‘Superstar K7’s Cheon Dan Bi makes her entrance on ‘Immortal Song’

‘Superstar K7’s Cheon Dan Bi makes her entrance on ‘Immortal Song’

‘Superstar K7’ contestant Cheon Dan Bi made her first entrance on the August 12 installment of ‘Immortal Song’.

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On the special for composer Jung Dok Soo, Cheon Dan Bi was the second performer up with her cover of legendary singer Na Hoon Ah’s “The Waterwheel is Turning”. She was up against Park Ki Young, who she previously sang chorus for.

Cheon Dan Bi opened up about her past as a chorus singer before making her debut, saying, “I’ve sang chorus for Park Ki Young sunbae before. I feel very strange. I can’t believe I’m competing as a singer on ‘Immortal Song’, which I’ve been watching for a long time. I’m touched just by the fact that I’m here.”

Her emotions must have translated to her performance as she won the audience’s favor and took the round from Park Ki Young. However, it was Bong Goo who took the final win.

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