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Netizens in love with Suzy’s bangs

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Netizens in love with Suzy’s bangs

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSuzy is indubitablyone of the most most beautiful celebrities in Korea, yet netizens are claiming that bangs bring out her good looks even more. 

Using freshfootage of the miss A member, one netizen argued that Suzy at all times looks the maximum efficient when she has bangs. Even thoughthere wererelativelya couple of netizens who feel the recentimages dont precisely flatter the JYP Entertainment singer, many agree that bangs actuallyglancefantastic on Suzy.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this text below!

With a face like hers, any hairstyle would appearance good, but shes so fairly with bangs ㅠㅠreminds me of the old Suzy

Koreaboo has accumulated reactions from Netizens who commented at thecommon article from our Korean source. The under comments are the most neatly liked comments at the time of this article being published.

198, 12 Who the hell cut her hair???? So frustratingshe can most effective expectjust right because she already has a great face.the hair is ridiculous

163, 7 If youre going to chop it, cut it properly..

140, 11 I suspect she looks higher without..

52, 4 The hair and beauty makes her look old and out of styleplease get her a new stylist..

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Suzy’s “Dorihwaga” movie comeback makes a slow get started at the box office

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Suzy’s “Dorihwaga” movie comeback makes a slow get started at the box office

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAlready criticised for her awkward acting, Suzy’s 2ndmovie Dorihwaga failed to hit the box place of work records instantly after its release. 

OSEN highlighted this factor in a reported posted on November 30th. It printed that Dorihwaga, a film that featured Suzy’s comeback following the luck of Architecture 101, did no longeracquire much attention as expected.

Criticisms did no longersimplestcenter of attention on Suzy’s portrayal of a satori artist, together withoutdated reports of her not being ready to advertise the film, yet also against the imaginable reasons in the editing and production point of view. It was oncediscussed that the editing procedure of the film become not up to par with the waft of its narrative not sleek every bit it will have to be.

Furthermore, it was assumed that with November being an low season for film releases, a box-office hit around this time is classified alongside difficult.

At the time of its writing, the film controlled to hit more than 220,000 audiences and is expected to hit their 400,000 mark most likelyby way of the finish of this week.

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November 2015 CFs: Suzy, T.O.P, EXO, and More

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November 2015 CFs: Suzy, T.O.P, EXO, and More

November 2015 CFs: Suzy, T.O.P, EXO, and Morekokoberry November 28, 2015 0 Satisfied November Soompiers! As we input the latter a phase of the year, the elements is without a doubt getting bloodless in Korea. It has if fact exist toldbegan snowing already. Maximum of our November CFs (commercial films) are targeted around iciness weather, yet there are exceptions. Take a glance atthe present popular CFs which are airing in Korea and let us know which of them are your favorites in the comments below!

November 11 was once Pepero Day and those EXO contributors were busy filming more than one videos for the snack brand. This video takes the cake even though alongsidethe largeworkforce hug at the end. Who wouldnt wish to hug EXO?

Kim Soo Hyun for Lotte Accountability Free

Last month, Lotte Duty Loose released a lovable and moderately romantic CF featuring Lee Min Ho. This month, they printed a advertisement with Kim Soo Hyun interacting with an adorable child. Lotte Duty Free certain knows how to select out their models.

Girls Day for mise en scene

Do you keep in mind their popular Bubble Bubble CF song? Well, the gang is back for any other catchy jingle for the haircare brand. This time they endorse a hair essence and curling remedy that let yousucceed ingracefulimmediately hair or curly waves.

miss As Suzy for The Face Shop

Suzy has in the pastrecommended this product, but this time the product has been renewed. This suggests the product in addition the packaging had beenup to date and usually upgraded. It claims the recent Mango Seed Facial Butter and Volume Butter will moisturize your skin very wellall the style through the winter.

After liberating a heartwarming video featuring the group cheering on topcollege students, they are back with an respectable CF. They boys sing their own praises their modeling and dance abilities to the beat in their hit song My Type. How can they be so filled with swag yet glance incredibly adorable?

Lee Young Ae for The History of Whoo

The chic actress is the spokesmodel for the luxuriousskin care and cosmetics brand. The History of Whoo products are well known for their anti-aging homes and regal packaging. If you want to haveto seemyounger like Lee Young Ae, its value checking out.

There are some stars that are reallyprofessional at making food appear super scrumptiouswhilstdining it. If there has been an award for this talent, PSY would possibly just win it. In this commercial, the singer is elated while tasting dumplings.

Kang Dong Won for Lookas 9

The actors CF for new quick coffee emblem Lookas nine has turn into an instant sensation with feminine viewers. Many lovers take commented that every onethey are ready tofocal point on is the good-looking actor. Surely, the coffee will have toflavorexcellent as well.

