Swings Says Hes Kissed Over 500 Girls At Clubs

Swings Says Hes Kissed Over 500 Girls At Clubs

Swings revealed in a recent interview that he kissed over 500 girls at various clubs, but doesnt do such things after meeting his current girlfriend.

In a recent post on an online community portal, a netizen shared that Swings was seen kissing a woman at Club Octagon in Gangnam, Seoul, and then moved locations upon being spotted.

Swings was recently interviewed by Korean hip-hop magazine, Hip Hop LE, where he addressed this post and honestly expressed that this was nothing to be shocked about, and that he doesnt kiss women in clubs anymore because he is now dating model Lim Bora.

I saw there was a post about me kissing someone in Octagon, but to be honest, they should have written that I kissed 500. But now that Ive met Bora, Ive stopped doing that. Im happier now, but before it felt like I was on a long field trip at the clubs.

He also expressed how he felt about people who uploaded such posts, stating that he didnt care what the haters said because he was living the life he had always dreamt of.

Just say you f**king hate Swings. Just say that you dont like seeing me kissing a pretty girl. Come to my Instagram and curse all you want. Im doing really f**king well, Im living handsomely, and Im doing art with some of the coolest people.

Its an embarrassing for them to be dissing me without living a better life than me. Im contributing to changing the world. I hope those who talk shit grab a day to really reflect and think about what theyre doing for themselves and for their loved ones. Im someone who not only makes myself rich, but all the others around me rich too, so stop talking about my people and just diss me.