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Rainbow Shows Their Synchronized Swimming Talent

Posted: January 24, 2012 5:23 PM EST rainbow

Rainbow unveils their practice of synchronized swimming for the Idol Star AthleticsSwimming Championships.

MBC aired the 4thAnnual Idol Star AthleticsSwimming Championships on January 24 as part of the Lunar New Year special. The group put on a synchronized swim performance ahead of the womens 50m freestyle swimming event.

Last year the group was in the center of controversy as photos of their synchronized swim performance caught only selected angles which made the entire presentation look suggestive. This time around the girls decided to wear matching skirts over their swimming suits.

Watch their performance below.

Rainbow to Display Their Synchronized Swimming Skills Once Again

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Rainbow to Display Their Synchronized Swimming Skills Once Again

Girl group Rainbow will challenge themselves to synchronized swimming for a second time following last year.

MBC will be airing the "Idol TrackSwimming Competition" on January 24 and there, Rainbow will show off their synchronized swimming skills, which they've been working on for three months.

Last year, Rainbow exhibited exceptional swimming and performance skills and received much interest. They claim that they will relive the glory of last year once again. Despite their busy schedules of going back and forth between Korea and Japan, they finished filming for their synchronized swimming bit on January 7. Aside from synchronized swimming, Rainbow members Woo Ri and Yoon Hye will be going up against each other in a swimming race as well.

Meanwhile, Rainbow is preparing for a three-member unit project, Pixie (Seung Ah, Ji Sook, Hyun Young) and will start their activities on January 13.

Check out this video of Rainbow's synchronized swimming from last year:

ALi is going swimming for her 'White Hole' tracklist

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ALi is going swimming for her 'White Hole' tracklist

ALi has released the tracklist to her upcoming 4th mini album "White Hole"!

The tracklist is composed of five songs. Aside from the remake "Love is Forgotten by way of Some other Love", she participated in the entire songs as either a lyricist or a composer. Her name song "From Me, To Me", is a pop rock genre that she"s never attempted before, and she helped write lyrics for the song.

"Shining Is Blue" is composed by actor Yoo Joon Sang, "To Ma Dear" is a birthday song, and "Feel Good" is a song ALi participated in composing.

The album could be out in the dead of night KST at the 15th, so remain tuned!

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Hong Suk Chun scolds CNBLUE's Minhyuk for no longer getting any larger at swimming

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Hong Suk Chun scolds CNBLUE's Minhyuk for no longer getting any larger at swimming

TV personality Hong Suk Chun challenged the "Our Group Arts and Physical Education" team at the September 8 airing of the show.

Hong Suk Chun stunned the normal contributors of the program when he seemed as the marvel guest to concern them in a swimming triathlon. The actor published that he is a huge fan... of CNBLUE"s Minhyuk, confessing, "I watched all of the episodes of "Our vicinity Arts and Physical Education." I"m keen on Minhyuk so I sought after to peer how neatly he did."

He all at once grew to become to Minhyuk to yell, "You"re not any better! You were so made up our minds to recuperate yet how come you haven"t progressed at all?" Minhyuk, obviously flustered at Hong Suk Chun"s surprising outburst, strung an excuse together. The drummer controlled to blubber, "The time it takes to swim the triathlon has decreased. I just haven"t won yet," bringing laughter.

Watch the hilarious replace below!

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Chinese sports form display 'Yes! coach' finds still cut & trailer of Jessica taking over swimming!

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Chinese sports form display 'Yes! coach' finds still cut & trailer of Jessica taking over swimming!

Jessica may be starring in an upcoming Chinese sports sort display "Yes! coach"!

To give us a sneak peek at her appearance, we"ve been treated to a still cut from the filming, uploaded onto the display"s authentic Weibo on August four.

Dressed in a lovely suit, Jessica looks gorgeous in spite of the minimum makeup as she gets able to dive into the water.

you'll also test her out in action in the trailer underneath, as you look ahead to the approaching broadcast on August 7!

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Ha Ji Won finds Her huge wardrobe for “The fourth dimension nosotros nosotrosre no longer In honey”

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Ha Ji Won finds Her extensive cloth wardrobe for “The time we were now not in love” at the July 29 broadcast of < robust>SBS’ “< robust>One evening of television Entertainment,”Actress< robust> Ha Ji Won printed the quiteA lot of styles she gets to wearable on the drama “< robust>The time we were now not in love.”

