Suzy Gets Drunk And Talks About Her Very First Kiss

Suzy Gets Drunk And Talks About Her Very First Kiss

With the help of some alcoholic beverages, miss ASuzy opened up about some personal thoughts and funny stories from her past.

In an episode of the reality show Off The Record, Suzy met with 3 of her closest friends on a rare schedule-free night. Contrary from her prior claims that she could only drink 1.5 bottles of soju, Suzy boldly asserted that she can drink 2 full bottles of soju and boasted that her face does not turn red after consuming alcohol.

My face wont turn red. It will look like I didnt drink a sip when Ive actually drank the most.

Suzy started off the night with some bold claims.

Once Suzy admitted she was pretty drunk, her friends decided to play a game of truth, where Suzy would either have to answer a question truthfully or take a drink. The first question they asked was when was your last kiss?

Unable to answer the question, Suzy immediately took a drink. Her friends continued to bother her, saying if you cant tell us about your last kiss, then tell us about your first kiss.

Suzy proceeded to answer the question saying:

My first kiss.. oh I had my first kiss filming a kiss scene on the set of Dream High.

Her friends however refused to believe this answer and forced Suzy to down another shot of soju.

The 3 friends then asked Suzy about her ideal type. Suzy answered:

In the past, I liked a person thats sexy. I really liked Ian Somerhalder back then. But more recently, I like someone like Choo Sung Hoon. Hes strong and looks like he can fight at UFC. I like someone who would be able to protect me.

Two of Suzys ideal types. Ian Somerhalder and Choo Sung Hoon.

They also asked about her weight, where Suzy truthfully revealed:

On my profile, it says Im 47kg. I weigh more than that. That was my weight back during Bad Girl Good Girl promotions. But do I really have to update that information now?

One of her friends also commented that when they were at home together, Suzy would take off her clothes, stand in front of the mirror, and tell herself that she had lost weight. Upon hearing her friend reveal the embarrassing story, Suzy replied:

Weve been friends for a long time now and shes still not used to seeing me without clothes on. 

Finally, they asked Suzy when her happiest times were, and she said Right now and all of her friends called her out for lying once again. She then gave her real answer:

Not too long ago, I had a fan meeting. I kept crying in the middle of it. Ive always wanted to hold a fan-meeting and the fans really like them too.

Watch the latest episode of Off the Record below: