T.O.P reportedly still unconscious + updates on overdose

T.O.P reportedly still unconscious + updates on overdose

T.O.P is reported to be still unconscious as of 7:15PM KST after being brought into the intensive care unit for a drug overdose at 5PM.

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On June 6, a reported insider denied rumors the Big Bang member had regained consciousness, telling media, “Some are saying T.O.P is awake, but he’s still unconscious in the ICU. The situation is being monitored, and he’s receiving treatment.” The insider also revealed, “Even if he does regain consciousness, his mother has a lot to worry about. They’re worried about brain damage as he was deprived of oxygen in the beginning. They’d rather avoid reporters during this difficult time.”

Further reports are saying T.O.P overdosed on anti-anxiety and anti-depression medication. One media outlet reported, “T.O.P suffered from panic disorder, depression, and insomnia. He’s taken prescribed anti-depression medicine for a long time. It’s likely he’s taken the same meds this time as well.”

However, only T.O.P’s unconscious state and drug overdose are currently confirmed. Stay tuned for updates. 

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