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‘Music Core’ Showreel: A Pink Wins On The April 12, 2014 Episode + Performance Recaps

"Music Core" is back for another week of great performances from some of your favorite K-Pop stars.Awesome stage settings, fan chants, and screams were all heard as well seen last night.

Stars who made their comebacks were NC.A who said, "I"m Different", A-Prince returned by having a "Kiss Scene", Eddy Kim made his debut with "Push and Pull", and Eric Nam with "Ooh Ooh."

Nominees were Lee Sun Hee, Park Hyo Shin, and A Pink.The winner for the April 12, 2014 episode was A Pink for their single, "Mr. Chu!"Congratulations to them on winning for the third time!Are they going to do an all-kill by winning on "Inkigayo?"

That being said, here are the performance recaps.

Performance Recaps + Videos

Eric Nam

Eric Nam made his debut as he sang, "Ooh Ooh" last night

miss A Suzy Injures Her Ankle During Concert In China? “It Wasn’t A Big Injury”

Girl group miss A"s member Suzy injured her ankle during their concert in China. (Photo : starnews)

Girl group miss A"s member Suzy injured her ankle during their concert in China.

According to their agency JYP Entertainment today, Suzy injured her ankle as she fell while going on stage for their concert held in Beijing, China.

The agency said, "She did fall but it wasn"t a big injury. She pulled off the concert perfectlly."

Internet users who saw this commented, "I"m glad it wasn"t that bad", "It could"ve been bad", etc.

Photo Credit: Star Today

“I’m a Man”- Yoo Jae Suk Tries for Risque and Reward

In preparation for their Spring program reorganizations, KBS has been airing several pilot variety shows over the past couple weeks. One of those pilot shows happens to be “I’m a Man,” KBS’s attempt to field a show that takes advantage of the recent explosion in popularity of “risque” and “honest” talk shows like “Witch Hunt” and “War of Words“. The interesting twist here is that they got the “National MC,” Yoo Jae Suk, to lead the show, who, on first impressions, seems to be a rather peculiar choice for a show that’s meant to be all about being provocative and direct. Does the show offer an interesting twist to whole risque talk show genre or is KBS and Yoo Jae Suk just a bit too conservative and modest to do the concept justice?

Defining the concept

As part of the reorganizations, each broadcasters fields various pilot shows to gauge viewer interest

Suzy of miss A Lightly Injures Ankle, Proceeds with Asia Tour Concert

It was reported today, April 13 KST, that Suzy of miss A injured her ankle yesterday in Beijing, China.

miss A held a concert in Beijing at the Thinkpad Space venue on April 12 as part of their Asia Tour. While going up to the stage, Suzy fell, shocking fans. After the concert, there was immediately a flood of pictures on various Chinese SNS sites of Suzy’s right ankle bleeding while she kept on performing.

JYP Entertainment told various local news agencies that Suzy did indeed hurt herself after falling, but she continued on with the concert like a professional. Suzy was also taken to the hospital for a checkup, which found that her injury was only some light bruising. “There is no need to worry,” the rep said.


Suzy slips and falls hard on miss A’s Beijing Tour

miss A performed in Beijing yesterday and had some great time with their Chinese fans.

Suzy slipped and fell during her special solo stage. She performed Frozen's OST Let It Go during the concert, when she was walking up the stairs, she slipped and took a hard fall.

Fans were totally impressed with her professionalism as she got back to her feet to complete her performance without any mistake.

Below is the fancam of the incident, hopefully this won't cause her any serious injury.

GOT7’s First Reality Idol Show – Nichkhun & Suzy To Guest Star!

(Photo : JYP)

Rookie group GOT7 will be appearing on their own first ever real variety program.

On April 11 GOT7"s agency revealed that the first broadcast of SBS MTV"s "I GOT 7" will air on the 22nd. GOT7 will be showing off their fresh and candid image on the show. "I GOT 7" is a real variety program in which the members have to learn 7 different kinds of skills in order to with over their fans.

2PM"s Nichkhun and miss A"s Suzy will be making a special guest appearance on the show. Comedian Kim Shin Young will be hosting "I GOT 7". Kim Shin Young said, "I will have them go through authentic entertainment training for their own sake," and claimed her position as an "entertainment teacher".

"I GOT 7" will also be broadcast simultaneously on China"s biggest video site Youku Tudou

Suzy, Blind Date With Good-Looking Tech Student? ‘I Am A Man’

Suzy came out on "I Am A Man". (Photo : kbs2)

Suzy came out on "I Am A Man".

In KBS2 "I Am A Man" aired yesterday, Suzy came out as a surprise guest.

Upon the appearance of Suzy, the studio lit up. Many cheered and smiled as soon as she came out.

Suzy said, "I feel like I"m with the army right now," laughing.

Suzy was the guest that 250 audience members voted on themselves. The MCs said, "We"re talking so much but all attention is on Suzy right now. They don"t even care about the MCs."

Suzy even had a short blind date with one of the tech students. The good-looking students appealed themselves to her, filling the studio with laughter.

Photo Credit: KBS2

Suzy invited to throw first pitch at LA Dodgers game next month

miss A”s Suzy was invited by the LA Dodgers baseball club to throw the first pitch at one of their baseball games next month!

Sports brand MLB said, “Suzy will throw the first pitch at the LA Dodgers and Cincinnati Reds game on May 27.”

As a model for MLB, Suzy and LA Dodgers pitcher Ryu Hyun Jin had starred in a CF together, showing support for the LA Dodgers. Not to mention, when the two appeared on ‘Running Man‘ together, Ryu Hyun Jin had even said, “I wish Suzy would throw the first pitch at one of my games.

Well, looks like his wish is coming true! Make sure you check out the game to see her first pitch.

Got7 to Sweep Fans’ Hearts in New Program ‘I Got 7’

Still variety-dols-in-training, Got7 will be greeting fans through its first variety show!

On April 10, SBS MTV released a teaser in which the Got7 members all repeated the phrase, “I Got 7” without much information. It turned out that it’s a new variety program in which the Got7 members will learn the 7 methods to earn the hearts of fans.

Special guests that will appear on the show include 2PM’s Nichkhun, miss A’s Suzy, and comedian Kim Shin Young, who will be acting as a MC and a guide to these variety rookies.

The program will begin on April 22 through SBS MTV.

Photo Credit: SBS

Yoo Jae Suk MCs A New Program ‘I Am A Man’

(Photo : KBS)(Photo : KBS)

What will Korea"s national MC Yoo Jae Suk"s pilot program KBS 2TV"s "I Am a Man" look like? The show will be airing its first episode on the 9th. Viewers are excited to watch the show be unveiled.

"I Am a Man" will be hosted by MC Yoo Jae Suk. On the show men"s greatest secrets will be exposed. It"s a talk show in which MCs Yoo Jae Suk, Noh Hong Chul, and Lim Won Hee interact with about 250 audience members.

This is Yoo Jae Suk"s first new program in 4 years. The show is being met with high interest from viewers because it"s a talk program. Yoo Jae Suk hasn"t appeared in any other talk programs besides KBS 2TV"s "Happy Together 3", so his hosting of a new show is exciting news for his fans.

What kind of image will Yoo Jae Suk bring with "I Am a Man"? PD Lee Dong Hoon answered that question