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Super Junior reveals the dance version MV of &

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Super Junior has been promoting their repackaged album title track SPY and a few days after releasing the MV for the song, they have now released the dance version MV of SPY.

Fans who have wanted to learn the dance but found themselves unable to because of moving cameras on music show and close-ups of the regular MV will enjoy this version as the camera pans out to show all the members, save Siwon, dancing. They each wear identical white suit jackets and black tuxedo pants, completing the look with sunglasses.

Super Junior reveals the dance version MV of Source: SMTOWNs YouTube

Super Junior releases "SPY" dance version MV

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Super Junior releases SPY dance version MVHaving just released the full music video for their track "SPY," Super Junior unveils a new version, this time highlighting their choreography.

On August 18th, SM Entertainment uploaded the dance version video of the track on their official Youtube account and is gaining favorable comments from their fans.

The music video follows the same concept as the original version, featuring Super Junior in their sleek, spy concept.

Super Junior released their repackaged album "SPY" last August 5th and made their first performance on the 300th episode special of Mnet "M! Countdown." Since then, the group has been promoting the track in various music shows.

What do you think of the dance version?

Super Junior Releases Dance Version MV for "SPY"

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Super Junior Releases Dance Version MV for SPYAfter releasing their full music video of SPY earlier this week, Super Junior has now revealed the dance version video.

Released on August 8, “Spy” is also the title of their repackaged “Sexy FreeSingle” album. It contains four new tracks along with ten previously released ones.

The group held on to the title king of album sales as their Sexy FreeSingle album sold over 300,000 copies. With the release of the SPY repackaged album, the group might be able to catch up to the high number of 500,000 copies of Mr. Simple sold last year.

Check out one of their recent live performances of the song on Inkigayo.

[VIDEO] Super Junior releases Japanese “Opera” MV short version

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Hallyu group Super Junior previously revealed that they will be releasing a Japanese version of Opera. After releasing a preview of the PV earlier this month, the boys released a short version music video for their upcoming single.

Opera is included to Super Juniors latest Korean full length album Mr. Simple. The single will be in Japanese version and will as well include original Japanese song Way, which is their second original song after Snow White.

Super Junior to release Japanese version of “Opera”

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Super Junior to release Japanese version of “Opera”

Super Junior has revealed that they will be releasing their new Japanese single, Opera, on May 9th. This dance number has already been performed during the boys live concert tour, SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR SUPER SHOW 4.

For its coupling track, the single will include a Japanese original song called Way, which has the themes of departure and bonds. The limited edition will come with a DVD containing the music video and its making-of footage. Meanwhile, the regular edition will come in 9 different jacket covers.

Furthermore, Super Junior will hold SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR SUPER SHOW 4 in TOKYO on May 12th and 13th at Tokyo Dome.

Super Junior-K.R.Y Releases Short Version of “Join Hands” Music Video

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Super Junior-K.R.Y Releases Short Version of “Join Hands” Music Video

Now that Super Juniors Yesung has returned from the army, the groups sub-unit Super Junior-K.R.Y is back together and once again making their beautiful soulful ballads!

The sub-unit Super Junior-K.R.Y is composed of the lead vocals for the group, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung. After Yesung was discharged from his military service on May 4, the trio went on tour in Japan in June.

They have now released a short version of the music video for their upcoming Japanese single Join Hands. The video features Kyuhyun unpacking some old toys, Ryeowook tending to a roof garden, and most appropriately, Yesung returning to an old room to take the covers off furniture and settle back in.

The single is set to be released on August 5.

Super Junior′s Choi Siwon to ′Marry′ Model Liu Wen in Chinese Version of ′We Got Married′

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Super Junior′s Choi Siwon to ′Marry′ Model Liu Wen in Chinese Version of ′We Got Married′

--> Super Junior′s Choi Siwon will be appearing in the Chinese version of We Got Married.

One broadcast affiliate told Newsen on April 3, "Choi Siwon will be appearing in the Chinese variety program, We Decided to Love (translated)."

We Decided to Love is a variety program using the format of Korea′s We Got Married. It is a co-production between Korea and China and will air on Jiangsu TV. On the program, Choi Siwon will be carrying out an onscreen married life with model, Liu Wen.

Meanwhile, Choi Siwon is currently gathering much attention for his variety skills as a candidate for MBC′s Infinity Challenge - ′Sixth Man Project.′

Super Junior"s Siwon to engage in onscreen love, starring in Chinese version of "We Got Married"

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Super Junior

Super Junior"s Siwon is reportedly taking part in the Chinese version of "We Got Married", titled ""We"re In Love", with Chinese model Liu Wen!

"We"re in Love" will have a remade format to put a spin on the original Korean version of the show. It"s said the Chinese production crew even came toMBC headquarters back in January and followed the film crew in filming, editing, promotions, and received consultation on the making of of the Chinese version.

If you remember, there were previous rumors that Kris, Luhan, and Kim Soo Hyun were being considered for the show, but it seems Siwon was chosen!

Other couples taking part in this Chinese version areRuby Lin (Xinru) - Ren Zhong,and Qiao Renliang - Lu Xu.

"We"re In Love" will air in China in April!What do you think of Siwon and model Liu Wen together?

ex-Super Junior's Hangeng Rejects Rumors Of Joining Chinese Version "Real Men"

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ex-Super Junior's Hangeng Rejects Rumors Of Joining Chinese Version

The ex-member of Super Junior, Hangeng, confirmed that he will not be joining the Chinese version of "Real Men."

It was reported previously by a Chinese news outlet that the actor/singer will be starring in the Chinese remake of the military variety show “Real Men.” However, Hangeng’s agency officially announced on February 7th through their official Weibo account that he will not be a part of the upcoming TV program.

They further continued, “We are thankful for the production team’s request, and we still wish them the best with the show,” proving that he was in fact contacted by the show to be part of the team.

Hunan TV’s remake of “Real Men” is scheduled to premiere in April of this year.

EXO"s Chen and Suho to dance to girl group songs with Super Junior-M on "Guesthouse"

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Super Junior-M along with EXO"s Suho and Chen will be showing off their stellar dance moves on the upcoming episode of "Super Junior-M"s Guesthouse"!

Before the guests on the episode were unveiled, Super Junior-M yelled out the names of girl groups and were excited to see female guests appear on the show. However, they could not hide their disappointment when it was revealed that it wasn"t a girl group but rather EXO"s Suho and Chen.

To soothe away their disappointment, Kyuhyun requested, "Can you at least do girl group dances?" prompting Suho to perfectly do the cat dance from AOA"s "Like a Cat."

Eunhyuk said, "Can EXO"s dancing machine Chen and Super Junior-M"s dancing machine Ryeowook show EXID"s dance?" The two obliged, trying EXID"s "Up & Down," but they looked so awkward that everyone burst into laughter.

You can see the two SM groups dance together in the January 4 episode of SBS"s "Guesthouse"!