Suzy is the cover model for DAZED Korea in their May issue

Suzy is the cover model for DAZED Korea in their May issue

Suzy has graced the cover of DAZED Koreas May edition, and she looks more charismatic than ever.

Fashion magazine DAZED Korea recently updated their Instagram with the cover for their May edition with Suzy as its featured model. She looked super stylish as she rocked her new short haircut with minimal makeup, and sported an oversized, flannel-inspired suit, and a sexy black crop top.

Fans couldnt help but compliment her new look and expressed that she looked even sexier than she did with long hair, in combination with her high-fashion outfit.

The magazine is celebrating its 9th year since its first publication, and besides Suzys gorgeous cover, it will be jam packed with interviews and photo shoots of other popular idols, such as Roy Kim, GOT7s Mark, and MONSTA X.

Check out Suzys glamorous cover for DAZED Korea below!

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