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Super Junior"s Henry asks sasaeng fans to let him sleep

Super Junior"s Henry asked sasaengfans to let him sleep.

On December 10, the idol star posted a few photos of himself in bed on Twitter with the simple message, "Goodnight. Sweet dreams." However, it seems some fans were determined to give him anything but a good night.

Some time later, he pleaded on Twitter, "T.T I want to sleep. T.T Please... It"s too much to keep calling since the break of dawn. That"s not love. I"m pleading with you, please."

Seeing his plea, followers on Twitter responded, "Gain strength. I hope you get a little sleep," "Henry"s having a hard time," "Turn the phone off for a few hours," and more.


Super Junior - Henry Pleads With Sasaeng Fans for Stopping Bothering him At Dawn

Super Junior - Henry Pleads With Sasaeng Fans for Stopping Bothering him At Dawn

Henry Pleads with Sasaeng Fans to Let Him Sleep and Stop Calling at Night

Recently, Super Junior-M member Henry has pleaded with his sasaeng fans for stopping bothering him in the middle of the night.

Early in the morning on December 10, Henry uploaded on his personal Twitter a series of photos of himself in bed with a message for fans that read, “Good night. Sweet dreams,” letting his followers know that he was ready for bed.


In response to his post, many fans tweeted “Good night” or “Sweet dreams.” However, it appears that other sasaeng fans were not so considerate and called Henry throughout the night.

Hours after his first post, Henry took to his Twitter once again to write another message: “ㅠㅠI want to sleep ㅠㅠPlease..,it’s too much that you keep calling at dawn. That isn’t love. I’m begging you, please ㅠㅠㅠㅠ.

Unfortunately, the issue of sasaeng fans has continued to remain a prevalent problem when it comes to celebrities’ private lives. Many stars are forced to endure the actions of those who intrude on their personal time and seek out not only their phone numbers but other private information, as well.


Super Junior's Heechul Gives Stern Warning to Sasaeng Fans and Taxis

Super Junior's Heechul Gives Stern Warning to Sasaeng Fans and Taxis

Super Juniors Heechul Gives Stern Warning to Sasaeng Fans and TaxisSuper Junior’s Heechul gave a stern warning to sasaeng fans and taxis. It appears as though, sasaeng fans are riding taxis and following Heechul around.

Heechul tweeted on July 9, “Don’t come in front of the house or the borough office. I thought I became a lot nicer after I was 30, but I don’t think I can do this. I still have trauma from my car accident and it is scary, driving away like my life depends on it. Even though it might be disappointing, I can’t help it because I only have one life. This is my fault for not being more understanding.”

He continued, “Also, don’t overcharge and take money from foreigners who don’t know anything. When you laugh and cheat them, it makes you seem like thugs. With this message I hope there aren’t any more victims. I am not going to tweet for a year and live quietly. I will see you in a year. Thank you for all the birthday wishes.”


Super Juniors Choi Siwon Hosts She used to be Pretty Viewing Birthday celebration with 2 hundred Fans

Super Juniors Choi Siwon Hosts She used to be Pretty Viewing Birthday celebration with 2 hundred Fans

--> Choi Siwon spent a meaningful time staring at the newest episode of MBC′s She Was once Pretty with 2 hundred fans.

Choi Siwon held a collection viewing tournament for She turned into Pretty at the Ilchi Art corridor in Seoul′s Cheongdam-dong on November 4.

Super Junior′s Choi Siwon Hosts ′She Was Pretty′ Viewing Celebration with 200 Fans

A first come, first serve occasion to pass into for a possibility to wait the viewing was hung on MBC′s professional website online on November 3, and all the spots were filled inside of two minutes, demonstrating Choi Siwon′s popularity, and the fans′ enthusiasm carried over into the packed viewing.

The viewing was the finish result of a promise Choi Siwon made to enthusiasts by way of Naver′s V app ultimate month, declaring "If the drama surpases 20 % in viewer ratings, i can be in a position to watch the drama with the fans." Even supposing the drama hasn′t surpassed the 20 percent mark yet, the development was held to pay off the supportive viewers.

