7 Dramas That Turn out Love Transcends Time and Space

7 Dramas That Turn out Love Transcends Time and Space

7 Dramas That Turn out dearest Transcends Time and Area 10twentyeight July 27, 2016 0 7 Dramas That Prove Love Transcends Time and Space Dependent on who you ask, the thought about traveling via time-space will also be exciting

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But while you're a drama fan, chances are your concept of time-space commute is a a laugh and romantic one. Its now nottrickyto peer why. As smartly asproviding much comedian relief, time-space travel in drama-land guarantees that wrongs are made right. And of course, characters nearlyat all timesto find love when they travel viabug holes or jump through magical objects, but its somewhat a issuekeeping up a long-distance-time relationship. Heres a glance back at a couple of time-space travel reports that prove love knows no time or spatial bounds!

Lee Min Ho plays a Goryeo warrior who travels through time and finally ends up in modern day Seoul. In his look for a miracle doctor, he meets an aspiring Gangnam plastic surgeon (Kim Hee Sun) and forces her to apply him back to Goryeo. Admist palace intrigue, death plots, and during 700 years of time, two very otherother peoplelocate out what it approach to in realityare living and to love.

In in the search for out the realityat the back of his crown princess murder, a Joseon prince (Park Yoo Chun) is transported in time with his 3 guards onto a rooftop inhabited by Park Ha (Han Ji Min) in trendy Seoul. What ensues is nearlynatural comedy a minimum oftill they find themselves entwined in what looks as if a repeat of the Joseon mystery. 

The King of The day ahead of today and The next dayKing-of-yesterday-and-tomorrow

This TVB vintage saw the Yongzheng Emperor (Kwong Wa) being stuck in a sea coincidence alongside his longtime enemy Lu Si Niang (Maggie Cheung Ho Yee) which sends either one of them several generations into the future. They finally finish upone by one in up to date Hong Kong, where he impresses with his skill to gain employment, whilst she spends foods on most sensible of bus stops.

A vehicle accident throws Zhang Xiao (Liu Shi Shi) from glossy Shenzhen to the 18th century Beijing, where she is the teenage daughter of a Manchu general. She is soon made to pass into the palace, where she befriends several princes and falls in love with some of them. 

In this thriller, a mom (Lee Bo Young) is given just 14 days as she is thrown back to the time before her daughter is abducted and murdered. It's miles one hell of an intense fortnight as she races opposed to the clock to save her daughter.

Tracy Chu plays a feisty police officer who unearthsthe power to travel through time time and again over three days. What is in truth three days then feels like every weeks to her, to boot equally to several others who are later published to had been making the similar journey.

Featuring exchange universe/ cross-dimensional travel, W promises to be a fascinating twist at thestandard time travel drama. The brainchild of author Song Jae Jung (who wrote popular time travel dramas Nine and Queen In Hyuns Man), W currently premiered on July 20 and stars Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo. 

What other time/space travel dramas have you watched? Tell me in the comments below!

10twentyeight grew up looking at dramas and has been blogging about them for the beyond six years. She is ecstatic to have discoveredsome way to proportion her love for them while looking forward to her K-pop biases to be discharged from army duty. She maximum recently enjoyed “Oh Hae Young Again” and is praying not easy she won’t must wait any other two years for Eric Mun’s next drama.

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Photos Han Chae-ah,

Photos Han Chae-ah, "Love is the source of my not easy work"

Actress Han Chae-ah used to be featured in the fadmag InStyle.

She's been performing in the MBC Televisiondisplay "I Reside Alone" and reflected her existence as an easyladywhilstat the other hand in this photo shoot, she gave the glance to be fancy and stylish. She wore a slip get dressed that no person else can pull off.

In the next interview, she said, "I were give the sack actress for 10 years yet I have not done anything else that has my call engraved in it. I'mthankfulthat folks know about me via a TV show. I would like love. It is the source of my demandingpaintings and it isas a result of love that I might beready toresist and survive".