Girls Generations YoonA for Innisfree

YoonA in exact fact filmed this CF for the cosmetics brand last year. It proved to be so popular and nice that the emblem is the usage of information technologyback this year. The Ampoule Intense Cushion is nicknamed the Winter Cushion because of its popularity during the dry winter months. This year there are two limited edition versions as well!

BIGBANGs T.O.P for Glaceau

T.O.Ps commercial indeed doesnt take position in winter as here's from his internet drama Secret Message. He exclaims at the nice taste of the low-calorie sparkling drink. Which flavor do you will want to try? Mango, peach, or white grape?

Lotte International had the genius concept of giving each one EXO member a camera to listing themselves while riding more than a few rides at the amusement park. They are proceeding to unlockparticular person clips featuring every member. You'll watch the clips on our Facebook page!

Yoon Park for LG Uplus (featuring TWICE)

Yoon Park unearths his TWICE fanboy prestige as he waits for his girlfriend. His female friend texts him and breaks up with him. Hilariously, he forgets about his lady friend when he watches TWICEs track video. The actor and the womancommunity are actually JYP Entertainment labelmates.

Which of these November CFs did you revel in the most? Dont fail to remember to percentage in the comments below!

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Netizens notice why Suzy has such so much of feminine fans

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Netizens notice why Suzy has such so much of  feminine fans

Share on FacebookShare on Twitterand#43; Suzyand#8216;s good looks and captivating personality are indubitablyhorny to male fans, yet netizens currentlyfound out why the singer has such so much offemininelovers every bit well. 

One netizen created a post in an tryto give an explanation for merely why the miss A member appeals to either male and feminine fans, which contributes to why sheand#8217;s some of thegreatest celebrities in Korea today. Consistent with the post, as smartly as the JYP Entertainment singerand#8217;s famendcosmetic and personality, she also treats her female fans like her siblings and makes them feel trulyat ease offline. Because her female fans are treated so well and no longer sidelined for male fans, the singer has been ready to gain a wide following from both genders.

Find out what Netizens had to mention or sothis newsletter below!

Koreaboo has accrued reactions from Netizens who commented at thefashioned article from our Korean source. The underneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

138, and#8211; 5 Male fans at all timesopt for the maximum trending horny or beautifulwomen but female fans remain loyal.

116, and#8211; 8 I went to the fan signing a couple of times and she turns out more satisfied than her fans ㅋㅋㅋand#8230;she says she acts like sheand#8217;s known them for decadesso as to make it as memorable for them as possible. She constantly cracks up randomly itand#8217;s so lovely ㅠㅠ

67, and#8211; 3 Sheand#8217;s so steady. She may justwearsun shades and act like a most sensiblesuperstar but she always smilesand#8230;I love that about Suzy.

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Yoo Seung Ho And Suzy Are The celebs Folks Need Their Kids To Resemble

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Yoo Seung Ho And Suzy Are The celebs  Folks  Need Their Kids To Resemble

(Photo : ) Yoo Seung Ho and Suzy crownedthe result ofa up to date survey, where oldstersdecided on the Korean celebrities they would actually like their youngsters to resemble.

According to a file published through jTBC, a survey conducted by an early formative yearsschoolingcorporate released its findings from a patternlength of 2040 doablefogeys and married couples.

Suzy lead the list of feminine stars, with 23.7 % of participants settling on the Pass over A member as the fame they would maximum like to look their long run daughters glance like.

Teen actress Kim Yoo Jung, who these days starred in "Angry Mom" and is currently acting in the sequel to the internet drama, "Love Cells," followed with 18.8 percent.

"Pinocchio" star, Park Shin Hye and Park Bo Young tied for 3rd place, at the list, with 17.85 percent EXID's Hani and AOA's Seolhyun rounded out the pinnacleeffects alongside 12.8 and 8.9 percent, respectively.

In the class of male stars, Yoo Seung Ho used to be followed by Kim Soo Hyun, who won 23.7 of votes from respondents.

Third position on the male list synchronized with the feminine category, as participants voted for the on-screen boyfriend of Park Shin Hye, Lee Jong Suk. He got 11.8 percent of votes, followed by his real-life friend and fellow model-turned-actor, Kim Woo Bin, who turned intochose by 10.8 percent of respondents.

"She Was Pretty" star, Park SEO Joon, and ZE:A'sIm Siwan finishedthe tip five, with 8.9 and 5.9 percent, respectively.

Organizers of the survey were no longershocked by the results. In keeping with the report published by jTBC, a spokesperson for the corporate cited the recognition of Yoo Seung Ho and the picture of Suzy as Korea's sweetheart, as attributing points for their ends up in the study.

Yoo, whose post-military projects come with "Imaginary Cat" and "Remember," is continuously referred to by Korean media by the nickname, Little So Ji Sub, for his resemblance to the "Oh My Venus" star.

Suzy is currently selling her new movie, "Dorihwaga," or "Sound of the Flower," a movie that examines the historic context at the back ofthe normal storytelling genre of pansori.

