Watch: BTOB, B1A4, Heo Youngji, Oh My Girl, And More Crusade To Finish Cyber Bullying With New MV

Watch: BTOB, B1A4, Heo Youngji, Oh My Girl, And More Crusade To Finish Cyber Bullying With New MV

Watch: BTOB, B1A4, Heo Youngji, Oh My Girl, And More Crusade To Finish Cyber Bullying With New MVilmare42 June 7, 2016 0 Watch: BTOB, B1A4, Heo Youngji, Oh My Girl, And More Campaign To End Cyber Bullying With New MV As a phase of a campaign to end cyber bullying and create a more fitWeb environment, several talented K-Pop teams and artists have teamed up to liberate a new music entitled “Fingertips Love.”

The track features B1A4, BTOB’s Eunkwang and Changsub, April, Oh My Girl, A-JAX, Heo Youngji, and Kassy, and was printed for the primary time at the 2016 Dream Concert on June 4.

Fingertips Love was produced for a campaign led by way of the Korea Entertainment Manufacturers Association, Korea Entertainment Control Association, and Korea Ingenious Content Firm to assistprevent the spread of unfounded rumors and the posting of hateful comments, either about normalelectorate and celebrities. As element of the campaign, the artists have also recorded short video messages.

As the use of the Information superhighway and sensible phones increases even more, many of us suffer on a day by dayfoundation from cyber bullying and hateful comments, with some celebrities even having to take criminal action opposed to netizens. The campaign goals to inspireother folks to replenish comments with friendly, sort messages instead of hateful ones.

In the song, the artists ask individuals if they understand how much the words they say on the web displaceharm people. “Let’s improveevery other, and compliment every one other,” they advocate in the track. “You can say things that make our global more beautiful, like ‘It’s great,’ ‘You’re cool,’ ‘Keep it up,’ and ‘I agree with in you!’ It’s the affection you lot send with your fingertips.”

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Jung Eun Ji Firmly Denies All Rumors Of Bullying In A Pink

Jung Eun Ji Firmly Denies All Rumors Of Bullying In A Pink

Jung Eun Ji Firmly Denies All Rumors Of Bullying In A Purple notclaira Would possibly 2, 2016 0 Jung Eun Ji Firmly Denies All Rumors Of Bullying In A Pink A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji lately made an appearance at theCould 2 broadcast of the JTBC formdisplay “Abnormal Summit.”

One of the themes of the episode was once conspiracy theories. “There becamean online rumor that I used to be an outcast in A Pink,” Jung Eun Ji shared. “In fact, eachunmarried member had a rumor at least one time that they were being bullied.”

But Jung Eun Ji clarified the rumors once and for all. “The those that spread the rumors made them up intentionally. They would take scenes where we were simply by ourselves and edit the screenshots. While youagree withanything is true, the total thingyou notice is colouredby way of that belief.”

MC Jun Hyun Moo said, “It shouldhad beentrickysince the rumors even were given reported in the news.”

Jung Eun Ji debuted with A Pink in 2011 below Plan A Entertainment (formerly A Dice Entertainment) and recently embarked on her solo profession amongst the unencumber of “Hopefully Sky.”

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Jun Somi Talks About Dating and Bullying on Standby I.O.I

Jun Somi Talks About Dating and Bullying on Standby I.O.I

Jun Somi Talks About Dating and Bullying on “Standby I.O.I”notclaira April 22, 2016 0 LINE it!Jun Somi Talks About Dating and Bullying on “Standby I.O.I” Mnet aired their first episode of fact program “Standby I.O.I” on April 22 and member Jun Somi unfoldedin truth about her past.

Jun Somi is dining cereal in the dorm kitchen with Choi Yoojung when she abruptly makes a stunning confession. “I need a boyfriend,” she said. “I’ve never dated any individual in my life.”

She is goingdirectly to amend her statement, saying, “I did date in kindergarten. In basicfaculty 1 dated two timesyet I’ve never had a significant boyfriend.”

When Choi Yoojung replies, “I was oncein reality popular in elementary school,” Jun Somi says, “I became a total outcast. But I powered thru it.”