Han Chae-ah's photographs and interviews will also beobserved in the august factor of InStyle.

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Fans Love EXO’s New Level Outfits Which can be  Either Functional, Comfy And Sexy

Fans Love EXO’s New Level Outfits Which can be Either Functional, Comfy And Sexy

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Enthusiasts have fallen in love with EXOs new level outfits that experienceshown to be either functional and attractive at the similar time. 

While the gang has wona massive number ofcomplaintago for dressed ingarments that glance too stuffy even in the summer, their stylist lately addressed issuesvia dressing them new outfits that permit their skin to respire more easily. As smartly aswithout a doubttaking a look comfortable, however, fans also are raving over the incredibly sexy outfits, some of which feature see-through shirts or very deep necklines.

Check out the tune video for EXOs newest song Monster below:

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4 Male Actors Who Fell In Love With Jung Yoo Mi’s Charm

4 Male Actors Who Fell In Love With Jung Yoo Mi’s Charm

4 Male Actors Who Fell In Love With Jung Yoo Mis Charmchoralee July 26, 2016 0 4 Male Actors Who Fell In Love With Jung Yoo Mis Charm Currently gaining attention for her functionality in Train to Busan, actress Jung Yoo Mi is known for her lovely acting. She debuted in 2004 with How to Perform a Polaroid Camera and has since seemed in quite a fewvideos and dramas corresponding toI would like Romance 2, Discovery of Love, and Tricky every bit Iron. Maximum of her works fit in the romance genre, permitting her to engage with many male actors. Here'sa listing of 4 male actors who noticed Jung Yoo Mis charms.

During a press convention for Educate to Busan, her co-star said Jung Yoo Mi is so lovable. Despite the reality thatit will sound like anything thats acknowledgedthe entire time, I truly like Jung Yoo Mi.

Yoo Ah In and Jung Yoo Mi hooked up when they were co-stars for the movieTroublesome as Iron in 2013. Since then, Yoo Ah In described Jung Yoo Mi as my ideal sortyet besides an affectionate actress. Recently the actor has also said, She is a girl I still like, appearing his unchanged affections for her.

The two actors starred together at the 2007 drama Que Sera Sera, and reunited seven years later on the KBS drama Discovery of Love. Eric described the actress as a young kidas a result of her innocence.

Kang Ha Neul said that he used to bekeen on Jung Yoo Mi since her acting debut, and picked the actress as his ideal type. I actuallywould like to meet her. Ive loved her since her film How To function A Polaroid Camera. She has a totally uniquecharisma of coziness about her and she naturally suits into any role she plays, which is why I really like her so much, the actor confessed.

What do you suspect makes Jung Yoo Mi so lovable?

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Watch: Park Bo Gum And Kim Yoo Jung’s Gentle Love Tale  Starts In New Teaser

Watch: Park Bo Gum And Kim Yoo Jung’s Gentle Love Tale Starts In New Teaser

Watch: Park Bo Gum And Kim Yoo Jungs Soft dearestTaleStarts In New Teaserkokoberry July 25, 2016 0 Watch: Park Bo Gum And Kim Yoo Jungs Tender Love Story Begins In New Teaser Honey is dripping from Park Bo Gums eyes in the newest teaser for KBS 2TVs Moonlight Drawn By ability of Clouds.

The highly expected drama released a new teaser video featuring the start of a candy love story between Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung.

In the video, crown prince Park Bo Gum spends time with Kim Yoo Jung who is dressed as a eunuch. Audience can see Park Bo Gum beginning to have emotions for his eunuch friend. He says, I dont know why I see any person else when I glance at you. Some lady. Taking into consideration that his persona believes Kim Yoo Jung is a eunuch, he may neatly be experiencing some inside turmoil referring to his romantic feelings for a eunuch.

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds is in line with a webtoon and tells the fictitious story of youths in the palace right through the Joseon Dynasty. The primary episode is scheduled to air in August.

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iKON gets love for their winning streak on “The Remix”

iKON gets love for their winning streak on “The Remix”

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter In spite of the speculations, iKON is receiving more love than hate on their ongoing appearances on survival program, The Remix. 

A contemporary postal service on Pann highlighted iKON’s impressive streak at the plan as they won 3 battles out of five. The post also described the notedlevelfunctionality done through the participants in tribute to Michael Jackson where they made their garments with LED lighting and highlighted it as probably the mostbest possible and iconic performances from the crowd so far.

As the program continues to air, the post also published that iKON become one of the maximumseeksubjects on online portals equivalent to Weibo.

Fans who continue to turn their reinforce for iKON revel at the speculation that it's milestricky to win on thoseform ofsystems every bit the winner does no longer win according to popularity. However, they lament the postulate that iKON remains to be exist criticised for their alleged loss ofreputation in China when the performances display their abilities otherwise.

iKON won The Remix and competed opposed to other idol teams such as MONSTA X, VIXX and more.

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“Far Away Love”: The C-Drama Starring Park Hae Jin That Each Drama Fan Wishes To See

“Far Away Love”: The C-Drama Starring Park Hae Jin That Each Drama Fan Wishes To See

Far Away Love: The C-Drama Starring Park Hae Jin That Each and every Drama Fan WishesTo peer t0ky0nights July 25, 2016 0 Far Away Love: The C-Drama Starring Park Hae Jin That Every Drama Fan Needs To See Ever since Cheese In The Trap ended we have gotno longer been ready to see much of Park Hae Jin. Even supposing its finishingused to bethought to be disappointing by way of many, there isn't any denying that Cheese In The Trap becomea well-liked drama that kept its audience coming back for more!

Once again, Park Hae Jin has captivated our passion in his maximumthese days aired drama, and I promise this ending is more satisfactory! A ways Away Love broke thrunumerous the vintage Chinese drama barriers, and delivered a fascinatingtale that kept the Park Hae Jin wave alive in China. However, this a laugh drama is gaining the eye of the Korean and the world crowd alike; here are among the reasons we think you're going toexperience Far Away Love!

Complex yet refreshing story that grabs its viewersFar Away Love

Meng Chu Xia (Li Fei Er) is a 28-year-old positivelady who is raising her teenage nephew. She has discoveredas a result of her age and the truth she is raising her nephew — ever since her sister disappeared — that she canneed toaccepta wedding without love. Shen An (Park Hae Jin) is a a success businessman who has given up on love after a heartbreaking relationship, and has determined that he needs to get married to enrich his symbol of a solid CEO.

Despite the realityeither one of them have given up on love, and want to go married, those two leads do now nottake to every other at first. Whilsthe's engaged to any individual his overbearing mom approves of, Shen An startsto note Meng Chu Xia. She doesn'tgo back his interest, and states that she may not bea device for him to rebellionopposed to his mother nor will she be an accessory for a rich CEO who is besttaking a look to toughen his image. When Shen An suddenly reveals himself without a fiancee and Meng Chu Xia is wanting a stable and legit man, this drama starts to get interesting!

Impressive forged for the very bestunityMain Cast

Most folks already know Park Hae Jin from the variousprofitable Korean dramas he has starred or gave the impression in. He is back, as good-looking and as charming as ever, in this stress-free Chinese drama. He co-stars with Li Fei Er, who is a well known Chinese actress that has been in a long list of popular Chinese dramas and movies. In combination these two make a gorgeous pair with the idealquantity of chemistry.

Almost each popular drama has to have competitive love interests to combine things up! Far Away Love is not any exception and it stars the handsome Zhang Lun Shuo, in additionthe pretty Song Yi to stay things interesting. Either of them perfectly embrace their characters and uploadsome otherpoint of interest to this drama as they are attempting to combine things up for our main couple!

Adorable chemistry between the foremost coupleCute 0

Numerous shots of Park Hae Jin and Li Fei Er will also bediscoveredat the actresss Weibo account. All of these images are enthralling and end up that these two have so much of chemistry together. This compatibility is perfectly transferred to the drama screen.

Even in shots that were taken by fans, the chemistry is apparent between these two! There could also beanything adorable about their drastic height difference.

Hilarious misfortunes bring out the most efficient in folksThis reason why is without delayassociated with the dramas story line, and shall we not love it more! It more or less feels that every time Shen An and Meng Chu Xia meet close tothe start something disastrous is set to occur. Fortunatelylots of theunluckycases befall upon Shen An, and we get to see a bit of of his lenient nature, as he can never bring himself to hate Meng Chu Xia.

When they first meet she borrows his mountain motorbike because she is in a pinch. Little does she know that it's farvalue a fortune and he was sitting in a automobilestaring atyour complete spectacle develop. He is gracious and makes a decision not to press fees for the robbery of a motorcycle that prices more than some houses.

Meng Chu Xia finds herself in some other mess when she by chance breaks a display screen in one of his restaurants. He occurs to be there and once back watches the mess spreadsooner than him. This time he steps in and tries to deal with the issue, but finds himself with a face stuffed with cake while she briefly escapes the crisis zone. It was glaring that she smeared cake on his face on purpose, but he lets it slide and is more interested by why his face is decorated alongside a wasteland he failed to approve for the menu.

Sometimes I concern some his priorities in this series!

Our main woman finds herself in yet another pinch when she is short of cash at a restaurant, and she turns to invitethe only real other celebration in where if she can borrow some money. This occurs to be Shen An, who recognizes her instantly even regardless that she does not appearto preserve in mind him. He is short and impolite with her, but still supplies her the money in the end.

Shen An is nicer than he will have to exist when he runs into Meng Chu Xia again. This time she is attempting to break out from her demeaning ex and his new fiancee. She grabs Shen An as her boyfriend by accident and spills a beverage on his jacket in the process. He is ticked and tries to leave, but lets his compassion get the most effective of him when he hears her exs haughty words. Pretending to be her boyfriend, he puts the alternativeguy in his position before he leaves the bar. She chases after him and insists on taking his jacket to be cleaned; practically stripping it off of him, to the amusement of a few onlookers.

He is in surprise and realizes that he just cannotrealize her, but he also ismoderately intrigued by her despite their a lot of appalling encounters. He is trapped by his interest and it's hilarious to observe him check outto be informed more about her, despite his nagging gut.

Shen An continuously proves that he is husband subject matterHusband Material

Eventually he manages to get as regards to her and learns of her preference to have a husband that mighttake care of her and her nephew. He is undaunted by this and takes it upon himself to prove that he shall be reliable. If it isaidinground the house, solving faucets, spending time with her nephew, or making certain she is going to the health center when she is sick, he does it all!

I especially found this section enjoyable, as many dramas that experience a prosperous CEO generally tend to painting them as spoiled or not able to serve as without the assistance of their station. Shen An refuses to slot in this stereotype as he flippantly tackles the entiretythis is thrown his way while he pursues Meng Chu Xia.

Watch Far Away Love here!

Are you taking into considerationfinding out Far Away Love, or are you already watching this exciting Chinese drama?t0ky0nights is a K-Pop enthusiast, whose interests come with many sorts of Japanese, Chinese, and Korean entertainment. She can also be establish dancing or writing articles, and lyrics, most of the time. You'llto find her on Instagram here.

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Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' Jang Hyeok confesses his love to Park So-dam, she answers with a kiss

Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' Jang Hyeok confesses his love to Park So-dam, she answers with a kiss

On the episode 11 of KBS 2TV's Monday Tuesday drama, "Beautiful Mind", Yeong-oh began feeling feelings that were no longer known to him previously.