Suzy’s Transition into Acting Discussed on “Section TV”

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Suzy’s Transition into Acting Discussed on “Section TV”

It has been published that miss A’s Suzy debuted as an actress only as a result of her agency.

On the November 22 broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV,” reporters mentioned stars with most sensible looks and acting skills.

On this episode, Suzy used to be mentioned. it's been stated that Suzy’s firm strongly urged the famous person to begin acting, regardless of her desires opposed to the idea. She did now not would like to act, but decided to have a look at it out thanks to her agency. She then debuted as an actress in the process the drama, “Dream High.”

It wasn’t simple for her to achieve her star prestige as an actress. In the beginning, many audience criticized Suzy, and noted that her acting become very bad. After that, Suzy attempted incredibly challenging to absolute best her acting abilities and be identified as an actress. Her hard paintings paid off, as she rose to popularity thru her role in the film, “Architecture 101.” via this movie, Suzy earned her nickname as the “Nation’s First Love.”

You can watch the clip of the episode below:

“The movie Set Is other When Suzy Is Around,” Says Ryu Seung Ryong

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“The movie Set Is other When Suzy Is Around,” Says Ryu Seung Ryong

On the November 22 episode of “Section TV,” actor Ryu Seung Ryong opens up about what it’s like operating with miss A‘s Suzy.

When asked what it used to be like operating with Suzy, Ryu Seung Ryong says, “I’m rather resentful of her. there has been a gigantic difference on set between the days she became there and the days she wasn’t. She made it an relaxing filming enjoy for everybody concerned with her sure power and cheerful passion.”

Ryu Seung Ryong and Suzy big name in combination in the impending film, “The Sound of a Flower,” in a the several way referred to as “Dorihwaga.” The film is set Korea’s first feminine p’ansori singer throughout Korea’s Joseon dynasty. The film is decided to hit the large displays on November 25.

Suzy Talks About Juggling Being an Idol and Acting

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Suzy Talks About Juggling Being an Idol and Acting

--> Suzy unfolded about juggling being an idol and an actress.

Suzy sat down for an interview at a cafe in Seoul′s Samcheong-dong on November 19, forward of the liberate of the movie Dorihwaga, where she answered to the comment, "Maybe it′s because 3 years have passed since Architecture 101, yet you′ve without a doubt matured and your symbol as an actress is more potent than that of an idol," pronouncing "But I′m still overflowing with playfulness inside."

She continued, "On the outside, when i glance a myself too, I do think that I lost a huge number of my little one fats and feature matured. To be honest, my mind were never slanted one way like, ′I would like to be an idol more′ or ′I need to be an actress more.′ And I′m still that way. If there′s a excellent task out there, I act, and if there are plans for a pass over A album, then I go in line with that."

Suzy added, "As I juggle being a singer and acting, I do have the need to do smartly in either things so I don′t fall at the back of in one thing. it can be greed, but if I′m still young, i might be in a position to say that I′m young and take my time and have a look at other things."

Dorihwaga is decided in 1867, right through a time when ladies weren′t allowed to accomplish pansori, and focused on Jin Chae Sun (Suzy), the primary lady to transform a pansori singer in the Joseon era, and her mentor Shin Jae Hyo (Ryu Seung Ryong). The film hits theaters on November 25.

Suzy's attractiveness makes impromptu pictorial a stylish one

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Suzy's attractiveness makes impromptu pictorial a stylish one

Suzy"s aura is so sturdy here.

Tenasia has met with Suzy as of late for an interview relating to her role in the film "Dorihwaga". the site is in a cafe in Seoul and Suzy seemed in an overly informal attire: denim skirt, grey sweater and brown heels.

Moreover, she most effective has plain make up yet her good looks is sporting the entire atmosphere. With her difficult poses and wise facial expressions, one may think it"s a glamour pictorial. Irrespective of the setting and her not-so-glam up appearance, Suzy is radiating with charisma in each and every photo.

Netizens are mesmerized and commented, "I bet she can appear to be this even if she"s just woken up.","Her garments aren"t even fashionable but her face carries it all!","Her cosmetic is crazy!","This isn't a glam pictorial? Why is she so glamorous?" and so on.

Clad in Hanbok, Suzy Touts newest Film

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Clad in Hanbok, Suzy Touts newest Film

K-pop famous person Suzy dressed in basic Korean hanbok for a photo shoot currently forward of the unencumber of her upcoming movie "The Sound of a Flower".The film is ready the existence of the primary feminine singer of pansori or common Korean narrative song in the overdue 1800s when girls were now not allowed in the profession.Her pictures brilliantly depict her character, raising expectancies for the film.

At a press match for the film at a theater in Seoul on Wednesday, Suzy stated she learned pansori for a year in preparation for her role. "I recorded the songs I sung all over the classes and listened to them each day", she said.The film hits local theaters next week.