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Clip of IU getting hit in the face by way of a water bottle onstage is going viral

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Clip of IU getting hit in the face by way of a water bottle onstage is going viral

3kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter A clip of IU from her fresh Shanghai concert has long past viral online after the artist used to be make in the face by way of a water bottle thrown by a fan.

The incident passed off on November 8th while in Shanghai where IU becomeappearing a concert.

During some of the breaks, IU startedtalking to her target market and asked her lovers if they may turn over her a water bottle. In one video, one fan from her correct attempted to throw IU a water bottle yetgot here up short at the throw which brought about the singer to invite a fan close to the front if they mightsucceed in IT and hand it to her. But just seconds after, every other water bottle is observed hitting IU in the face, thrown from her left.

IU, regardless that surprised, just laughs it off whilstrather nursing her cheek, commenting that it was the primary fourth dimension she has ever gotten hit in the face by a bottle.

On November 27th, a netizen on online network board Pann uploaded a .gif edition of the incident, which has won many dislikes for the maximum obvious trolling by the normal poster.

Find out what Netizens had to mention roughlythis newsletter below!

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented on the original article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

299, -60 I would possibly hate IU but those who make gifs like which are the devils of Internet

242, -55 Are you a psycho? (to the original poster)

227, -57 Wow I dont like IU but this offers me chills. It makes it feel like shes getting hit constantly.who made this . Its no longer like she were given hit by an anti either, it was an accident.

165, -9 관It wasnt a group of workers member who threw the water bottle but a fan. IU asked for water on degree and reached out to ask for a bottle and a fan threw a bottle to her short of her to take the water but IU did no longer see it and got hit. It was not on purpose, the fan cried alot and apologized.

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TVXQ's Changmin is all aura in making video for eastern liberate 'Into the Water'

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TVXQ's Changmin is all aura in making video for eastern liberate 'Into the Water'

Check out this horny new pictures of TVXQ"s Changmin in the back of the scenes of a jacket shoot and PV for his Japanese release, "Into the Water."

Posing with herbal charisma and appearing off his manly, chiseled features, Changmin then breaks into a candy smile, showing he"s still were given that sweet boyish side. While you neglected out, you'll also check out the fast edition PV below.

TVXQ’s Changmin Drops Short MV and Making movie for Solo Identify Tune “Into the Water”

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TVXQ’s Changmin Drops Short MV and Making Film for Solo Title Track “Into the Water” TVXQ‘s Changmin gave a sneak peek at “Into the Water,” the name track of his upcoming solo mini album, “Close to You”!

On October 30, Changmin’s eastern control company, Avex, uploaded the quick music video of “Into the Water” in addition a brief clip of the behind-the-scenes video. “Into the Water” is a gorgeous ballad with emotional lyrics which are certain to warm up a chilly autumn day. The melodic song showcases Changmin’s voice perfectly.

“Rock With U” is the cushy rock track that accompanies the start of the behind-the-scenes video. In the clip, Changmin interacts with personnel as he engages in the photoshoot for his first solo album ever.

Meanwhile, Changmin will liberate his first solo mini album “Close to You” in Japan exclusively for authentic Bigeast fan club members.

Luhan gets himself into hot water in newest 'The Witness' trailer

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Luhan gets himself into hot water in newest 'The Witness' trailer

Get able for gore and suspense!

The newest trailer for Luhan"s upcoming movie, "The Witness," a remake of Korea"s "Blind," displays blood splattering and more forward of the authentic premiere on October 30. That"s just 4 days away, people, and it"s going to open in more than one countries, adding South Korea, so get your tickets ready!

sooner than that, get yourself puffed up via gazing the trailer above.

‘Running Man’ Lee Kwang Soo Pours Water For Kim Jong Kook

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‘Running Man’ Lee Kwang Soo Pours Water For Kim Jong Kook

The popular SBS entertainment program "Running Man" member Lee Kwang Soo poured water for Kim Jong Kook during their meal, taking care of the rest of the Running Man members.

The production team of the popular SBS entertainment program "Running Man" shared behind the scenes photos of the Running Man members at the filming scenes for the most recent episode of the popular SBS entertainment program "Running Man," which will air on October 25, 2015.

During a recent filming session, the popular SBS entertainment program Running Man"s Lee Kwang Soo got up and brought water for everyone. In the photo, Lee Kwang Soo poured water for Kim Jong Kook during their meal, taking care of the rest of the Running Man members. In related news, on the most recent Running Man episode, actress Park Bo Young of the recently ended SBS drama "Oh My Ghostess" starred as one of the guests. The SBS entertainment program "Running Man" is one of the most popular Korean TV shows with international fame. The SBS entertainment program "Running Man" is one of the most popular Korean TV shows with international fame. The SBS entertainment program "Running Man" has been one of the oldest and widely popular weekend shows in Korea, along with "Infinite Challenge" and "1 Night 2 Days."

GFriend And The Rewarding of Slip Ups

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20150727_seoulbeats_gfriend GFriend And The Rewarding of Slip Ups Written by Gaya On September 24, 2015 Once upon a time, I wrote an article about the unplanned events that occur during live performances; from the fun side games of rock paper scissors, to the handling of annoying microphone troubles, to the time DMTNs Daniel got punched in the face (accidentally, mind you).

When K-pop seeks absolute perfection by choreographing each turn and wink in a routine, and idols practice incessantly to perform without even a hair out of place, these spontaneous and unexpected events are a novelty in otherwise predictable live performances. They are witnessed, giffed in every which way, and even go down in fanlore as events worth rememberingor at least a look-up on YouTube.

But, none of these prior events have blown up the way G-Friends slippery performance of Me Gustas Tu at the outdoor Hyundai Eco-driving Concert held by SBS Radio a fortnight ago. In the middle of a downpour (and a collection of moths), the ladies of G-Friend had to perform on a slick stage. As expected, members did slip as they performed their energetic routine. What wasnt as expected, and what made this incident go viral, was how severe the falls were, and how often they happened.

It was at the point where minor slips through which the members managed to stay upright werent counted, with many concentrating instead on the tumbles that brought the girlsSinB and Yuju in particularto the ground multiple times. By the end of it all, leader Sowon was thoroughly pissed and couldnt get the group off stage fast enough. And fair enough: in these situations, there is always the threat of injury that needs to be considered against the desire to give a good performance.

Though, is any proper consideration given in this situation? After all, so many idols have performed in similar conditions; whats one more group? Especially when said group is a rookie from a new, small agency that debuted this year and is only on its second single. So, even if there were misgivings about performing on part of the idol, they would not be acted on; the show goes on. As for the organisers You know theyre not giving this kind of thing a first, let alone second, thought. There have been so many instances of poor safety and management at K-pop concerts that it has become a hallmark of Korean event organisation.

In fact, you can tell that there is an imbalance when you look at the fact that I talk about G-Friend displaying professionalism instead of the organisers. At the very start of the video, you can see a staffer in a rain poncho quickly exiting the stage. If you have the time to protect yourself from the rain, why not also spend some of that time on clearing the stage of puddles? Or delaying proceedings until the rain stopped? Or put into place some kind of contingency plan that the organisers had already organised because thinking ahead and preparing for different eventualities, like bad weather, is something event organisers are meant to do? Instead, a member is left to try and kick the water away before she kneels down in her start position.

So, G-Friend takes to an increasingly wet stage for a wild performance And the internet goes beserk. To date, the publications that have covered this incident include big names like Billboard, The Daily Mail, Time, The Mirror and Mashable, among others. But the question is: why? I wrote a whole article on instances like this because I am all about that sweet, sweet schadenfreude; and these publications are no different.

Sure, with headlines like This Video of a K-Pop Singer Falling 8 Times in 1 Song Will Inspire You to Keep Going No Matter What, we may think that G-Friend is being used as a feel-good story about perseverance; but the focus is still on the actual, yknow, falling. We are invited to watch these young girls take tumble after tumble, and then read a sentence on how Yuju deserves a raise mixed in with the usual Introduction to K-pop. Considering how articles with positive headlines generally get read more than those with a negative slant, this is not surprising; its the same schadenfreude, but wrapped in a layer of feel-good emotion.

Meanwhile, we international K-pop fans work ourselves into a mild frenzy because mainstream media is paying attention to K-pop. And the Korean media, likely embarrassed by the international attention towards this mishap, was quick to denounce the organiser and the system.

One of the opinions expressed is that a more senior group like SNSD or Kara would not have been subjected to these conditions. I guess SNSDs run-in with smoke inhalation at last months DMZ Peace Concert doesnt count; nor any of the other times SNSD, Kara and other senior idols have been subject to harsh conditions. Or, say, every other SMTown concert. Lets also not forget the Hallyu Dream Festival that happened this weekend, and how top group Sistar suffered just as much rookies Oh My Girl and DIA did, if not more so. The only real advantage more senior idols may have is experience, which could give them a better idea of how to deal with crappy situations like these; and even then, it doesnt seem to help much.

Fact is, the video above is more of an anomaly than anythingwere more likely to see news reports about fans getting outraged over such things than hearing members of the media itself expressing that outrage. It can be said that the only reason its happening is because of G-Friends plight went viral and effectively embarrassed the local media into saying something. Otherwise, who cares? These same broadcasters who are dumping on SBS today are likely going to hold a concert with similarly shoddy conditions that idols have to perform in; so they certainly dont. All thats left are the fans, any members of the general public who care enough to be upset, the idols and their loved ones.

Even then, there is still something to sweeten the deal. Generally, the idol is praised for their hard work, perseverance and general lack of complaining; but in G-Friends case, there are a lot more apparently positive outcomes. The South Korean government gets K-popthe industry theyve been funding for yearsinto the global spotlight and thus worth their investment; fans see their favesand K-popbecome the topic of discussion and see the chance to convert more innocents to idol worship; and the G-Friend themselves gained some much needed attention in an overcrowded market.