What do you call to mind her unexpected confession?

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IOI Member Kept away from  Through Netizens For “Lack Of Talent” And Rumors Of Bullying

IOI Member Kept away from Through Netizens For “Lack Of Talent” And Rumors Of Bullying

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterNetizens and fanatics discriminate a member of team IOI for her loss ofability and fresh iljin rumors

Earlier, we reported that member Kim Sohye of upcoming community IOI used to be accused of having an alleged iljin or bully past.  Even earlier thanthose rumors, many audience and fans of Produce 101 may justno longer hide their evaluationsin regards to the lack of skillability member Kim Sohye has. Some showed disgust to the reality that she changed intoa phase of the group.

Originally posted on Pann, netizens and fans discriminated member Kim Sohye for lack of talent and allegedly having a iljin past.

Titled Photo Controversy Relating to IOI, here's the direct translation of the post and comments below.

On Twitter, there are footage like that with Kim Sohyes blurred face~~~ All around.

Translation: Everyone is so beautiful 3 #IOI

Translation: -RETWEETED Everyone is so pretty~ 3 #IOI

Translation: It is simplestappropriate to cast off the nuisance.

Translation: Everyones hearts are so cute.

Koreaboo has accumulated reactions from Netizens who commented at thelong-established article from our Korean source. The under comments are the preferred comments at the time of this newsletter being published.

289 / -52 Im still curious to why Kim Sohye has many fans

237 / -92 I in point of fact dont like Sohye yetthis is too mean to blur her face out

172 / -39 To be honest, I didnt have any bad emotions toward Sohye at the start but she disgusts me now. This is the reaction from male scholars after she were given selected.

Ah.. Kim Sohye please wander away (I hate seeing you cry always hahahahahaha)

I truly dont wish to see Kim Sohye (Seriously disgusts me)  

Isnt Kmi Sohye a very bad have compatibility here

Kim Sohye got selected I have not anything to say

Ah Kim Sohye. Seriously large fail

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New K-Pop Trainee Set To Debut Amidst Rumors Of “ILJIN” And “BULLYING” History

New K-Pop Trainee Set To Debut Amidst Rumors Of “ILJIN” And “BULLYING” History

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterNetizens speak abouta feminine trainee with alleged bully beyond getting ready to make her debut

The Korean term Iljin will also beexplained in English as a bully or somebody who harasses other scholarsright throughfaculty years. But did the netizens find a year 2003 born feminine trainee with such background to make debut soon?

Originally posted on Pann, netizens talk abouta tender female trainee with alleged bully past making her debut soon.

Titled Hul Year 2003 Born Female Crew Making Debut, this is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

Translation: Princess. Name: ? Birthday: 2003.4.26 (14 Korean age)

Height/Weight: 158cm / 42 kg #PRINCESS # Maknae #COMINGSOON

I heard this trainee is a Iljin, but is this true? Im now notcertain hahahaha Neatly since this post turned into popular, I am hopingfolks get to grasp T_T!!!! I bet she in point of fact has a disgusting personality hahahahaahahaha

What about trainees that trained for 7 years if this woman is debuting after one month???? I actually dont like that

Her name is Son Seungchae and during her Facebook, I may see this is a true bully with robust personality hahahahahaah

It is unexpected that she is born in year 2003.. Amazing how she deleted her Facebook prior to her debut hahahahaha

Koreaboo has gathered reactions from Netizens who commented at thelong-established article from our Korean source. The underneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this text being published.

152 / -6 It used to be posted on best mail before how a Iljin bully might be making debut as PRINCESS

141 / -20 I dont care if she debuts or not since Im only going to cheer my artists. I suspect they wont prevail anyways in spite of making debut..

131 / -1 If PRINCESS debuts, is their fandom named Prince?

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SM trainee's alleged bullying exposed to the public

SM trainee's alleged bullying exposed to the public

A trainee recentlybelow SM Entertainment, named Park Soo Yeon, is under fireplace for her alleged iljin past. 