On this day, Yeong-oh (Jang Hyeok) confessed his love to Jin-seong (Park So-dam). He said, "I wish to dearest someone. If I would do, I need it to be with you".

Jin-seong hesitated and Yeong-oh did notwish tolistenthe solution because he used to be afraid what she turned into going to say. He attemptednot easy to steer transparent of hearing the answer.

Since Yeong-oh started being ready to feel emotions, he helped his fellow workers. When the nurse, Moon-gyeong (Ha Jae-sook) was about to be laid off, he helped her.

As she was accused of the majorreason for the incorrectdrugs accident, he helped her clean her name. He also raised his voice saying, "Our health centerwishes an experienced nurse like Moon-gyeong".

Moon-gyeong expressed her appreciation saying, "You mustreside long to witness anything like this. I were givenassist from anyoneI might have never idea of. It is a miracle".

In the meanwhile, Jin-seong permitted his center and marvel kissed him whilst he was being scared of hearing any solution from her. She whispered, "This is my answer. I need to be with you". However, Yeong-oh all of surprising announced breakup to Jin-seong at the finish of this episode.

#Ha Jae-sook #Jang Hyeok #Park So-dam #Beautiful Mind #news

TRENDING Suicidal lady defeats depression with her love for EXO

TRENDING Suicidal lady defeats depression with her love for EXO

33kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter A 2nd year centercollege girl, who is an avid fan of EXO, and her mother, who didnt like the reality that she was once an EXO-L, were featured on SBS Same Bed, Other Dreams

The young fan, Songji, confessed she spends 24 hours of her day thinking and observing EXO and her momturned intounsatisfied and may justno longernotice why she spent such a lot of her time and cash on EXO and purchasing EXO comparable products.

At this point Songji confessed the realexplanation whyin the back of her love of EXO. She printedthat once she was in 6th grade, her oldsters did no longer have much time for her because of the fact that her older sister was very sick. She had to take care of the loneliness and the depression that got here amongst it by potential of herself. She confessed that she even attempted to harm herself as the finish result of her depression.

Thats when she stumbled on EXO and discoveredsafety and a feeling of network in their fandom. She mentioned that by turning into a fan she have become more social with her palsspeaking to them about EXO.

Chanyeol even seemed equally a wonder guest for Songji.

1467, 106 Even but even so her state of affairs its herbalfor a lady her age to moveloopy over celebrities. She does seem to beat theexcessiveaspectyet it wont remaining too long. The genuinetrouble are adults who do sasaeng activities.

1111, 88 Its organicfor ladies her age to love celebrities.

994, 266 Their folksdemanding earned cash all is going to a famous person that youve never even ate in combination with. Do you guys in reality like celebrities that much..

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Heize & Dean Toe the Line Between Love and Hate in “And July”

Heize & Dean Toe the Line Between Love and Hate in “And July”

20160724_seoulbeats_heize_dean_and_july_4Heize Dean Toe the Line Between Love and Hate in And JulyWritten by capability of Chelsea On July 24, 2016Its been a busy a year of collaborations for either Dean and Heize. Whilst Heize received aid teaming up with both Chanyeol and Chen of Exo, Dean featured in Taeyeons Starlight as neatly every bit Dok2s Bad Vibes Lonely. Back in June, the 2emerging artists got herein combination for the jam, Close Up and Groove. Keeping the momentum in their collaborative good fortune going, Heize and Dean have teamed up once back alongside the reduction of DJ Fritz to offer the lead unmarried of Heizes debut album, And July.

If it were any individualwith the exception of Dean, I'd exist wary of the reality that both of Heizes post-Unpretty Rapstar singles feature the similar artist. However, Heize and Dean have a differentmore or less musical chemistry thats advantageous for either one of them. Here'sprincipallyon account ofthe style they balance with one another and can play off of each and every other effortlessly. Theres a herbal  almost playful synergy between them, and this isnot moretransparent than in And July. Together, they organize to convey a complex relationship that ft the line between affection and loathing.

