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Shin DongYup & JYP corner Lee Min Ho about Suzy

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Shin DongYup & JYP corner Lee Min Ho about Suzy

Shind DongYup never fails to amuse the audience when he frankly asked Lee Min Ho about his girlfriend Suzy at last night"s 2015 Baeksang Arts Award.

The MC of the night came to Lee Min Ho"s table and asked him, "You came because you know that you"ll be awarded right?" referring to the huge percentage of popularity vote he has gotten. Lee Min Ho cheekily responded, "I came to confirm that."

However, MC DongYup continued to tease him and commented, "You think of someone upon receiving this prize. Is it Suzy?" Lee Min Ho was quite taken aback but smilingly answered, "This award is for the fans who have suffered." MC further asked, "Who do you think will come to your mind when you get the award?" Minho replied, "I think the fans." Finally, DongYup commented, "If you receive many awards, if you think of that person out of many people, (she) feels good."

Moreover, it seemed like Lee Min Ho was the target of the night because during his performance, Park Jin Young, especially came down the stage and stopped the music to personally greet Lee Min Ho on his table and shook hands with him. In response, the actor gave his respect by bowing to Suzy"s "entertainment father". Watch the video here

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho is awarded with "Popularity Award" last night for his drama "The Heirs".

Shin Seung Hun says his ideal type is combination of Suzy, IU and Clara

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Shin Seung Hun says his ideal type is combination of Suzy, IU and Clara

Veteran singer Shin Seung Hoon, who recently made a music comeback, appeared as guest on MBC FM4Us Park Kyung Lims Two Oclock Date on October 30, and talked about his ideal type of a woman.

During the broadcast, Shin Seung Hoon talked about the hot celebrities at the present and said, Suzy is the symbol of first love, and in case of IU, shes not only pretty but also sings good. Clara reminds of baseball match.

DJ Park Kyung Lim then asked the singer which of the three girls is closest to his ideal type, to which Shin Seun Hoon answered, I could not pick one person. But, Id like someone who is as cute as IU, as sexy as Clara, and as pretty as Suzy.

Jung Woo Sung Admits He Is Interested in miss A's Suzy and Shin Se Kyung

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Jung Woo Sung Admits He Is Interested in miss A's Suzy and Shin Se Kyung

Actor Jung Woo Sung recently made a confession that he is interested in miss A‘s Suzy and actress Shin Se Kyung.

On January 11th, Jung Woo Sung had an interview in a segment of MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News”, in which he was asked, “Which actress do you have your eyes on these days?” Jung Woo Sung’s first response was Suzy.

He then picked Shin Se Kyung and shared, “I see myself taking interest in new actresses rather than old actresses. I have forgotten all about the past,” bringing laughter on set.

Jung Woo Sung also admitted that he would like to take Song Joong Ki‘s role in “A Werewolf Boy.” He revealed, “I can wait very well. Joong Ki, you wait”.

'Gag Concert' Suzy, "I'll Give You My Number".. Shin Bora "I Think She's a Spy"

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asfdSuzy came out in "Gag Concert" to promote "Invincible Youth."

On KBS "Gag Concert" aired Sunday, Suzy came out as Song Joong Geun's new girlfriend, and Shin Borawas disturbed by this. Song Joong Geun said, "Thank you, PD," arousing laughter.

Shin Bora commented, "You're going to have a hard time today. You're probably his 42nd girlfriend."

But Song Joong Geun put his hand on Suzy's cheeks and said, "No, you're the only one. Am I dreaming?"

Suzy said, "I don't like being the first love. Doesn't that mean we won't stay together?"

Also, the part-time worker Kim Ki Ree was shocked by Suzy, and stuttering, he asked "Do you need anything else?", and Suzy said "Yes. Give me your number."

She continued, "I'll give you my number. Beep me later," but Shin Bora said, "I think she's a spy", arousing laughter.

Suzy, "Slapping Shin Won Ho, I Did It Hard Intentionally Because I Thought That Would Be The Best For Him"

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sdafGroup miss A member Suzy picked the best scene from drama "Big".

On KBS "Entertainment Relay" aired today, the national first love icon Suzy was interviewed.

On this day, Suzy said "I'm more relieved than sad about 'Big' ending. I could finally breathe."

She also picked slapping Shin Won Ho's cheeks as the best scene of "Big," and said "The director said if I keep slapping like how I did, Shin Won Ho will keep getting slapped because of NGs, so I slapped him really hard thinking, 'This is what's best for him'. After 6 NGs, we finally got a OK."

'Big' miss A Suzy & Shin Won Ho Reenactment of "Snow White"

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'Big' miss A SuzyShin Won Ho Reenactment of Snow WhiteSuzy of miss A turns into Snow White while Shin Won Ho becomes the prince during the KBS drama "Big."

On the last episode of the KBS drama "Big" that aired on July 23, Shin Won Ho and miss A's Suzy were featured reenacting a scene from "Snow White."

Jang Ma Ri (Suzy) takes a photo of herself and Kang Kyung Jun (Shin Won Ho) while wearing matching couple t-shirts to make sure Kang Kyung Jun finds out that she was by his side every single day. During the process, Jang Ma Ri begins to day dream about a romantic moment she could have with Kang Kyung Jun.