SEE ALSO: Identity That Idol: Eyes Edition (Round 1)

An iljin is typically the Korean similar of a bully, known for mercilessly picking on other people they deem as simple targets. And it sounds as if that there are ample evidence pointing toward Park Soo Yeon and her beyond equally a so-called iljin. 

A netizen has taken the freedom to disclose Park Soo Yeon's blemished past, uploading a host of screen captures to give slightly of background at the trainee. 

The poster shared a capture of a long post written via Park Soo Yeon's past schoolmate. The schoolmate wrote, "There was once this woman who picked on every person at our faculty (including myself) and turned intoa gigantic fangirl of EXO, and I suspect she have become an SM trainee lololololol She is actually pretty, you know????? She's were givena pleasing body, face, and her browmay betruly pretty. And she was the top of a vocal club, and man, she sings really smartly lolololololol Yet one time she had to do networkprovideronce you havestuck by the faculty for drinking and she also went around dating guys left and right. I spotted that a couple mins ago she wrote on her Facebook, 'End of social media. Starting of luck and being a singer.' That is what she wrote lmaoooooo I read all of the comments under that and it was all bitches that hang out with her asking, 'oh, are you truly gonna be a junior to EXO,' and are you ready to introduce me to a couple celebrities whenever you debut,' and, 'tell me how Girls' Generation, EXO and Red Velvet glance in genuine life.' She has since deleted her account and I used to be actually in tears when I discovered out. I am getting serious goosebumps just taken with this complain that used to bully all people and soextraordinarily getting applauded by the public. You retard, if you debut, then just know I may not exist leaving you alone. I will expose the total thing about your past or even expose your friends. Let's see what becomes of you." 

The poster also shared an image of beer bottles that Park Soo Yeon had uploaded on her Facebook with the caption, "Any pretties would like to drink with me? Thank you for cooperating with me, friends." 

Park Soo Yeon herself and her buddies acceptreplied to the post but have since deleted their comments. However, captures of the comments are still circulating the net. They read, "I'm uploading this rather than Ah Hyeon Mi, Hye Mi and Hee Soo Yeon said, please unblock her and let's unravel this, okay? If you do this, things gets more complicated...and I am sad about cursing you out previous and I will notrecord y'all so please delete the post...we will discussthe major pointsvia Kakao Communicate therefore just please unblock us," and Park Soo Yeon wrote, "I can see that you blocked me so I'm posting here. I would like for you to delight delete this post. I have apologized for your completecases I've bullied and bothered you so l just wish that you would unblock me. Honestly, when my chums told me about this post I was really angry but I will be able tonotice why you did it after considering the things I did. Please delete it. Do not ruin a personsexistence for your sake and just assist me..I ask this choose of you. Once you appearance at your Kakao, I will delete this remarkcorrect away. I told my company to delete their comments too and to make an apology so they are feeling really sorry right now, so please just take down the post. I beg for your forgiveness. Please consider me and do not ruin my life. I'm truly sorry. No, I could be sorry till my mouth wears out." 


More Teens  Desirous about Cyber Bullying

More Teens Desirous about Cyber Bullying

Half of Korean teenshad beensufferers of online bullying, a survey suggests. Online bullying most commonlytook placethru messaging products and services like KakaoTalk. The ballotby skill of the Korea Institute of Criminology took in 5,356 basic students. As increasingly teenagers use smartphones, bullying in school is moving from the physical to the cyber realm.Some 46.6 % of respondents stated they had experienced cyber bullying, yet what is worse is that 56 percent admitted perpetrating it. One out of 2 victims was once a classmate.

The victims are steadily invited to check in fora talkconsultation and are then subjected to abuse, or the perpetrators create their own chat rooms where they spread abusive comments about the victims at the back of their backs.A smaller share of bullying occurs on Facebook and other social media.Some 4.4 percent of the victims said they had thought to be suicide, whilst 4.5 percent said they had a troublesome time making pals and 5.5 percent felt belittled.But most of the perpetrators admitted feeling no specific emotion (23.2 percent) or any sense of guilt (14.2 percent) since they were just having fun. "Cyber bullying regularlyends up in violence in genuine life", warned Lee Seung-hyun at the institute. Some 28 percent of the victims said the abuses also happened in real life.


