeon might be creating a guest appearance on Lee Hye Jung‘s “Have You Eaten?” corner.

In the start of the episode, k Taecyeon calls from the set of “Three foods a Day” to invite Lee Hye Jung for some advice. Then, he surprises her (and everybody else!) by way of appearing up for the latter part of the episode.

Lee Hye Jung welcomes him, saying, “I hit the jackpot!” upon his arrival.

The episode will feature Lee Hye Jung showing how to master the talents had to make Chinese food in addition making some homegrown favorites, adding highly spiced japchae (a stirfry dish made with vegetables and glass noodles) and Mapa Tofu. it is going to air at 11:15 p.m. KST.

Taecyeon raves about his little one nephew!

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Taecyeon raves about his little one nephew!

2PM"s Taecyeon is in love... with his nephew that is.

On October 28, the male idol up to date his Twitter, raving about his baby nephew with an adorable photo, writing, "My stunning baby nephew~I"ve most effective observed you once, yet you"re developing so quickly~Your eyes are so large too~ keke."

Does somebody else think that Taecyeon would make an ideal uncle?!

사랑스런 내조카~ 아직 한번밖에 못봤지만 쑥쑥 커가는게 보이는구나~~ 눈도 엄청 커요~~ㅋㅋㅋ pic.twitter.com/rrFdsvX8zm

— taec yeon adequate (@taeccool) 2015년 10월 28일

2PM’s Taecyeon Updates Fanatics on Eddie the domestic dog from “Three foods a Day”

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2PM’s Taecyeon Updates Fans on Eddie the Puppy from “Three food a Day” Group 2PM‘s Ok Taecyeon up to date fans at the expansion of Eddie, the puppy that he followed after “Three Meals a Day.”

On October 5, good enough Tacyeon wrote on his Twitter, “He’s having a look increasingly like his mom,” and posted a photo of the lovely puppy. Eddie used to be born to Minky, the customary mascot for “Three Meals a Day” that Okay Taecyeon had a specific connection with.

In the photo, Eddie looks as healthy as ever as he hangs onto the brink of his fence. His eyes are indeed beginning to seem more and more like his mom’s.

Meanwhile, Ok Taecyeon adopted Eddie after the filming for tvN‘s “Three Meals a Day” ended.

2PM's Taecyeon says 'JYP is honest' amidst sajaegi controversy in industry

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2PM's Taecyeon says 'JYP is honest' amidst sajaegi controversy in industry

2PM"s Taecyeon is making headlines for sharing his private mind along side a link of a piece of writing referring to the recent sajaegi controversies. He wrote on his Twitter, "They say all and sundry does sajaegi (chart manipulation) yet nobody will admit they do it. I stay suggesting that we get at the bandwagon but the corporate says no kekeke. JYP is honest. kekeke." 

If you haven"t heard or know already, sajaegi is the direct manipulation of the tune charts via assuming unlawful online identities to repeatedly stream and download their artists" music to extend their rating on charts. the folk that partake in sajaegi have come to be referred to as "music chart brokers."

Recently, sajaegi became a large factor after JTBC"s "News Room" raised the suspicion that several big agencies were manipulating the music charts.

After the reports, YG Entertainment released a remark that went, "We are satisfied this problem is being addressed and are willing to assist to research the cases," and no longer too long afterwards, Taecyeon posted on Twitter that "JYP is honest."

누구나 한다는데, 모두 다 아니라고 하는 "음원 사재기" XP초점① (출처 : 엑스포츠뉴스 | 네이버 TV연예) http://t.co/gO0kRY5872 나는 좀 하자고 하는데 회사가 자꾸 안된다구ㅋㅋㅋ 제왑은 정직합니다ㅋㅋㅋ

— taec yeon good enough (@taeccool) September 23, 2015

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Taecyeon looks great hot at the end celebration for 'Assembly'

News via hancinema.net
Taecyeon looks great hot at the end celebration for 'Assembly'

In the night time on September 17th, 2PM"s Taecyeon is arriving at the end celebration for KBS 2TV"s "Assembly". The party used to be held at a restaurant in Yeoido-dong, Yeongdeongpo-gu in Seoul.

"Assembly" is a humanitarian political drama depicting studies surrounding the National Assembly, which starred actors Jeong Jae-yeong, Song Yoon-ah, 2PM"s Taecyeon, Jang Hyeon-seong, Park Yeong-gyoo, Kim Seo-hyeong and Kim Bo-mi-I.

