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Contestant Nam So Hyun Continues Her Fierce Competition At "KPop Star 4" Despite Bully Scandal

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Contestant Nam So Hyun Continues Her Fierce Competition At

The talented contestant Nam So Hyun continues her competition at "K-Pop Star 4" despite her recent bully scandal.

A representative from “K-Pop Star 4″ told Star News on January 10, “Contestant Nam So Hyun made it to the third round, and we have contacted her school regarding the rumors of her behavior. There was no issue. We are hesitant, but we will be airing her third round segment.”

They continued, “We talked to her school about the online post, and the school told us that she has never caused any trouble,” adding, “we tried to find the person who originally posted the accusation, but since they wrote it anonymously, we cannot find them. Nam So Hyun herself did not know who wrote the piece.”

They also commented, “We understand that this is a sensitive issue. We hope that Nam So Hyun is not hurt any more than this.”

Previously, an anonymous individual posted an accusation on an online community board, claiming that Nam So Hyun has been a bully in school.

Nam So Hyun is the younger sister of “K-Pop Star 3″ contestant Nam Young Joo, who made it to the top 10.

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[Spoiler] "Seonam Girls High School Investigators" Hyeri becomes furious with bully

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On the January 6th episode of JTBC drama, "Seonam Girls High School Investigators", it featured the five girl investigators" action to save a victim of bullying, Oh Hae-ni (Cho Si-yoon), who is also one of their classmates.

The five girls had their class mates to come to the lanugae lab so they could find out true facts about the case of bullying.

Ahn Chae-yool (Jin Ji-hee) advised the classmates to confess voluntarily if anyone was involved in the bullying. However, the bullies were angry saying they were blamed without evidences.

Lee Ye-hee (Hyeri) became furious with them for not admitting they bullied. She said "Ok, you smiley. Keep cracking and dare to say whatever you think you are entitled to say".

C-Clown Opens Phone Line to Offer Advice and Comfort for School Bully Victims

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C-Clown Opens Phone Line to Offer Advice and Comfort for School Bully Victims Recently returned boy group C-Clown has set forth on offering advice to bully victims in school.

C-Clown recently came back with a new single titled “Justice.” The intro of “Justice” contains a phone number “010-8810-8615,” which is part of their new event that will try to help out students who are suffering because of school violence.

C-Clown will be taking in phone calls and messages from students who are bullying victims through that number and try to offer their advice and comfort.

C-Clown’s agency Yedang Entertainment sources commented, “We planned this event so it can help at least a little for school violence, which is becoming a big issue in our society today.”

Meanwhile, C-Clown is receiving a lot of attention for “Justice” due to its catchy tunes and choreography.

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Controversy Surrounds "K-Pop Star 3" Contestant for Being a School Bully

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Controversy Surrounds K-Pop Star 3 Contestant for Being a School BullyThe newly kicked-off K-Pop Star 3 is already facing hardships as a controversy has started to surround a particular contestant.

After K-Pop Star 3 premiered on November 24, the official K-Pop Star viewers forum as well as many online community sites have been pouring with requests to have a certain contestant, A, get put off the show.

Many of the posts say that A was part of a school gang. Contestant A is known to be a school bully and was even expelled. She has done strange things in the past such as post photos of hurting herself on her SNS account, reads one of the posts.

A has been passed by all three judges, Park Jin Young, Yang Hyun Suk and Yoo Hee Yeol, attracting quite a lot of attention. It has been known that A is said to be 16-year-old Kim Eun Joo.

On November 25, Sportsseoul.com spoke with an SBS rep who said, We are looking into this situation right now, and declined to further comment.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Kim Yoo Jung Will Play A Bully

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Kim Yoo Jung Will Play A Bully

With her sweet soulful eyes and innocent expression, it's hard toimagine child actress Kim Yoo Jung as a bully, but that's just what shewill play in a new film called "Elegant Lies."

Kim Yoo Jung will star as Hwa Yeon. She's a girl who seems sweet andcheerful but is really cruel and enjoys bullying others. As a result ofher bullying, one of her victims is driven to commit suicide. After thegirl dies, her mother, older sister and friends try to deal with theirloss. Hopefully, Kim's character will also come to terms with the harmthat bullying can do.

Bullying others is not something the actress says she would ever doin real life although some of her anti-fans have accused her of such.

"If you search my name online, 'Kim Yoo Jung bully' shows up as asearch term," said the actress on the talk show "Strong Heart" lastyear. "First of all, I am not a bully. I do have a habit of looking atpeople sideways so people sometimes misunderstand and think that I'mglaring at them."

To read the article, visit kdramastars.com.

T-ARA Eunjung Confesses, "We Weren't Given a Chance to Talk About the Hwayoung 'Bully' Rumors"

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T-ARA, Eunjung, T-ARA N4, Hwayoung

T-ARA Eunjung Confesses, We Werent Given a Chance to Talk About the Hwayoung Bully RumorsT-ARA unit group T-ARA N4 expressed that they were sad and distraught that they were not given a chance to talk about the 'Hwayoung crisis' from last year.

T-ARA N4 appeared on Mnet "Beatles Code 2" and explained the Hwayoung bully crisis from last year. Talking about the SNS messages, they stated, "We were young and did not think before we acted. We all were in a fight for two days. Letting the argument go overnight was a mistake."

Eunjung commented, "With all the online rumors and videos going around, although they were not true, it made us start to think that maybe we did do that and that we were a bad person."

The members all agreed that they did go through much heartache and pain since the rumors and that they will continue to strive and work hard to show their best efforts.

Child actress Kim Yoo Jung: “I’m not a bully!”

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Child actress Kim Yoo Jung: “I’m not a bully!”

Child actress Kim Yoo Jung appeared as one of the guests on the October 9th episode of SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘.

During the show, she has clarified all rumors of her being a bully.

Kim Yoo Jung began her story by mentioning Big Bang‘s T.O.P, who is her co-star in new movie ‘Alumnus‘. She said, “T.O.P oppa told me he searched me on the internet. He then suddenly asked me, ‘Yoo Jung, are you a bully?‘”

She then expressed, “If you search my name on portal sites, ‘Kim Yoo Jung bully’ shows up as a related search term. First of all, I’m not a bully. I have a habit of looking at people from the side [of my eyes], so people misunderstand thinking that I’m glaring at them.”

One of the comments I read [on my article] wrote that I’d give autographs in return for money. Would I really do such a thing?” the young actress added.

Kim Yoo Jung finally stated, “It’s actually fun reading the rumor and hate comments.”, causing laughter on set.

Elementary Students Play Popular "T-ara's Bully Game"

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Elementary Students Play Popular T-aras Bully GameFollowing the issue with T-aras member Hwayoung supposedly being bullied by the members and the speculation that followed with alleged testimonies and video captures,  elementary students came up with T-aras Bully Game, where they choose a target to bully among fellow students. This game has been popular among students and is further spreading.

A shocking post was made today on an online community board relating to a story that happened to one student. The original poster of the thread is supposedly a 24 years old college student who found out about it. She wrote, My niece and her friends know about the T-ara scandal and have been closely following it. They made a game out of it.

She continued, I was visiting my older sister and my niece, a 3 year elementary student was there, immersed in a kakaotalk chat. I asked my sister why she gave her daughter, an elementary student a smartphone. She said that if she gets good grades she could have it. I was curious as to what she was doing and took the phone out of her hands to see. I was shocked.

-  Since youre the outcast, you have to do as we say.

- Hey, are you crazy? Youre not going to answer? Do you want to die?

- Hey, youre carrying my bag tomorrow.

The college student then asked her niece, Song Ah, what is this? What do you think youre doing? The niece then replied, Were playing the T-ara Bully Game right now and (friends name) is the outcast.

She asked, T-aras Bully Game? What is this about? Yes, we choose one member as the outcast and we bully her like T-ara did to Hwayoung. Why do you do that? Because its fun. But what if you end up being the outcast and get bullied instead? If Im the one chosen as the bully, Im okay with it. But its not nice to do that between friensd, why would you? Its just a game you know. Auntie, can you give me the phone back, I need to talk.

She added, I was worried about all of this, so I took the phone from her again and made her sit before me. I asked Song Ah, who started this game?Youre not going to tell me?Alright, so are you ok with me telling mom about this? No. Then answer me first. Who taught you that game? No one, we just did as T-ara did to Hwayoung. And?Do you think you should be doing that?Song Ah, what if you become the one to bully next? If I see you play this again, Auntie will really get angry with you. I hate you Auntie! I love second Auntie (my younger sister) better!

The writer then wrote, After that I went to talk to my sister about this. When she heard the whole story she went into Song Ahs room. To be honest children are influenced by what idols do nowasdays and it proves that what happened to T-ara projected a bad influence on them. I feel sorry and ashamed that such thing happened to my niece. Im afraid to see where this will lead so I needed to talk about it for it to stop.

Girl Idols, The Bully and the Bullied

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T-Ara, Soyeon, Bully, Idol Quiz

Girl Idols, The Bully and the Bullied T-ARA SoyeonThe issue of bullying is being talked about widely in contemporary society and Korean idol groups seem to be no exception.

On JTBC's "Idol Quiz Show," T-ARA Soyeon drew attention by honestly recounting some of her experiences on the program. She said, "I've been both the bully and the bullied. It's almost like a cycle within the same group." She added that pain that she gave someone else ultimately used to come back to her, and it seemed that she understood the gravity of the issue because she has been on the direct receiving end of things.

T-ARA Hyomin was a Bully in the Past?

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T-ARA Hyomin was a Bully in the Past? hyomin bullyEvidence of T-ARA Hyomin's past as a bully raises issues.

On July 30th a post found on an online forum identified Hyomin as a past bully. The witness revealed that he or she had transferred schools due to Hyomin's bullying. A photo was also posted.

The witness continued to reveal that, due to a miserable incident at school, the student transferred middle schools.

It has not been finalized whether the bullying student was indeed Hyomin, but, the girl in the photo does have a strong resemblance to her. Furthermore, other internet users testified in agreement.

This severs issues even more for the recent T-ARA scandal, where, on the 30th, Core Contents Media representative Kim Kwang Soo announced Hwayoung's withdrawal due to bullying conflicts with the group.