Kim Kwang Soo Says T-ara Continues On Because Bullying Rumors are not truthful

Kim Kwang Soo Says T-ara Continues On Because Bullying Rumors are not truthful

Kim Kwang Soo Says T-ara Continues On Because Bullying RumorsAren't true MBK Entertainment‘s CEO Kim Kwang Soo in the end spoke roughly T-ara, one of the most lady teams in his control.

T-ara has up to immediately existen existneath populace complaint subsequently several individuals made Tweets that lookedAs if it would target member Hwayoung. the location escalated to the bespeak where Hwayoung used to exist got rid of from the gang.

On July 28, Kim Kwang Soo gaveAn interviewAll throughA tune video filming in Hong Kong. WhenAsked, “thereAre many rumors referring to T-ara’s bullying controversy. what is the explanation that they're notwithstandingActive?” he spoke back, “ the explanation why T-ara is notwithstandingActive is existcause [the bullying rumors]Are not true.”

He then stated, “Since they weren’t true, i became hoping that the populace would appreciate that one day,And iAssumed that they would.”

HeAdded, “T-ara is an overly painful workforce to me. i promise that my movementsAnd harms don’t harm them.” He then stated, “I’m keen on launching the hot lady workforce at this time, yet i promise T-ara doesn’t intend, ‘Our CEO most effective cares roughly the hot lady workforce.’”

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AOA’s Chanmi and Choa Clear Up Bullying Rumors

AOA’s Chanmi and Choa Clear Up Bullying Rumors

AOAs Choa and Chanmi cleared up bullying rumors surrounding their group on a recent airing of Yaman TV.

On the show, Chanmi starts talking about how she tends to take care of the older members despite being the youngest in the group.

Choa chimes in and says, She does take care of us, but she has a strong personality in general. I want to clear this up while being on camera.

Choa goes on to explain, I think (Chanmi) couldnt control her facial expressions [while being on camera]. If I search up my name, the related search is, Chanmi Choa bullying. But its nothing like that Chanmi is just blunt. She had a very hard time because of this.

After listening, Chanmi says, There was a time where I had to sing Jimins parts on a radio show because she couldnt be with us that day. After I was done singing my part, I was looking anxiously at the other members. I was looking at Choa because it was her part. I ended up making a mistake, but rumors spread that I was glaring at Choa when I did so.

Meanwhile, this show also starred After Schools Raina, Secrets Jieun and Hana, KARAs Youngji, Hello Venus Yeoreum and Lime, and Lovelyz Mijoo and Yein.

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[Spoiler] "Who Are You - School 2015" Secrets of silent bystander of bullying to be revealed

The scar left on Kim So-hyeon-I"s body before she had gone missing. The secrets about the scar were revealed.

On the 7th episode of KBS 2TV"s MondayTuesday drama, "Who Are You - School 2015", Eun-bi (Kim So-hyeon-I) found out about Eun-byeol"s story from the past through Mi-joo.

After Eun-bi looked into Eun-byeol"s cellphone history, Eun-bi met Eun-byeol"s old friend, Mi-joo. The phone number left on Eun-byeol"s cellphone belonged to Mi-joo. Mi-joo told Eun-bi, "You and I met together on that night", trying to explain the situation at the time.

The reason why Mi-joo called Eun-byeol out was because she had received a text message surprisingly from Soo-in"s cellphone number, who had died.

Mi-joo suspected that Eun-byeol was doing some prank using Soo-in"s cellphone. Eun-byeol confirmed it was not her.

Eun-byeol also said, "I also received the message. It"s true Soo-in sent the message". What had been bother Eun-bi was Soo-in"s phantom. Eun-byeol added, "Soo-in appears and keeps following me. I can"t tell her to stop because I"m too sorry".

Eun-bi asked Mi-joo what it was like between Eun-byeol and Mi-joo. Mi-joo said, "I don"t know as much as you must know. But one thing for sure is you hated her too". This foretold turmoil coming up ahead.

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