Following the crowning glory of "Assembly", Jang Hyeok, Yoo Oh-seong, Kim Min-jeong, and Han Chae-ah"s "God of industry - Innkeeper 2015" will start on September 234d.

2PM's Taecyeon leaves a unique message for G-Friend

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2PM's Taecyeon leaves a unique message for G-Friend

2PM"s Taecyeon has a special message for G-Friend, who these days completed up their performances regardless of continuously falling on stage.

Taecyeon posted to Twitter on September 8, "Hoobaes, it"s just right to paintings hard, yet it"s more vital that you don"t get hurt. struggling with sooner or later as well, and please be mindful of your fitness in the future." He also shared a link to the YouTube video below.

In the clip, G-Friend carry out "Me Gustas Tu" when the slippery level reasons a couple of accidents.

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Did Taecyeon Adopt a domestic dog From “Three foods a Day?”

News via soompi.com

Did Taecyeon Adopt a Puppy From “Three food a Day?” Taecyeon from “Three Meals an afternoon – Jeongseon County” has been spotted with Minky’s puppy Eddy from the display in his arms. the web network is humming with questions wondering if he has followed Eddy. The online post incorporates a photo of smiling Taecyeon leaving JYP’s corporate development with Eddy in his arms.

Meanwhile, tvN’s “Three Meals a Day – Jeongseon County” featuring Lee Search engine marketing Jin, Taecyeon, Kim Kwang Gyu with the guest star Park Shin Hye aired their 2d season’s ultimate episode on September 4.

Aren’t they adorable together?

Park Shin Hye Feeds 2PM's Taecyeon A Special Dish During 'Three Meals A Day'

News via kdramastars.com

Park Shin Hye and Taecyeon continued their adorable on-screen interactions on (Photo : tvN ) Park Shin Hye and 2PM"s Taecyeon (Ok Taecyeon) shared more sweet moments during episode 17 of "Three Meals A Day." While there was less of a scripted love line between the two Hallyu stars, they continued to demonstrate their genuine affection for one another.

Park adorably sang while searching for a recipe to try out on the guys. This segued to acooking segment, the "Pinocchio" star created a unique salad that contained tomatoes, daikon radish, gochujang (a Korean condiment), green onions and garlic. The three men on the show were initially surprised by her idea for the side dish but willingly helped her to prepare the vegetables.

Taecyeon was the first cast member to try out her creation. The actress fed him a medium sized portion while he jokingly swallowed while attempting to hide his embarrassment.

The on-screen chemistry between the actress and the 2PM star continued when they returned to the corn field. They demonstrated strong comradery throughout the segment, quickly picking the corn from the stalks. During the commentary portion, she weighed in on their ability to work together. "No matter what we do together, we click really well," said Park.

Taecyeon strongly reacted to the departure of Park Shin Hye. He led the group in taking a photo with the actress. Comedian Kim Kwang Gyu continued to provoke the young stars when he questioned if they had exchanged numbers.

It may be the end of their love line on "Three Meals a Day," but their ability to act with one another continues to generate buzz.

Park Shin Hye continues relaying her affections toward Taecyeon on 'Three foods a Day'

News via allkpop.com
Park Shin Hye continues relaying her affections toward Taecyeon on 'Three foods a Day'

On the September four installment of tvN"s "Three Meals a Day," Park Shin Hye and Taecyeon"s love line persevered to flourish as they were enshrouded via a candy crimson haze whilst they harvested corn together.

On this day, the 2 worked in combination in point of fact well, with Taecyeon maintaining the stem while Park Shin Hye harvested the corn, in order that they even earned applause from Producer Na Young Suk.  In the interview, Park Shin Hye stated, "What I felt while oppa held the stem and stepped on it and such used to be that regardless of what I do with Taecyeon, we would truly click well."

She became also asked on at the existing time why she returned to the show, and she replied, "People. I liked Lee Kwang Kyu, Lee SEO Jin, and Taecyeon such a lot that I got here on the display again."

As she ready to move back to Seoul, Park Shin Hye smiled brightly while waving at them. She told them, "Let"s meet in Seoul."  Lee Kwang Kyu also asked her if she had exchanged numbers with Taecyeon.  Shyly, she said, "I gets it from you," and went into the car.  Taecyeon stated with a laugh, "You may just just have got it from me."

Sad to look the affection line finish again?

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