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Kim Kwang Soo Says T-ara Continues On Because Bullying Rumors are not truthful

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Kim Kwang Soo Says T-ara Continues On Because Bullying RumorsAren't true MBK Entertainment‘s CEO Kim Kwang Soo in the end spoke roughly T-ara, one of the most lady teams in his control.

T-ara has up to immediately existen existneath populace complaint subsequently several individuals made Tweets that lookedAs if it would target member Hwayoung. the location escalated to the bespeak where Hwayoung used to exist got rid of from the gang.

On July 28, Kim Kwang Soo gaveAn interviewAll throughA tune video filming in Hong Kong. WhenAsked, “thereAre many rumors referring to T-ara’s bullying controversy. what is the explanation that they're notwithstandingActive?” he spoke back, “ the explanation why T-ara is notwithstandingActive is existcause [the bullying rumors]Are not true.”

He then stated, “Since they weren’t true, i became hoping that the populace would appreciate that one day,And iAssumed that they would.”

HeAdded, “T-ara is an overly painful workforce to me. i promise that my movementsAnd harms don’t harm them.” He then stated, “I’m keen on launching the hot lady workforce at this time, yet i promise T-ara doesn’t intend, ‘Our CEO most effective cares roughly the hot lady workforce.’”

AOA’s Chanmi and Choa Clear Up Bullying Rumors

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AOA’s Chanmi and Choa Clear Up Bullying Rumors

AOAs Choa and Chanmi cleared up bullying rumors surrounding their group on a recent airing of Yaman TV.

On the show, Chanmi starts talking about how she tends to take care of the older members despite being the youngest in the group.

Choa chimes in and says, She does take care of us, but she has a strong personality in general. I want to clear this up while being on camera.

Choa goes on to explain, I think (Chanmi) couldnt control her facial expressions [while being on camera]. If I search up my name, the related search is, Chanmi Choa bullying. But its nothing like that Chanmi is just blunt. She had a very hard time because of this.

After listening, Chanmi says, There was a time where I had to sing Jimins parts on a radio show because she couldnt be with us that day. After I was done singing my part, I was looking anxiously at the other members. I was looking at Choa because it was her part. I ended up making a mistake, but rumors spread that I was glaring at Choa when I did so.

Meanwhile, this show also starred After Schools Raina, Secrets Jieun and Hana, KARAs Youngji, Hello Venus Yeoreum and Lime, and Lovelyz Mijoo and Yein.

[Spoiler] "Who Are You - School 2015" Secrets of silent bystander of bullying to be revealed

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The scar left on Kim So-hyeon-I"s body before she had gone missing. The secrets about the scar were revealed.

On the 7th episode of KBS 2TV"s MondayTuesday drama, "Who Are You - School 2015", Eun-bi (Kim So-hyeon-I) found out about Eun-byeol"s story from the past through Mi-joo.

After Eun-bi looked into Eun-byeol"s cellphone history, Eun-bi met Eun-byeol"s old friend, Mi-joo. The phone number left on Eun-byeol"s cellphone belonged to Mi-joo. Mi-joo told Eun-bi, "You and I met together on that night", trying to explain the situation at the time.

The reason why Mi-joo called Eun-byeol out was because she had received a text message surprisingly from Soo-in"s cellphone number, who had died.

Mi-joo suspected that Eun-byeol was doing some prank using Soo-in"s cellphone. Eun-byeol confirmed it was not her.

Eun-byeol also said, "I also received the message. It"s true Soo-in sent the message". What had been bother Eun-bi was Soo-in"s phantom. Eun-byeol added, "Soo-in appears and keeps following me. I can"t tell her to stop because I"m too sorry".

Eun-bi asked Mi-joo what it was like between Eun-byeol and Mi-joo. Mi-joo said, "I don"t know as much as you must know. But one thing for sure is you hated her too". This foretold turmoil coming up ahead.