In her day dream, Shin Won Ho is a handsome prince who just awoke from his sleep and Jang Ma Ri appears as the beautiful 'Snow White'.

Jang Ma Ri says to Kang Kyung Jun, "It was me who fell in love while you were sleeping" in which Kang Kyung Jun responded with a blank look. Jang Ma Ri continued, "You don't remember, right? It's me! Marry me!"

Internet users commented, "Shin Won Ho looks like a real prince" and "They really look like sleeping prince and Snow White!"

'Big' miss A's Suzy Kidnaps Shin Won Ho!

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'Big' miss A's Suzy Kidnaps Shin Won Ho! 'Big' miss A's Suzy Kidnaps Shin Won Ho!Suzy of K-Pop idol group miss A decides to kidnap Shin Won Ho during the last episode of the KBS drama "Big."

The last episode of "Big" that was aired on July 24 featured Jang Ma Ri (Suzy) kidnapping Kang Kyung Jun (Shin Won Ho) after deciding she can't give up on her love.

Jang Ma Ri visits Kang Kyung Jun in the hospital who was still in a coma. With the help from the people she arrived with, Jang Ma Ri decides to kidnap Kang Kyung Jun. Jang Ma Ri puts Kang Kyung Jun in her car and heads off to somewhere. When Seo Yun Jae (Gong Yoo) hears about the kidnapping, he calls Jang Ma Ri. Jang Ma Ri picks up the phone and says, "I'm going to kidnap Kang Kyung Jun."

Seo Yun Jae responds, "If you don't stop then I'm not going to go back either. I'm going to stay in Kang Kyung Jun's body." Scared from Seo Yun Jae's threat, Jang Ma Ri stops the car right away and gives up on her mission.

Meanwhile, this episode of KBS "Big" was the finale of one of the most popular dramas of the summer. "Big" featured stars such as Gong Yoo, Lee Min Jung, miss A Suzy, Shin Won Ho and Baek Sung Hyun.

Miss As Suzy becomes the Snow White and kisses Shin Won Ho on Big

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Miss As Suzy becomes the Snow White and kisses Shin Won Ho on Big Miss As Suzy becomes the Snow White.

In the 15th episode of KBS 2TVs drama series Big, which aired on July 23, Marie (played by Suzy) tries to fabricate Kyung Jun (played by Shin Won Ho)s memories before he gets his soul back from Yoon Jae (played by Gong Yoo)s body.

Marie gets help from Chung Sik (played by Baek Sung Hyun) to lie down next to Kyung Jun in the hospital bed and indulges in a flight of fantasy. Suzy becomes the Snow White and says to the prince Kyung Jun, Im the one you fell in love with while you were in a deep sleep.

She says she will get married with him once he gets his soul back and asks, Should we buy our wedding rings first? As Chung Sik mentions about Daran (played by Lee Min Jung)s ring, she says, Please prove that hes mine when he wakes up.

However, Chung Sik, who is in love with Marie, says, People dont remain in your memories but in your heart. Wherever you are, Ill find you by heart.

Theres only one more episode left, but the ending is still not clear as Marie says she will never allow Kyung Jun to meet Daran after he gets his soul back and loses his memories.

miss A Suzy Transforms into Snow White on 'Big,' "One Kiss from Shin Won Ho…"

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suzy snow whitemiss A Suzy transforms into Snow White on the drama, "Big."

On episode 15 of KBS2 drama "Big," Mary (Suzy) begins to create memories as the two men Kyung Joon (Shin Won Ho) and Yoon Jae (Gong Yoo) begin to get their souls back.

Mary falls deep into her imagination of being beside a sick Kyung Joon. As Mary transforms into Snow White, she turns to her prince, Kyung Joon, and says, "The one you fell in love with while you were sleeping is me." She played with his memory through her romantic confession of love.

As Kyung Joon finds his soul, she says that they have to marry right away. Out of excitement she says, "Should we buy the ring right now?" As Choong Sik places Daran's (Lee Min Jung) ring on top of his mouth, Mary tells him to erase that kind of memory. She tells Choong Sik, "When Kyung Joon wakes up, you prove witness to him."

Choong Sik, who still has feelings for Mary, says, "People are not remembered through the mind, but, the heart." He confessed, "No matter where you are, I'm going to find you in spirit."

Nevertheless, Mary's stalking has continued its path from the beginning. Mary's efforts to stop Kyung Joon from meeting Daran have not stopped, even up to the last episode. This has made the ending even more suspenseful.

'Innocent' Suzy Becomes a Potty Mouth, "You XX!" at Kim Shin Young

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suzymiss A's Suzy became a 'potty mouth'.

In KBS 2TV "Invincible Youth 2" aired on the 21st, the members of "Invincible Youth" cooked and played with the kids for the couple with 5 kids.

On this day, the new MC Lee Young Ja said, "My daughters are so funny. Let's all go audition for comedians," and comedian Kim Shin Young said, "Mom, you know I don't like comedian. I want to become an actress," starting a play.

At this, Lee Young Ja said, "What kind of acting do you want to do? Try it," and Kim Shin Young picked old-time drama, saying "Your Majesty~"

Then, Suzy said "You XX!," making Kim Shin Young angry and bringing laughter to the set.