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Final Winner of “Superstar K 7″ Crowned

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Final Winner of “Superstar K 7″ Crowned On the November 19 broadcast of Mnet’s audition program “Superstar K 7,” two finalists battled it out for the crown. The finals were split into two rounds between Kevin Oh and Chun Dan Bi. Kevin Oh had stood out from the crowd from his first audition with his guitar abilities and nice looking baritone voice, in spite of his awkward Korean. Chun Dan Bi inspired the judges and target market with her robust and explosive vocals, and masses of was hoping she would change into the primary feminine winner on “Superstar K 7.”

The first circular used to be a “free mission,” in which the contestants may just sing anything else they wanted. Kevin Oh chose to accomplish “Blue Dream,” a song about the pain of first love. “I poured into the song my emotions about my first love two years ago,” he said. “They were any person I enjoyed very much yet they left me for someone else. i used to be actually shocked.”

He conveyed the emotions of betrayal and harm with his trademark husky, low voice. One of the crucial judges, singer-songwriter Yoon Jong Shin said, “Kevin Oh’s sturdy issues would possibly feel unfamiliar for popular music, but it’s amazing that he has the heart to stay opting for his path.”

Chun Dan Bi conducted Park Mi Kyung’s “Distant Memories of You.” Sung Si Kyung, who had completed the song before, acknowledged that it turned into a excellent choice. In this first around she won a overall of 373 facets and beat Kevin Oh through one point.

In the 2d one round, singer Shin Seung Hoon teamed up with the finalists and wrote and produced songs only for them. Kevin Oh sang “Dream” whilst Chun Dan Bi sang “Star.”

“‘Dream’ is a song that fits me,” Kevin Oh said. “It’s about having dreams about music. It’s unhappy to think that here's the end.”

Chun Dan Bi led the moment round with 383 points while the national votes were tallied. In the end, Kevin Oh controlled to turn the sport around with the nationwide votes and was crowned the overall winner!

“I would like to say ‘I love you’ to my family, my father, my friends, and all those that got here from America. Thank you to each person for balloting for me.”

The runner-up, Chun Dan Bi said, “Thank you for permitting me to be successful in this level and thank you to the judges and team of workers who suffered even more than I did. Thank you to all people who voted and supported me.”

As the final winner, Kevin Oh will get maintain of 500 million won ($432,000), a luxury sedan, and the opportunity to unlock an album. As “Superstar K 7” is an Mnet show, he's going to carry out his debut stage at the “2015 MAMA.”

Review: Superstar Makeup Artist PONY’s Makeup Line PONY Effect

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Review: Celeb Makeup Artist PONY’s Makeup Line PONY Effect Following the luck and approval for her makeup collaborations with global cosmetics corporate Memebox, superstar makeup artist PONY has introduced her very own makeup line called PONY Effect! We attempted out the hot products ourselves to offer an in-depth and truthful review for Soompiers.

“That Girl” is PONY’s first collection for her new makeup line. This collection comprises an eyeshadow palette, contour palette, 3 lipsticks, and 4 nail polishes. Each product has gorgeous and graceful packaging whole with the stylish PONY Effect logo. maximum products come with PONY’s signature purple and purple colors.

Since PONY’s old eyeshadow palettes with Memebox are her most neatly liked products, let’s get started with her That lady Fever Shadow Palette. The palette involves three matte, four shimmer, and two glitter eyeshadows. They truly are sleek and silky whilst being simple to blend. The packaging could also be truly convenient as it'll are compatible into the palm of your hand and incorporates a massive reflect during which you'll view all of your face. With some K-pop encouraged names like Overdose, Pretty Liar, and Just 10 Seconds, the shadows are ideal for daily and special occasions. We integrated swatches (from left to appropriate beginning with the primary row) for you below! The shadows are if fact be told more colourful and wonderful in person. under the affect of alcohol Dial, in particular, is a excellent looking duochrome blue-brown.