Mobile app helps students cope with bullying

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Mobile app helps students cope with bullying

Kim Seong-bin, now 19, has painful memories from when she was a high school student. She was shunned and bullied by her classmates. Every time she saw her peers looking at her with contempt, she recalled feeling like those looks alone could kill her. She was alone all the time. Kim admitted to having suicidal thoughts, but often when those ideas would consume her, she would remember what her parents told her: "Even if you make a grand mistake, we will always protect you".Now an adult, Kim decided to launch a mobile application to give advice and encourage young bullied students, just as her parents supported her. That"s how the app Holding Five came about. The name is two-fold. First, it refers to the "holding effect", a psychological term used to describe the way babies are comforted when in contact with their mothers. It is also based around an account Kim once heard that states that suicidal thoughts can be alleviated if a person listens to music for five minutes. The name of the application is supposed to refer to a tight, long motherly hug. The app allows a user to upload his or her stories anonymously - anything about school life. Some talk about school bullying, others lament that they are simply having trouble getting along with new friends because they are too shy. In return, anonymous comments are made below the posts that provide effective solutions or advice for adjusting to their lives in school. App users recently surpassed 4,000 since its launch in August 2014. "A trivial misunderstanding with my friends caused me to be bullied and completely left me deserted from all my classmates", Kim said of her life in high school. "I thought at the time that this is just like a game that ends when someone dies".Her parents, she added, were the only people she felt she could rely on. "They looked for a counselor, and told me how to respond when my friends bullied me", she said. "If my parents had just told me it was trivial, just a fight with my friends, I wouldn"t have been able to bear it".After a year, with support from her parents, Kim managed to correct the misunderstanding with her friends and overcome the bullying at school. But even still, in her third year in high school she got the idea to help students, like her, who were being ostracized. Her father initially dissuaded her to launch the app, instead urging her to focus on preparing for the university entrance test. "Dad, why do adults always say they"re sorry they couldn"t protect us when everything ends badly?" Kim remembered arguing. "That they weren"t with us when we desperately needed them?" Preparing for and launching an application was tough, however, she said. She proposed her idea to an IT company first, asking representatives there to help her launch it free of charge. To seek out advisers, she called up major broadcasting corporations and explained she was looking for famous mentors to help embattled teenagers. Many came to her aid, and a few high-profile public figures and celebrities even agreed to participate on the app, including singer Kim Tae-woo, and Gang Ji-won, a renowned lawyer. Last year, the first user uploaded the post, "Which one do you like better: jajangmyeon (noodles in black bean sauce) or jjambbong (noodles with spicy soup and seafood)?" But after a slew of ridiculous questions, members eventually got serious and related real school stories - on everything from dating to family disputes and school violence. Many students, Kim said, also post comments about how they generally feel lost. But even now, as a freshman this year at Seoul Women"s University, she said she can still vividly recall the painful memories of being bullied in high school. With emotional scars still remaining, she said she was simply trying to help those in the situation she was in five years ago. Holding Five can help, Kim added. It"s a start.BY HONG SANG-JI [[email protected]]

K-Dramas Show That Bullying Often Exists Because Students Look The Other Way

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K-Dramas Show That Bullying Often Exists Because Students Look The Other Way

Countries around the world are trying to deal with the problem of bullying in school and Korea is no exception. To stop bullying, students may have to speak up when they see it happen.

The topic of school bullying is explored in two current k-dramas. "Angry Mom" and "Who Are You? - School 2015?" In "Angry Mom" Kim Hee Sun is so upset about her daughter"s bullying that she disguises herself as a student and attends her daughter"s school to give the bullies a taste of what it feels like. In "Who Are You - School 2015?" Kim So Hyun plays dual roles, a girl who was mercilessly bullied and a girl who bullies others. The two roles demonstrate why bullying may happen and what it feels like when it does.

Both dramas offer some graphic and disturbing descriptions of the kind of violence students face and the physical and psychological consequences it can lead to. In dramas from "Boys Over Flowers" to "School 2013" bullying often seems to be the norm in school life. Part of the problem in eradicating bullying is that rather than speak up about it, many students assume it is the norm and choose to ignore it when they see it. Students who are not directly involved may look the other way because they are afraid of becoming targeted themselves.

The reality, says a video recently released by Cheil Worldwide, a marketing company under Samsung Group, is that 50 percent of students will ignore bullying even if they witness it directly.

That"s why the company works with the Seoul Metropolitan Government on a project titled "Friend Name Tag." As part of this project students are given wireless nametags with their own name and that of another student. According to the website Campaign Brief Asia, the nametags help students find allies and help prevent bullying. In the first project, 298 middle school students in Seoul received a nametag. The tags have an embedded emergency system so that any student who sees another student being bullied can push a button that notifies a teacher. Only the teacher will know where the call comes from.

