T.O.P’s family say they are in great shock

T.O.P’s family say they are in great shock

The aunt of T.O.P spoke with E Daily about the current situation with the Big Bang member. 

At Ehwa Womans University Mokdong Hospital on June 6, T.O.P’s aunt stated to E Daily, “T.O.P has been suffering from depression and anxiety disorder. There were medications that he took on a daily basis but we didn’t know they were nerve stabilizing medication.”

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The aunt revealed that the family spoke with T.O.P the day before he was sent to the ICU. She stated, “T.O.P spoke with his mom on the phone yesterday and said he’s doing well. So we’re in great shock right now..”

On June 6, T.O.P was found unconscious due to medication overdose and was moved to the ICU. Police clarified that T.O.P is just in deep sleep in response to his anti-anxiety medication. The star is also currently being investigated for marijuana use. 

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