Supersonic 2013 rocks on with Cho Yong-pil

Supersonic 2013 rocks on with Cho Yong-pil

Supersonic 2013 rocks on with Cho Yong-pil

K-pop legend Cho Yong-pil had his first chance to meet his music fans. At dawn on August 6, Cho recorded his hit song "Let's Go On a Trip" with young musicians scheduled to play Supersonic 2013.

K-pop legend Cho Yong-pil sings his hit song "Lets Go On a Trip" with young musicians for the first time in his 45-year-long music career (photo courtesy of Infinite).

Cho also produced a campaign song for Supersonic 2013 and directed the 15 participating bands. He kept giving words of encouragement and advice for young singers saying as "You are on the right track", or "You should be more enthusiastic in this part".

The new version of "Let's Go On a Trip" will soon be available on music portals and YouTube.

Supersonic 2013 is set to take place on August 14 and 15 at three locations throughout Seoul Olympic Park: Gymnastics Hall Super Stage, Handball Stadium Sonic Stage, and outdoor Hello Stage. Cho will be the headlining act on the Super Stage on the last day of the festival, which will also feature acclaimed international acts like Pet Shop Boys and John Legend, as well as domestic performers such as Jaurim and MC the Max.

More information on Supersonic 2013 is available at the official website.

By Wi Tack-whan, Lee Seung-ah Staff Writers

Supersonic 2013 rocks on with Cho Yong-pil


[AUDIO] Younha releases 4th studio album ‘SUPERSONIC’

[AUDIO] Younha releases 4th studio album ‘SUPERSONIC’

[AUDIO] Younha releases 4th studio album SUPERSONIC

After one year and six months, solo singer Younha has finally returned with her fourth album SUPERSONIC. In addition to her music video for title track Run, Younha released the full tracks of her album.

SUPERSONIC contains 12 tracks and features some of the big names in the music industry. Aside from John Park, which featured from pre-released track Would We Have Changed, the album also features collaborations with Tiger Jk and Jay Park.

Meanwhile, in celebration of her 4th studio album release, Younha will be holding a concert on July 28th at the AX Hall in Gwangjang-dong, Seoul.


[Review] Younha’s ‘Supersonic’

[Review] Younha’s ‘Supersonic’

[Review] Younhas Supersonic

[Review] Younhas Supersonic After a year and six months, the once spunky rock star Younha has made her long-awaited comeback with her 4th album, SUPERSONIC and her new single, Run.

As one of the more underrated vocalists in the industry, Younha acted as a puppet for seven long years releasing incomplete albums under her former agency, Lion Media, due to financial issues. Younha finally signed with We Alive after settling a lawsuit against Lion Media, and slowly planned her return back to the industry. With her newfound freedom, Younha seems to have discovered her true love for pop rock in her 4th album, SUPERSONIC. For the young soloist, this album has been an opportunity to experiment and finally run with her enormous talent with no boundaries.

In this album, Younha sheds her former tomboy-ish, faux-punk rocker girl image and makes her comeback with natural, luscious locks and sophisticated looks as well as even more matured vocals. Whether she is singing the soft ballad song Peace Love and Ice Cream or the pop rock song Password 486, Younhas innocent yet powerful vocals have always showcased a unique flair even when singing the most ordinary melodies.

Amidst the avalanche of summer releases, the music video for Run stands out of the crowd, and the single may finally be the one to dethrone her current number one song, We Broke Up Today (daum). What drew the public to the lead single was its rather simple music video. Using simplicity as a stepping stone, Younha severs herself from the flashy, grandiose music video productions that many idols use to draw attention and paints a beautiful story of a girl running after her passion. As she runs, she encounters a number of obstacles that crash around her, and at one point, Younha drops to her knees defeated, only to get back up stronger and faster, beaming. She shouts:

Spreading the shrunken shoulders, grabbing hold of the disorderly heart

If we erase the uneasy looks, there is no time to stop, a confession for you

Time run away faster, fly away with me far away

Take me to the glaring sky so I can fly higher than anyone else

With her big comeback, Younha brought along Jay Park, John Park, and Tiger JK to feature in her songs, bringing another layer of talent to the album. Rock Like Stars featuring Tiger JK seemed unsettling and frantic as strong rock band instrumentals overshadowed vocals, and contrary to the hype and anticipation, this track failed to impress with the lack of a particularly catchy beat or chorus. On the other hand, the single Would We Have Changed with John Park presented a beautiful harmony between the two strong vocalists. If Younhas voice was like a perfect sundae with her chillingly perfect tone, John Park has to be the warm chocolate on top with his sweet, mid-range vocals.

Drive featuring Jay Park is like the ugly duckling of the album as it stands out like a sore thumb. I was clearly not ready for this one. Jay Park does indeed fulfill his part by bringing his own Seattle swag into the song. But the clashing transition from rap to rock to rap and back to rock again is definitely too fresh style for me, but what did stand out was the beginning of the change you will soon see in Younha as she claims:

The weak image that youve seen

You wont be able to see it again

I am born again even stronger

I didnt know it before

I was dragged around back then

But now I am sitting in the drivers seat

Im going to forget the pain that Ive felt, Im gonna take control of my life

Everything that happens, even the little things, Im gonna take control of my life

Producer Score (Primary Score, Lee Seung Chul, Primary Skool) makes frequent appearances throughout the album and even dips his hands in the title track, People, which anyone and everyone can relate to.  Singing about the ordinary days, happenings that ordinary people experience, the song emphasizes the mundane nature of our daily lives with its steady piano beats. Younha mentioned when she guested on Yoo Hee Yeols Sketchbook that she wrote this song thinking about the blank facial expressions on the faces of the people coming back from work. I personally enjoy the song for its commonness as the melody fits perfectly with the lyrics.

A notable charm of No Limit is its Seo Taiji-esque style of the song. It almost seems as though Younha is trying to mimic the unique vocals of Seo Taiji. As a fan of punk rock bands, this particular track was one that stood out to me as the most punk Ive heard from Younha. The heavy guitar riffs and wild drum beats blend well with Younhas refreshing vocals.

Younha is an artist who can be easily missed with a blink-of-an-eye in the midst of all the other releases that are erupting as we enter the peak season for comebacks and releases. But with a lead single like Run and high quality underdog tracks fortifying the album, one thing is for sure: Younhas CD sales are expected to do well. I applaud the young soloist for her brave dive into the hip hop world as well as her newly found stance as a singer-songwriter in this album. Although the album may not be the most influential in the K-pop movement, its an unmistakably significant album for her career.

What are your thoughts on Younhas SUPERSONIC? Leave an honest rating and your thoughts in the comments below.

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Reviewer's Rating:[Review] Younhas Supersonic [PIC] [PIC] [PIC] [PIC] (3.5 / 5)


  Younhas Supersonic Flies High

Younhas Supersonic Flies High

Considering that Younha was the original “young, pretty and talented” singer, way before IU and Juniel became the darlings of Korea, it seems pretty unfortunate that she appeared to have fallen by the wayside over the past two years. Sporadic output could have been a factor.

For most new K-pop fans, the only way to know of her is either by chancing upon her in OST work or live stages, or come to think of it, televised performances from days past.

That she was embroiled in a lawsuit with her management firm, Lion Media, probably did not help matters either. Happily, she has managed to put aside most of the troubles, with her latest album, titled Supersonic.

With a mix of uptempos and slower songs, aimed at showcasing her versatility, musically and vocally, does she deliver on the title’s promise? It’s worth finding out through a song-by-song review of the album.

1. Supersonic: The album opens very nicely with this rock number, which has a very nice radio-friendly sound that makes it a pleasant listen. With its inspiring lyrics of getting over past failed relationships and back into love again, this song sets the tone nicely for the album, both as a hint as to upcoming songs as well as the sound to expect.

2. People: Another tune in the same vein as the title track, but less anthemic in feel, with lyrics expressing a typical mundane day (Today is better than yesterday and tomorrow is brighter than today/But it has nothing to do with me because this typical day will flow however it wants). Not as impressive as the opener/title track, but then again, the song still sticks with the musical theme of the album.

3. Rock Like Stars (featuring Tiger JK): Ramping up the loud factor is this track, which draws from glam rock and serving up a charge for the listeners. That the lyrics encourage the listeners move along to the song help in upping in making the song danceable. With the energy in this song, it is one that I hoped to see being performed live on a music programme someday.

4. Run: This song moves Younha back into more comfortable territory, a pop-rock creation driven by her nice airy vocals. With a pleasant synth melody driving the song as a whole, and syncing perfectly into the chorus (take notes, Super Junior), this was a track that was pleasant to listen on loop, and a deserving lead single.

5. No Limit: Pinching a little off the punk-rock sound which Cherry Filter are known for, but with a smoother edge and gentler vocals. While not as attention grabbing as the earlier track, it serves to nicely continue with the up-tempo theme.

6. Shower: Slowing down nicely the album, this song takes Younha into a melodramatic zone, starting with MOR-inspired strings and piano. Despite this, the song does not descend into a snooze fest, instead being perfectly listenable to the end. Still it came across as one of the less impressive songs in the album.

7. Would We Have Changed (Featuring John Park) : And from one of the duller songs, the album segues into one of the highlights. In many ways, the choice of John Park as a guest vocal was a very inspired one, as the two practically complement each other. Also if John Park brought some of his influences to the song’s production, then it probably showed, given how the song seemed to contain a nice personal feel, in terms of the tune. This was probably another track worth looping on end.

Younha?s ?Supersonic? Flies High 8. Set Me Free: Another gentler piano and drum driven piece that builds up slowly to a slightly rousing chorus. Despite the song being hard to fault in terms of composition and vocally, as well as how well it fitted the album, it did not really seem to stand out. Maybe because of the uniform quality of the album so far, but partly because of how the production was slightly dulled out.

9. Pasta Cream Sauce: An up-tempo song that shows Younha in territory she is most comfortable with, with its rather orthodox use of guitars and drums to create the sound, as well as her voice giving the song the usual rock-lite treatment. While the song does not break from the unified sound of the album, it serves as a nicer break from the mellower compositions earlier on.

10. Waiting: Largely guitar and piano based, with a string arrangement and some electric guitar for the chorus, this mid-tempo song is continues on the rock-lite theme of the album. However, it proves to be more stimulating than some of the earlier tracks, partly due to the soaring chorus.

11. Driving (Featuring Jay Park): With a heavy RB beat, this song serves as a 180-degree turnaround from the previous tracks, and is probably the closest to pop this album comes to, apart from the first few tracks. While the track could have been placed earlier on, its position in the later part of the album is probably more justified, given how it came across as being quite repetitive in the later parts. Besides, nothing like an uptempo to break nicely the album flow.

12. Hope: The last song off the album, and probably very apt sound-wise. With just an acoustic guitar, her voice and some reverb, it is a very nice and low key way to end the album. Despite this, the song never comes across as dull or downbeat, partly because of how it still sounds rather upbeat, and also due to the lyrics, which touched on the joys of discovering a trusted love.

To sum up, this album was definitely a cut above most of the K-pop albums released this year, as well as proof that good things indeed to come to those who wait (especially her long suffering fans). It was really nice to find that over this time, what came out was a really cohesive album which was low on filler and where every song fitted into the album’s concept and the overall sound.

For those new to her, or have not bothered with her material previously, it is worth taking the chance with this album, partly as the Younha?s ?Supersonic? Flies High standard by which full length albums should achieve in terms of cohesion, as well as to discover Younha’s talent and versatility, judging from the ease with which she copes with the varied songs off the album.

Having said that, there were some songs that stood out more than others. I particularly liked the opener “Supersonic”, the collaborations with John Park “Would We Have Changed” and Tiger JK “Rock Like Stars”, as well as the promoted single “Run”. Also worth mentioning are the last track “Hope” and “Waiting”.

Still, the rest of the album was an enjoyable listen, to say the least. For being such a cohesive and high quality album, this release deserves a 5/5, being one that would certainly please existing fans, as well as converting new ones into the fold.

([email protected] , Butter [email protected], Lion Media)


Younha Releases Audio Teasers for Upcoming Album "Supersonic"

Younha Releases Audio Teasers for Upcoming Album "Supersonic"

Younha Releases Audio Teasers for Upcoming Album SupersonicWith the release of Younhas new album Supersonic being released in four days, two brief audio teasers were revealed today. Yesterday, a video teaser for the album was released.

The first teaser has a rock sounding intro before her sweet sounding voice is heard. The second audio teaser is almost two minutes long and features a beautiful and uplifting instrumental that focuses on guitar sounds.

Before her comeback, she recently released the song “Would We Have Changed” featuring John Park.

The album “Supersonic” will be released on July 3. Fans in Korea will be able to see her soon as she will be holding her comeback concert “Run” in Seoul on July 28 and in Busan on August 11.