The 200 fans in attendance welcomed Choi Siwon with loud cheers, and Choi Siwon spoke back with a witty ′Crazy Reporter Kim Shin Hyuk′ greeting. Following the broadcast of episode 14 of She Was Pretty, Choi Siwon took staff footage with the fans and chat with fans.

Choi Siwon also stunned the fans, who have shown their love for his personality ′Kim Shin Hyuk,′ with special gifts, touching the hearts of the fans.

Meanwhile, Choi Siwon is taking phase in immense reputation as Kim Shin Hyuk, a playful, yet warm feature editor at a manner magazine, in MBC′s She Was Pretty, and with just two episodes left, episode 15 will air this night at 10 p.m. KST.

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Super Junior's Kyuhyun Surprises Fans With Release Of 2nd Digital Ballad Single

Super Junior's Kyuhyun Surprises Fans With Release Of 2nd Digital Ballad Single

(Photo : KpopStarz) Super Junior"s Cho Kyuhyun has released a second ballad song for his fans.

Uploaded toSMTOWN"s official YouTubechannel on Nov. 3, Kyuhyun"s second solo ballad single, "The Day We Felt the Distance," describes the heartbreak of losing a sweet love and longing to return to the past.

Fans shared their thoughts regarding the music video, which it is receiving many positive comments.

"Awww.. I really like the song! Kyu"s melodious voice!" wrote YouTube viewer Smiling Newton in the comment"s section of the video.

Kyuhyun is currently promoting "A Million Pieces," which was released on Oct. 15, and contained on his second solo EP Fall, Once Again. The music video features his SM Entertainment label mate, actress Go Ah Ra.

Kyuhyun is scheduled to hold his first solo concert at the SMTOWN Coex Artium on Nov. 5 through 8, and Nov. 13 to 15. The concert is part of SM Entertainment"s series The Agit. Kyuhyun will be the last artist who will perform, after Girls" Generation member Taeyeon.

Kyuhyun officially started his solo career on November 13, 2014, with the release of his first solo EP At Gwanghwamun.


Super Juniors Eunhyuk Says ultimate Farewell to Fans

Super Juniors Eunhyuk Says ultimate Farewell to Fans

--> Super Junior′s Eunhyuk entered the navy to cheers from his fans.

Eunhyuk exchanged ultimate farewells with enthusiasts out of doors the 102nd Reserve Forces in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province on October thirteen at 12:40 p.m. KST. His fellow Great Junior individuals Leeteuk and Kangin were also at the scene.

Super Junior′s Eunhyuk Says very last Farewell to Fans

Eunhyuk said, "Thank you for coming all this fashion in the cold. As a Korean man, i may be ready to faithfully satisfy my army tasks and return."

He persevered through saying, "I will fulfill my militia carrier smartly all through the year and nine months. i admire you, and thank you for cheering me on," as tears welled up in his eyes earlier than finishing with a bow.

Hundreds of fans accrued at the scene in this day, demonstrating Eunhyuk′s repute as a hallyu star. Fans held up placards reading ′We will wait in that summer.′

Meanwhile, Donghae will enlist on October 15, and Choi Siwon will enlist in November.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan


Super Junior to hold Special 10th Anniversary Match with Fans

Super Junior to hold Special 10th Anniversary Match with Fans

--> Super Junior can be web hosting a distinct match with enthusiasts in time for its 10th anniversary.

Super Junior can be preserving a mini concert, titled Super Junior 10th Anniversary Special Event ′Super Camp′, at the Korea University Hwajung Fitness center on September 19 at 6 p.m. KST, where the individuals will carry out for enthusiasts in addition get ready talks and occasions with fans.

Super Junior to hold Special 10th Anniversary Event with Fans

As it has turn out to be more and more difficult, for the time being, to peer the Large Junior individuals in the course of the group′s exclusive concerts because of their respective enlistments, Large Camp, an match being held to thank the enthusiasts who have supported Large Junior for 10 years forward of the group′s 10th anniversary on November 6, is expected to be a valuable time for either Large Junior and the fans.