Strobing is all of the rage in each unmarried place the world. And for smart reason why too! Highlighting and contouring is helping you accentuate your features, create dimension, and slender your face. That Girl Luminous Contour Palette makes it more straightforward by way of combining two strobing sun shades and two contouring shades in one at hand palette. those powders also are silky mushy and the palette is a similar length as the eyeshadow palette (including the huge mirror!). This palette is most fitted for folks with a gentle to medium skin tone and excellent for a herbal glow. That you may also use them as eyeshadows! See our swatches (from left to right) below:

No makeup glance is comprehensive without a lip color. PONY designed That Girl Outfit Lipsticks to counterpoint three other outfits/occasions. Noble Brunch is a warm pink nude compatible for any instance and wonderful to pair with darker eye makeup. pricey Dinner is a flattering berry red. Lastly, Vivid Club is a stylish plum burgundy. These lipsticks are all very moisturizing, complete coverage, and feature a pleasant satin finish. They are very best to take merit of for the ever popular gradient lip as they are relaxed and straightforward to layer. Best of all, the lipsticks have magnetic packaging which guarantees that you won’t get lipstick right through your stuff as the lids close magnetically. have a look at our swatches below:

That Girl Illusion Nail Lacquer is optimal for iciness and the holidays. The jewel-toned colours are ambitious and dazzling. Birthday celebration Fever is a shimmery plum purple, Sensual Seduction is a shimmery middle of the night blue, Be mind's eye is a shimmery woodland green, and Illusion Glass is apparent with chunky opalescent cellophane foil. We swatched them on our nails for you. The opalescent glitter may also be used as a height coat for a modern foil nail look.

All of the pieces in the line are actually top of the range and utterly covet-worthy. Which products are you most interested in?

Buy PONY Effect That Girl Fever Shadow Palette

Buy PONY Effect That Girl Luminous Contour Palette

Buy PONY Effect That Girl Outfit Lipsticks

Buy PONY Effect That Girl Illusion Nail Lacquer

Funeral held for 'Superstar K' contestant Kim Hyun Ji

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Funeral held for 'Superstar K' contestant Kim Hyun Ji

It has been printed that the funeral has taken position for former "Superstar K" contestant, Kim Hyun Ji, who gave up the ghost back on October 27 thru a collection suicide with two other people.

OSEN reported on November 18 that in line with a close acquaintance of Kim Hyun Ji, the bereaved families and buddies attended the funeral. The wake had taken place back on October 27 at a medical institution memorial altar, she have been cremated on October 29, and her ashes were spread by skill of the coast in Tongyeong with the importance that she may wander freely anywhere so as to hold out her dream of singing.

Rest in peace, Kim Hyun Ji.

Teen Best to Superstar in Their Own internet fact Show

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Teen height to Star in Their Own Web Reality Show Teen Top was noticed the use of public transportation recently, and it roughly feels like they were filming a new web reality show!

On November 17, youngster Top uploaded pictures on their professional SNS accounts of them employing the subway and bus. In the printed photos, Teen Top is divided into two teams of 3 as they greet folks in public.

Along with the photos, they wrote, “Teen Top is Here! Why did Teen Top seem at the subway and bus? To find out on November 18 at 6 p.m. KST! It's going to be revealed on Teen Top’s ‘On Air the hot Beginning.’ Coming soon!”

This new web reality show they'll be starring in is the primary one they might be performing in as a collection in a year. They promise to turn their relatable and foolish charms, which is already getting many lovers excited. This web reality will air by the use of Naver television Solid and V App.

Mnet releases legitimate observation about warfare between 'Superstar K7' and contestant

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Mnet releases legitimate observation about warfare between 'Superstar K7' and contestant

Mnet representatives stepped ahead to give an official statement in regards to the contemporary strife between "Superstar K7" contestant Shin Ye Young and the program"s production team. previous final week, Shin Ye Young had ranted on her Facebook about being the victim of "evil editing" at the program, leading her to earn a negative recognition in the public"s eye. 

On November 16, Mnet relayed, "The production group and Shin Ye Young are speaking things out. the misconception between the production crew and Shin Ye Young could be resolved thru communication. What the professor acknowledged to Shin Ye Young will have been not easy for her to discern as fact as an audition participant," referencing what Shin Ye Young had written on her Facebook, and added, "But after checking with the production crew, what the professor said was once false. We can paintings with Shin Ye Young to decide the fact and speak about the appropriate kind recourse. If want be, we're going to imagine taking criminal action."

"Superstar K"s filming progresses as a program with a practical element. There were no forcible filming but we deeply be apologetic about now not being more thoughtful of Shin Ye Young"s struggles adjusting to the filming environment. we shall check out our very best to unravel this factor quickly." 