Younha Releases Teaser for Upcoming Album "Supersonic"

Younha Releases Teaser for Upcoming Album "Supersonic"

Younha Releases Teaser for Upcoming Album SupersonicAfter 1 year and 6 months, Younha will finally be making her long awaited comeback with her fourth album Supersonic.In the teaser, we see Younha in a white dress as the camera zooms in closer to her face. She opens her eyes and runs off as the music start to play. From the very brief clip that is heard, it definitely sounds like her style of energetic pop music.Before her comeback, she recently released the song Would We Have Changed featuring John Park.Fans in Korea will be able to see her soon as she will be holding her comeback concert Run in Seoul on July 28 and in Busan on August 11.


Younha releases 1st MV teaser for upcoming 4th album, "Supersonic"

Younha releases 1st MV teaser for upcoming 4th album, "Supersonic"

Younha releases 1st MV teaser for upcoming 4th album, SupersonicFans are on the edge of their seats as the date of Younha's "Supersonic" album release date comes near. The album, which is set for release on July 3rd, is highly anticipated not only because it is Younha's 1st album release since a year and 6 months ago, but also because Tiger JK and Jay Park are expected to feature in her album.

On June 29th, Younha released her first video teaser for her album, "Supersonic," which was revealed through her teaser site,, which has also gone a background change from a beautiful, clear day sky, to a starry night sky.

Younha has already released her first single off the album, "Would We Have Change?", a beautiful duet with Superstar K2 runner-up and soloist, John Park.

Meanwhile, Younha will hold two comeback concerts titled, "Run," on June 28th in Seoul and August 11th in Busan.

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Younha releases MV teaser for comeback album ‘SUPERSONIC’

Younha releases MV teaser for comeback album ‘SUPERSONIC’

Younha releases MV teaser for comeback album SUPERSONIC

Its been a long wait, but fans of solo artist Younha will finally be able to see her return to the music scene with her fourth album, SUPERSONIC, slated to drop next month.

After setting up an official comeback homepage (, Younha has increased expectations by releasing a video teaser ahead of her impending return.

The video shows off a mysterious, moody tone with Younha standing in the middle of what looks to be a barren wasteland, followed by a brief cut from one of her comeback tracks which is accompanied by an explosion of light.

Younhas new album will be released on July 3rd. Check out the new teaser below!


Younha releases second teaser for comeback album “SUPERSONIC”

Younha releases second teaser for comeback album “SUPERSONIC”

Younha releases second teaser for comeback album SUPERSONIC

Solo artist Younha is ready to come back strong after years away from the music scene, and her teaser website ( has been updated to provide her fans with yet another look at her upcoming fourth album, SUPERSONIC.

Younha announced the release on her Twitter, simply saying second teaser!. The updated website previews an audio clip from one of her upcoming tracks, which features a prominent guitar and piano harmonizing with a gentle melody.

Along with her anticipated comeback, Younha will also embark on a nationwide concert tour, with stops in Busan and Seoul to promote her return. Her fourth full-length album will contain 12 songs and will be released on June 22nd.

Source: official website, Younhas Twitter


Younha's 4th studio album, "Supersonic," to feature Tiger JK and Jay Park

Younha's 4th studio album, "Supersonic," to feature Tiger JK and Jay Park

Younhas 4th studio album, Supersonic, to feature Tiger JK and Jay ParkKorean singer Younha is preparing for her full-scale comeback after being on hiatus for a year and 6 months. In celebration of her 4th studio album release, Younha will be holding a concert on July 28th at the AX Hall in Gwangjang-dong, Seoul.

Younha has already released the first single off her album, "Supersonic," titled, "Would We Have Changed?" featuring John Park.

"Supersonic" will have a total of 12 tracks along with the song, "Would We Have Change" with John Park and the title track, "Run." Additional featured artists on her album includes Tiger JK and Jay Park.

Meanwhile, her teaser site was also opened a few days ago.

01. Supersonic

02. People

03. Rock Like Stars (feat. Tiger JK)

04. Run'

05. No Limit

06. 소나기 (Showers)

07. 우린 달라졌을까 (Would We Have Changed)(feat. John Park)

08. Set me free

09. 크림소스 파스타 (Cream Sauce Pasta)

10. 기다려줘 (Wait For Me)

11. Driver (feat. Jay Park)

12. Hope

Source: Newsis, My Daily and Yes24