“I maximum often wearable five or six outfits per episode,” she says. “ThereAre close to times when i ex switch garments more ten times.” She too reveals that she has worn about seventy other outfits for the display thus far.

in plus, Ha Ji Won too introduces the styles she likes the maximumAnd reveals the contents ofA pouch that comes withA massager,Aroma crude,And more.

SeeA component of the segment underneath.

GOT7's Jackson thinks each Area has A swimming pool?

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GOT7's Jackson thinks each Area has A swimming pool?

On A up to date episode of "Our community Arts And Physical schooling," GOT7"s Jacks directly took at the difficulty for the Arena Championships. 

The idol has existen known to accept evolved his Athleticism And used to exist identified early on on for existing A fencing pro Athlete. When MC Jung Hyung Don threw A sly query Jackson"s fashion, every bitking him, "Why didn"t you simply stay doing fencing?" the idol replied, "i idea one"d exist A wholly Awesome singer. one got here to Korea to change into an ideal singer existcause i really like track. That"s IT," hastily finishing his speech.  

Kang Ho Dong then commented, "Aren"t yous doing smartly straightaway?" which made Jackson liven up every bit he replied cheerily, "you observed so?

The singer went directly to provide An explanation for that he learned swimming At condo And offhandedly remarked, "Doesn"t each And each Area accept no less than one swimming pool?" making each And eachone laugh in entertainment At his smartly-off background.

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GOT7′s Jackson shows Off His Swimming abilities on “Our group Sports”

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GOT7′s Jackson presentations Off His Swimming skills on “Our community Sports” The July 28 episode of “< robust>Our community Sports” featured < robust>Jackson of < robust>GOT7 displaying off his hidden swimmingAbilities. OnAt the present time, the display featured < robust>Julien Kang, Fabien, Robin, Otani Ryohei, Julian, Sam Hammington,And Jackson competing inAn “ global Swimming pageant,”As dubbed by way of the display.

GOT7′s JacksonAcknowledged, “Don’t be predicting likewise much from me,” yet straightAway displayed off his have compatibility upper frameAnd self belief.

even if he hesitated diving inA convention circular, he displayed off his sleek swimming skill withA self-assured get begined, explosive strokes,And excellent shapeAnd speed, unexpected every person. He swam l meters in the blink ofAn middle.

EXID Hani Impresses With Her Swimming abilities on “Our neighborhood Sports”

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EXID Hani Impresses With Her Swimming skills on “Our neighborhood Sports” EXID’s Hani proved once back that making a song and dancing aren’t her most effective skills, as she lately showcased her impressive swimming skill.

On July 21, on KBS 2TV’s “Our neighborhood Sports,” Hani showed off her skills with quite a lot of strokes adding butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle, and fin swimming.

Hani garnered much attention for her strength. With tough strokes, the singer become once without difficulty in a position to finish a 50-meter lap, impressing all of the visitors on “Our neighborhood Sports.”

check out Hani’s swimming skills in the clip underneath.

Hani wows with her swimming skill as she showcases the butterfly, freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, & fin swimming

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Hani wows with her swimming 
skill as she showcases the butterfly, freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, & fin swimming

EXID"s Hani made her appearance on KBS2"s "Our neighborhood Arts and Physical schooling", earning compliment from the opposite solid individuals with her athleticism. 

Hani is understood to be a sexy finished athlete from back in her college days. As it turns out, the idol didn"t delve into doing triathlons due some deep-rooted love for workout; rather, her swimming occupation changed into once born from one parent"s anxieties. Hani told the display" solid, "I take partd in the triathlon since fundamental till heart college. I even competed."

When a curious Kang Ho Dong asked the idol, "How did get to take part in a triathlon?" She acknowledged, "My mom, who changed into once reasonably rebellious as a teen, changed into once afraid [that I"d be the similar way] so she made me take part in sports." 

it kind of feels she has her mom to thank even although as her swimming talents earned her the applause of the solid individuals. The singer proved her talents via displaying off more than a few strokes adding the butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle, as well as fin swimming!

take a look at how she did in the clips underneath!

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