Shin Ye Young had published on her Facebook these days that she become suggested by way of the professor at her college to signal a freelance with a newly-established firm run by a high-ranking Mnet official. When she declined the recommendation, Shin Ye Young explained that the professor had told her she could also be at a downside on the show. She also claimed that she was the victim of manipulative editing, which had spawned into a controversy.

'Superstar K7' contestant rants on social media that she used to be the victim of 'evil editing'

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'Superstar K7' contestant rants on social media that she used to be the victim of 'evil editing'

"Superstar K7" contestant Shin Ye Young is below public scrutiny for claiming that she was the victim of "evil editing" i.e. unfair/manipulative edits by skill of the show"s creators. 

Recently, Shin Ye Young expressed on Facebook how she felt wronged and bemoaned the prejudice of the complaint she won after her appearance on "Superstar K7", and her rant has belatedly stuck the eye of the media. She wrote, "I"m indisputably a victim of manipulative editing. The "me" shown on broadcast is actually a made-up concept. The problematic portions of the broadcast were when the videographers approached me with hidden mics, initiated communication whilst pretending to be all empathetic... yet they were in fact secretly filming, and when around ten videographers shoved a mic in between my legs and filmed me when I with courtesy declined to be filmed because of my deficient fitness at the time.

She explained, "There are definitely sound reasons as to why I stated the things I said then. at the show, they never give an explanation for the ones reasons and build a tale according to random cuts they stitch together. Appropriate sooner than the displaying of the problematic episode, I were given a choice from the author in rate of the show. The publisher told me no longer to give an explanation for myself on social media regardless of how unfairly I is also portrayed," surprising those that read her confession. 

Earlier remaining month, Shin Ye Young have been swept up in a controversy referring to her attitude in her rival venture with Cheon Dan Bi. The two contestants were practicing Sung Si Kyung"s "Goodbye yet another Time" but on account of her poor health, Shin Ye Young had a difficult time with the prime notes. All over the rehearsal, their vocal teacher pointed out Shin Se Young"s lackluster functionality and Cheon Dan Bi had advised that the two switch their parts. Shin Se Young had then said, "I think Cheon Dan Bi is jealous of me," spilling tears, which led the audience to criticize Shine Se Young for being selfish. 

Kim Woo-bin, Suzy, Im Joo-hwan and Lim Joo-eun to superstar in 'Uncontrollably Fond'

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Kim Woo-bin, Suzy, Im Joo-hwan and Lim Joo-eun to superstar in 'Uncontrollably Fond'

Actors and actresses Kim Woo-bin, Suzy, Im Joo-hwan and Lim Joo-eun are starring in "Uncontrollably Fond".

According to drama officials, the 4 had a assembly with the production team at the 10th and the consequences were encouraging.

"Uncontrollably Fond" is ready a guy and a girl with a painful beyond reuniting as an ideal famous person and a documentary PD.

This drama is written through Lee Kyeong-hee who also wrote "Nice Guy", "Thank You", "Sorry, yet I like You" and more.

Kim Woo-bin is gambling the large most sensible star named Sin Joon-yeong, a singer and actor. he's just right having a look and clever at the similar time.

Suzy attempts an absolutely other personality role named No Eul, a documentary director. Her sense of justice is fragile in front of cash and she"s fragile in front of people who are more potent than her.

Im Joo-wan plays Choi Ji-tae, director of headquarters in KJ Group. He is nice looking, skilled, has an excellent personality and is from a wealthy family. He"s delicate and candy and is modest.

Lim Joo-eun is the team director of KJ Cosmetics named Yoon Jeong-eun. She"s the daughter of a mom who grew to become her father into a robust candidate for government and has produced top ministers for generations. She used to be born in a royal family.

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'Superstar K7' contestant Kevin Oh enjoys a wonder telephone convo with ideal sort IU

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'Superstar K7' contestant Kevin Oh enjoys a wonder telephone convo with ideal sort IU

On the November five airing of Mnet"s "Superstar K7," contestant Kevin Oh had some one-on-one time with Sung Si Kyung to whom he relayed his ideal model was once IU.

As a result, Sung Si Kyung had a distinct surprise prepared, connecting Kevin Oh to IU by the use of a phone call! Kevin Oh acknowledged to her, "I"m a big fan. i am hoping that lets sing a song together."

She replied, "I in reality enjoyed your Maroon 5 stage with Jhameel Kim," upping Kevin Oh"s temper with her sort compliment. He mentioned in this episode, "I think she"s more boyish than I thought. I actually like her."

