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Woman claiming to be a volunteer diver at the ferry tragedy scene revealed to be the imposter who posed as Hwayoung’s relative

Rescue efforts continue on to recover the missing passengers who were on board the sinking ferry, but as the progress seems to be slow, some have been pointing fingers at the government for not doing enough and even preventing rescue efforts. Various broadcast stations have been airing interviews from those on scene, and earlier today, MBN aired theirs with a woman who claimed to be a citizen volunteer diver there. Her testimony especially stirred quite a bit of criticism towards the government and the maritime police, but her identity has now left many questioning the interview she gave.

A woman going by the name Hong Ga Hye told MBN news that she was with the volunteer divers aiding in the rescue. She then went on to say that although the volunteer divers were ready to do their best to help, they were actually told by the maritime police to just kill time and were even blocked from trying to help

Gaon Chart releases chart rankings for April 6 – April 12

The Gaon Chart is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the equivalent of Oricon in Japan and Billboard in the United States.

Check out the chart rankings for the week of April 6 to April 12 below!

1. Akdong Musician - "200%"

2. HIGH4 ft. IU - "Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms"

3. Yoon Min Soo - "Relationship"

4. Akdong Musician - "Give Love"

5. Akdong Musician - "Melted"

6. Mad Clown ft. Hyorin - "Without You"

7. A Pink - "Mr

Son Ho Joon joins the cast of upcoming movie ‘Doosaboo Begins’

Actor Son Ho Joon has joined the cast of the upcoming film "Doosaboo Begins"!

His agency Core Contents Media stated that his casting has been confirmed and his labelmate T-ara"s Eunjung is still in talks. Eunjung"s former "We Got Married" husband Lee Jang Woo is in talks as well.

"Doosaboo Begins" is the fourth film in the series following "My Boss, My Hero" (2001), "My Boss, My Teacher" (2005), and "The Mafia, The Salesman" (2007). The movie, which will be directed by Park Sung Kyun, is set to crank in this summer!

Most Drama Broadcasts Return to Normal Tonight, Variety Shows Canceled

In light of the recent Sewol Ferry tragedy, many TV networks are canceling the broadcast of their variety shows and dramas today, Thursday April 17, out of respect and to broadcast news updates.

KBS is canceling the broadcast of its Thursday night variety show, “Happy Together.” It will, however, air an episode of its daily drama ”Sky Angel” and the third episode of its prime-time Wednesday-Thursday drama, ”Golden Cross,” whose broadcast was moved to today after its cancellation yesterday.

MBC will continue to air its daily dramas “Shining Romance” and “Mother’s Garden.” The airing of the pilot episode of Kang Ho Dong‘s new variety show, “Star Gazing,” has been canceled for tonight

All Music Shows Canceled This Week, Affecting Comeback Stages of Block B, EXO, and More

All weekly music shows from the various TV networks have been canceled this week starting today due to the Sewol Ferry tragedy that shook the nation yesterday.

Thursday’s (April 17 KST) music show from Mnet, “M!Countdown,” Friday’s (April 18 KST) music show from KBS, “Music Bank,” Saturday’s (April 19 KST) music show from MBC, “Music Core,” and Sunday’s (April 20 KST) music show from SBS, “Inkigayo,” have been canceled.

The cancellation of these various music shows affects the promotion schedules of many singers in the industry, as well as reflecting the desires of the artists to defer promotions out of respect for the hundreds of victim of the ferry tragedy. Some of the comebacks affected are from singer Kim Jin Ho of SG Wannabe, Lena Park, Block B, EXO, and Junggigo

Many TV programs, events and comebacks delayed due to ferry disaster

On April 16th, a ferry carrying 459 people, mostly high school students on a trip to Jeju island, sank off South Korea's southern coast, leaving nearly 300 people missing, 7 people dead and 55 injured.
Due to the big disaster, all the entertainment programs, dramas as well as comeback schedules of many artists have been delayed to show respects for the victims.
KBS1's programs: "Secret of Birth" ,"Real Experience of The World" and the drama "Love through Song" was postponed .
KBS2's music program "Music Bank" planned to air on the 18th was canceled. However, drama "Golden Cross" and "Palpitating Romance" will air as scheduled.
MBC's programs "Zero" ,"Shining Romance" ,"Mother's Garden" ,"The Real Story" ,"Radio Star" had been delayed

See G.NA on the Set of the “Pretty Lingerie” MV Feat. Otani Ryohei

Singer G.NA recently released some stills from the set of the music video for her new single, “Pretty Lingerie,” featuring Otani Ryohei and Kim Min Kyo, increasing anticipation from fans as to what kind of scenario will play out with the three personalities in the music video.

Kim Min Kyo is currently appearing in tvN’s “SNL Korea,” and Otani Ryohei has appeared in various dramas and TV shows such as “Gu Family Book” and “The Chaser.”

G.NA, originally supposed to release the teaser for her music video today, has postponed its release in respect for the current situation regarding the ferry that sunk off the coast of South Korea yesterday morning (April 16).

(See: All Comebacks Delayed (Block B, T-ara’s Jiyeon, G

“The Mafia Begins”, starring Son Ho-joon and possibly Ham Eun-jeong

T-ara member Ham Eun-jeong might come back with the movie "The Mafia Begins".

Actor Son Ho-joon has confirmed a spot already in the movie but Ham Eun-jeong is trying to take her time to make up her mind.

If she does decide to go along with the movie, it will be her first movie comeback in 3 years since "White: The Melody of the Curse".

"The Mafia Begins" is a series of the 2001 movie "The Mafia" which led to 2005 movie "The Mafia 2" and 2007 "The Mafia 3".

Lee Jang-woo and Son Ho-joon have confirmed cast and Lee Jang-woo will takes on the role of Gye Doo-sik which was Jeong Joon-ho and Lee Seong-jae's usual role. Son Joon-ho takes on the role of Kim Sang-doo, previously played by Jeong Woong-in and Kim Seong-min

T-ara’s Eunjung Set to Make Movie Return Alongside Lee Jang Woo

T-ara member Eunjung is set to star in a forthcoming movie entitled “Dusabu Begins”, to be directed by Park Sung Gyoon.

A spokesperson for the filmmakers confirmed the story, saying, “Eunjung has been cast in a major role. Also appearing in the movie will be actors Lee Jang Woo, Son Ho Jun, as well as many others.”

The film is the latest installment in a series that began in 2001 with the movie “My Boss, My Hero”, starring Jang Jun Ho. The series continued with “My Boss, The Teacher” in 2006, which was followed by “The Mafia, The Salesman” a year later. “Dusabu Begins” will begin production in summer.

The upcoming movie will not be Eunjung’s first screen appearance. She has previously starred in several dramas and movies, including “Coffee House” and “Dream House”, as well as the 2011 horror film “White: The Melody of the Curse

All Comebacks Delayed Due to Ferry Tragedy

Due to the ferry tragedy that occurred on April 16, many comebacks, debuts, and album releases planned for this week and next have been delayed. Artists Block B, T-ara’s Jiyeon, G.NA, Fiestar, Lena Park, and Junggigo have officially announced that their various music releases have been pushed back indefinitely out of respect for the tragedy that has gripped the nation and its citizens.

Block B’s agency, Seven Seasons, announced through its official Twitter account that “Block B’s new single release has been delayed.” It explained, “We have judged that the current situation and the members’ hearts do not fit the fun atmosphere of their comeback title track ‘Jackpot,‘ so we have decided to push back the single release.”

Block B had planned to release the “Jackpot” single later today after releasing the music video on April 15