T.O.P Was Caught Using Marijuana With A Female Trainee Before His Enlistment

T.O.P Was Caught Using Marijuana With A Female Trainee Before His Enlistment

T.O.P just surprised everyone with the news that he smoked marijuana before his enlistment. He was arrested and his agency said an apology for his wrongdoing and now regretting his action.

T.O.P was caught using marijuana with a female acquaintance in his house but he denied it saying that he just smoked electronic cigarettes. After the police did the test, T.O.P was positive for using marijuana and he was sent to prosecutors last April, Soompireported.

When T.O.P denied smoking marijuana, the woman admitted smoking it and it turned out that she is a trainee in her 20s. There is no news whether she is from YG Entertainment or not and the woman is now handed to the police for the investigation of drug use. T.O.P is reported smoking marijuana three times between Oct. 9-12, 2016 and YG Entertainment has said their apology for it, Koreabooreported.

Regarding the case, there have been many comments online saying that T.O.P might get away easily with this. Some others left comments saying that T.O.P didn’t learn with previous cases like what happened to G-Dragon and Park Bom. Some others said that it was a really good way to end his career before his enlistment.

According to the statement from T.O.P’s agency, T.O.P is now regretting what he is doing and his fans hope that he will be fine. T.O.P has been serving in the band unit of the Seoul National Police Agency as part of his army duty and he will be off from the entertainment industry for two years. He will fulfill his duty as a citizen in South Korea and during that time, T.O.P can also reflect on his wrongdoing.

Meanwhile, other two members, G-Dragon and Taeyang will have a comeback for their solo. They will rock the stage with their nice music and their fans can expect a lot from these two talented BigBang members.

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