7 noted Korean superstar Face Detoxing Methods

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7 Famous Korean Big name Face cleaning Methods Many folks choice transparent and younger skin. Of course, points like genetics and vitamin will decide the state of your skin. However, positive tactics and products mean you can reach noticeable improvements.

Korean celebrities are famous for their gorgeous skin. Currently, cleansing methods are lauded as an crucial component to obtaining gorgeous skin. With that said, let’s glance at seven celebrities who have shared their special cleansing methods.

Suzy‘s 4-2-4 Approach 1. Use a cleansing oil to take away your makeup. Rubdown it into your skin for 4 mins to you ought to definitely get the entire makeup and impurities out.2. After washing away the cleansing oil, use a foam cleanser to wash your face for 2 minutes. Make certain to create the foam for your hands sooner than applying it to your face!3. Lastly, rinse your face for four minutes. get started with lukewarm water and finish with bloodless water.4. Don’t use a towel to get rid of the water from your face. Lightly pat it onto your skin so it can also be absorbed.

Park Soo Jin‘s 3-Step Cleansing Strategy 1. Follow a cleansing cream in each and every unmarried place your face. After the cleansing cream starts to soften your makeup, moderately rub to remove your makeup.2. beginning with lukewarm water and finishing with cold water, wash your face.3. Then wash your face with a foam cleanser and target your pores. Stick with up with the similar lukewarm and cold water rinse.4. Finally, use an egg white soap to completely cleanse and tighten pores. After applying the foam from the soap, leave it on as a mask pack for 5 minutes. Then you'll rinse in an identical fashion.

Soyu’s 2-Step Cleansing manner 1. Before cleansing your face, ensure you wash your hands. Then use a cleansing oil to remove makeup.2. Then cleanse your face the usage of a cleansing tool along side a cleanser to very well blank your pores.3. Pat the sides of your face with a towel to remove excess water, yet don’t dry all of your face.

Kim Sa Rang‘s Whirlwind Components 1. Create foam employing a foam cleanser.2. Apply the foam to your face and cleanse riding mild circular motions.3. It’s especially vital to take merit of circular motions to cleanse your eyes and nose.

Kim Gyu Ri’s Makgeolli Cleansing Method 1. First, wash your face with water.2. Place some makgeolli (rice wine) in a dish or bowl and pat it onto your face.3. Rinse back with water.4. this technique is almost certainly not appropriate for all skin types. That you may use this method 3 times a week. A makgeolli sheet mask could be a more secure alternative.

Son Ye Jin‘s Hot and Cool Steam Method 1. Remove your makeup.2. Create a steam towel via striking a towel in hot water. Place the towel over your face and massage your forehead, eyebrow area, cheekbones, and chin. This improves circulation. watch out now not to apply an overly hot towel.3. Have slices of lemon in ice water for 10 minutes ready beforehand. Then wash your face with the lemon ice water. The lemon will lend a hand close up pores that were opened by the steam towel and even have a detoxifying effect.

Move Hyun Jung‘s Peach Fuzz Cleansing Method 1. Wash your hands and wash your face with warm water to open up your pores.2. Cleanse your face by developing foam from a facial soap and wash your face gently.3. First, cleanse towards your peach fuzz enlargement and then cleanse in the other direction to make sure thorough cleansing.4. center of attention on spaces like your nose and any place you've additional fuzz. Finally, rinse.

Have you attempted any of those methods so far? Which can be you curious about or skeptical about? Don’t fail to remember to remark below!

Former “Superstar K” Contestant discovered Dead in obvious Mass Suicide

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Former “Superstar K” Contestant Found Dead in Apparent Mass Suicide It is being reported that former “Superstar K” and “Voice Korea” contestant Kim Hyun Ji (30) has died of an apparent suicide.

According to the police, she was once found dead in a minivan at a automobile park in Iksan, North Jeolla Province on October 27 at 3:50 p.m. The bodies of 2 males, Go (33) and Lee (33), were also found out in the car, at the aspect of burnt coal briquettes.

One of them had reportedly sent a text message to their family, saying, “I’m sorry, I’ll be leaving ahead of you.”

The minivan used in the mass suicide was a rental car below Go’s name.

The lost minivan was first reported by capacity of a condo car manager from Gwangju, who told the police that his shopper did now not go back the vehicle on time and his cell phone is became off. The police then used GPS to locate and notice the lost vehicle.

Police continues to analyze the case.