It can even be said that the viral success of this live performance is what led to G-Friends recent nomination as Best South Korean Act for this years MTV EMAsthe same category that led to Big Bangs win at the 2012 awards. Among a rather youthful category (2011 debutante B1A4 is the most senior nominee) G-Friend is the only girl group nominated. Whether their notoriety will carry the group further, and closer to the awards ceremony in Milan, remains to be seen. But will the pain and risk to personal safety be worth it for G-Friend?

If an idol and their group becomes famous for a monumental slip up on stage, then so be it; accidents happen, and unexpected and novel incidents, including falls on stage, make performances less predictable, and thus more exciting for the viewer. But that shouldnt be used as justification for the poor conditions presented by concert and event organisers. And they should not become the norm: with the lacking management of adverse weather and other occurrences at many events, including Korean-organised ones, remaining the same, it becomes more and more likely an idol is going to slip, fall and/or be injured in some way. And if that kind of eventuality becomes de rigeur That would be a much scarier thing than someone who really enjoys a good prat fall.

(Asian Junkie, The Chosunilbo, Dispatch, Nate, The New Yorker, Time Magazine, TV Daily, YouTube[1][2][3][4]. Images via: Newsen, YouTube, HIM Magazine)

APink are the recent muses for 'Diamant' water

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APink are the recent muses for 'Diamant' water

APink upload some other advertising deal to their list as they are selected as the hot muses for carbonated mineral water "Diamond".

A representative from HITE-Jinro states that the blameless and natural symbol of APink suit highest with the sparkling water"s concept. They exude charms which is pure yet bright and energetic that might indubitably support the picture of the product.

"Diamant" is a French notice for "Diamond" which was once founded in 2009. Watch for full-scale promotional and advertising activities as the new muse for "Diamant" next promo fabrics thru online and offline.

Girls’ Generation’s Sunny Apologizes to SONE for Tongue Slip For the duration of Award Speech

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Girls’ Generation’s Sunny Apologizes to SONE for Tongue Slip Right through Award Speech Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny submit an adorable apology for her tongue slip during a recent award speech.

On the August 29 broadcast of MBC‘s “Music Core,” Girls’ Generation snagged the primary position win with “Lion Heart.” Sunny starts the speech, and after thanking the staff, she says, “And you who are at all times cheering us on – Soonsoo! Thank you.” She temporarily realizes her mistake and corrects herself, “I mean, SONE!” whilst the individuals laugh at her.

Afterwards, Sunny submit a pouty apology video on her non-public Instagram, in which she seems like she is ready to burst into tears as she expresses, “SONE, I love you.”

Chu Sung Hoon and Yano Shiho Dangle A Competitive Water Sports Competition

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Chu Sung Hoon and Yano Shiho Preserve A Competitive Water Sports Competition The Chu circle of relatives proved they were athletic by way of appearing off their talents in water sports.

On the episode of KBS 2TV’s “Superman Returns” aired on August 23, the theme used to be “You were touching.”

For this episode, Chu Sung Hoon and Yano Shiho come to a decision to compete opposed to every other in watersports. Yano Shiho is particularly self-assured about checking out water skiing as she finds she is a pro-surfer.

Chu Sung Hoon, who is understood for his athleticism, comes to a decision to check out wakeboarding. Though it's far his first attempt, he never shall we his self-assured smile down. The tension between the competitive couple warns audience that they're about to look at an intense competition.

Chu Sung Hoon starts off by way of wakeboarding. Though it's far his first time, he without difficulty balances himself, sudden Yano Shiho. However, his hand soon slips and he falls immediately into the water as his wife laughs at him.

Yano Shiho is up next with waterskiing. She has a difficult time locating balance and finally ends up skiing in an awkward position. Chu Sung Hoon, too, laughs at her atypical frame form.

Meanwhile, Sarang finally ends up crying in the midst of looking at her oldsters because she idea they were drowning. Yano Shiho and Chu Sung Hoon can't assist yet smile at their daughter’s unending affection.

SNSD to Take Over Water Park on ′Channel SNSD′

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SNSD to Take Over Water Park on ′Channel SNSD′

--> Girls′ Generation (SNSD) is heading to the water park.

The SNSD participants will raid a water park and set free at the August 18 episode of On Style′s Channel SNSD.

The members′ full of life facets may be published when they hit the water park at the approaching episode. The 8 participants will beat the warmth by way of gambling games with the name of ′Sports Goddess′ at the line.

On and stale the camera, the participants reportedly broke into dance each time song played in the background, developing a full of life environment during the recording. The participants also broke into an aerobic dance consultation when Hyoyeon started dancing to the beat.

The participants then switched at the couple dances when the song changed, showing their freewheeling charms.

A team of workers member stated, "I think the members′ genuine facets pop out when the 8 SNSD participants get together. Even the team of workers participants were energized by way of the members′ full of life energy."

Channel SNSD is the primary truth display starring all 8 members. Every one member will plan and bring virtual content in the house she′s inquisitive about herself.

The girls′ never-before-seen chemistry when they′re all in combination and their candid facets had been well-received.