Weve come to be expectingexcellent things from Digipedi productions, and And July does now not disappoint on that front. Whats interesting more or less the MV is that the lyrics say one thing, while the visuals apparentlyput acrossanything entirely different. Or do they? Theres a wealthy layer of complexity between the sentiments of the tune and the movements of Heize and Dean on screen that creates more questions than answers: are they looking to confess their affections or their ambivalence? Are they enthusiasts or enemies? Do the ones two things must be mutually exclusive?

And July plays much like a throw-back hip hop confessional of an adult playground rivalry; Dean pulls Heizes metaphoric pig tails, and she figuratively kicks him in the shin in retaliation. She doesnt need him to peer her react, now not when he pours sugar into her coffee or when he passes her chewed up gum in its place of the hoop she anticipated. Heize continues to play into their childish game because its more straightforward than acknowledging that perhaps she in truth cares about him that hes in some way wormed his way into her heart.

Did someone put medication in it?

(I acknowledged it’s) killin me softly

Dean, too, struggles with communicating his affections and frustrations. Where she acts ambivalent, he acts out to stay her attention. He knows its not healthy, what theyre doing, yet he also fears that speaking about the elephant in the room may ruin everything.

But today, it’ll be different

All the feelings onedriven back

20160724_seoulbeats_heize_dean_and_july_1Where Heize wonders how to admit her emotions without coming off too eager, Dean needs to promise her the sectoras long as she recognizes that they could be more than friends. Somehow, they both achievethe realization that July is the easiest month for the verbal exchange to take position if they are ready to survive until then.

I used to be denying it, announcing I don’t know

Then two seasons have passed us

Even in this moment, I omit you

If the MV is any indication, their courting is a ticking time bomb. All the insecurities of the lyrics translate into a live-action edition of Spy vs Spy, complete with quite so much of food, toothbrushes in puts they shouldnt be, dead-pan stares, and button-pushing. How things escalated this some distance is unclear, but what is obvious is that something should be done sooner than they finally finish upany further bruised than they already are (literally).

Despite the palpable tension of the MV, theres something similarly adorable about it. A lot of the cuteness will also be attributed to Deans immature yet adorable endurance contrasted with Heizes stoic eye rolls. They play off one another and so naturally, taking turns lamenting their own misfortune and gleefully torturing the opposite in retaliation. Its all push and no pull, but theres a small semblance of fondness communicated in their gestures when the other isnt looking.

20160724_seoulbeats_heize_dean_and_july_3Its not just their on-screen chemistry that makes And July so enjoyable, either. Heize and Dean have voices that compliment each one other both vocally and stylistically. Heize has a in point of fact unique vocal colourjust like Suran and I appreciate how smoothly she flows between rap verses and making a song bits. Deans vocals are equally dynamic, and when their voices come together it becomes a harmonious substitute of banter that is rarely dull.

(That being said, there are moments when Heizes lack of enunciation in And July is reminiscent of someone given slightly in addition to much Novocaine at the dentist. The track mayget excitement from clearer start on her part.)

Overall, And July is a frank and amusing release. Underneath the juvenile antics of the MV, theres a captivating exploration of the boundary between love and hate that is going hand-in-hand with the complexities of trendy relationships. Why do we've gotsuch a lothassle expressing our feelings, and why is it more easy to act detached than displaysymptoms of vulnerability? The MV doesnt take a glance atto respond to the questions it raises, and for me, that makes it all the more successful.

Heize and Deans And July, with all its contradictions, is much stronger than their first collaboration which I still very well enjoyed. While it will be great to see Heize liberatean absolutely solo track, I wouldnt object to seeing more from the two artists together.

(YouTube. Photographsby way of CJ EM. Translations thru Pop!Gasa.)