The trial run can be considered a success. During the project trial, 106 calls were made that led to counseling sessions that prevented bullying. Seoul"s city government is showing a short film to promote the anti-bullying policy. And they are considering expanding the nametag campaign to other schools.

While it might be more fun to have Kim Hee Sun come to your school and beat up the bullies, the nametag campaign is a promising development in preventing bullying before it starts.

Eunjung has claimed that The rumors about T-ara bullying people are absolutely not fair

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Eunjung Says T-ara Bullying Rumors Are Unfair: I’m Speechless When I See the Videos Edited by Netizens T-ara Eunjung appeared as the main guest on Mnet’s “4 Things Show” aired on April 28, where she spoke about the past rumors about bullying on former member Hwayoung and conflict within the group.

Eunjung cries while discussing the depression she experienced, saying how she lost all motivation to get out of bed or do anything. Member Hyomin says, Eunjung had a lot of pride and confidence in her work. The saddest part was when I saw her lose that. [She would say,] Could we do that? It wont work, it wont..

The interviewer mentions that what everyone wants is the truth about what happened. Eunjung responds, The truth of something, from what you see.. theres a lot thats true, but theres also a lot thats not. For us, to say, refreshingly, whats right is right and whats not isnt, and to apologize where its needed, really, thats the right thing to do, and we definitely should have done more of that..

The show cuts to different clip, where Eunjung says, Theres a reason we cant reveal it all, and when people ask us to tell them absolutely everything, we become unable to say any more, and we thought that wed just have to continue taking the criticism.

“I’m speechless when I see the videos edited by netizens. How would we would act like that in front of the camera? It doesnt make sense,” she says.

“Though I think it is unfair, I believe that not mentioning it anymore is the right thing to do,” she adds. “Maybe, in 10 years from now, if we are able to talk about the issue candidly, people will be able to look at us in a better light.”

The members talk about how theyve changed, and that if they had complained in the past when they were busy, they dont have a single complaint nowadays, and that theyre thankful for the little things and everything theyre able to do.

T-aras Eunjung Speaks Up About Bullying Controversy on 4 Things Show

Hyomin has shed some lights into the Bullying Rumors

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Hyomin Opens Up About Bullying Rumors Hyomin revealed her opinions on the rumors of her being a rebellious student in the past.

On the episode of 4 Things Show aired on April 28, T-aras Eunjung stars as the special guest.

When asked whether or not she was a bully at school, she answers,I was more like the girl next to the bully.

I can see why we got such a reputation, Hyomin adds.We lived together in a house full of six girls. Of course we got into a lot of fights.

Meanwhile, Eunjung also talks about the groups unique concepts, saying, At first I wasnt a fan. But I could soon find myself enjoying it. At one point, we just started looking for unique themes on our own. Whenever we managed to find something different, we would proudly say, Now thats T-ara material.

T-aras Eunjung Speaks Up About Bullying Controversy on 4 Things Show

Eunjung has opened up about the bullying dispute which is launched on “4 Things Show”

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T-aras Eunjung Speaks Up About Bullying Controversy on 4 Things Show On the upcoming episode of 4 Things Show, T-aras Eunjung expresses how she feels about the whole bullying controversy still surrounding the group in addition to letting the viewers have a peek of her daily life.

On the show, it shows her going about her day, now being 20 years into her career ever since her debut as a child actress. She lives a busy life, visiting her moms and her friends houses, going to Pilates lessons, as well as trying out new things amidst her hectic schedule.

In her interview, she says,Im always worried about how people will think of me every time I appear on a show, but I decided not to this time, and started showing tears.

There are a lot of things that arent true to what the general public assumes, Eunjung confesses. Her true confessions will be revealed on this show, which she never discussed anywhere else.

The guests who appear together on the show include actor Baek Sung Hyun, who partnered with Eunjung in the drama Queen Insoo, her fellow member Hyomin, and Spicas Yang Jiwon, who was close with Eunjung ever since her trainee days.

This episode of 4 Things Show will air on April 28 at 6 p.m. KST on Mnet.

T-ara’s Eunjung Preparing to Make Her Solo Debut

Understanding K-Drama: Bullying In Schools

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Angry Mom In the drama Angry Mom Kim Hee Sun plays a mom so desperate to protect her child from bullying that she enrolls at her school pretending to be a student. Her character Jo Kang Ja is the mom every timid kid wants. Shes tough enough to protect her own or at least bloody some noses while trying to. But thats because she was a bully when she went to school. She demanded respect.

But when Jo Kang Ja tries to protect her daughter, she comes up against a terrifying network of power and influence that prevents her from achieving justice, at least right away.

Angry Mom is only the latest k-drama or k-film to focus on bullying. The topic plays a role overtly in dramas such as Boys Over Flowers and School 2013 and to a lesser degree in dramas such as The Heirs and Dream High. It also plays a role in films such as the award-winning Elegant Lies, where bullying leads a student to commit suicide.

This may lead k-drama fans to wonder if the dramas reflect a real problem in Korean schools or exaggerate it. Bullying is a problem in schools everywhere, but why is it portrayed so often in k-dramas and k-movies?

Simon and Martina of the site Eat Your Kimchi touched on the subject in a 2012 segment titled Bullying in South Korea. They spoke about their own experience as English language teachers and the experiences of other teachers they know.

The former teachers pointed out that the problem may be intensified because students spend up to 10 hours a day with their classmates. Students who are in the same homeroom spend the whole school day together and often attend the same study groups. Spending so much time together creates a small world with its own rules and pecking order. Gu Jun Pyos word was law in Boys Over Flowers and no one dared to fight him before Geum Jan Di.

EYK also mentioned three types of bullying. The first is shunning, in which no one speaks to a student and that shunning can last for years or travel with a student if he or she transfers. The second is physical violence. In the third kind, bullied students become the ones who carry other students bags and run their errands. That type of bullying was featured in Fools Love Choi Woo Sik played Ho Gu. During his student days Ho Gu was known as bread shuttle, because he ran errands for the powerful kids, mostly getting them bread.

Reporting a case of bullying is also not easy. Korean schools dont have guidance counselors that students can report to and students may be reluctant to speak up. Teachers who report bullying to their superiors, as Ji Hyun Woos character does in Angry Mom, may get yelled at by parents and their school superiors rather than be commended for seeking justice.

The subject is often portrayed in dramas and films because it is an important one that many people are concerned about.

At the press conference for Angry Mom, Kim Hee Sun said she took the role because she recognized the importance of the subject matter.

"I know that bullying takes place, even in kindergarten where there"s not necessarily any violence, but certain kids are pushed aside as outcasts," said Kim. "I can very much empathize with Jo Kang Ja and I believe all mothers around the world would feel the same," said Kim Hee Sun.

You can see Simon and Martinas segment on bullying here:

'Who Are You: School 2015' Revisits An Infamous 'Boys Over Flowers' Bullying Scene

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'Who Are You: School 2015' Revisits An Infamous 'Boys Over Flowers' Bullying Scene

(Photo : KBS ) KBS recently released the first photos from the highly anticipated youth drama, Who Are You: School 2015 which depict Kim So Hyun as the victim of bullying. She will portray dual roles in the series, with the photos depicting her character Lee Eun Bi. To escape the students who have repeatedly bullied her, Eun Bi transfers to Segang High School, a prestigious private school. Her twin sister, Lee Eun Byul, also attended the school but mysteriously disappears before Eun Bi arrives. Eun Bi capitalizes on the absence of her sister, who was one of the most popular students at the school and assumes her identity.

In the teaser photos, the actress is covered in flour and eggs, evoking the disturbing imagery of Gu Hye Sun as a bullied student at Shinhwa High School in Boys Over Flowers. Gu Hye Sun won over the hearts of viewers as Geum Jan Di, a scrappy poor girl who was initially on the receiving end of brutal bullying from her privileged classmates at the private school. While the scenes were difficult to watch, they contributed to the appeal of Jan Di with K-Drama audiences.

Model-turned-actor Nam Joo Hyuk (Surplus Princess) will portray Han Yi Ahn in the series. The young cast also includes BtoBs Sungjae, Yooyoung of Hello Venus and Lee David (Gu Family Book).

The scenes teased in the photos from Who Are You: School 2015 were reportedly filmed at a high school in Busan. The show is the sixth installment in the KBS teen series which aired through the late 90s through 2002. The series was revitalized in 2013 with School 2013.

School 2013 was incredibly successful, bolstering the careers of Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk. Jang Nara and Choi Daniel starred as struggling teachers who wanted to improve the lives of the students at Seung Ri High School. The school, which ironically bore name of the Korean word for victory, was a faltering institution with students whose problems ranged from bullying, suicide and the controversial issue of high-priced private tutors.