Tickets for the development will move on sale on August 27 at 8 p.m. KST by way of Yes24, and a ticketing war is expected to wreck out among enthusiasts who would like to enroll in Large Junior at the 10th anniversary celebration.

Meanwhile, the Large Junior members, who these days wrapped promotions for special 10th anniversary album Devil, are sporting out person activities.

Photo credit: SM Entertainment


Super Juniors Leeteuk Updates Fans That Several Malicious Commenters were Caught

Super Juniors Leeteuk Updates Fans That Several Malicious Commenters were Caught

Super Junior’s Leeteuk Updates Fanatics That Several Malicious Commenters Had been Caught Super Junior‘s leader Leeteuk sent yet every other caution to malicious commenters, updating his fans on his criminal action opposed to malicious commenters.

On August 13, Leeteuk wrote on his Twitter, “Thanks in your help, the investigations are coming to a close.” He then continued, “I can’t say anything else explicit appropriate now, yet what is sure is that I stay receiving texts from the police pronouncing several have been caught.” He added, “If such things as this take place back after this incident, I am making plans to continue on.”

To close, he reaffirmed his will to continue on with this case, saying, “I’m looking to are living my lifestyles diligently without breaking society’s regulations or rules, yet there are still the ones malicious comments, so I plan no longer to finish things here and continue on till the end.”

Meanwhile, Leeteuk asked his fans for lend a hand in amassing evidence opposed to malicious commenters ultimate April.

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Super Junior’s “Devil” is a Treat for Fans

Super Junior’s “Devil” is a Treat for Fans

20150719_seoulbeats_superjunior Super Juniors Devil is a Treat for Fans Written by Hania On July 20, 2015 The ever-evolving veterans Super Junior have just released a 10-year anniversary album as a gift for their fans, entitled Devil. Carrying on with the strong theme from the single of the same name, Devil builds on the groups established sound and proves their musical maturity.

In the recent past, Super Juniors comebacks and albums have been mismanaged by SM Entertainment, who have chosen to invest in promoting other groups (cough cough Exo). Despite labelmates Girls Generation also promoting currently, Devil thankfully still holds its own and has in fact made it into the top 10 of various Asian and European iTunes charts.

The album is classy and polished, carrying on the aesthetic and feel of their 2014 release, Mamacita. However, unlike Mamacita, Devil stays away from overly light-hearted songs and instead develops a broodier and more mature sound. In this regard, Super Junior have linked Devil with previous concepts but have also made sure to show continuous progress.

The title track Devil opens the album, which is a funky yet dark song. The guitar riff keeps the track lively, while smooth vocals and harmonisation keeps the song grounded. Devil does a good job of establishing the mature tone of the rest of the album, giving listeners a clear indication of what direction their work is going in.

Things then take a softer tone with the stripped back Simply Beautiful delighting the listeners ears next. Like the name suggests, the song is simple and sweet, making it perfect to play in the background as you drink your coffee on a lazy morning at home. The breathy ending notes of the song are stunning, setting it up as the quintessential pop song.

The heart-filled ballad Stars Appear then switches gears to a more serious and emotional tone. Although the song is powerful, it borders on sounding like a Disney song or the OST for a heart-wrenching K-drama. Maybe its my general dislike of rousing ballads, but the song fails to make a strong impression and feels too typical of its genre. I just cant get the cliched romance movie montage out of my head when I listen to this song.

To be fair, the song is tailored to their fan base as it thanks them for staying with the group for 10 years, which is why it might have more appeal to ELFs than a casual listener.

String instruments joyously open the next track, Good Love, which perks up the listener after the last song. This light and fresh track, reminiscent of BTSs Look Here, bops along at a pleasant pace, utilising Super Juniors harmonisation skills extremely well. When paired with smooth choreography, this song is guaranteed to make a killer live performance.

The ever-popular sub-unit KRY show us what theyre good at in the powerful ballad We Can. The chorus is reminiscent of the charity ballads performed by celebrities in order to raise funds for some worthy cause or another, such as BandAids Do They Know Its Christmas? or USA for Africas We Are the World. When performed live, this song will get the light sticks waving high in the air, as it has an extremely motivating and inspirational feel to it.

We Can is a commitment made between the members to endure through the hard times, being an appropriate celebration of their 10 years together. The song also appeases any fears that ELFs may have about the group slowly drifting, with more members heading off for enlistment in recent times. The lyrics encapsulate the unity of the group with the beautiful lyric You and I become us summing up their solidarity.

The beloved combination of DE, or Donghae and Eunhyuk, then give us Dont Wake Me Up. The song brings rock into the mix, preparing the audience for the heavy dose of the same to be seen later in the album. Dont Wake Me Up focuses on the small joys in life, like spending a lazy Sunday morning snuggling in bed. The boys urge us to take things slow, singing Lets draw a comma for a bit, lets loosen up and stretch.

Another dash of sweetness is then added with Love at First Sight, featuring the members of Super Junior-T, the trot group that originally included Eunhyuk, Heechul, Kangin, Leeteuk, Shindong and Sungmin. The song captures the sweet spirit of K-indie, exploding into a perfect brunch song with references to enjoying cafe lattes and Americanos with a loved one. The song captures the spontaneity of falling in love at first sight perfectly, bopping along lightly and in a carefree manner.

The ever-cheeky Heechul teases the listeners with the reminder that hes a guy whos prettier than a girl. The pleasantness and softness of Love at First Sight is exactly what makes it one of the strongest tracks on the album, with Super Junior-T earning a special place in my heart.

Super Junior-M then has its moment to shine with the Chinese RB track Forever With You. Zhoumis evocative lyrics tells the story of two lovers brought together by music, as seen here:

I’d love to bring you a happy world

Two hearts closely sing the music you like

You write down your sweet messages

In this way, the song can be seen as a love letter from the members to their loyal fans. The groups music has consistently brought happiness to their fans and has brought the artist and fans hearts close together through the power of music, and the fans have also left sweet messages for their biases.

Nearing the end of the album, the members make sure to deliver a punch with the thumping Rock n Shine. After the string of songs by the sub-units KRY, DE, Super Junior-T and Super Junior-M, Rock n Shine unites the group for this strong track.

This track provides something completely different to its predecessors which causes it to be a bit jarring. It doesnt feel like the sophisticated Super Junior we have become used to over the course of the album and instead is more like a cheap imitation of someone else. Somehow, the song feels as if it would make a great theme song for a childrens show, such as Power Rangers. Rock the world with the power, build a music tower are words that dont sound right coming from the classy gentleman of Super Junior in this album.

Finally, the album comes to a gentle close with Alright, carrying on the sweetness from Good Love and Love at First Sight. The chorus makes for a great singalong, closing the album in the loveliest way.

Devil is a solid album from Super Junior, and is guaranteed to satisfy fans who are celebrating the groups 10 year anniversary. However, there are inconsistencies in the album, meaning that only a few songs are likely to be loved by non-fans as well.

Lyrically and thematically, the album had the potential to be extended. Seeing as the album is meant to be a gift for fans, the lyrics of We Can and Stars Appear are absolutely perfect in that they either thank their fans for their loyalty or promise to stay together as a group for the sake of their fans. Even the love songs like Love at First Sight or Forever With You can be seen as a love letter to the fans, which is definitely an appropriate theme for this anniversary album. In contrast to this, songs like Devil do not seem to fit into the theme, as they describe a rendezvous with a saucy femme fatale. The album may feel more cohesive if all the songs were addressed to their loyal fanbase, seeing as the album was advertised as a gift for ELFs.

Album Rating: 3.5/5

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Super Junior invite fans to comeback showcase

Super Junior invite fans to comeback showcase

With a lot of happenings taking place before, during, and after Super Junior"s comeback next week, the group makes sure to invite ELF to their get together next week.

On the comeback greeting video for "Devil", Super Junior ask ELF to join them at their comeback showcase "The Devil"s Get Together" on July 15th at 9pm before their special 10th anniversary album drops the following day.

Meanwhile, Super Junior are also scheduled to appear on MBC"s Radio Star on the same day at 11PM. Watch the video for more information: