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Choo Sarang Insists on talking Korean at house on “The go back of Superman”

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Choo Sarang Insists on communicating Korean at Abode on “The Return of Superman” Choo Sarang’s Korean abilities appear to fortify daily, making her grandparents proud.

On the November 15 episode of KBS 2TV’s “The Return of Superman,” Sarang and her dad talk over with her grandparents’ area in Osaka. It’s been 10 months since their old visit.

During the show, Choo Sung Hoon displays off his shaky Korean talents through misspelling “I love you.” Sarang then scolds him for the use of Japanese.

When Sarang spots him speaking to his mom in Japanese, she says, “Dad, why are you speaking to grandma in Japanese? You will have to now not be speaking to her in Japanese.” Her company attitude is ample to marvel Choo Sung Hoon.

Though he apologizes to her, she continues to say, “This is Osaka. Dad, you need to not use eastern to grandma yet Korean instead.”

Sarang’s grandpa was once extremely joyful at her enthusiasm in opposition to Korean, saying, “I turned into shocked to peer Sarang tell her grandmother to talk Korean. I’m very happy with her.”

Meanwhile, Choo Sung Hoon and Choo Sarang have returned to the display after a two-week absence because of Choo Sung Hoon’s preparation for the UFC Seoul competition.

QUIZ: Which “The go back of Superman” Dad Are You?

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QUIZ: Which “The Return of Superman” Dad Are You? Do you know who your favourite “The Return of Superman” dad is? Do you suspect you're maximum alike to him? we know the personalities of the kids on “The Return of Superman” that experience given us laughs and unending virtual kisses, yet it's far in point of fact those superstar dads who stay the display going, literally. At the finish of most episodes, we at all times in finding ourselves praising them for their superman-like accomplishments. They all take on other sorts of parenting and with this quiz, you’ll be in a position to look who you establish with the most! Afterwards, let us know if you're feeling your effects were accurate by potential of leaving a remark below!

Watch the newest episode of “The Return of Superman” below.

Seo Eon provides Search engine marketing Jun the Silent remedy on “The go back of Superman”

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Seo Eon Presents Seo Jun the Silent Treatment on “The Return of Superman” Seo Eon and Seo Jun could have been in a small quarrel with every other recently.

In the published preview stills for the approaching episode of “The Return of Superman,” there turns out to be a chilly draft flowing between Seo Eon and Seo Jun sitting aside from every one other.

Seo Eon especially appears mad at Seo Jun and pushes him away. He pouts his lips and turns his back to Seo Jun, making his brother a little flustered. Moreover, Seo Eon refuses to speak with his brother and remains silent.

Seo Jun asks him, “Hyung, why the long face?” Seo Eon does now not solution him, however, which makes Seo Jun mad, too. Neither of them communicate for fairly some time and the ambience is ice-cold for the time being.

To locate out what in reality took place between them, watch the following episode of “The Return of Superman” on November 22 at 4:50 p.m. KST.

Catch up to the newest episode here!

Baby Daebak Tries genuine Food for the primary Time on “The go back of Superman”

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Baby Daebak Tries Real Food for the 1st Time on “The Return of Superman” Children grow up so fast, as we are reminded weekly on KBS2 TV‘s “The Return of Superman.” at the upcoming November 22 episode, baby Daebak has his first flavor of bread.

Star athlete Lee Dong Guk takes Daebak, Seol Ah, and Su Ah out to a distinct eating place for Daebak’s first birthday. Once there, he supplies Daebak a work of bread to have a look at for the first time. Daebak is adorably taken aback via the taste, going wide-eyed earlier than breaking out into a smile.

Delighted, Daebak is going in for more bread, yet the plate is too some distance for his short little fingers to reach. even though Daebak is made up our minds to be triumphant in the bread, he tears up in frustration when he just can’t do it. Lee Dong Guk laughs, “There’s all varieties of yummy food in this world!”

The episode airs at 4:50 p.m. KST. Be certain you’re stuck up by gazing closing week’s episode below!

Watch: Daebak From “The go back of Superman” Being Totally Adorable

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Watch: Daebak From “The Return of Superman” Being Certainly Adorable The peaceful, absolutely adorable Daebak from “The Return of Superman,” showed off his cuteness once back in a new, short video clip.

On November 17, Lee Soo Jin, wife of football player Lee Dong Gook, uploaded a video on her Instagram with the caption, “Daebak getting hit via the wind.”

In the video, Daebak is noticed smiling and fidgeting in someone’s fingers as she or he blows air into Daebak’s face, making him ticklish.

Although the clip is short, Daebak’s adorable and absolutely loveable facial expressions and small movements stuck the hearts of many viewers.

You can watch him on “The Return of Superman” which airs each and every Sunday at 4:50 p.m. KST in addition watch more adorable clips of him at the display below!

Lee Dong Gook Talks About His emerging Status thru “The go back of Superman”

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Lee Dong Gook Talks About His growing Popularity via “The Return of Superman” Professional football player and father of five adorable youngsters Lee Dong Gook currently mentioned how performing on “The Return of Superman” has affected his life.

On November 18, the big name did an interview where he said, “I don’t call to mind ‘The Return of Superman’ as a wide range show. It’s just me fiddling with the children on my days off. not anything is scripted and we don’t plan anything else out, so it’s for my part now not tricky at all.”

He discussed that he played with the teenagers so much on a day-to-day foundation even earlier than appearing at the show. He explained, “I spent numerous time with the children before the show. My wife was once with me that time, so I'd be an assistant. yet now, as I exchange the kids’ diapers myself and do other chores, I discovered that housekeeping is the toughest project there is. You can’t even tell on occasion that I did space chores. Taking care of children made me apologetic against my wife even more.”

When asked if he can feel Daebak‘s rising popularity, he said, “Before the show, I didn’t realize it would upward thrust this much. Now each time I have a fan sign, many of my fanatics would deal with me as ‘Daebak’s dad’ instead of ‘soccer player Lee Dong Gook.’ I’m a little bummed that it took me 25 years to ascertain myself as a soccer player and only one year to be referred to as Daebak’s dad. I’m happy I have a physical checklist of my kids, though, in order that I will display them in the future.”

Song Triplets Get a flavor of Being an Actor on “The go back of Superman”

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Song Triplets Get a Taste of Being an Actor on “The Return of Superman” Daehan, Minguk, and Manse in any case get to talk over with their dad at work!

On the impending episode of “The Return of Superman,” the Song triplets will stopover at their dad at the filming set of his existing drama “Jang Young Sil.”

During a prior episode, Song Il Gook asked the children if they knew what his activity used to be and Minguk stated that he has no idea. Even after telling them that he's an actor, the triplets didn’t in reality notice what that meant.

When they at last get to look their dad at paintings and spot him in a costume, the triplets make a decision to get dressed up themselves and turn out to be into little Joseon villagers.

They even get to wear faux mustaches and wigs! Seeing them having a blast on set in their little costumes, lovers say that they indeed have acting abilities in their blood.

Look at more pictures here!

To catch more in their adventures on the filming set, catch the following episode of “The Return of Superman” on November 22 at 4:50 p.m. KST.

Watch the maximum recent episode now!

Song Il Kook's triplets channel history on 'Superman is Back'

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Song Il Kook's triplets channel history on 'Superman is Back'

Song Il Kook"s triplets, Daehan, Minkook, and Mansae, channeled the beyond throughout the latest episode of "Superman is Back".

The 3 adorable little toddlers visited the set in their dad"s historic drama "Jang Yeong Sil". On a past episode, Minkook was once not able to respond to what his dad"s career was, so Song Il Kook made some extent to introduce his triplets to what an actor does.

Daehan, Minkook, and Mansae were given to get dressed up in historical costumes or even act out a couple of scenes for fun.

Stay tuned for this especially adorable episode!

Yoon Hye Jin Clarifies Why Uhm Ji On Left “The go back of Superman”

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Yoon Hye Jin Clarifies Why Uhm Ji On Left “The Return of Superman” On the November 17 episode of tvN’s “Taxi,” actor Uhm Tae Woong’s wife and ballerina Yoon Hye Jin opens up about one of the vital rumors that’s been going around referring to her daughter Uhm Ji On. She makes her appearance along dancer Kim Seol Jin.

Yoon Hye Jin is a prima ballerina who has starred in main Korean productions. Kim Seol Jin is the winner of the dance survival program “Dancing 9,” who is a master of many dance genres. the 2 dancers have in the past paired up for an year-end functionality together, and should speak on their lives on “Taxi.” here's the primary time Yoon Hye Jin has made an appearance on a wide range program via herself.

She further clarifies why she and her husband, Uhm Tae Woong, decided to take their daughter off “The Return of Superman” saying, “It used to be for her own good. I didn’t need her to grow up thinking she’s special and above others. It become disappointing, yet we determined to leave the display in the end.”

In addition, she clarifies rumors about her artist exclusive contract and speaks on her lifestyles as a ballerina as well. She recounts the behind-the-scenes tale of her front into the Monte Carlo Ballet, in addition her enjoy on returning to Korea National Ballet after giving birth. Furthermore, she discusses the time when she had to surrender the role of being the major ballerina for a performance as a result of her father’s illness.

You can tune in to tvN’s “Taxi” to listen more about Yoon Hye Jin on November 17 at 8:40 p.m. KST.

Seo Jun looks after His Brother SEO Eon on “The go back of Superman”

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Seo Jun Takes Care of His Brother Seo Eon on “The Return of Superman” Lee Seo Jun of “The Return of Superman” showed his worrying facet at the November 15 episode of the show. The brothers went to a buffet with Lee Hwi Jae. whilst Lee Hwi Jae occupied himself with his food, Seo Eon‘s food went down the incorrect way, making him cough violently. A involved Seo Jun poured some juice and introduced it to his brother.

Seo Jun endured to deal with his brother later on; when he brought a work of chocolate to the table, his brother in an instant started whining for a piece. Seo Jun immediately grew to become around and went back to bring some for him. Impressive for a 30-month-old, huh?